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**Santaan Siggy & Avi Corner**

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February 2009 Updates Archive

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Santaan going off air... TB!

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a tune

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Gaurav Khanna Gaurav Khanna

as: Shubh Dixit

Shubh is a misunderstood boy, always overshadowed by Kartik and his success, but is also very protective of the ones he loves

Ssudeep Sahir Ssudeep Sahir

as: Karthik

He has seen his parents toil and this has made him tough. He is very mature for his age and he worships money. He wants to make it big in life. Despite being brought up in a warm atmosphere he is not ...

Samragyi Nema Samragyi Nema

as: Gayatri

Shaminn Shaminn

as: Neha Dixit

Wife of Shubh. Neha had been kidnapped by a don, but a lovestruck Shubh rescues her and they become the perfect couple.

Manish Naggdev Manish Naggdev

as: Niyam

Husband of Suhana. An average middle-class man who does everything for his wife.