I like doing shows for a shorter time: Gaurav Khanna

Actor Gaurav Khanna says, he prefers to do shows for a shorter time period as he gets bored playing the same role for a longer time.

Actor Gaurav Khanna, best known for his roles in shows like "Santaan", "Jeevan Saathi" and "Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam," says he prefers to do shows for a shorter time period as he gets bored playing the same role for a long time.

"I like doing shows for a shorter time. As an actor, I get bored doing the same thing. I have always been asked that why you do so many shows (at once). I became an actor by chance. So I want to do as much as possible," Gaurav told sources in an interview here.

"I was an MBA student and was a marketing person. Nobody inspired me to be an actor. I just got stuck here because I used to work out and look like a model."

"So when I got my first ad assignment, I thought I am getting good money. After that, I moved on and started doing other things," added the actor, who has been a part of the small screen for over a decade now.

While fans have mainly seen him playing a youngster's role on the small screen, Gaurav will be essaying the role of a father to an eight-year-old in an upcoming TV show "Tere Bin."

"People will love me as Dr. Akshay in 'Tere Bin' as they have not seen me playing such roles. Secondly, as an artist, after doing so many shows, my sensibility and maturity level have also changed. Once you do something, you don't want to do it again."

"On TV, guys don't get much to do. So I am very lucky that the shows that I have done are so varied that I can only thank god that I was at the right place to do the right thing," Gaurav said.

"Tere Bin," which will be aired on &TV starting July 18, will also feature actresses Shefali Sharma and Khushboo Tawde.

"I have been lucky to shoot with some good-looking girls on TV. Yami Gautam came in my show ('Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam'). She became a film actress after that,"  Gaurav said.

Asked whether he wishes to be a part of reality TV shows, Gaurav said: "I have hosted shows. I don't leave anything which comes my way. If it interests me, then you might probably see me doing a reality show. I like being in front of the camera."

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Gaurav Khanna rocks... waiting to watch you on TV again

7 years ago

looking forward to seeing gaurav in tere bin

7 years ago

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