• Vidya Sinha Vidya Sinha

    as: Badi Beeji aka Badi Bi

    She is sweet , positive and a grandmom who loves to dress.

  • Karan Singh Grover Karan Singh Grover

    as: Ex-Asad Ahmed Khan

    Asad is an angry young business tycoon who does not believe in love as he feels it is a waste of time. He is a sorted and religious person. He has made a business of his own & has never ever had a male to be look up to because he has been the only male in the family.Asad''s sole purpose in life is to become successful.

  • Shabnam Shabnam

    as: Shireen Rashid Ahmed Khan

    She is the second wife of Ahmed Khan and mother of Ayaan, Nuzrat and Aleeza.

  • Alka Kaushal Alka Kaushal

    as: Razia Begum/Momaani Jaan

    The current villain of the piece, she was always the manipulator who has played her cards well and gotten her way. Razia is a mother. She has seen her daughter fall in love with Aayan, son of Rashid Ahmed Khan (Vaquar Shaikh) and Shireen Rashid Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Syed). She wants to ensure her daughter gets her heart''s desire. Her goal is to get Aayan for her daughter Humeira.

  • Karanvir Bohra Karanvir Bohra

    as: Aahil Razaa Ibrahim

  • Harsh Vasishta Harsh Vasishta

    as: Anwar

    Zoya''s brother in law

  • Raqesh Vashisth Bapat Raqesh Vashisth Bapat

    as: Asad Ahmed Khan

  • Shalini Kapoor Sagar Shalini Kapoor Sagar

    as: Dilshaad Ahmed Khan

    Asad''s mother. Dilshaad has faced the rough challenges of life to bring up her son. With her son flourishing in his career and becoming a business tycoon, life seems to be a bed of roses for Dilshaad.

  • Mohit Sehgal Mohit Sehgal

    as: Haider Sheikh

  • Additi Gupta Additi Gupta

    as: Sanam Khan

    Aahil's second wife

  • Vikrant Massey Vikrant Massey

    as: Aayan Ahmed Khan

    Asad's younger step brother. Ayaan is a happy-go-lucky lover boy without a care in the world. He is not mechanical. He works according to his heart. He believes in reflexes, success and most importantly his big brother Asad.

  • Avinash Sachdev Avinash Sachdev

    as: Armaan Khan

  • Tej Sapru Tej Sapru

    as: Gaffur A Siddiqui

    He is the head of the family who is very positive and strict in nature.

  • Puja Banerjee Puja Banerjee

    as: Afreen/Jhanjhariya

  • Amrapali Gupta Amrapali Gupta

    as: Mizbah Syed

  • Ankit Raj Ankit Raj

    as: Amaad Iqbal Khan

  • Vaishali Nazareth Vaishali Nazareth

    as: Gazalla/Khala

  • Nirmal Soni Nirmal Soni

    as: Lateef

  • Archana Taide Archana Taide

    as: Nikhat Ahmed Khan

    Asad''s stepsister. Nikhat''s dream is to become a famous Dancer. Dance is her passion, but coming from a conservative Muslim family it''s not easy for her to pursue her dreams.

  • Vaquar Shaikh Vaquar Shaikh

    as: Rashid Ahmed Khan

    Asad''s father. He is Asad''s father who is married to two women due to which Asad doesn''t gel up well with him.He is a man who is caught in a lot of personal problems. He is after all the head of the family who needs to solve all the complex problems of the household.

  • Deepak Wadhwa Deepak Wadhwa

    as: Rahat

    Doctor by profession

  • Nitin Sahrawat Nitin Sahrawat

    as: Naseer Khan/Anand Kumar

  • Sangeeta Kapure Sangeeta Kapure

    as: Zeenat

    Zoya''s Aapi (Elder Sister). Zeenat is happily married to an NRI and staying in London with her younger sister Zoya. Zeenat and her sister get separated from their parents and the girls will get to know that their parents are alive in India. She, along with her younger sister, comes to India in search of them.

  • Rajbeer Singh Rajbeer Singh

    as: Azaad Iqbal Khan

  • Rohan Gandotra Rohan Gandotra

    as: Ehsaan

  • Akash Ahuja Akash Ahuja

    as: Saif

  • Shehzad Shaikh Shehzad Shaikh

    as: Rehaan

  • Surbhi Chandna Surbhi Chandna

    as: Hayaa Imraan Qureshi

  • Paras Madaan Paras Madaan

    as: Anwar Khan

  • Divy Nidhi Sharma Divy Nidhi Sharma

    as: Azhar Khan

  • Himani Sharma Himani Sharma

    as: Dr Aasma

  • Kinjal Pandya Kinjal Pandya

    as: Shazia Ibrahim

  • Shahina Surve Shahina Surve

    as: Ex-Nazia

  • Kashish Vohra Kashish Vohra

    as: Kainaat

  • Deepak Dutta Deepak Dutta

    as: Aftab Khan

  • Varun Toorkey Varun Toorkey

    as: Shaad Aftaab Khan

  • Nisha Nagpal Nisha Nagpal

    as: EX - Tanveer

    Asad's Childhood Friend

  • Ketaki Kadam Ketaki Kadam

    as: Humeira Siddiqui

    Daughter of Aayan's mamujan, in love with Aayan.

  • Rishabh Sinha Rishabh Sinha

    as: Ex-Aayan Ahmed Khan

    Asad's younger step brother. Ayaan is a happy-go-lucky lover boy without a care in the world. He is not mechanical. He works according to his heart. He believes in reflexes, success and most importantly his big brother Asad.

  • Digangana Suryavanshi Digangana Suryavanshi

    as: Nuzrat Ahmed Khan

    Asad's stepsister. She is a very passionate kind of a girl. Interestingly, she wants to become a fashion icon but her looks don't allow her to do so. Nuzrat wants to do something however her family doesn't allow her.

  • Surbhi Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti

    as: Zoya

    Zoya is a vibrant and new-age girl who walks hand in hand with changing time. She is modern but keeps it in accordance with her culture and the traditions instilled in her. She is against the stereotypes and never hesitates to question them.

  • Surbhi Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti

    as: Sanam Ahmed Khan/Seher Ahmed Khan/Jannat

    Asad and Zoya's twin daughters

  • Surbhi Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti

    as: Mahira

  • Nehalaxmi Iyer Nehalaxmi Iyer

    as: Najma Ahmed Khan

    Asad''s sister

  • AShish Kaul AShish Kaul

    as: Nawab Saab