Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

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TB:Don't worry Chachu to replace Papad Pol...

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TAM 31/07/11 - 06/08/11.

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TB:Amit Jain returns with Papad Pol..

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Amit Jain

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TB:Ranjan- Duster's love story ends with Rakhi!

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Swapnil loves gadgets

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TAM 10/07/11 - 16/07/11.

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TAM ratings 03/07/2011 to 09/07/2011.

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TB:The Swapnil Joshi Show back on Red FM!

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Swapnil: No pious heroes on TV

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TOI: Lokhandwala is home away from home

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Swati Shah
Swati Shah

as: Kantaben Parikh

Kantaben Parikh is Vinaychand's mother. She is selflessly in love with her son and sees no fault in him and to convince herself about his dark skin She keeps repeating that her son was a very fair and ...

Swapnil Joshi
Swapnil Joshi

as: Vinay Chand Parikh

Vinay Chand Parikh is the apple of his mother's eye.According to her he is the most eligible bachelor of thePOL. But the reality is something else. He is as dumb asdumb can be. His foolishness has no ...

Ami Trivedi
Ami Trivedi

as: Kokila Parikh

Kokila is Vinaychands wife. She is 4 Steps ahead in Terms Of Dumbness. She is an extended version of her mother in law Kanta ben. She takes very good care of Vinaychand's brother's kids. Her only aim ...

Lavina Tandon
Lavina Tandon

as: Ranjan Ba Darbar

Ranjan Ba, Bapu's wife belongs to a very rich family and is very proud about her looks.She addresses herself as an apsara. She always wants to show off her parents wealth and is very conscious to ...

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