Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

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Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

Cast & Credits

Kantaben Parikh is Vinaychand's mother. She is selflessly in love with her son and sees no fault in him and to convince herself about his dark skin She keeps repeating that her son was a very fair and beautiful baby when he was 15 days old but due to some bad nazar her son has been jinxed. She feels that her husband Jayantilal is not bothered about their son's marriage. Her foolish genes have been passed on to Vinaychand. She loves Vinaychand to a limit where she hasn't let him grow in his head.Kantaben is indifferent to her husband's philosophies as they are too much for her sensibilities. Her only prayer to God is that she shouldn't get a daughter in law like her husband.

Vinay Chand Parikh is the apple of his mother's eye.According to her he is the most eligible bachelor of thePOL. But the reality is something else. He is as dumb asdumb can be. His foolishness has no limits. He hasn't even Seen the world outside his Pol. Many educated teachers have tried to educate this 32 year old but have miserably failed. He has repeated each and every class at least 3 to4 years. When he outgrew the benches of the classroom he was asked to leave school. His world is his mother and the Pol he lives. His only stress in life is that he isn't getting married as no one is ready to give their daughter.Our dark and loving Vinay Chand is easy to fool and fall game to any pranks…but all know that he has a heart of gold.

Kokila is Vinaychands wife. She is 4 Steps ahead in Terms Of Dumbness. She is an extended version of her mother in law Kanta ben. She takes very good care of Vinaychand's brother's kids. Her only aim is to keep her family happy. She has also rejected by many men in the past as she is very conscious about looks…she wants to marry a handsome man and she is aware about her beauty in a cute way…she isn't arrogant about it .She follows the strict rules of her mother to keep her in laws happy. She has a nasty habit of twisting the last alphabets of the words Of the sentence.