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Maddam Sir

Maddam Sir...

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Maddam Sir - EDT #2

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Gulki Joshi Yukti Kapoor Bhavika Sharma

Chir-Cute 1053 47872 14 days ago User_is_banned
Maddam Sir TRPs

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Sutapasima 114 12958 1 months ago nutmeg7
award for the best Sitcom Show of the year

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IWasHareeshFan 6 1583 6 months ago Pete15rogmourey
Why so many rumours?

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IWasHareeshFan 7 1712 6 months ago IWasHareeshFan
Maddam Sir Season #2 announced

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Sutapasima 15 4079 6 months ago Chir-Cute
Any update on S2?

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Chir-Cute 2 1762 7 months ago Chir-Cute
Constable Santosh Sharma in disguise as a cute tomboyish girl

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Devtaholic 1 1930 7 months ago Devtaholic
Downfall of Maddam sir

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Abhimanyu23 16 4218 8 months ago TheUnrelatedGuy
Shilpa Vs Gulki???

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Chir-Cute 51 5101 9 months ago Krish58

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Showbiz  SONY SAB  

Yuktii_Darknian 1 3035 9 months ago Yuktii_Darknian


VIEW ALL right-dir
Ajay Jadhav
Ajay Jadhav

as: Billu Champat

He is a thief turned spy who loves to live in jail because he doesn't have any other place to live. However

Sonali Pandit Naik
Sonali Pandit Naik

as: Counsellor Head Constable Pushpa Singh

The oldest member of Mahila Police Thana and Counselling Head. She is the mother-in-law of S.I.


Gulki Joshi Gulki Joshi

as: Actress

Pankhuri Awasthi Pankhuri Awasthi

as: Actress

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