Gulki Joshi clarifies she hasn't been approached for Maddam Sir season 2: "I am not a part of it"

Gulki Joshi, who played Haseena Mallik in "Maddam Sir" for three years has clarified that, despite rumours, she has not been approached for the show's second season.

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Gulki Joshi clarifies she hasn't been approached for Maddam Sir season 2: "I Am Not a Part of It"
Gulki Joshi who portrayed the character Haseena Mallik in Maddam Sir. Image Courtesy: Gulki's Instag

Gulki Joshi, who portrayed the character Haseena Mallik, a police officer, in the first season of "Maddam Sir" for three years until it concluded in February 2023, has addressed rumours about her involvement in the show's second season. Contrary to speculations, Joshi clarified that she has not been contacted for the new season. She expressed her strong attachment to the character and mentioned that she would have accepted the opportunity if offered. However, she believes it is time to explore new aspects of her craft, feeling that she had fully explored the role in the first season.

Talking to one of the leading portals, Gulki revealed, "Nobody has approached me, and I am not part of it," she says, adding, "I am so attached to the character that if someone asked me whether I wanted to be a part of it, I would say yes. However, thinking logically, I feel I did everything possible in the first season, and it's time to explore other facets of my craft."

Reflecting on not being approached for the sequel, Joshi shared that while she might have initially felt disappointed, she has come to accept the unpredictability of her career. She recalled that her role in the first season was unplanned and came to her unexpectedly, suggesting that if it is meant to be, it will happen again. As an actor, she has grown accustomed to dealing with disappointment and rejection to the extent that it no longer affects her deeply.

After the conclusion of Maddam Sir, Joshi took a break to recharge, spending around five months travelling and reconnecting with her social and personal life, which had taken a backseat due to her busy shooting schedule in Naigaon. This break was also necessary for her to transition out of the character of Haseena. During her hiatus from television, she returned to theatre, which she finds incredibly fulfilling due to the immediate audience feedback and the raw, live performance experience. Joshi is now ready to return to television and is in discussions for several new projects.

According to recent media reports, the channel is not planning a new season of Maddam Sir. Instead, they are developing an entirely different cop show with a new cast.

Who would you like to see playing the role of a cop in this upcoming show if not Gulki Joshi? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Haseena Mallik was the "emotion" of the show, and the other cast members were equally loved. Gulki will remain the original Maddam Sir. Not sure who is replacing her but I can surely say the absence of the other original cast members will also make a huge difference to the overall vibe of the show. Currently, this news does not fetch any interest back to the show.

4 days ago

Haseena Malik is the soul of Maddam Sir

5 days ago

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