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||Humsafars-Creation Gallery-#2||

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Humsafars Help Desk #1

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||Humsafars Written & Video Updates Archive||

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Humsafars Forum Rules!

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Closing the Forum (Note pg. 3)

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Payal Rohatgi Payal Rohatgi

as: Anam Chaudhary

Sahir's bhabhi working with him in his fashion house Saiyaara.

Harshad Chopda Harshad Chopda

as: Sahir Azeem Chaudhary (Shark)

He dark, twisty, moody, brooding, ambitious, ruthless, a money making machine. A millionaire, he is the owner of a fashion house in Mumbai. He believes that he has no soft side to his personality and ...

Neha Janpandit Neha Janpandit

as: Zeenat

Sahir''s first wife

Vibha Chibber Vibha Chibber

as: Alvira Chaudhary

Matriarch of the family, Alvira commands everyone. Her word is Sahir's command. She talks and walks with a certain power. She is glamorous and it is impossible to miss her in any gathering. Very class ...

Bharat Chawda Bharat Chawda

as: ACP Bikram Singh Rathore