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How did you discover I-F?

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Pete15rogmourey 20 1926 2 years ago Ravalnath
CID Help Desk IV

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Minionite 583 117502 2 years ago Ravalnath
CID Aur CIDians Ki 21 Saal Ka Safar (VM)

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debasree04 10 2052 2 years ago Ravalnath
mankrit 4 2329 2 years ago Ravalnath
General Discussions No.55

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HIDEnSEEK06 351 25015 2 years ago astonish
CID story; The comeback (Sudhakar and Asha!!!!!) New story @page 41

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Pete15rogmourey 332 14857 2 years ago naniv32
CID Chat Club

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Aditya Srivastava sir in 9 Malabar Hill

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Aditya Srivastava

Pete15rogmourey 0 1305 2 years ago Pete15rogmourey
Episode when Asha's professor is killed

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DanceUntilWeDie 2 1435 2 years ago Pete15rogmourey
Daya sir interview...web series coming soon

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debayon 3 1516 2 years ago Pete15rogmourey


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Shraddha Musale
Shraddha Musale

as: Dr Tarika

Dr. Tarika made her debut in the case The Don's Final Revenge (August 10, 2007). She is a very efficient forensics expert earnestly assisting Dr. Salunkhe in examining minute details of the corpses. ...

Ansha Sayed
Ansha Sayed

as: Inspector Purvi

Purvi joined the C.I.D team in 2011, after being helped by Abhijeet and Fredericks in thwarting a gang of drug smugglers on her last case. In a later episode, it was revealed that she had a traumatic ...

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