The human mind, no matter how logical or reasonable it is - has either a fear, a fascination or a subconscious connection with the unknown. This is what we often refer to as 'the fear of the unknown'. This show aims to capture just that the inherent connection between the natural and the supernatural.A team of 3 young documenters working for a mysterious institute of paranormal sciences, which in turn is headed by a mystery force, forms the core team that deals with paranormal and supernatural cases. They witness and record the same on tape for documentation and analysis purpose. In every ep, the documenters become a part of the paranormal story, trying to find the root of it and recording every paranormal activity on camera, going to the extent of risking their lives. They visit the places and people experiencing paranormal phenomena and as they are solved, they record them on camera and document them for future reference. However, they have no idea what exactly the high members of the paranormal institute specially their chief does with the documentaries.The kind of cases the show deals with include haunting , reincarnation , living dead , time warp , supernatural powers , paranormal occurrences and everything uncanny that threatens to disturb the normal world.The protagonists possess no powers or tools except their minds and their recording equipment but are seemingly ready for any danger in their unusual job. Each one of them has a definite purpose that has sprung from the womb of the supernatural . All three of them- a flamboyant heir , a firebrand girl-next-door and a man with no identity they have become a part of this institute to realize their goals.The cases refrain from analyzing and debating upon superstition, faith and religious beliefs. Each case comes with its own inherent danger and horror filled paths which the three characters have to navigate and get out unscathed. Sometimes they are not so lucky. Little does this team of fearless documenters know what lies in the roots of this institute. Their lives will never be the same again once the secret of the institute and it's head is out. Till then, this team of youngsters continues to tantalize the mystical, and stare fear in the face and taking the viewers through a roller-coaster journey with them.Why are these three people dedicated to this dangerous life-threatening job and what drives them to do it? What are their individual purposes behind becoming a part of this pursuit of terror? What is the institute they work for and who is the mysterious leader? The show seeks answers to all these questions even as we witness the riveting journey of the paranormal documenters as they oscillate between the natural and the unnatural living life on the edge.