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Posted: 12 days ago

Looking forward for unbiased moderation and administration baki sab toh theek thaak hi hai

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Posted: 12 days ago

Tagging our dear members and requesting  to view the new look of our forum and get familiarised before it’s implemented .

Our members who were requesting for improvement in the blocking feature will surely have better experience in the forum as technical team is working on their long standing demand.

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Posted: 12 days ago

It's not reddit. Don't try to make it so.

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Posted: 12 days ago

Yep I have been observing changes. 

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Posted: 12 days ago

Originally posted by: vijay

The new look we are aiming to have it ready by next weekend. Some additional updates like Card View which will have bigger image will follow later as it requires rescanning the whole database and update topic meta data.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 9.33.57 PM.png

Rest of the feature will also be worked upon and we expect to finish them all by end of this month.

Is that screenshot an example of card view?

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Posted: 12 days ago

Waiting  For The New Feature Soon


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Posted: 12 days ago

Wow amazing new feature looking forward to them

Sir , is their option of delete a post too 

Sometimes due to poor net we post our topic many times it's look so weird and by mistake sometimes in wrong forum or wants to delete a post prefer a  option of this 

To delete our unnessary post by own instead of edit it or put a dot to delete a post sir plzz

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Posted: 12 days ago

Thank you for trying to improve the site regularly Vijay.

Looking forward to use the new features once they are implemented.


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Posted: 12 days ago

New feature looks amazing smiley20

Thx Vijay sir smiley1

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Posted: 12 days ago

Originally posted by: Blueeeee

It's not reddit. Don't try to make it so.

Kindly expand on this so that we can understand your point better.