Jimmy Jab Season 6 Round 4 Task 2 Entries

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Posted: 4 months ago

Here you can find all the entries for Round 4 Task 2.

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Hi Shreya I am unable to attach any gif or image in PM so using this thread...and I am sending now as tomorrow I have office and I won't be able to do anything due to hectic schedule..please consider it 


Sheldon Cooper along with Penny and Leonard visits India for wedding of Rajs relatives ..Praful and Hansa along are also guests in same wedding along with bapuji

Sheldon after a lot of hit and trial choses one seat for himself..and gets up to get drink for himself ..in meantime Hansa and Praful come and sit on his seat..Sheldon on coming back sees them and says


Penny Leonard 😒🙄🫣



Sheldon..this seat is ideally located..it is just under this fan giving ideal cooling...it is also far from maddening hallabaloo of mindless human chatter and dj Noise who seems his life goal is to make me deaf...it is also at approximate angle allowing me to observe all human interactions in socially useless extravagant event ..without being subjected to forceful greeting and mundane human interaction..

I had to test all locations before finalizing this spot and there is sea of crowd that can trample me to death if I were to move again..and I want to enjoy my kaddhai paner sitting here

Continued part 2

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Part 2

Hansa seemed fascinated with Sheldon speaking 


Sheldon getting more annoyed...


Hansa to Praful..Prafull..


Sheldon is silent stares at them for one whole minute..

Penny asks him...Sheldon are you ok..

Sheldon says




Babuji says..Hansa yeh mehmaan hai humare ...videsh se aye hai..tumhi uth jao..Athithi devo bhav..

Hansa says

Bapuji main itni der se line me khadi ho ke soup layi hu...kisi ne meri saari pe juice bhi gira diya..Kal Praful ne nayi saari di thi mujhe...dekhiye babuji meri saari kharab ho gayi..and aur itni der line me khadi hoke..


Sheldon seems to get more and more worked up by each second..

Continue part 3..

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Part 3...

Leonard asks Penny to do something as Sheldon is making a scene

Penny starts singing soft kitty song.. 

Sheldon says no penny it's my sick song.. Penny says you are stressed means you are mentally sick..it will help you relax....




Praful says ..Hansa Soft kitty matlab mulayam billy..yad hai pados me Sushma ji apni billy ko parlour le gaye thi..kitni mulayam hoke wapis ayi thi wo waha se..


Praful to Sheldon.. bhaisahab...apki mulayam billi kho gayi hai.. bukhar hai use ...ap use yaha dhundhne aye hain..


Hansa..chal chal Chakram...


Sheldon doesn't understand what chakram means

Penny tells Sheldon chakram means crazy

Sheldon says


Penny asks Sheldon we are leaving do you want to come with us or..do you want to be left on your spot alone.


Sheldon starts to move away mumbling and annoyed..and starts to leave

Hansa says


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Last part

Bapuji embarrassed from all this drama..


Hansa Praful seemed to have enjoyed this fight..say babuji



Kaha kaha se a jate hai ..


This is scene..sorry Shreya I am not very good with technical stuff...I had to send it in 4 posts..

Please consider 

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Hansa looked around her, scared out of her wits.

"Praful, Himanshu aur Parminder kahaan hai, where izz?" 

"Dheeraj rakho Hansa, Himanshu aur Parimnder yahin kahin honge apna honeymoon mana rahe honge."

"Agar woh honeymoon mana rahe honge, toh woh kisi hotel mein honge, Caltech ke lab mein nahi." The man sitted in the chair answered with accent.

"Haaye haaye, aapko Hindi aati hai?" Hansa asked in surpise.

"Maine aapse just Hindi mein baat ki, so mujeh Hindi aati hai." Sheldon answered, exasperated at the disturbance of the Indian couple. He was working on his theory on Super assymetry when the couple had barged in his room searching for Himanshu and Parimnder.

Khichdi Aisa Zaruri Nahi Hai GIF - Khichdi Aisa Zaruri Nahi Hai Rajeev  Mehta - Discover & Share GIFs

Praful answered. "Ho sakta hai aap kisi hindi picture ki nakal kar rahe ho yaa aap bas hont hila rahe, aur koi peeche se bol raha ho!"

Hansa exclaimed. "Main Toh Thak Gayi Hansa GIF - Main Toh Thak Gayi Hansa Khichdi - Discover  & Share GIFsDekha Praful, yeh angrezi bhi ab Hindi seekh rahe hai!"

"Meri memory photographic hai, mere liye kuch bhi seekhna possible hai!"

"Ae Praful, possible matlab?"


Praful Hansa GIF - Praful Hansa Khichdi - Discover & Share GIFs Praful inturrupted

"Possible Hansa... Hum Farah Khan ke photoshoot pe gaye the, wahaan woh photographer Isabel naam ki model ko kya bol raha tha? Pose Isabel, pose isabel!"

"Pose isbael...pose-isabel..oh ho, possible!'

"That's not... can you just leave!"

"Ae, aise koi mehmaan aaya toh usko pchai paani puchte hai, aisa seekhaya hai humare bacchon ne! Agar koi mushkil mein toh kya karte hai?"

YARN | Offer them a hot beverage. | The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S05E06 The  Rhinitis Revelation | Video gifs by quotes | 28571f2e | 紗 Sheldon sighed and went on to make an instant coffee while muttering to himself

Pin by Amanda Anderson on Big Bang Theory | Working in retail, Sheldon, Big  bang theory

"Kitni der laga di, cofee ka wait karte karte Main Toh Thak Gayi Hansa GIF - Main Toh Thak Gayi Hansa Khichdi - Discover  & Share GIFs"

"Aap kripya yeh cofee piye aur kisi police station jaaye, jahaan aapko koi help karega" Sheldon answered.

"Praful Hansa GIF - Praful Hansa Khichdi - Discover & Share GIFs humari koi help nahi karega!"

In a rare moment of empathy, Sheldon asked "Why?"

"Kyunki baapuji kehte hai ki humari help karna matlab bhains ke aage been bajana"

"Aur ek baar toh aapko kitni jor ki gayi thi Praful," Hansa weeped.

"Kya, been?"

"Nahi nahi, bhains!" Praful answered

"Kaise paagalo ki tarah sawaal karta hai yeh aadmi!' Hansa muttered.

I'm not crazy... My mother had me tested. | Big bang theory, Sheldon,  Bigbang

Meanwhile a block away from Pasadena City Hall, a heavily pregnant Penny was laughing her bladder out.

The Big Bang Theory GIFS! — sherralotz: Series 3 Episode 04 – The Pirate... Leonard smiled.

"I knew they had to meet Sheldon the second I met them, so I gave them the wrong address to the newly weds hotel"

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[Setting: A dimly lit alleyway. Monica and Chandler cautiously navigate through the shadows, unaware of the impending confrontation ahead. Suddenly, they are confronted by Major Kabir, a formidable figure standing tall in front of them.]

Major Kabir: [In Hindi, sternly] Tum log yahaan kyun aaye ho? Aur kya kaam hai tumhara?

Monica: [Whispering to Chandler] What's he saying?

Chandler: [In a hushed tone] I think he's asking why we're here and what our business is.


Major Kabir: [Switching back to English, his gaze intense] Shortcuts often lead to trouble. You should have been more cautious.

[Monica and Chandler exchange worried glances, realizing they're in a precarious situation.]

Chandler: [Trying to lighten the mood] So, uh, you're Major Kabir, right? Big fan.


Major Kabir: Flattery won't save you. Now, what is your business?

[Before Monica and Chandler can respond, Joey enters the scene, looking confused.]

Joey: Hey, what's going on here?


[Just as they try to explain, one of Kabir's associates steps forward, his demeanor threatening.]

Rajveer: [In Hindi, sneering] Mujhe lagta hai ye log yahaan nahi reh sakte, Kabir. Humein inhe sabak sikhana chahiye.

Joey: [Whispering to Monica and Chandler] What did he say?


Monica: [Anxiously] I-I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound good.

Major Kabir: Running away won't help you. If you want to leave, you'll have to face us.


[Monica, Chandler, and Joey exchange a determined look, bracing themselves for a verbal confrontation.]

Chandler: [Stepping forward] Look, we didn't mean to intrude. We're just lost, trying to find our way out of here.

Monica: [Nodding in agreement] Yeah, we're harmless, really.


Major Kabir: [Skeptical] Harmless, huh? Then why are you lurking in these alleys?

Chandler: [Quickly] We were just taking a shortcut, honestly. We'll be on our way now.


[Major Kabir, unmoved by Chandler's explanation, crosses his arms, his expression stern.]

Major Kabir: You expect me to believe that? In these troubled times, I can't afford to take chances.

Monica: [Desperately] Please, sir, we mean no harm. We just want to go home.


[Joey steps forward, attempting to defuse the tension with a charming smile.]

Joey: Come on, guys, let's not make this a big deal. We're all just trying to get by in this crazy world, right?


[Major Kabir regards them skeptically for a moment before sighing and gesturing for his associates to stand down.]

Major Kabir: [Reluctantly] Fine. But consider this a warning. Be more careful next time.

[Monica, Chandler, and Joey exchange relieved looks as they quickly make their exit, leaving Kabir and his team behind. The tension diffused, they walk away unscathed, the confrontation resolved without any physical altercation.]


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Posted: 1 months ago


Sheldon Cooper, the brilliant yet socially awkward physicist, decides to take on the Parekh couple, Hansa and Praful, in a Friendly Wrestling Match. The match is organized by the quirky TV Show "Iski Kichdi uske Muh" as a way to bring together two different worlds - the 

intellectual and the comedic.

before the match begins

Hansa: oye Praful, ye Sheldon Cooper kaun hain?

Praful: Shel Don Kapoor Hansa, Shanaya Kapoor ki Bhai. Anil Kapoor ka bhatijasmiley14

Hansa: oh aisa kya, mujhe laga koi videshi hain.

Khichdi Iski Twacha To Dekhiye Doodh Jaisi Safed GIF - Khichdi Iski Twacha To Dekhiye Doodh Jaisi Safed Supriya Pathak GIFs

🎤 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most hilarious wrestling match you'll ever witness! In one corner, we have the queen of wit and comedy, the one and only Hansa behen! And in the other corner, we have the genius with a side of social awkwardness, the one and only Sheldon Cooper!

🔔 And the match begins with Praful as our special referee, making sure the rules are followed, or at least attempting to!

Khichdi Ho Gaya Samjha Diya Hansa Ko GIF - Khichdi Ho Gaya Samjha Diya Hansa Ko Rajeev Mehta GIFs

🎤 Hansa and Sheldon are circling each other in the ring, both thinking of their next move. And oh, it looks like Hansa just made a clever remark about Sheldon's wardrobe! Sheldon seems flustered, he's not used to such quick wit!

QKhichdi Aapko Matching Ka To Kuch Pata Hi Nahi Hai Huh GIF - Khichdi Aapko Matching Ka To Kuch Pata Hi Nahi Hai Huh Supriya Pathak GIFs

Jim Parsons Wink GIF - Jim Parsons Wink Tbbt GIFs

🔔 Sheldon tries to retaliate with a science joke, but Hansa easily counters with a hilarious pun! The crowd is eating it up!

Sheldon Cooper Big GIF - Sheldon Cooper Big Bang GIFs
Khichdi Aise Hi Ban Gaye Doctor Copy Karke Huh GIF - Khichdi Aise Hi Ban Gaye Doctor Copy Karke Huh Supriya Pathak GIFs

🎤 Oh, and out of nowhere, Sheldon attempts a flying kick, but Hansa dodges it with a quick one-liner that leaves Sheldon confused and open for an attack!

Yes GIF - Yes GIFs

Khichdi Aye Tujhe Kuch Pata Bhi Hai GIF - Khichdi Aye Tujhe Kuch Pata Bhi Hai Supriya Pathak GIFs

🔔 Hansa seizes the opportunity and performs her signature move, the "Sarcastic Slam" on Sheldon! The impact of that burn is felt all across the arena!

yeh galiyan yeh chaubara

Khichdi Yaha Aana Na Dobara GIF - Khichdi Yaha Aana Na Dobara Supriya Pathak GIFs

Tbbt Sheldon Cooper GIF - Tbbt Sheldon Cooper Shock GIFs

🎤 The crowd is going wild as Hansa goes for the pin, but wait, it seems like Praful is too busy trying to crack a joke himself to count! Sheldon takes advantage of the distraction and manages to kick out at the last moment!

Khichdi Shey Shey Shey Shya Shya Shya Che Che Che GIF - Khichdi Shey Shey Shey Shya Shya Shya Che Che Che Rajeev Mehta GIFs

Brain Sheldon GIF - Brain Sheldon Sheldon Cooper GIFs
Khichdi Kaise Kaise Shauk Paal Rakhe Hai Aapne Iss Umar Mein Bhaisaab GIF - Khichdi Kaise Kaise Shauk Paal Rakhe Hai Aapne Iss Umar Mein Bhaisaab Supriya Pathak GIFs

🔔 The match continues with both wrestlers trading witty banter and hilarious insults. It's not just about physical strength in this ring; it's all about outsmarting your opponent!

Khichdi Ladies Hote Huye Bhi Intelligent GIF - Khichdi Ladies Hote Huye Bhi Intelligent Supriya Pathak GIFs

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper GIF - The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Thumbs Down GIFs

🎤 And in a surprising turn of events, Sheldon tries to outwit Hansa with a clever riddle, but Hansa responds with a riddle of her own that leaves Sheldon scratching his head in confusion!

The Big Bang Theory GIF - The Big Bang Theory Tbbt Sheldon Cooper GIFs

Khichdi Lungs Matlab To Sabun GIF - Khichdi Lungs Matlab To Sabun Supriya Pathak GIFs

🔔 With both wrestlers evenly matched in the comedy department, it's anyone's game at this point! Who will come out on top in this battle of wits and one-liners? Only time will tell! Stay tuned for more action-packed hilarity in this epic wrestling match!

Khichdi Mai To Thak Gayi Bhaisaab GIF - Khichdi Mai To Thak Gayi Bhaisaab Supriya Pathak GIFs

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Hansa:  Raj ne kaha tha, mehmaan ka naam She don hein.  Ye tho aadmi nikala.

Praful:  Hansaa ye she don nahi, Shell don.  Shell jo samandar ke kinare milta hein wo.

Hansa: Achcha wo wala! Theek hein.

Khichdi Hello How Are Khana Kha Ke Jana Huh GIF - Khichdi Hello How Are  Khana Kha Ke Jana Huh Supriya Pathak - Discover & Share GIFs

Sheldon:  Hey lady, what do you mean how are Khana, Kahke, Jana? Why should I tell you how anyone is?  I am not your assistant.  Go find your self.  

Praful:  Sheldon bhai saab 


Mai samjhatha hoon.   Khana mane, I mean, Khana, food, you eat with fingers. 


Sheldon spraying desinfectant in The Big Bang Theory.

That feels better.

Hansa:  Shell Don Bhaisaab, bahut hogaya.  Hamare yahan machchar bilkur nahi hein.  Chalo khana khaate hein.

Praful:  She said, no mosquito, no.

Sheldon:  How dare you?  You are calling me a mosquito?  Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj, where are you?  These people are so weird.  Get me out of here.


Raj who was hiding in a different room:  (In his mind) Pot calling the kettle black, haan!  Finally you met your match.  Now, I will sit back and enjoy your cat fights.

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Posted: 1 months ago


Title: Chandler and Monica look for a donor 

Chandler and Monica look for a sperm donor as Chandler has some issues with his health and sperm motility. They are very upset as they can't become parents.

Gynecologist, Dr. Connelly, talks to Monica and Chandler after their fertility tests, which has shown both of them to be infertile (Monica's uterus is an inhospitable environment and Chandler's sperm have low motility), which upsets both of them greatly. Except natural conception, which may still work for them despite their small chances, he suggests a few other solutions, including a sperm donor or surrogacy. Finally, adoption, if nothing else works.

The cute couple are very upset and decide to go in for a donor.

They call the clinic to ask for prospective sperm donors. They get the contact of one  Major Kabir from the clinic. 

The clinic fixes up a meeting between Major Kabir and the Bings. They get very emotional and excited at the prospect of meeting a donor.

They are introduced to Major Kabir  who wants to work for a good cause. They decide to meet up for dinner. They also want to meet him and ask further details.

The prospective sperm donor - Major Kabir arrives at the Bing s apartment.

Kabir requests a coaster for his beer, which makes Monica happy.  She feels hes also into neatness just like her.

However, the couple make Kabir feel very uncomfortable and soon scare Kabir away by asking him 

  • continuous health-related questions about him and his relatives. 
  • Mental illness in the family, 
  • diabetes, 
  • heart disease, 
  • Alzheimer's, 
  • gout, 
  • male baldness.

Kabir who was not expecting these questions gets very uncomfortable.

After a point Kabir gets angry and feels that his personal space is being intruded. He warns them that he will sue them and not agree to be their donor if they make him uncomfortable with their questions as he is working for a good cause only.

Kabir gets angry with them, threatens them and walks away from there.


Monica and Chandler are scared, perplexed and upset as they feel they have a right to know the details before selecting him as the donor.

However, even though he is medically perfect, Monica refuses him as a sperm donor, explaining to Chandler how she will not have any other man to be the father if Chandler cannot get her pregnant. The couple therefore decide to adopt.

And they were thrilled at their decision to adopt.