Task 1 The Lab/Torture Task

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Posted: 3 months ago

People Assigned to This Round



  1. Tag 5 people you don't know and try to get them to respond to you (without annoying them).
  2. Write "Shreya (Minionite) is the best" in your siggy box and leave it there for the duration of the game.
  3. Write a love poem for KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan) and post it in the Bollywood Forum.
  4. Explain a Hindi film plot badly and post it in the Bollywood Forum. The more people who guess it right, the worse your score will be.
  5. Tag WildestDreams, Zeal17, DiscoDhokla, and GumnaamHaiKoii and get them to respond so you can egg them for this season.
  6. Go to the Bollywood Forum and explain why Kangana is the best actress ever. The more people that agree with you (and not out of fun), the better your score.
  7. Tag Vijay and give him one suggestion on something IF needs. If he replies, full marks. If he reacts, then high marks. Else you get thenga.
  8. Go to either the Current Affairs or Debate Mansion forum and participate in a topic. The more people that agree with you during your discussions, the better your score.
  9. Tag 5 mods and try to get them to respond to you. They cannot be mods playing this game (even eliminated ones).
  10. Try to guess who is the person who challenged you. You can ask any 3 members directly if they are the ones who challenged you before you make your final guess in this thread, but those 3 people could be lying.
  11. Make a siggy on an actor/actress who you think the person who challenged you would like. The person who challenged you gets to decide if it's a good siggy and a fair guess or not.
  12. Go to the Site Issues thread and make a post on a suggestion to make this site better. If Vijay responds to you during the duration of this round, then top marks, else you'll be graded on the suggestion's feasibility and applicability.
  13. Write a love poem for your crush and share it in the thread. The more participants who like your poem, the more points you get.
  14. Design one round that you would like the participants of this game to play. The more participants who react positively to your round, the better your points.
  15. Write a poem about how evil Shreya is.

Some of you have been assigned this task, originally designed by GumnaamHaiKoi, and modified by yours truly.

In this round I have made a new thread in which I have listed 15 challenges. You get to choose one person you want to challenge. It will be a first come, first serve basis.

First you will PM me the person you want to challenge in the next 24 hours.

Once I confirm your name, you have to pick a challenge that is not crossed out and give it to that person. Your name will remain private and the other person will simply get the challenge. Once the deadline is over, I will then announce who challenged whom.

Challenges are to be completed in the thread provided.

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Posted: 3 months ago

Before I lose the thread, I need to book mark this thread.

Ghosh what an uphill task!

All the best everyone!!


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Posted: 3 months ago

Hi Vijay,

I have been meaning to make a small suggestion.

Some very useful suggestions were made in the Site Updates and Issues Discussions threads.  But they were not captured anywhere and were getting lost somewhere in those 150 pages of posts and in various Site Updates and Issues Discussions threads.  Technical issues is a different matter and you are taking a very good care of them.  These simple suggestions are very helpful to many members.

For example, couple of days ago Mrunmayee02  has posted that she is having trouble adding book covers to her FFs.  She wasn't able to add the full picture which is within the recommended ratio.  Either the pictures were getting cropped or she was getting an error messages.  She tried couple more times before WaveTeal gave her a very good suggestion and it worked.  

Is it possible to capture all those useful suggestions in a thread and make that thread available to all members in all forums please?

The thread can be locked and only Mods of Suggestions and comments forum will be able to add new suggestions on their own or on member's recommendation.

Thank you!

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Posted: 3 months ago

Ye Nutmeg thi, Nutmeg thi inhone hi mujhe challenge kiya hoga 👀 (I guess)


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Posted: 3 months ago

Meine toh Abhi name diya after getting a reminder. Woh koi aur hai Jahapanah! smiley36

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Posted: 3 months ago

Woh jo koi bhi hai gets praise for giving me such an easy challenge smiley16

nutmeg7 thumbnail
Posted: 3 months ago

The challenge I gave to someone else ab lag raha hai yaar mujhe hi woh attempt karna hai smiley37

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Jimmy Jab Games Season 6 0 Thumbnail Easter Egg Contest Winner (2023) 0 Thumbnail + 6
Posted: 3 months ago

Nm will wait for results 

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Pete15rogmourey thumbnail
Posted: 3 months ago

Roses are red

Sky is blue 

Short poems are called Haiku

This one is for you

Cause i have a crush on you

Dedicated to ; My imaginary crush

PS; The challenge didn't mention anything about the seriousness in which i should write this poem so i took my liberty in making this one sound cringe / cliche / funny

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Posted: 3 months ago

Poem expressing how evil Shreya is-

Shreya-the epitome of evilness 

See I have tried my best to be civil ,

But that is not possible considering how much Shreya is evil,

Try participating in one of her designed game,

She will put the writers of dark genre to shame,

Oh I played her game of love couple,

Each round I feared-with my partner may I not fall in trouble.

I played Jimmy games last season,

With her rounds she proved to be a demon,

Always waited skeptically for her twist reveal,

Cause you can't but exclaim-'Oh that's pure evil!'

Let not her minonite username have you convince,

Of her having cute Minion's innocence,

She is dangerous with her intelligence,

Combined and entangled with her cunningness,

With this I warned you all of Shreya's evilness.

May I tag people? Considering there is not much possibility of people looking this thread if they are not playing.

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