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Part one


The courtroom was filled with silence as Arnav raizaada and Khushi raizaada stood before the judge. Both of them had sadness in their eyes, knowing that the end of their relationship was imminent. They had tried to work things out, but their differences had driven them apart, and now they were here to mutually seek a divorce.

The judge cleared his throat, breaking the silence. "Mr. Arnav and Ms. Khushi, are both of you sure about taking this step?" he asked, looking at them solemnly.

Arnav and Khushi exchanged a glance, and then nodded their heads. "Yes, Your Honor. We have made this decision after much contemplation and discussion," said Arnav, his voice barely above a whisper.

Khushi swallowed hard and spoke softly. "We have realized that we have grown apart, and it's in the best interest of both of us to part ways now."

The judge looked at them sympathetically and then proceeded with the legal formalities of the divorce. As he did so, Arnav and Khushi watched him with a heavy heart, knowing that this was the end of their relationship.

When the judge was done, he looked up at them and said, "I hope both of you can move on from this and find peace and happiness in your lives."

Arnav and Khushi nodded, and then slowly turned to leave the courtroom. They walked out without exchanging another word, both lost in their own sorrow, as they silently mourned the end of their relationship.

Each step felt heavy as Arnav and Khushi walked out of the courtroom. They stopped outside, in the bright sunshine, and looked at each other. Finally, Khushi spoke, her voice shaking. "Arnav, I never thought it would come to this. I never thought we'd end up here."

Arnav looked at her, his heart breaking at the sight of tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes. "I know, Khushi. I know we both wanted different things, but I never thought it would mean the end of us."

They stood in silence for a few moments, their thoughts consumed by the memories of their time together.

Finally, Arnav spoke up again, his voice soft. "Khushi, I know this has been difficult for you. But please know that I will always care for you, and I want nothing but the best for you."

Tears slid down Khushi's face as she responded. "I know, Arnav. I...I just wish things could have been different."

Arnav put his hand on Khushi's shoulder and looked deep into her eyes. "I want you to promise me one thing, Khushi. Promise me that you'll take care of yourself every step of the way, from this point forward."

Khushi nodded solemnly, tears still streaming down her face. "I promise, Arnav. And I want you to promise me the same thing. That you'll take care of yourself, too."

Arnav smiled weakly and squeezed her shoulder. "I promise. And Khushi, I want you to know that just because we're not together anymore, doesn't mean that I'll stop caring for you. You'll always have a special place in my heart."

Khushi's lip trembled as she looked up at him, her heart aching with the love she still felt for him. "You'll always have a special place in mine too, Arnav."

With that, they hugged each other tightly, the last embrace before they would walk their separate paths. They pulled away and looked at each other one last time.

"Take care, Khushi," Arnav said, his voice barely above a whisper.

"You too, Arnav," Khushi replied, before turning and walking away, her footsteps echoing in the silence.

Arnav watched her go, a heavy feeling settling in his chest. But he knew that even though they were no longer together, they still cared for each other deeply. And he took comfort in knowing that, no matter what, they would always have a connection that could never truly be broken, both facing a future that was uncertain and different from what they had planned. But as they walked separately, they knew that they could still move forward and find happiness, even if it didn't include each other.

After the divorce, Khushi returned to her job at the fashion house. She tried to act like everything was normal, but deep down, she was still sad that her relationship with Arnav had ended. She threw herself into her work, staying late at the office most nights to keep her mind busy.

One night, as she was packing up her desk to head home, her colleague Rahul came over to her. He had always had a crush on Khushi, though he had never acted on it before.

"Hey, Khushi," Rahul said, flashing her a smile. "Do you wanna grab a coffee sometime?"

Khushi was taken aback. She had never thought of Rahul in that way, but with Arnav out of the picture, she was feeling lonely and vulnerable. Without thinking it through, she half-heartedly agreed to Rahul's invitation.

Over the next few weeks, Rahul relentlessly pursued Khushi, complimenting her work and bringing her little gifts. Khushi found herself enjoying the attention, but she knew deep down that it wasn't a real connection - she was just a rebound for Rahul.

As they began to go on more and more dates, Khushi realized that she didn't want to lead Rahul on.

As time passed, however, Khushi began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the relationship. She realized that she wasn't ready to commit to someone new, and that she was simply using Sid as a distraction from her pain and loneliness. So, one day, she mustered the courage to end things with him.

One night, as they were sitting in a restaurant, she summoned up the courage to tell him the truth.

"Rahul, I'm sorry, but I can't date you," Khushi said, looking him in the eye. "I appreciate all the nice things you've done for me, but I'm just not ready for a relationship right now."

Rahul's smile faded. "Is this because of Arnav?" he asked.

Khushi nodded, feeling a lump form in her throat. "Yes, it is. I just need time to heal from everything that's happened."

Rahul nodded sympathetically. "I understand," he said. "I'll back off for now, but if you ever need a friend, you know where to find me."

Khushi felt grateful for Rahul's understanding, but she knew that she needed to focus on healing herself before she could let anyone else into her life. As she left the restaurant and headed home, she made a promise to herself that she would work hard to overcome the pain of her failed marriage and come out stronger on the other side.

Rahul couldn't stop thinking about Khushi. He knew she had been through a tough time with her failed relationship with Arnav and he worried that she may not cope. Concerned, he decided to approach her parents, whom he knew never approved of her relationship with Arnav.

One day, when he knew Khushi's parents would be alone, he visited them. He explained how worried he was about Khushi and her well-being, telling them he only wanted to help her in any way he could.

"I know you never approved of her relationship with Arnav, but I think she really needs someone right now," Rahul said.

Khushi's parents listened to Rahul, and to his surprise, they actually agreed with him. They had always been wary of Arnav and had seen how much their daughter had suffered because of him. They had hoped she would eventually move on, but they had also seen how deeply she had loved him and they never wanted to see her hurt like that again.

Despite her break-up with Sid, Khushi's parents, started pressuring her to get married again. They set her up with Rahul, a family friend who had been interested in her for a long time. Although Khushi wasn't particularly keen on the idea of getting married again so soon, she agreed to meet Rahul.

When she did, she found that he was a kind and gentle person who understood her situation and was willing to take things slowly. He didn't push her into anything, but let her make her own decision. And so, after much contemplation, Khushi decided to take the leap and marry Rahul.

She knew it wasn't going to be easy, that it would take time to heal from the past and adjust to a new life. But she also knew that this was something she needed to do to finally put the past behind her and move on with her life.

The producer's wife was relentless in her pursuit of Arnav. She saw him as a successful and attractive man who she could have by her side. She made various attempts to approach him, sending him gifts and inviting him to parties, but Arnav always declined.

Even though Arnav had no interest in dating anyone, it was Khushi who he always thought of. He missed her dearly and couldn't bring himself to move on. He had tried to distract himself with work, but nothing seemed to fill the void that Khushi had left in his life.

One day, the producer's wife showed up at Arnav's office uninvited. She had brought him lunch and wanted to discuss some business matters with him. Arnav was polite but distant, and the producer's wife could sense that he was not interested.

Producer's wife: "Arnav, I brought you lunch today. I thought it would be nice to catch up outside of work."

Arnav: "That's very kind of you, but I'm really busy today."

Producer's wife: "Come on, Arnav. You can take a break for just a few minutes. I promise it'll be worth it."

Arnav: "I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not interested."

Producer's wife: "Are you sure? You're such a handsome and successful man. You deserve someone who appreciates you."

As they sat down to lunch, the producer's wife started to flirt with Arnav. She complimented him on his looks and his work, and even touched his hand gently. Arnav pulled away and told her that he wasn't interested.

Arnav: "I already had that someone, and I lost her. I don't need anyone else."

Producer's wife: "Oh, you mean Khushi? I heard that things didn't work out between you two."

Arnav: "And it's none of your business."

Producer's wife: "I just thought that maybe you were ready to move on. I mean, it's been a while since you two were together."

Arnav: "I will never move on from her. She was the only person I ever loved, and I still do. I don't need anyone else in my life, especially not someone who doesn't understand what I truly want."

Khushi is in restaurant with Rahul.she is very much tensed what is going to be her life.she looking at the couple at the bar.she smiles and remember her past.


Khushi and her friends were at their local pub, enjoying an evening of drinks and good conversation. As they sat at the bar, laughing and chatting amongst themselves, they noticed a group of guys walk in.

One of the guys caught Khushi's eye, and she couldn't help but feel drawn to him. He was tall, dark and handsome, with an air of confidence about him that was hard to ignore.

As fate would have it, the guy in question, Arnav, knew one of Khushi's friends, and he soon found himself chatting with the group.

At first, Khushi was content to sit back and watch the conversation unfold. But the more she listened to Arnav speak, the more intrigued she became.

Arnav was well-spoken and charming, with a dry wit that Khushi found herself drawn to. Before she knew it, the two of them were engaged in lively debate, their voices rising above the din of the pub.

As the night wore on, Khushi found herself more and more attracted to Arnav. His intelligence and charisma were impossible to ignore, and she found herself hanging on his every word.

Eventually, the guy's night out came to an end, and Arnav and his friends said their goodbyes. But Khushi couldn't shake the feeling that she had just met someone special.

As they left the pub that night, Khushi and her friends talked excitedly about their chance encounter. They couldn't wait to see Arnav again and find out what other surprises he had in store for them.


Khushi had been rushing out of the pub when she realized she had left her phone on the table where she had been chatting with Arnav. She quickly turned back and headed towards the entrance.

She was surprised to find the once lively pub to be deserted. Her friends also leaving her alone here.She walked up to the table and retrieved her phone, glancing around to see if anyone was still there.

That was when she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She turned to see Arnav walking in wearing a slightly annoyed expression on his face.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "I forgot my phone. I guess I was in a rush."

Arnav nodded, his expression softening. "I forgot something too. My favorite watch."

Khushi raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "Your favorite watch? That must be important."

Arnav shrugged. "I never leave home without it. I always feel like something's missing when I'm not wearing it."

Khushi chuckled, "I totally understand. I feel the same way about my phone."

Arnav smiled. "Well, I'm glad we both got what we came back for. I don't know about you, but I think it's fate that we ran into each other twice in one night."

Khushi's heart skipped a beat. She had been hoping for another chance to talk to Arnav, and here he was, standing right in front of her.

She smiled, "I guess so. Maybe you're right. Maybe we were meant to meet."

The two of them stood there for a moment, looking into each other's eyes. It was clear that there was a spark between them, and they both knew that this was just the beginning of something special.

As they walked out of the pub together, Arnav offered to walk Khushi home.

Khushi's heart fluttered as they walked side by side, talking and laughing as they made their way through the city streets. It was like they had known each other for years, and yet they had only just met that night.

Khushi and Arnav continued walking together, enjoying each other's company and talking about their lives. Khushi shared that she was born and raised in the United States, but her parents had decided to move back to India a few years ago.

"It was a huge change for me," Khushi said with a smile. "I always knew I was Indian, but growing up in the US, it felt like a far-off dreamland. Moving back here was like coming home, but everything was new and different at the same time."

Arnav nodded, understanding what she meant. "I've never left India," he said. "But I've traveled all over the country, and I know there are so many different cultures and traditions within our borders. It's amazing how much you can discover without ever leaving."

Khushi agreed, and they continued talking about the different aspects of Indian culture that Khushi was discovering with each passing day. They talked about the food, the music, the festivals - everything that made India such a vibrant place to be.

As they walked, Arnav suddenly grew quiet. Khushi could sense that there was something on his mind, and she waited patiently for him to speak.

Finally, Arnav said quietly, "My parents died a few years ago."

Khushi felt her heart break for him. Losing a parent was one of the hardest things anyone could go through, and she knew that Arnav had probably carried that pain with him for a long time.

"I'm so sorry, Arnav," she said, reaching out to take his hand. "That must have been so difficult for you."

Arnav gave her a small smile, grateful for her sympathy. "It was hard," he admitted. "But I've learned to live with it."

Khushi nodded, feeling a newfound respect and admiration for him. She could see now that he was someone who had been through a lot in life, but had come out the other side stronger and wiser for it.

As they continued walking, Khushi knew that she was growing closer to Arnav with each passing moment. They had shared their hopes, their fears, and their joys, and she felt that they had begun to build a connection that would last a lifetime.

As they walked, Arnav pointed out his house that was nearby. Khushi looked at it with interest, but then looked back at Arnav with a wistful expression.

"I don't want this night to end," she said.

Arnav nodded understandingly. He too felt a strong connection growing between them and didn't want the night to end either. He took a deep breath before asking her indirectly, "Why don't you stay the night?"

Khushi looked at him, surprised. Though she was a modern and independent woman, she wasn't sure if she was ready for this kind of commitment yet. But Arnav's eyes were full of warmth and respect, and she felt herself slowly warming up to the idea.

After a moment of contemplation, she said softly, "I would like that."

Arnav smiled, feeling a sense of relief wash over him. He led her towards his house, and as they entered, Khushi felt a sense of excitement and trepidation creeping up inside her.

They talked late into the night, sharing more about their hopes, dreams, and experiences. They laughed, they joked, and eventually, they found themselves inching closer and closer together.

Arnav knew he wanted to be with Khushi, but he also respected her independence and didn't want to force anything upon her. So, he leaned in slowly, giving her time to back away if she wanted to.

Arnav and Khushi walked into Arnav's small home, which though was small, was very tastefully and elegantly decorated. The walls were painted a soft cream color and adorned with beautiful paintings and murals. The furniture comprised of a plush sofa, an armchair set and a coffee table made of dark wood.

Khushi looked around admiringly as Arnav went to the fridge to grab two cans of beer. He handed one to Khushi and opened the other for himself. They made their way to the sofa and sat down, the cool aluminum can feeling refreshing in their hands.

Arnav leaned back and stretched his limbs, sighing contentedly, "This is what I really needed. Just a few drinks and some great company."

Khushi smiled at him, "I'm glad I could be that for you. Your house is really lovely, Arnav. You have excellent taste."

Arnav chuckled, "Thanks.."

Both of them took sips from their cans and chatted about various subjects, ranging from their work to their hobbies to their ambitions. They laughed and shared stories, getting to know each other better.

But instead, Khushi leaned in towards him too, and their lips met in a soft kiss. It was gentle and passionate at the same time, and both of them felt a spark ignite inside them.

Without saying another word, they continued to kiss, losing themselves in the moment. And as they fell asleep next to each other, they both felt a sense of contentment and happiness, knowing that they had found someone special in each other.

Arnav woke up to an empty bed and a faint but pleasant scent of Khushi in his bedroom. He stretched his arms and legs, and his mind immediately wandered back to the events of the previous night. He and Khushi had hit it off at the club, and after a few drinks, they had ended up back at his house. He couldn't remember ever having such a spark with someone before, and he was grateful that Khushi felt the same way.

As he sat up, his attention was drawn to the bathroom door. He could hear the sounds of the shower running, and he knew that Khushi was inside. In any other circumstance, he would have tried not to bother her, but last night was different. They had both been clear about what they wanted - a night of mind-blowing sex with no strings attached. He hoped that she didn't regret it this morning, but he was also sure that he wasn't ready for anything serious.

Minutes later, Khushi stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy towel, and spotted Arnav sitting up on the bed. A hint of a smile crossed her face as she approached him. She sat down next to him, still wrapped in a towel, and looked at him intently, "Good morning handsome," she said, teasingly.

Arnav grinned back at her, "Good morning," he replied, feeling a sense of comfort in the casual and relaxed atmosphere between them.

"How'd you sleep?" She asked, moving in closer to him.

"I slept well," he said, wrapping his arm around her. "How about you?"

"I slept great," Khushi replied, snuggling closer to Arnav, soaking in the warmth of his embrace.

They sat there for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow of their encounter. It had been fun, wild, and liberating, but . They both knew that they were adults, and they both liked the sense of freedom that came with being single and unattached.

Khushi looked at the time, she realized that she was running late, and her professor was waiting for her. She quickly gathered her things, taking notes and papers, taking one last look at Arnav, 

"I have a meeting with my professor, I'm already late, thank for your beautiful night,i really enjoyed" saying that she kiss on his lips and move out from his flat

Arnav ran after her. She looked back, surprised to see him following her, and then stopping at the top of the stairs. She turned around to face him, wondering what he wanted to say.

"Khushi, I know what happened last night would be a one-time thing, but I can't help but feel a connection between us. I'd like to continue seeing you if that's something you're okay with," he said earnestly.

Khushi was taken aback for a moment. She had enjoyed spending time with Arnav,

"Arnav, if I didn't know any better, I would say that you're trying to sweep me off my feet," she said, playfully raising an eyebrow.

Arnav smiled back, his eyes lighting up with hope. "Is it working?"

Khushi grinned. "Maybe. But let's take it slow, okay? I don't want to rush anything."

Arnav nodded, looking relieved but happy. "I understand. But just so you know, I'm not giving up on you yet."

The two of them shared a brief moment of laughter, and then Khushi turned to leave. As she descended the stairs, Arnav called out to her.

"Hey, Khushi!"

She turned around, curious. "Yeah?"

Arnav took a deep breath. "What if we make a deal? We can go on one date, just to see if there's anything there. And if it doesn't work out, we can go back to being friends, no harm done."

Khushi hesitated, uncertain. She knew that dating Arnav would be a risk, but the idea of spending more time with him was tempting.she had a boyfriend in first year of college,but broke up badly as they were not sure what they wanted, here.

"I don't know, Arnav. What if it gets complicated?"

Arnav shrugged. "Well, life is full of complications, isn't it? But I promise you this: no matter what happens, I will always have your best interests at heart."

Khushi felt her heart flutter as she heard his words. Maybe, just maybe, taking a chance on Arnav wasn't such a bad idea after all.

"Okay," she said, smiling. "One date. But you better make it a good one."

Arnav grinned back, his arms wide open. "You got it! I promise you won't be disappointed."

With that, Khushi and Arnav parted ways, each feeling excited and nervous about what the future held for them.

Flashback ends 

Khushi sat in front of her mirror, staring blankly at her reflection. In a few weeks, she was going to be engaged to Rahul, Everyone in the family was excited about it. Her parents were discussing the arrangements, while her cousins and sisters were talking about what they were going to wear. But Khushi couldn't feel the same excitement. Her heart was heavy, and her mind was filled with thoughts of Arnav.

It had been so long since she had last seen him or spoken to him. Yet, she couldn't forget him. She couldn't forget the life they had built together, the love they had shared. Khushi was torn between her love for Arnav and her family. She knew that she couldn't go back to Arnav, but the thought of getting engaged to Rahul made her feel guilty.

Khushi got up from her vanity and walked towards her balcony. She looked at the stars, hoping for some guidance, some sign of what to do next. The night air was cool, and it calmed her nerves. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, memories of Arnav flooded her mind. His voice, his touch, his smile. She missed him so much that it hurt. Khushi knew that getting engaged to Rahul meant that she was letting go of Arnav forever. It was a tough decision, but she had to make it to move on.

Khushi wiped away her tears and made up her mind. She would go ahead with the engagement and start a new chapter in her life. She knew that it wouldn't be easy, but she had to try. 

As she went back to her room, she closed the door behind her and took one last look at the stars. Khushi knew that life was not perfect, but she was determined to make the best of it. She would move on, but she would always cherish the memories of Arnav. Forever.

Teri meri aankhon ne

Milke jo khwaab bune

Woh bade pyare thhe

Tere mere paaon chale

Milke ke do pairon tale

Taare hi taare thhe

Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

Woh chand raatein mujhe yaad hain

And here Arnav,

Arnav had regretting the way he treated Khushi. He had always been in love with her from the moment they first met, and he knew that he had messed up.

They had a grand wedding, but after that, reality hit hard. Bills started piling up, and Arnav struggled to make ends meet. He had always dreamt of becoming a writer and director, but Khushi's parents didn't approve of his choices.

But Khushi believed in him. She supported him, and they worked hard together to make their dreams a reality. Arnav landed a job in the film industry, and he poured his heart and soul into his work.

But he became too consumed by his work, and he took Khushi for granted. He forgot to appreciate her and all that she did for him. He neglected their relationship, and it suffered.

Khushi tried to save their marriage, but Arnav was too busy chasing success. And when he finally realized his mistake, it was too late. Khushi had moved on and was now getting married to Rahul.

Arnav was heartbroken. He knew that Khushi was not very happy in her marriage, but he had no right to interfere. He had lost the love of his life, and it was all his fault.

Arnav knew that he had to move on, but he couldn't help but think of what could have been. He regretted taking Khushi for granted, and he knew that he had lost the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Mujhe bhi tere

 haathon ki narmiyan yaad hain

Woh maasoom pyari si besharmiyan yaad hain

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai

Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai


aari baatein mujhe yaad hain

Arnav and khushi remember their moments of being together and shed tears.

Precap: will khushi get married to Rahul 

Posted: 5 months ago

They say they have grown apart and seeking a divorce. But they don't quite act that way. They still care a lot. Were the issues so hard to overcome?

Posted: 5 months ago

She is going out with Rahul, planning the engagement, but still all she can about is Arnav. He is doing the same. Maybe its time for them to revisit their equation.

Posted: 5 months ago

Why were Khushi's parents against Arnav? Was it just his career choices or was there something more?

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Part two

The fashion show takes place in a grand ballroom, decorated with shiny chandeliers and a runway in the middle. 

The crowd is buzzing with excitement, eagerly anticipating the show’s start. The models strut down the runway, adorned in the newest creations by Khushi’s fashion house. The music is upbeat, and the models move with confidence and grace. 

Arnav is sitting in the front row, capturing every moment of the show.he is impressed by Khushi’s designs, awed by her talent and creativity.he have come there for his upcoming movie promotion. 

Khushi herself is backstage, making sure everything runs smoothly. She is meticulous in her attention to detail, directing models and styling outfits with ease. 

The show has its share of drama, with one model tripping on the runway and another outfit getting stuck on a model’s heel. But Khushi handles it all with poise and grace. 

Finally, the show reaches its climax, with the lead models appearing in the most glamorous outfits of the night. The audience is clapping, and some are even gasping at the beauty of the clothing. 

Khushi nervously checks her reflection in the mirror backstage, her heart racing as she prepares to present her latest collection at the fashion show. As she emerges on stage, she is greeted by the sound of applause, but her eyes are drawn to a familiar face in the front row. It’s Arnav, the ex-husband she still secretly loves. 

As the show progresses, Khushi struggles to focus, her mind constantly wandering to Arnav as memories of their past flood back to her. Despite her efforts to remain professional, Khushi cannot help but feel a twinge of sadness when she thinks about the life they could have had together. 

Arnav is equally distracted, his eyes fixed on Khushi as she gracefully walks down the runway. Memories of their happier times together play in his mind, and he feels a pang of regret for letting Khushi slip away from him. 

As the show comes to a close, Arnav approaches Khushi backstage, a hesitant smile on his face. “Congratulations, Khushi,” he says, trying to mask his emotions. “The show was amazing.” 

Khushi looks up at Arnav, her heart racing at his close proximity. “Thank you, Arnav,” she replies in a soft voice. “It means a lot coming from you.” 

Their eyes meet, and for a moment, they are lost in each other’s gaze. Memories of their past and the love they once shared come flooding back, as if time had not passed at all. 

As Arnav steps away, he can’t help but feel that this may not be the end of their story after all. And Khushi, with her heart full of longing, can’t help but hope for the same. 

Arnav and Khushi walk out of the fashion show venue, and Arnav stops by the coffee corner of the hotel. Turning to Khushi, who’s still trying to gather her thoughts, Arnav extends his hand and speaks softly. “Can we talk over a cup of coffee?” 

Khushi hesitates for a moment, but her heart is yearning for a conversation with Arnav. She nods in agreement, and they walk towards the coffee corner. 

As they sit down, Arnav and Khushi exchange small talk over their coffee, slowly warming up. With the pressure of the fashion show behind them, their conversation slowly turns to their personal lives. 

Arnav takes a deep breath before speaking, “Khushi, I know we didn’t end things well between us.” 

Khushi listens intently, her eyes focussed on Arnav’s face. “It wasn’t just your fault, Arnav,” she interjects. “I didn’t make things easy for us, either.” 

Arnav nods in agreement, sympathy etched on his face. “I know we could have done things differently and maybe we could have worked things out. But now, seeing you again and having this conversation, I just want to know, how have you been?” 

Khushi takes a long sip of her coffee, and the warmth of the drink makes her feel more comfortable. “I’ve been okay,” she replies quietly. “It’s been hard, the divorce and everything that came with it. But I’m doing okay.” 

Arnav reaches out across the table and takes Khushi’s hand in his. “I’m really sorry, Khushi. I didn’t want to hurt you,” he says, with a look of regret on his face. 

Khushi looks down at their entwined hands, feeling the warmth of his touch. “I know, Arnav. I understand now that we were both at fault, and I’ve forgiven you,” she says, her voice much softer now. 

As they sipped their coffee, silence hung heavily in the air, until finally, Khushi spoke up. “Do you remember the day you proposed to me on the boat?” she asked, a soft smile tugging at her lips. 

Arnav looked up, a flicker of pain crossing his face before he masked it with a forced smile. “Of course, I do,” he said, his voice strained. “It was one of the happiest days of my life.” 

Trying to push away the bitterness that threatened to consume her, Khushi closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. “I was so surprised,” she said, her voice now tinged with nostalgia. “I had no idea that you were going to propose to me. And to do it on a boat, surrounded by the beautiful sunset, it was like a dream come true.” 

Arnav’s eyes softened as he, too, was transported back to that moment. “I remember I had butterflies in my stomach,” he said, a genuine smile breaking through. “I was so scared that you would say no.” 

Khushi chuckled softly. “As if I would ever say no,” she said, her eyes twinkling with mirth. “You were the love of my life” 

Arnav nodded solemnly. “You were and always will be the love of my life,” he said, his own eyes filled with sadness. 

For a few moments, they sat in silence, lost in their thoughts and memories. And even though they were no longer together, they knew that they would always have a connection, a love that would never truly fade away. 

Arnav stood nervously at the helm of the small boat, while Khushi sat at the front, her eyes closed, taking in the beauty of the sunset. He had planned this moment for weeks, and he wanted everything to go perfectly. 

He took a deep breath and turned the boat, guiding it towards the setting sun. The water splashed gently against the sides of the boat, and the sound of seagulls could be heard in the distance. 

“Khushi,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. 

Khushi opened her eyes and turned to him, a smile on her face. “Yes, Arnav?” 

He took her hand in his and knelt down on one knee. “Every moment I’ve spent with you has been the best moment of my life,” he said, his eyes locking onto hers. “You have become my everything, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you.” 

Khushi’s eyes filled with tears as she realized what was happening. “Arnav, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice wavering. 

“Khushi Kumari Gupta,” he said, taking a small box out of his pocket. “Will you marry me?” 

Khushi gasped as he opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring, sparkling in the last rays of sunlight. Tears streamed down her face as she nodded her head uncontrollably. “Yes,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Arnav Singh Raizada.” 

Arnav slipped the ring onto her finger, and she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him into a passionate kiss. The sun set behind them, and the world seemed to fade away as they were lost in each other’s embrace, forever linked by the promise of their love. 

Arnav had always been very attentive and caring towards Khushi, his girlfriend. He would often surprise her with her favorite flowers, chocolate and gifts, even when it was not her birthday or any special occasion. Khushi was touched by his thoughtfulness and kindness. 

One day, Khushi fell ill and was bedridden for a few days. Arnav immediately took charge, taking care of her in every possible way. He stayed by her side, making her favourite soup, giving her medicine, and even helping her with small things like holding her water bottle or helping her up when she needed to use the washroom. 

Arnav also tried his best to keep Khushi entertained, knowing that being stuck in bed all day could get boring. He would sit with her and watch her favorite shows, read her favorite books, or just talk about anything that came to their minds. Khushi appreciated Arnav’s company, and it made her feel less alone. 

On one particular day, Khushi’s fever spiked to dangerous levels, and she was feeling extremely unwell. Arnav immediately called an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. There, he stayed by her side, holding her hand and giving her comfort while the doctors checked on her. 

It was a scary and stressful experience, but Arnav was a pillar of strength for Khushi. Even after they returned home from the hospital, Arnav continued to take care of Khushi, making sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed to recover. 

Khushi felt incredibly fortunate to have Arnav in her life. Watching him take such good care of her only made her love him more. She knew that she could always count on him to be there for her, no matter what. And that made their relationship even stronger and more special. 

Arnav and Khushi went to her parents’ house after Arnav proposed to her. Khushi’s parents were not happy about their relationship and constantly disapproved of Arnav being with their daughter. However, Arnav was determined to win their trust and prove himself worthy of Khushi. 

Khushi was equally caring towards Arnav, her boyfriend. She would often notice when he was feeling stressed or upset, even when he tried to hide it. When she did, she would immediately offer him a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. 

Khushi also took an interest in Arnav’s hobbies and passions, even if they weren’t something she was personally interested in. She would often attend his art shows or watch his favorite sports games with him, just to support him and show that she cared. 

One day, Arnav had a very important interview for a job he had been wanting for a long time. Khushi knew how nervous he was and decided to make him a special breakfast before he left. She woke up early and cooked his favorite dish while he got ready. As he ate, she encouraged him and reminded him of all the reasons he would be perfect for the job. 

Throughout the day, Khushi kept checking in on Arnav, sending him text messages of encouragement and support. She even arranged for a surprise lunch delivery to his office, just to boost his spirits and show him that she believed in him. 

When Arnav returned home later that day, he was still feeling anxious about how the interview had gone. Khushi could tell and decided to take him out for a romantic dinner to help him unwind. Over dinner, she listened to him talk about his concerns and helped him come up with a plan for what he would do if he didn’t get the job. She reminded him that she believed in him no matter what. 

In the end, Arnav got the job, and he knew that he owed much of his success to Khushi’s unwavering support and care. He felt incredibly lucky to have her in his life and knew that he would always be able to count on her to be there for him, no matter what life threw their way. 

As arnav and khushi entered the living room, Khushi’s father welcomed them and offered Arnav a seat. He then asked a few questions about his job and family background to assess Arnav’s stability and willingness to support his daughter. 

After a while, Khushi’s father spoke up again, “Arnav, I know you’re a writer, and that profession comes with great struggle. I appreciate your hard work and dedication, but as Khushi’s father, I want to offer you something. Why don’t you join my office? I can offer you a decent salary package, and you will no longer have to worry about financial instability.” 

Arnav was surprised and a bit taken aback by this sudden offer. He knew Khushi’s father had never approved of his career choice and always believed he wouldn’t be able to provide a secure future for his daughter. However, he also knew that his passion for writing was his life, and he couldn’t give up on it. 

“Uncle, I appreciate your offer, and I am thankful for your concern. However, I cannot leave my writing. It’s what makes me happy, and I am determined to succeed in it. I may struggle, but I will make sure that I can provide a good life for Khushi,” said Arnav, confident in his ability to turn his writing into a successful career."

Arnav and Khushi had come a long way since their proposal, and now it was time for their grand wedding. The couple had decided to keep it simple yet elegant, and their families had left no stone unturned to make it a truly memorable occasion. 

The wedding venue was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. The guests arrived one by one, dressed in their finery, and the air was filled with excitement and joy. Arnav looked dashing in his black tuxedo, and Khushi was a vision in her red bridal lehenga. 

As the wedding ceremony began, the priest chanted mantras, and the couple exchanged garlands. The guests cheered and clapped, and soon it was time for the pheras. Arnav and Khushi took seven vows and promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. 

The ceremony was followed by a sumptuous feast, and the guests indulged in delicious food and drinks. There were speeches, dance performances, and music, and everyone was in high spirits. The couple cut their beautiful wedding cake, and fed each other a piece, sealing their love with a sweet moment. 

As the night progressed, the party grew livelier, and the guests danced to popular Bollywood tunes. Arnav and Khushi took the floor and danced to a romantic melody, gazing into each other’s eyes. The guests applauded and cheered, and it was a magical moment for the couple. 

The wedding celebrations continued for two days, with different ceremonies and rituals. There were haldi, mehndi, and sangeet ceremonies, and the couple looked radiant in each one of them. They posed for pictures with their loved ones, and made memories that would last a lifetime. 

As the festivities came to an end, Arnav and Khushi left for their honeymoon, ready to start their new life together. They thanked their families and friends for making their wedding such a grand affair, and promised to come back and visit soon. 

Arnav and Khushi’s grand wedding was truly a fairy tale affair, and it was a perfect start to their journey as husband and wife. They knew that they had a lot to learn and discover about each other, but they were ready to face everything together, with love and commitment guiding them every step of the way. 

After their grand wedding in India, Arnav and Khushi headed towards Maldives, their dream honeymoon destination. They were both excited and couldn’t wait to spend some quality time together in the gorgeous island country. 

As soon as they checked into their luxurious resort, the newlyweds were greeted with warm hospitality and an amazing view of the clear blue ocean. They were both in awe of the crystal-clear water, adorned with vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and beautiful marine life. 

The couple spent most of their days lounging on the white sandy beaches, walking hand in hand and gazing into each other’s eyes. They also tried adventurous water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing, and enjoyed the thrill of exploring the rich underwater world. 

Khushi had never been one to flaunt her body, but on her honeymoon, she felt liberated and free. As they reached the beach, she took a deep breath and made the decision to wear a bikini for the first time. She had never seen Arnav’s reaction to her in a bikini before and admittedly was a little nervous. 

As Arnav’s eyes landed on her, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to her. He was captivated by the sight of her in a bikini. She looked stunning, and he could feel his heart racing at the sight of her. As they walked towards the water, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. 

Khushi could feel his touch and the way he was looking at her made her feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. They spent the afternoon playing in the water, laughing and relaxing. Arnav couldn’t take his eyes off Khushi, and she could feel his gaze on her. 

As they left the beach that day, Arnav couldn’t help but tell Khushi just how much he loved seeing her in that bikini. He told her how beautiful she looked and how it made him feel. Khushi blushed and felt happy that she had taken a chance and worn the bikini. 

That evening, they sat together watching the sunset and sipping on cocktails. As they sat there, Arnav couldn’t help but notice how happy Khushi seemed. He was glad that they had come to the beach that day and that he had gotten to see her in that bikini. 

Throughout their honeymoon, Khushi wore the bikini whenever they went to the beach or the pool, and each time, Arnav couldn’t help but find her incredibly hot. It was a good thing they were on their honeymoon because they spent most of their time in the water, making the most of every moment together. 

In the evenings, they indulged in candlelit dinners, sipping champagne and feasting on exotic delicacies. They watched the magical sunset over the Indian ocean, in each other’s arms, and made precious memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. 

One of the most romantic moments of their honeymoon trip was a private beach dinner under the stars. A table was set amidst the soft sand, and the couple enjoyed an unforgettable night, with the waves lapping at their feet, and the gentle sea breeze caressing their skin. 

Arnav and Khushi also visited the nearby islands, where they experienced the rich culture and traditions of Maldives. They explored the vibrant local markets, visited historical landmarks, and got a glimpse of the island lifestyle. 

At the end of their blissful trip, the couple left Maldives with content hearts and a vow to come back soon. They were grateful to have found each other, and to have started their journey as husband and wife in such a beautiful way. The memories of their honeymoon in Maldives would stay with them forever and remind them of the love and happiness they shared together. 

As Arnav and Khushi returned from their honeymoon, the stark reality of their new life together hit Arnav like a ton of bricks. Khushi’s parents’ home had been a luxurious mansion, equipped with every comfort and amenity imaginable. Arnav, on the other hand, came from a more humble background, having grown up in a middle-class family. 

As they entered their small apartment, Arnav couldn’t help but feel disappointed. The space was cramped, and their furniture was sparse. Khushi noticed his displeasure, and sensing his unease, she put her hand on his arm and whispered, “It’s not much, but it’s ours. Together we’ll make it a home.” 

Arnav nodded, taking in her words. 

The next day, Arnav had a meeting with a producer who had shown interest in his writing. He was nervous, but excited at the prospect of finally breaking into the film industry. Despite feeling his nerves, he managed to put on a brave face and go into the meeting with confidence. 

After an hour of discussion, the producer agreed to take a chance on Arnav’s script, but for a much lower price than Arnav had hoped for. He accepted the offer anyway, grateful for the opportunity. 

That evening, Arnav returned home, dejected and with a heavy heart. When he walked through the door, he found Khushi preparing dinner and greeted her with a forced smile. Something about her presence soothed him, and he couldn’t help but feel grateful for her. 

Khushi noticed the sadness in his eyes, and before he could even utter a word, she knew what was going through his mind. “Don’t worry about the money, Arnav,” she said. “We have each other, and that’s the most important thing.” 

Arnav looked at her, his heart filled with love for her. 

In that moment, he realized that despite his initial disappointment and frustrations, he had something far more valuable. He had a partner who loved him, supported him, and believed in him. That was worth more to him than any luxurious home or fancy car. He felt grateful for Khushi and vowed to work harder than ever to make a name for himself in the film industry. He knew that one day, he and Khushi would be living in the lap of luxury and that their love, which was their greatest asset, would see him through.

The next day, Arnav received a call from his producer. The investors had come back with a new offer, which included a big house in a rich area of town. The house was perfect for them, and they wouldn’t have to worry about the budget. 

Arnav was ecstatic as he shared the news with Khushi. They couldn’t believe their luck, and it felt like a dream come true. They knew that they wanted to make this their home, and they were excited to start a new chapter in their lives. 

Khushi held onto Arnav’s hand and smiled. “Looks like things are finally looking up for us,” she said with a smile. 

Arnav hugged her tightly and whispered, “I couldn’t have done this without you, Khushi. You’re my strength and my light.” 

They both knew that their road ahead wouldn’t be easy, but they were ready to face it together. They were grateful for what they had, and they were looking forward to creating a beautiful life in their new home. 


As the warm water filled the bathtub, Arnav and Khushi took in the aroma of rose petals and essential oils that filled the air. The flicker of candles provided the only illumination in the room. Khushi looked at Arnav, the love of her life, and felt overwhelmed with affection. 

He reached out to her, his strong arms inviting her to join him in the tub. She slowly lowered her lithe frame into the water, sighing with pleasure as she surrounded herself in the bubbles. Arnav climbed in behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close. 

The water lapped around them as Khushi nestled back into her husband’s embrace, the scent of his cologne making her feel at ease. She closed her eyes as he planted kisses on her neck, savoring the tender moment. 

“Khushi,” Arnav whispered into her ear. “You have no idea how much I love you.” 

She smiled, feeling tears of joy form in her eyes. “I love you too, Arnav. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

He planted a soft kiss on the back of her head, feeling contentment flow through him as he held his beloved in his arms. “I mean it. You are everything to me. My life would be meaningless without you by my side.” 

Khushi turned around to face him, and their lips met in a heartfelt kiss. They took their time exploring each other’s mouths, savoring the feeling of being lost in the moment together. 

As they pulled away, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, and Khushi felt her heart swell with love. She leaned in close, her lips brushing softly against his ear. “I am so grateful that I found you, Arnav. My life is richer and more meaningful since I met you.” 

Arnav smiled, and held her tight, their bodies intertwined in a warm embrace. He knew he had found the one and only love of his life in the person of Khushi. As the candles flickered, and the water gradually cooled down, they sank into each other’s arms, relishing the coziness and warmth of their tub. 

It was Khushi’s first day at a new job and she was nervous about how it would go. Arnav woke up early in the morning to make her breakfast, wrote her a good luck note and dropped her off at her workplace. He also called her at lunchtime to check how her day was going and surprised her by picking her up from work in the evening. Khushi felt overwhelmed by his support and love. 

Khushi had a bad cold and was unable to leave her bed. Arnav took a day off from work to take care of her. He made her soup and brought her medicine, and even read to her until she fell asleep. He stayed by her side the whole day, making sure she was comfortable. Khushi felt so thankful to have such a caring and attentive partner.

Khushi had a busy day at work and was feeling overwhelmed. Arnav surprised her by cooking dinner and setting up a relaxing bath for her when she got home. He took care of everything, leaving her free to unwind and destress. Khushi felt so grateful for Arnav’s thoughtful surprise, and was able to fully relax and enjoy the peace of the moment.

Arnav and Khushi were enjoying their morning jog in the park. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, providing a perfect backdrop for their exercise routine. As they jogged along with the morning breeze blowing through their hair, they exchanged playful banter and laughed. 

Khushi couldn’t help but feel grateful for the bonding time with Arnav. They had been so busy lately that they hadn’t had much time to spend with each other, so this was a welcome change. 

As they reached a beautiful garden in the middle of the park, they slowed down to catch their breath. They sat down on the bench near the fountain, admiring the flowers and the sounds of the water. 

Arnav took Khushi’s hand and held it tightly. “I’m sorry we haven’t been able to spend as much time together,” he said, looking at her with love in his eyes. 

Khushi smiled back, squeezing his hand. “It’s okay. As long as we have moments like these, I’m happy,” she replied. 

Arnav leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead, and Khushi leaned into his embrace. They sat there, enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful surroundings. 

Moments like this reminded Khushi of why she fell in love with Arnav. He was thoughtful, caring, and always knew how to make her feel special. She knew that she was lucky to have him in her life. 

As they got up to continue their jog, Khushi felt energized, ready to face the day with the support of her loving partner by her side. 

Khushi had been wanting to learn how to drive a car for a long time, but had been hesitant to start. Arnav encouraged her by enrolling her in a driving school and took her for practice sessions during weekends. He patiently taught her the basics of driving and cheered her on when she made progress. Khushi felt proud of herself and grateful for Arnav’s support.

Arnav and Khushi share a blanket at the park, reading their favorite books. They occasionally glance up at each other and smile. As the sun sets, Arnav leans in to give Khushi a sweet kiss on the lips. 

Arnav and Khushi had always dreamed of spending their first anniversary in Paris, the city of love. With their recent success and newfound wealth, they decided to fulfill that dream and celebrate in style. 

They had booked a luxurious suite in a lavish hotel at the heart of the city, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. They even splurged on a private helicopter ride to the hotel from the airport. 

Arnav had made special arrangements for the occasion, decorating the entire suite with roses and candles, and had ordered a five-course dinner with the finest wine. 

Khushi was speechless as she entered the suite. “Arnav, this is breathtaking,” she whispered in awe. 

He embraced her from behind and whispered, “I wanted to make this day special for you, my love.” 

Their first night in Paris was magical. They dined on the exquisite cuisine, danced the night away, and watched the Eiffel Tower light up in a spectacular display of lights. 

The next day, they explored the city, holding hands and admiring the beauty of the architecture and the charming streets. They visited the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre-Dame cathedral. 

As the sun began to set, they made their way to the Montmartre district, where they could enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. Arnav had arranged a private dinner on the rooftop terrace of a romantic restaurant in the area. 

As they shared a dessert, Arnav got down on one knee and brought out a tiny box. “Khushi, you’ve made this year the best year of my life. I want to make every year with you special. Will you marry me again, today and forever?” 

Overcome with emotion, Khushi nodded vigorously and threw her arms around him as he slid a glittering diamond ring onto her finger. 

They sealed the moment with a kiss, looking out over the city of love as the Eiffel Tower sparkled in the background. 

Their first anniversary had felt like a fairytale come true, and as they held each other tightly, they knew that their love would only continue to grow stronger with each passing year. 

Arnav and Khushi stood outside the gates of their newly purchased mansion, their eyes sparkling with excitement. It was a grand, sprawling mansion with a well-maintained garden and a fountain in the center. The couple had worked hard to save up for this house, and it was a dream come true for them.

Arnav turned to Khushi and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to his side. "Can you believe it, Khushi? This is our home now!"

Khushi beamed at him and leaned into his embrace. "I still can't believe it either, Arnav. It's so big and beautiful."

Arnav grinned and led Khushi towards the front door. As they stepped inside, they were greeted by an impressive entrance hall with a grand staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

Khushi gasped at the sight and looked at Arnav with wide eyes. "This is incredible, Arnav. I can't believe we're going to live here."

Arnav chuckled and squeezed Khushi's hand. "Well, we worked hard for it, Khushi. We deserve this."

As they explored the house, looking at each room and imagining how they would decorate it, Arnav couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. He had worked tirelessly on his first film as a director, putting in long hours and dealing with the stress that came with such a big project. But it had all been worth it in the end, as he now held the paycheck that enabled them to buy this beautiful house.

Khushi's voice brought him back to the present. "Arnav, come and see this!"

He followed the sound of her voice to the huge kitchen, where Khushi was admiring the marble countertops and a state-of-the-art oven. "Look, Arnav! This is where you can try out all your new recipes."

Arnav laughed and wrapped his arms around Khushi from behind. "You know me too well, Khushi. I can't wait to start cooking."

As they stood together in their new home, surrounded by luxury and comfort, Arnav felt a sense of contentment settle over him. He had achieved so much, and he had done it all with Khushi by his side. Together, they were unstoppable.

And as they settled into their new life in their beautiful mansion,

Arnav’s hard work and dedication finally paid off as his film became a blockbuster hit, earning him a good name in the film industry. A grand success party was thrown in his honor, and Arnav was excited to attend it with Khushi by his side. 

On the day of the party, Khushi got ready to join Arnav, but they both got a little late. As soon as they arrived at the venue, Arnav got busy greeting his industry friends, discussing his future projects, and taking pictures with the media. 

Khushi, on the other hand, felt left out and alone in the crowd. She tried to approach and talk to Arnav, but there seemed to be no room for her in his busy schedule. Khushi felt sad and neglected, watching Arnav hugging and kissing other people, while she stood in a corner by herself. 

As the night went on, Khushi started feeling uncomfortable in the crowded party. She longed for Arnav’s company, but he was too busy networking and basking in his success. 

Feeling upset and dejected, Khushi quietly excused herself from the party, and Arnav didn’t even notice her leaving. When he finally realized that Khushi was not around, he frantically looked for her, but it was too late. Khushi had left, feeling hurt and ignored. 

Arnav realized his mistake and felt guilty for not giving Khushi the attention she deserved. He quickly left the party and went to her house, hoping to apologize and make things right. When Khushi saw Arnav at her door, she was surprised but happy to see him. 

Arnav apologized for leaving her alone at the party and promised to make it up to her. He realized that success and fame were not as important as love and happiness. From that day on, he made sure to prioritize his relationship with Khushi and never let his work come in the way of their love.

Arnav was sitting in his study, engrossed in his work as a writer-director. Khushi came in, hoping to spend some time with him. She stood by the door for a few seconds, watching him work. When he didn’t even so much as glance in her direction, she sighed and left the room silently.

Khushi went to one of Arnav’s film sets to see him, hoping to show her support for his work. However, he was so busy directing and managing everything that he barely had time to acknowledge her presence. She felt neglected and unimportant, wondering if his work was more important to him than their relationship.

Khushi tried talking to Arnav about how she was feeling neglected, but he was so focused on his work that he didn’t even realize how much he was hurting her. He promised to make more time for her, but always seemed to put work first. Eventually, Khushi began to feel like she was second to his career, and the distance between them grew until it was almost unbearable. 

Khushi had made a special dinner for Arnav, hoping to surprise him and have a nice evening together. When he came home, he was so tired and preoccupied with work that he barely even acknowledged her. He ate quickly, barely speaking to her, and went straight to bed without so much as a goodnight kiss.

It was Khushi’s birthday and Arnav had promised to spend the day with her. However, he got caught up with work and didn’t make it home until late at night, after Khushi had already gone to bed. The next day, when Khushi confronted him about it, Arnav told her that she was being too sensitive and that work was more important than celebrating birthdays.

Khushi was busy making dinner when Arnav came home from work. She asked him how his day was, but he didn’t respond and instead began to pick apart her cooking, criticising everything from the seasoning to the presentation. Khushi felt hurt and unappreciated, wondering why Arnav couldn’t see how hard she was trying to make him happy.

Khushi came home from a long day at work feeling exhausted. Arnav, who had just come back from a meeting, was on the phone with a colleague and didn’t even acknowledge her presence. After his call ended, Khushi mentioned how tired she was but Arnav brushed it off, saying that she should be used to it by now. Khushi felt hurt and ignored.

Khushi had been looking forward to spending a romantic evening with Arnav. However, when he came home, he was in a bad mood and snapped at her for no reason. When Khushi asked him what was wrong, he dismissed her concerns, making her feel like her feelings didn’t matter.

It was their 5th wedding anniversary and Khushi was excited to celebrate it with her husband, Arnav. She had planned a surprise dinner for him, but as the evening wore on, Arnav had still not returned home.

It was nearing 10 pm when Arnav finally walked in, looking disheveled and tired. Khushi tried to hide her disappointment, but she couldn't help feeling hurt that her husband had forgotten their special day.

"Arnav, do you remember what day it is today?" Khushi asked nervously, hoping he would have some excuse for his late arrival.

But before Arnav could even reply, his phone rang. He excused himself to take the call, leaving Khushi alone at the dinner table.

As the minutes ticked by, Khushi became increasingly frustrated and angry. When Arnav finally returned, she couldn't hold back her emotions any longer.

"Do you even care about me anymore?" she shouted, tears streaming down her face. "You can't even remember our wedding anniversary!"

Arnav was taken aback by her outburst, but he didn't back down. Instead, he lashed out with his own hurtful words.

"I'm sorry I can't be the perfect husband you want me to be, but my work is important too!" he yelled, his voice rising. "I'm trying to build a successful career here, and all you can do is nag me about it!"

Khushi was hurt and angry, and she couldn't believe that her husband was talking to her this way. They continued to argue, each one throwing insults at the other.

When the fight finally ended, it was clear that the damage had been done. Khushi was hurt by Arnav's irrational behavior, feeling rejected and unimportant to him. Meanwhile, Arnav regretted his words as soo

n as he had spoken them, realizing that he had pushed away the woman he loved most in the world.

In the end, the fight was the final straw that led to their divorce. Despite all the love they had shared, they just couldn't move past the hurt and pain of that one terrible night.

Precap: Wil arnav khushi reunite again?

Posted: 5 months ago

Things started off well enough. They were in love and supported each other fully. But then things derailed with Arnav spending too much time working and not paying attention to her. The bigger part was his unwillingness to even understand it.

Posted: 5 months ago

They could not recover after that one big fight. But of course it was more than that.

They are talking now at least. There is hope.


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