Arshi ff (A dangerous liaison) chapter 3 on 6th July 2023

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Chapter 1:-

A beautiful, sprawling mansion is shown, filled with bustling servants preparing for a grand party. A woman, dressed smartly, is giving instructions in a clear, firm voice. 

Woman: "What's going on with these lights? The guests have all arrived, and your boss,Arnav, will be here soon too. We need to make sure everything is perfect!" 

She get a call from her assistant maira.

She picked it up.


Maira: ma'am, stardust is asking for your bytes?

Women:but about film "curfew" i already give my bytes to media.

Maira: ma'am, it's about sir's birthday.

Women:come on,now should i discuss about my husband's birthday with media persons separately.

Maira: ma'am, you are an actress, biggest star in this industry and sir,he is one of best director and writer in this country and own biggest production house in this country.

People always love you both.. through they see you guys interviews and award shows but people crazy about you people and you are lucky most of people always crazy about reel couple and in your case it's different.

Khushi:okey okay.. after few days i Wil start promotion of my film, there i will tell them what i did on my husband's birthday.


Now you too come to the party soon.

Suddenly, there's a commotion outside. The watchman announces, "khushi ma'am. Arnav sir is here!" 

It's our beloved Khushi who is planning to surprise her husband Arnav in his birthday.

Khushi:oh great.. attention everyone, birthday boy is here.

The lights go out, and everyone scrambles to hide. Inside the mansion, Arnav raizaada enters the room, surveying the scene in confusion. 

Arnav: "Guards, Ramish, Nira...What happened to the lights? And where is everyone?" 

The atmosphere shifts as a khushi begins singing "Happy Birthday" to . Arnav. 

Khushi: "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Arnav, Happy Birthday to You..." 

Khushi from before speaks up, addressing Arnav directly: 

Khushi: "Happy Birthday, Arnav. 

Arnav: thank you, love 

Khushi smiles, beaming with pride. Arnav: thanks everyone for coming ,i will come back in few minutes, enjoy.

Arnav heads to his room to freshen up. While walking, he suddenly feels as though someone is watching him and turns to see a shadowy figure disappearing down the hall. 

Khushi enters his room soon after. 

Khushi: "Arnav, your clothes are all ready. Please hurry and get dressed, the guests are waiting for you." 

Arnav: "Khushi, I saw someone just now. I swear somebody was watching me." 

Khushi brushes off his concerns while handing him his clothes. 

Khushi: "It was probably just another guest. Please hurry and get ready." 

Arnav: yeah.. Wil join you all 

Arnav starts to get dressed but is interrupted by an urgent phone call. Khushi urges him to hurry up, saying that the guests are all waiting. 

While the party is in full swing, Arnav and Khushi make their way to cut the cake. They excitedly open the box, only for their expressions to drop in shock. 

Instead of the simple cake they had ordered, the cake is decorated with a picture of them, but a riff has been added between them, with the message, "Hope a bad luck." 

Arnav and Khushi are stunned by this strange and ominous message. They try to figure out who would have done this to them.

Khushi:i ask those hotel people?they didn't know anything.

Arnav: it's alright?

Khushi:no, it's not alright.. I work so hard to make you birthday special but this turn out something else.

Arnav:my biggest birthday gift is your beautiful smile..and you can give Extra efforts in tonight on bed than it becomes more special.

He winked at her.khushi feels shy.even after 10 years of their marriage.he sitll make her blush like new bride.

Arnav:Now let's go.all are waiting.. let's join them

while the party continues outside. Suddenly, there's another shocking phone call that leaves them both reeling. 

As the night ends and everyone leaves, Arnav and Khushi are left with more questions than answers. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure lurks in the distance, watching them both. 

The sleek black car glides into the parking lot of AR Entertainment Office. Arnav emerges from the car and briskly heads towards the surveillance room in Harsh. As he enters the room, Rakesh immediately acknowledges him. 

"Arnav sir..." 

Arnav cuts him off, "What's going on? Someone has stolen 20 million dollars from AR Industry 

Rakesh: the technical team was working on it. 

Arnav:I remember when the system had a problem last night, you said it was just an error. But now...." 

Rakesh rushes towards the computer screens and starts typing. "Sir, we are monitoring it. The entire office is in chaos. You can trust our team..." 

Anita rushes in, visibly flustered, and interrupts them. 


Arnav turns to her sharply, "What? What's the matter?" 

Anita shows him a tab, and his eyes widen in disbelief. The stolen 20 million dollars have been transferred back to his own account. 

"What is this?" Arnav asks perplexed.

Anita replies, "The thief returned the money to your account. It's a strange game ." 

Arnav's mind goes back to the mysterious shadowy figure he saw earlier today. He realizes that someone is challenging him and it's not going to be easy to catch him. 

Back at home, Arnav enters the house talking on the phone. He is surprised to see Khushi asleep on the couch, dressed in a beautiful saree, with candles lit around the dinner set. 

Khushi wakes up and greets him with a shy smile, "I've been waiting for you for so long." 

As she serves dinner, Arnav's mind goes back to the office incident and his birthday. 

Khushi senses his restlessness and tries to comfort him, "I know you're worried about the office incident. You forgot your birthday, and I ruined your mood too with that cake." 

Arnav takes Khushi's hand and kisses it softly, "Khushi, it's not your fault. I was just forgetful. Let's forget about all of that and enjoy this beautiful dinner." 

Khushi:see i bake a cake for you.

Arnav: look delicious..

As they cut the cake, Arnav tells Khushi how lucky he is to have her as his life partner. 

Arnav: Khushi..thanks for my life and make it beautiful, after my parents come fill that void in mine,make that family again.

Khushi looks at him with adoration and confesses her immense love for him. 

Khushi: you absolutely know what you mean to me? you know what you do for me. i would always thankful to you and i will always love you till my last breath.

Arnav:i love you too.

Later that night, as Arnav works on his laptop, Khushi asks him to go to bed. 

Khushi: how much work you will do.. 

Arnav is going to answer But just as he receives an urgent call, Khushi asks him where he is going. 

He replies, "To the office. Don't worry, the staff is there. I'll tell you more later. And be ready, I might need you." 

Khushi nod.she know what happened in office.

As Arnav drives to the office, he receives a call from Khushi. She is on her way to the office with a driver. Arnav doesn't want her to come alone and tells her to wait. But Khushi decides to go alone with a revolver for her safety. 

As she drives, someone starts following her. The storm clouds gather, and the wind tinkles the trees. Out of nowhere, a figure dashes in front of her car, and Khushi ends up knocking him down. She is left shaken by the strange tu

rn of events. 

Precap: The person who Khushi knocked down reveals something shocking, leaving both Arnav and Khushi stunned.

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Arnav and Khushi are married and successful. But someone is after them. Why? The money goes missing and is returned back? What is the game plan here?

Posted: 5 months ago

Yes, Arnav and khushi are successful married couple,soon their past will reveal in layer and why the unknown person is after them, thank you for support đź’—

Posted: 5 months ago

Chapter 2:-

i stood outside the operation theatre, her hands shaking with worry.

Inside, a young man was undergoing an operation, and khushi couldn't help but think of the many things that could go wrong. Looking around him, her eyes fell on a small Lord Idol, and she prayed silently for the young man's safety.

After what felt like an eternity, the surgery was finally over, and the young man was moved to a ward. 

Khushi: doctor,how he is?

Doctor: right now we can't say anything Mrs raizaada, please wait.

Khushi saw arnav entering to the hospital and walking towards her.

She hugged him tightly, overcome with emotion.

"Khushi, what happened? you didn't tell me anything on phone ? I was so worried! Tell me, what happened?"

"Arnav, that boy met an accident with my car  and he's badly injured. He had to undergo surgery. I'm scared for him," Khushi said, her voice shaking.

"Don't worry, Khushi. He's in good hands now. Everything will be okay," Arnav reassured her, taking her hand in his.understanding the situation.

At ward,

A senior doctor then appeared and asked his colleague to continue observing the young man. He had just regained consciousness but appeared disoriented and agitated. The doctors helped him sit and tried to ask him about his name, residence, and phone number, but the young man didn't seem to remember anything. The doctors suggested reducing his sedation and hoping that his memory would eventually return.

Arnav was talking to his men, instructing them to keep the accident under wraps and make sure no one found out, especially the media.he cut the call when doctor appears to him.

Doctor:mr.raizaada,we have to inform you something.

Arnav:yes doctor please,is that boy is don't worry about the treatment.i will pay for it.

Doctor: arnav,he is fine but we think he lost his memory.

"What??"Arnav is shocked with doctors answer.

"Arnav, what's going to happen to that boy? Do you think he'll remember anything?" Khushi asked with concern.

"I'm not sure, Khushi. The doctors are saying he might have partial memory loss. It's all so tragic," arnav replied, her eyes filling with tears.

As they both stood outside the young man's ward, they saw him being taken for an MRI scan. The doctors were looking tense, and Arnav and Khushi couldn't help but feel worried.

After the MRI results were analyzed, the doctors concluded.

Doctor:he is an 17 years old boy, had suffered significant brain damage and is experiencing partial memory loss.

Arnav:,is anything can help in this situation.any treatment??

Doctor: medical treatment would take several months, and he would need specialized care.

Doctor: Mr. Raizaada , this is India’s largest hospital where we provide the best treatment. However, if you wish, you may connect with international doctors, but it will be quite challenging. We have no information about this case and nothing to compare it with. We only received a national card with a photo and the first name “Raunak.” 

The doctor’s words were like a bucket of cold water thrown over them. Arnav and Khushi were aware that they were dealing with a difficult situation, but the doctor’s statement exacerbated their worries 

Arnav : Can I see the card, please? 

The doctor hands him the card. The card with only a photo and a first name was the only thing that could identify the teenage boy lying in the hospital bed. They had not received any information about the boy and didn’t know who he was apart from some money in his wallet. 

Arnav’s hands trembled as he took it, staring down at the face on the card. It was a face he had never seen before. He was determined to find a solution, to identify the boy and help him recover, but it seemed an almost impossible task. Khushi felt a pang in her heart as she looked at the picture and realized that a family was missing their loved one somewhere. She wanted to help find them as soon as possible. 

Doctor: We did not receive any information from the patient, only some money, this card, and a photo in his wallet. He was alone. 

Khushi: We must find his family, Arnav . We should inform the police. 

Arnav : Are you crazy, Khushi? We don’t know how this accident happened, who hit him This will remain inside the hospital, and I have already assigned our people to search for him. We will find out in a few days, and if we still can’t, then we could seek the help of the police. But for now, we can’t do anything. 

Khushi: But I want to meet him. Can I meet him 

Doctor: Yes, he is a teenage boy, 17 years old. He remembers some basic things like math, but he cannot remember himself or the people around him. 

As they approached Raunak’s hospital bed, their hearts were heavy with emotions. Raunak was just a teenager, confused and lost, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. 

Raunak asked Arnav and Khushi if they knew him. 

Raunak: You, you know me, what is my full name, where do I work, and where do I live? If you know that, please tell me. My brain is going bad, I can’t remember who I am. 

Khushi was hesitant to answer him, feeling guilty about what had happened. 

Khushi: Please forgive me. I don’t know who you are. Your accident happened because of my car. 

But Raunak’s words cut her deep. He blamed her for his memory loss, and it shook her to the core. 

Raunaq: Do you even realize that because of you, I am like this today? I don’t remember anything because of you. 

The doctor arrived with sedative injections, hoping to help Raunak rest and recover. The treatment would be difficult, so the doctor wondered where the boy would be taken for better care. 

Doctor: We have started his treatment, but for that, we need his mind to be fresh. And if he stays here in the hospital, it would be hard for his brain. We need to shift him, but where? We need to take care of him. 

Khushi: Doctor, we will take him to our house. 

Arnav : Have you lost your mind, Khushi? 

Khushi: He will go mad here. Did you not see the tears and pain in his eyes? I couldn’t bear it. He feels like my own, and I feel like his. 

Arnav : Khushi, I know you feel for him, but we can’t just take in anyone in our house. 

Khushi: Arnav , it’s my fault that he lost his memory, and I can’t even try to regain it. This is my atonement. 

Doctor: Mrs. Raizaada  is right. You should keep him in your care. Plus, you are prominent people, and if this news spreads outside or in the media, it would become precarious. 

Arnav was hesitant at first, but Khushi convinced him to bring Raunak home with them 

Arnav : Okay, Khushi. Doctor, when can we take him with us? 

After two days, 

They welcomed Raunak with an Aarti at Raizaada Mansion by khushi, arnav can't denied to his wife let that boy stay at his home.

Khushi felt a twinge of familiarity as if she knew Raunak from somewhere before. Arnav was also puzzled but could not put together who the boy might remind him of. But their welcome was interrupted by a gust of wind blowing out the Aarti’s flame. This occurrence was an ominous sign of the challenges they were about to face. Little did they know, the gust of wind that blew

 out khushi's Aarti was a sign of something sinister that was about to happen in their lives.

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So Raunak was the guy who was hit. He is just a teen and now suffering from memory loss. Who is this kid? Looks like the accident was planned. He probably did not lose his memory.

Posted: 5 months ago

Chapter 3:-

Khushi led Raunak into his room, hoping that he would feel comfortable there. She waited expectantly for him to speak up about his opinions on the room, but he barely seemed to muster up any enthusiasm.

"It's nice," His voice was low and unassuming. "But it's not very big for me to be alone in."

"Don't worry," Khushi tried to reassure him. "Just try to freshen up and rest. And, yes, we'll have dinner together tonight. I have to leave now, but I'll check in on you later."

As Khushi made her way out of the room, Raunak's eyes followed her until she was out of sight. He then turned to face the room once again, his thoughts veering off in a dark direction.Little did Khushi know, the stranger she had taken into their home was not as innocent as he seemed. Raunak had a dark past and a sinister motive for being there. He had already begun to formulate a plan to turn the tables on them and use their kindness to his advantage.

"They have made many mistakes," He muttered to himself, a small smirk creeping across his lips. "But the biggest mistake they made was letting me live here. You will surely regret it."

Meanwhile, in Arnav and Khushi's room, the couple was in deep discussion about the mysterious guest who had entered their lives.

"I still haven't learned anything about him," Arnav's voice was filled with curiosity. "Where did he come from?"

Khushi looked thoughtful. "No one has reported him missing or anything. It's strange."

Arnav's face grew solemn, "It's been 3 days now, and no one knows anything about him. He may not have any family."

Khushi's eyes widened at the mention of that idea, "What do you mean?"

"I mean if something has happened to him, that could be the end of it," Arnav's tone was grave. "He may not have anyone to come and look for him."

"Don't say that!" Khushi's voice rose in panic. "I believe he has family somewhere. We just have to keep looking."

Arnav sighed at her persistent optimism, "Oh Khushi, you always listen to your heart before your head. You've been playing emotional roles for 2-3 years now, it's time for a change. In fact, I'm writing a script and you can play the grey character."

Khushi looked confused, "Why don't you take Neeta instead?"

"Something's up with Neeta," Arnav rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "She's been acting strange lately."

"Why do you suddenly like her so much?" Khushi couldn't resist teasing him.

"It's the character's demand, Khushi," Arnav shrugged. "You're my wife now. I can't keep casting you in every film. You've had lead and supporting roles, as well as the anti-heroine."

As their conversation came to a close, Khushi remembered something and exclaimed, "she called from Scouts restaurant. He'll meet you there."

Arnav nodded, "Alright. Why are you getting so jealous? Let's have lunch together."

As the couple made their way to the dining hall, Raunak slowly took in the glass table with silver chairs and the grand chandelier hanging above it. Khushi pointed to the left side of the hall, indicating the kitchen with its wooden door.He sat in the dining hall and thought about his next move, his mind sharp and calculating. He had to find a way to gain their trust and infiltrate their personal lives. He knew that once he had their secrets and weaknesses, he could use them to his advantage.

"My biggest concern is that I'm staying here," Raunak spoke up after a moment. "I don't know where my family is."

Khushi bit her lip, trying to find the right words to say. "Well, until you find them, consider this place your home. You can stay here as long as you want."

Arnav interrupted them, "Well, now I have to leave for an important meeting, see you young man." As he got up from his chair, he suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground.

Khushi and Raunak rushed to help him up, Khushi quickly stifling a laugh. "Ouch," Arnav groaned. "I don't know how I tripped."

"Haha," Khushi couldn't resist joking with him. "It reminded me of how we first met, when you fell and I helped you up."Meanwhile, Raunak sat in silence, observing the couple in front of him. He couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy at how comfortable they were with each other,

Nine years ago, 

Khushi was running late as she rushed into the Delhi railway station. She couldn't afford to miss the train to Mumbai, which was declared a national emergency. Although it was difficult to get tickets, Khushi managed to board the train. However, she lost her seat number in the chaos, and people jostled her around until she fell onto a seat that was occupied by someone else.

Arnav, the guy who was sitting in that seat, got angry when he saw Khushi occupying it. He tried to shove her,

Arnav:hey ma'am you are occupying my seat.i just went to bring a coffee for me , And here you...

but he slipped and fell in front of her. Their eyes met, and Arnav was struck by Khushi's beauty. Khushi apologized for taking his seat and explained that she couldn't find hers. Arnav stand up from his position.

Khushi: I'm sorry actually i lost my seat number and here in this crowd i fall over here.i will leave now.

Arnav forgave her and offered to let her sit there.

Arnav:no no it's okey i understand.

You sat there.i sat next to you,my fellow passenger may not come.

Khushi:no it's not need.

Arnav: Ma'am did you look at the crowd,it will going to Impossible for you to find out your seat,and you may got hurt in this process,so take my advice and 

As the train journeyed to Mumbai, Khushi and Arnav felt a strange pull towards each other. Arnav had never been attracted to anyone like he was to Khushi. He tried to hide his feelings, but his gaze kept returning to her. Meanwhile, Khushi felt a little uneasy with Arnav's staring. She wondered what he was thinking and why he was looking at her instead of minding his own business.However, every time Arnav looked at Khushi, his heart rate increased, and he felt a warm feeling in his chest. He couldn't remember feeling this way before. Khushi, on the other hand, felt a flutter in her stomach whenever Arnav spoke to her. She tried to keep her composure, but she couldn't help feeling drawn to him.

As the night wore on, Khushi and Arnav found themselves talking. 

He shared his stories of where he came from and what they wanted to do in Mumbai while Arnav wanted to direct movies. Khushi found Arnav's ambition inspiring,

At morning,

When the train finally arrived in Mumbai, arnav who just wake up from his sleep,he saw Khushi rushed to get her bags and leave. Arnav followed her, but he lost sight of her among the crowd of people. He felt a pang of regret that he didn't ask for her phone number or arrange a way to meet again. Khushi, too, felt a sense of longing as she left the station. he wondered if she would ever see khushi again and whether she felt th

e same way about him.

Precap: Khushi and Arnav meet again in flashback 

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Rounak has his evil plans lined up. What is his motive? Is it money?

Posted: 4 months ago

Khushi is jealous of Neeta. Its natural to feel that. Arnav has to make sure she does not get a reason to feel that way.

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