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Thank you to everyone who has participated. Well done, writers. The forum has new stories to look forward to. What I will do is post an entry every couple of hours in order to allow readers to read and engage with the comments. 

The index below will be updated each time I have posted an OS. 

A seperate voting thread will be opened for you to vote.

Newbies votes will not be counted to ensure fairness. 

Voting thread will open after a couple of hours of when all the One Shots have been up. 

Please note, the entries are by other writers and in order to ensure fairness, I am not posting their names until after the voting results are out. 

Each OS is by a different writer and not interlinked to each other's one shots.  


1st: Ye Raatein Ye Mausam - Scroll down 

2nd: Hold onto me - Click here or Scroll down

3rd: Sly and blameless *Mature* - Click here or Scroll down

4th: Dance of Romance - Click here or Scroll down

5th: Happy mother's day - Click here or Turn to page 2

6th: Yeh dil hai mushkil - Click here or turn to page 2

7th: School diaries *Mature* - Click here or turn to page 2

8th: Two love birds lost in each other's arms - Click here or turn to page 2

Writers, readers please tag other members to read the One shots. 

Participants are allowed to ask their readers to check this thread in public posts, however you CANNOT inform them which one is yours nor which one to vote for.
Readers, if any writers are asking this of you, to ensure fairness please let me know.

Thank you smiley27

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This so needs to be an FF...very well written and emotional update

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Originally posted by crazymaneetian

This so needs to be an FF...very well written and emotional update

Ah yes! Once the results are out with the writer's names, you can let them know and request for an FF 😃

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Shot 1, Awesome I thought Geet going to ditch Maan at Mandap but that wont happen, ending was my favourite Maaneet clearing their feelings, enjoyed

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One Shot 4: Dance of Romance
Category: Contemporary romance 


GEET HANDA guided her pupil in a waltz around the dance studio. This wasn't easy, because Geet was small and slender and Maan Khurana was big and as gawky as Geet was graceful. Several times he stepped on her feet. But Geet didn't mind one bit as long as she remained in his arms.


But it was Maan who finally stopped and shook his head."I'm afraid I'm just not cut out to be a dancer, Geet." Geet smiled at him chidingly. "Giving up so soon? Remember what you said when you came to the D Studios several weeks ago? It's do or die!"


"Yes, but I didn't intend to kill. Your feet must feel like a truck's gone over them after a session with me."


"Never mind that. I think you're progressing very well.If you give up now, you'll lose the benefit of all the money you spent . .. and you'll also lose Sam."


The last words hit home. Maan threw back his shoulders and opened his arms. "Let's go," his handsome face set with determination. He finished the dance with smooth, coordinated steps.


"See," Geet said encouragingly, "where there's a will..."


"There's a waltz," he finished. They both laughed.


As soon as he left, Geet went into the dressing room and sat down with a sigh. "Darn him," she said aloud.


Her friend Jenny looked at her. "Why Geet,  is that a way to refer to a pupil? Don't let Mr.Alden hear."


"I don't care who hears. Oh, Jenny, why did I have to go and fall in love with the big dope?"


"Now if you were a bleached blonde with baby blue eyes named Sam, you'd be getting somewhere. I hear she's been giving him the run around for months now."

"Yes," Geet sighed. "All I am to him is a pair of feet."


"Don't worry, Geet," Jenny soothed, "she collects football heroes. Maan is her latest. Quarterback. Until the next game.” .


“But I can’t wait that long. Meanwhile Maan “is breaking his heart over her. And right now it’s my job to see that he makes the impression he wants. Sam likes to be taken out in style by a good dancer. And that's what I aim to make of Maan. A good dancer.”


“Even though it might mean losing him to Sam?”


“Yes.” Geet was ashamed to tell Jenny the truth . . . that even though she might lose him in the end, it was fun dancing with him," being in his arms. It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.


Maan was due back for another lesson Monday evening;therefore Geet was startled to see his large form march up the pathway to her house Saturday after supper. She was helping her mother do the dishes and nearly dropped one when he presented himself at the door.


“Pardon me for barging in on you like this, Geet. Are you doing anything tonight?”


“I . .. I have to baby-sit for my married sister tonight.”


“May I tag along?”


“Sure.” Her heart leaped but dropped heavily at his next words. “I thought I could use an extra lesson. Time is getting short with Sam.She turned me down for another date.”


“A better dancer?”


“That's right.”


Geet looked at Maan with pity. When was he going to wake upto the truth that if a girl really cared for him it wouldn't matter if he danced like Rhitik Roshan or a hippopotamus?


In a little while, Maan drove Geet to her sister's house.The baby was already asleep. It was a big night for the married couple. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary.


“They look happily married,” Maan said after they had left.


“And do you know what?” Geet said with a hint of tartness in her voice. “Neel can’t dance worth a Anna, but my sister loves him just the same!”


“Yeah,” Maan said bitterly. “I wish Sam wouldn't be so fussy.”


Geet sighed as she switched on the music. It was no use. He had his mind set on one track. Suddenly she had an idea.


“Say Maan, how would you like to learn a brand new dance?You'll be the first in town to know it. Mr.  Alex just came back from South America and taught it to the instructors. It’s the rage there. It’s Floramba... ‘


Maan looked hesitant. “Do you thing I'm good enough to learn it?”


“Sure. We'll learn the basic steps and then practice. By next week you'll be the most popular young man in town. Then wait and see how Sam will fall all over herself for you.”


“Let's go, Geet.”


At the end of the week Maan had mastered the new dance perfectly. Maan and Geet made an attractive couple, swirling and dipping to the lilting tempo of the music.


“Very good,” Geet said as they paused for breath. “Now, Maan,the final test—a public exhibition. Are you game?”


“Well, Geet, to tell you the truth, I'd rather be back in the games or trying to tackle a two hundred pound opponent on the football field.”He smiled. “How about tomorrow night?


You and I will give one of the classiest dance exhibitions the **** Club ever saw.”


“Oh, are we going there?” She was thrilled.


“Dinner and dance. A humble way of showing my eternal  gratitude, Geet.”


After he left, Geet said to Jenny. “Pass the word around. Maan Khurana makes his debut tomorrow at the Country Club. Make sure it gets to the attention of a certain blond.”


“Will do,” Jenny nodded and winked.


When Maan called for Geet, he gazed at her for some time,taking in the warm coloring of her cheeks, the softly brushed hair, the silky flow of her long white gown.


“You look nice, partner.”


“Thanks,” Geet flushed, “you look pretty slick yourself.”


Maan tucked his collars. “Got to. Might bump into Sam.”


That darn name again. Geet set her lips.


“I'm ready.” Why did she keep forgetting Maan's main interest—dancing with Sam?


“Now remember,” Geet said when they reached the Club, “just relax and think of the timing.


But Maan wasn’t listening. He was staring across the crowded room where a gorgeous blond was turning in the arms of a husky escort. “Sam’s here,” he said tensely.


“That's just fine. Let's dance, Maan and show your stuff.”She slipped into his arms. “Let's try the Floramba. It will fit to the Samba music they're playing now.”


Sam's pretty mouth dropped open as she watched them. When the dance was over, at Maan's request, they changed partners.


At last, Geet thought unhappily, Maan was fulfilling his ambition. She heard Sam say as they moved past, “Maan, darling, where did you learn that fascinating new dance? Will you teach it to me?”


Maan's answer was lost to Geet as her escort made a sudden large turn.


Then she heard Maan's voice behind her. “May I cut in?” And then she was in Maan's arms again as he pulled her passionately against his chest. “What happened, Maan? Didn't Sam want you to finish the dance with her?”


“She did,” Maan said, “but I didn’t. She wanted me to teach her the Floramba, but you know what, Geet? I told her you're the better teacher,and that she should go to the studio. She didn’t like that.”


Geet smiled. “Oh, Maan. Listen, I have to tell you something. There is no such dance as the Floramba. I made it up on the spur of the moment. If Sam really goes to the studio, no one else will know that step.”


Hey,” Maan held her closer, “you and I are the only two people in the world who can dance the Floramba?”


“Yes, Maan.”


“Good, Geet, something happened to me when I danced with Sam.I realized I'd been dancing with you so long it didn’t seem natural to dance with anyone else, partner.”


Geet nestled her cheek against his chest. She knew now they would be partners for the rest of their lives!

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