Main Maa Hun……….Sirf Pakhi, Samar aur Toshu ki

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Posted: 3 months ago

……..isiliye, bhaad mein jaaye duniya saari, including Anuj. 

Such an idiotic woman she is. Does not know a single thing about parenting and keeps ups her rona dhona of “Main Maa Hun”. 

Maa hun: Isiliye CA ko main beech sadak par sota hua chod aayi and abhi tak uska ata pata pucha nahin. Ek phone tak nahin kiya Kinjal ko to make sure that they are fine.

Maa hun: isiliye main apne baccha, Apna Khoon (not adopted kids) ko discipline NAHIN karungi. I will let them talk nonsense and sabko gaaliyan dene dongi. And after that, I will coddle them. But, Anuj ke saamne rona dhona karungi, emotional blackmail karungi, so that MY KIDS get all the luxuries in life. Main Maa hun toh yeh meri ZIMMEDARI hai.

Main Maa Hun: isiliye toxicity mein rehne ka theka lekar rakha hai maine, wohi toxicity jo MERA KHOON and unke ACHE PITA failayenge. 

I WILL NOT CHANGE! Kyunki main Maa Hun.

Posted: 3 months ago

Did she really say, main maa hoon again? I hope Anuj asked her where her kid and grandkid are! As she is a MAA and she can't leave her kids right!

Posted: 3 months ago

Yup! In the PC. Again “Main Maa Hun” ka jaap is on!

Posted: 3 months ago

So true. First, she forgets to fill CA school admission form, then her trip form. Makes her cancel her trip for Pakhi's wedding. Forgets about her tiffin. CA is doing her homework alone. When Anupamaa spends time with her, she is mentally absent, thinking about Shahs. Of course, the latest leaving her in a tyre punctured car.

Adopted kids need so much of love, time and effort to make them feel secure and to give them a sense of belonging to the family. Here, Anupamaa is in a way ill treating her.

One day, Anupamaa wasn't there in Shah House and Barkha and Anuj made Vanraj, Pakhi and Leela atleast acknowledge their mistakes or keep quiet. Then, Anupamaa came to defend ache pita and Pakhi started misbehaving again. Seriously, how does Anuj bear Anupamaa defending her ex (which she forgets mentally abused her for 26 years) again and again?

Baa, Vanraj and Pakhi were quick to blame Anupamaa for the police complaint and she still thinks that dono parivaar mere hai aur done kheechad mein hai. 

Barkha is not Adhik's Maa but is a better Maa than Anupamaa.

Posted: 3 months ago

In the precap she does. Also says how can she forget Pakhi when Anuj never forgot her in 26 years. smiley5

Posted: 3 months ago

Mein maa hoon isliye apne bacchon ko kaands karne doongi aur sirf aik bhashan deke baat gol mol kardoongi taake unko koi punishment bhi naa mile aur mein mahan bhi ban jaon aur sath mein victim card bhi khel ke sympathy le jaon.

Mein maa hoon lekin aik buhat buri maa hoon.

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by DailySoapBai

In the precap she does. Also says how can she forget Pakhi when Anuj never forgot her in 26 years. smiley5

I hope he replies the same way u forget CA and me. 

Posted: 3 months ago

I hope noone gets a mother like Anupama. She not only is ignoring an adopted child but she is also not letting her grown up kids learn from their mistakes and grow to be a better human beings. what a toxic self obsessed lady. The moment she entered, she made it all about herself.

Main kya karoon? mere dono families! Sorry lady this is not about you.


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