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Trisha Sarda/ Kanha won Best Child Artiste at ITA Awards 2022 - YMKN

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Posted: 1 years ago

Trisha Sarda won the Best Child Artiste at ITA Awards 2022 for her pivotal role in Yashomati Maiyya Ke Nandlala on Sunday. Although, YMKN was short-lived due to SET pulling it off air, where the last episode aired on Dec. 2nd, 2022, Trisha won this award despite this very sad and heartbreaking news.

This beautiful serial touched many fans around the world including myself and I'm forever grateful for this opportunity to witness Krishna Leelas presented not only Kanha but the entire YMKN team. I was truly touched by some episodes as I felt as though I was an actor. I couldn't control my emotions. Yashoda and Kanha together with Nada Baba did an excellent job.

I also witness Kanha/Trisha acting skills improved as the episodes progressed. Her first episode when she entered YMKN in episode 45 to the last episode 128 was a drastic improvement. I miss the little humor that they incorporated in it as well. 

Trisha was a fangirl was shortlisted among 250 children for "Baal Shiv" then was roped in by Sony for YMKN and recently won an ITA Award.  She has achieved so much for her age. Her acting skills is excellent as well. I wish her the best in her future endeavors and do look forward to her acting in upcoming serials. As a YMKN fan, I'm overjoyed and proud of her as her parents are and do look forward to her acting in the future. Those who assisted Trisha behind the scenes. Thank you, she made you all proud.

Neha Sargam is an actress to be admired as well. The motherly bond with Kanha and her was amazing as seen in many episodes. Even Arya baby Kanha. 

Congrats to entire YMKN team including those who did the vfx and behind the scenes and last but not least the producer of this beautiful serial.

Your loyal fan, Dion Yorke

from Trinidad and Tobago

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