Bizzarophobia: A Few Weird Phobias to Exist| FAQ P.1

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Posted: 24 days ago


We are all afraid of something, some more, some less. The phobia, however, is a totally different thing.

It’s a gripping, irrational but completely paralyzing sensation of terror. A sort of blackout of the brain, when the source of the unmotivated and magnified fear appears, the phobic subject presents panic attacks, terror, tachycardia and the only desire: to escape as far as possible. That's what a phobia is.


There are those who are afraid of spiders (arachnophobia) and those of clowns (coulrophobia). There are those who are afraid of the dark (nictophobia) and those of ghosts (phasmophobia). These are quite common and widespread phobias. However, less known but still relevant, there are also phobias involving objects and situations that you never thought you'd associate with the concept of terror. A color, an action, a rather unlikely scenario. As surprising as it is, it is these very things that frighten some humans. 

If you are curious to find out which are the strangest phobias you can suffer from, you just have to read our list. 

  • Alliumphobia, it is the fear of garlic. Who suffered from it? What a question! Vampires first of all.
  • Anuptaphobia is the fear of remaining single, which the most loyal users of Tinder and Badoo suffer from.
  • Deipnophobia: persistent fear of having conversations at lunch or dinner. Guess that's the fear Indian kids have at family gatherings.
  • Globophobia is the fear of balloons! Balloons seem to heighten anxiety in some people out there.
  • Koumpounophobia is the fear of buttons. Imagining an adult being afraid of such a common and harmless object can make you smile, but just think about it for a moment to understand how disabling the disease can be.
  • Linonophobia is the fear of strings and can be associated with the fear of being restrained. Guess they can't be tied down! 
  • Nomophobia, the fear of the twenty-first century, is the fear of being disconnected without being able to access the network via a mobile phone. 
  • Omphalophobia, the fear of the navel. It can refer to one's own or that of others, or both. Those who suffer from it cannot bear the idea of touching a navel, but sometimes not even looking at it. Navel forces, dissemble!
  • Syngenesophobia is the irrational fear of relatives. Yes, even you who are reading, we bet that you will have felt the overwhelming temptation to escape when your great-aunt is eager to find out more about your love life, work, academic status or about your plans to get married or have offspring in the pipeline
  • Triscaidecaphobia is the fear of the number 13 and users who suffer from it are not advised to watch the series "13 reasons why"!  

And finally, are you afraid of being afraid? That it is Phobophobia, better not to be scared!


There are also phobias entirely invented by well-known writers like anachrophobia which is the fear of a temporal space and is a figment of the imagination of Jonathan Morris, author of the Doctor Who novels.

Also on IF, a major phobia is spreading like wildfire. Ever heard of Shreyagamephobia?! No? Not good! You can ask about the thrill of her games to anyone who took part in her recent Jimmy Jab Games Season 2! 😶😶

 Do you recognize yourself in any of these strange phobias? If not, share with us what are you afraid of?


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Posted: 22 days ago

Here is your chance to do away with your scriptophobia or your low confidence when it comes to writing!  


All you have to do is send in a story of 15-20 words in English on any of the phobias mentioned in the above post or the ones we missed to CrazyCreatives (Link) by 26th November 2022, 11.59 PM IST.



Image. The story should revolve around Phobia(s)

Image. The story should have 15-20 words, including articles. Stories outside the word limit won't be considered.

Image It can be fanfiction or an original story. However, real person fictions aren't allowed.

Image The story has to be in English.

Image Each user can send in 10 stories at max.

Image Your stories have to be your original work.

Image Do not send in a title.

Image Story can be of any genre.

Good Luck!



Image. What is a 20 word story. Can you give an example?

A story centered around character(s) that is written in 20 words. But for flexibility and convinience of authors, your story should have 15-20 words, including articles. Stories outside the word limit won't be considered. 

An examples for reference: His love for her was so unconditional, he helped her ease her suffering by killing her.

ImageCan we post our stories after submission?

No. This is a contest, which means we need to choose winners which will be done by judging, and for that we need anonymity. You have to wait for a go-ahead from us.

Image Can we write stories around made up phobias?

 No. The point is to challenge you, as an author, so stick to discovered phobias. You can pick phobias that weren't in the list above. 

Image Do we need to specify names of phobia we are writing about? Can the concept be abstract?

It depends on the author.  It is an open canvas, the writers are free to shape their story anyway. The story has to revolve around phobia(s), how you work that is your call.

Image Does the phobia have to be weird? 

No, it can be something serious, but as long as it's something that's discovered, you are good to go.

ImageCan I send entries via multiple PM's?

It's preferred if you stick to one PM.



  Animagus_Shiri | NSKay |

la_Reine | MinionBoss | x.titli.x

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Posted: 21 days ago


Writers, do take a look at the second post!smiley9 and tag other writers too!

Posted: 21 days ago

Interesting initiative!

Phobia jokes may be easy to write, but capturing the reality of mental illness in 15-20 words is a challenge.

Is "Micro Phobia-It" an anthology or a contest? If authors publish their stories (e.g. in this topic or the Fan Fiction section), will they be disqualified from contributing to the anthology or winning the contest?

"Bizzarophobia" or "bizarrophobia" - which is correct?

Orthographophobia - fear of spelling mistakes - is ironically misspelled "ortographobia."

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Posted: 21 days ago

Awesome initiative. Bookmarked smiley10

Posted: 21 days ago

Interesting smiley20

I’ll definitely participate smiley4

Posted: 21 days ago

Amazing initiative 👏🏻

Great write up.

All the best to the writers.

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