Why ruin Indian epics with foreign copy paste?

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Posted: 5 months ago

Why copy Planet of Apes, GOT, Gladiator, Benhur, Troy, Temple Run in films and serials based on Indian ancient epics and history?

Adipurush is horrible in first look. Nothing looks Indic in it.

I have felt same for many new age shows on history and mythology in recent decades and earlier it was Ekta Kapoor also who ruined Mahabharat with characters looking more like Greek or Roman warriors than Indians.

Why losers of Bollywood and Hindi T.V. always get inspired and tempted to copy foreign stuff or video games and transplant it on Indian epics and history?

Why make Indians look like Greek, Roman, Mongol, Egyptian or Japanese samurai warriors when Indians never dressed like it? 

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Posted: 5 months ago

because you dont make these epics unless you have immersed yourself in them, the bhakti and respect has to be there which is over time, when you have grown and lived with them and make it out of passion 

not when you see marvel and dc and sucess of indic type movies like baahubali and say chalo hum bhi 500 cr mein iska khichdi banakar 1000 cr kamaate hain smiley36

Posted: 5 months ago

I have seen older films made on Indian history and epics in past. They look bazillion times better than shit made today and I wondered how they managed to make it in 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

The special effects and sets may be not glossy but actors and their looks are totally Indian whether they made a Mughal e Azam or a Jai Santoshi Ma or a Har Har Mahadev. 

Posted: 5 months ago

yes,  whatever the culture they belonged to that they know it, muzzafar ali was immersed in a lucknow so made umrao jaan, same for kamal amrohi

a jai santoshi with all its technical flaws looks good even now, the emotions are so real and it evokes the feeling

watch ammoru in telugu its similar made in 90s but looks real 

in telugu too several mythologicals are there, about ntr who played so many roles, he was a great devotee and apparently didnt drink, smoke, followed certain protocol while making these movies 

nowadays you do drugs  on side and then play sita on other side means how is it possible

the  makers of all these films grew with those stories 

for example, friday santoshi mata story or small details like not eating sour ppl who grew up with them know 

my biggest disappointment was om raut, i thought he was grounded, dont know if bw corrupts, these producers who have zilch knowledge impose their thoughts

ps1 was a story in mani's mind for ages, even karthikeya 2 though a child like adventure movie had all its mythology and details about krishna presented in a sincere way

better to get ram leela artists from any small town in north, they will do a sincere job 

i hope all these movies crash so they learn their lesson

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Posted: 5 months ago

Imagine how crap Adipurush is that people even began missing Sagar's Ramayan and all serials on TV which had no 500 crore budget either.

Today's ghatiya actors do not even look like characters they play.

Posted: 5 months ago

Because they have the money and they think by copy pasting Hollywood style they'll make more money. That's it. Copy pasting anyway has always been their strongest skill. 

I agree this new generation copy pasted product lacks the heart and soul that the older epic films used to have. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Mistake 1 was casting Prabhas. He can’t act even if his life requires him to. That too as Ram. He would have been stellar as a monkey. 

Mistake 2 was keeping all those costumes. Fire whoever is in charge of costume design and find someone who understands the epic. 

Mistake 3 was using too much VFX and CGI. The film requires it, but it’s like Goldilocks’ porridge. It can’t be too less and it can’t be too much … it has to be just right. 

Posted: 5 months ago

One of my peeves with ALL epic adaptations until now is the ridiculous costuming.

No, Indian would've been diff from Greek and Roman, but Amar Chithra Katha is not a good source for researching fabric and jewelery and social habits of ancient India.

No one went to battle with flowing locks because hair could be used as a weapon. Chariots would've been light and easily maneuverable. No 2 lakh worth of jewelry on warriors doing battle either. 

And can you imagine those elaborate hairstyles on women? How long would it have taken? These queens were not sitting around and chilling. They worked! 

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