The model and her photographer SiRav OS

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The model and her photographer

 "The best model award goes to...."

As the anchor was going to announce the name,all the models were tensed.

Finally the anchor announced her name:Simar Narayan.

Simar jumped with joy.

She received the award with her team members.

There was one person who was more happier than Simar.He was none other than the photographer Aarav.Aarav showed action with his hand saying:You did it Simar.

Simar smiled at Aarav.

Flash back...

Aarav had fallen in love with Simar at first sight itself.Her stylish look impressed him.

Later when he became the photographer of her photoshoots,they interacted well and became good friends.

One day they walked chatting.Aarav plucked a violet flower from the garden and gave it to him.

Aarav:This one is for you Simar.A small gift from me.

Simar smiled taking it from him.

Simar:Thank you Aarav.I love flowers.

He smiled.

Aarav:Simar,have you ever thought of getting married?

Simar:Now my focus is on my career.Once I get established in my career,I will get married.I want to win the best model award.

He smiled.

Simar:But before that also I will get married if a rich man proposes me.

Aarav was stunned:Rich man?

Simar:Yes.I am from a lower middle class family.Life was full of struggles.I struggled hard to reach this level.So naturally I want to marry a rich man and lead a luxurious life.

Aarav became dull.

He thought:I am not a rich man.So Simar will never marry me.

He became upset.

To Aarav's shock,his boss Samar who is the owner of their company started giving expensive gifts to Simar.Simar was very excited.

Simar:Thank you so much Sir.

Once in front of everyone Samar gave her an expensive gift and proposed her kneeling down.

Samar:I thought I will marry a rich business woman.But I never thought that my heart will have place only for you.My mind is full of you Simar.Will you marry me?

Simar became emotional.

Simar:Are you sure Sir?Do you really love me?

Samar:You are worried whether I am considering you as a time pass.Right Simar?If so,I would not have proposed you in front of everyone.I really want to marry you Simar.

Simar smiled.

Samar:Will you marry me?

Simar:Yes Sir.You are my luck.

Samar lifted her up in his arms and twirled her around.

Aarav's heart broke into pieces.

Simar ran towards Aarav.

Aarav:You are happy.Right?

Simar:I am very happy Aarav.I never thought that my dream to marry a rich man will happen.I can't believe that Samar sir loves me.

Aarav smiled artificially.

A fashion show...

Simar was the show stopper.She started her ramp walk.

Suddenly she realised that the back thread of her dress got loosened.Her face became dull as she realised that she was going to face fashion malfunction.

She was shattered.

Aarav was also shocked as he had noticed it.

Aarav ran towards her and covered her with a shawl.Simar looked at him emotionally.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Aarav:Don't worry Simar.I will not let anything to harm your reputation.

She smiled emotionally.

Simar changed her dress and came.Samar went towards her.

Samar:Thank are fine.I am so happy for you.Now I will announce our wedding news to the media.

Simar:No need Samar sir.Because I am not going to marry you.

Samar and Aarav were shocked.

Samar:But why Simar?

Simar:Because I realised that my true love is Aarav and not you.

Samar and Aarav were shocked:What?

Simar became emotional.

Simar:Yes.When I was in danger on the stage,you were simply watching it as if you were seeing an actress' skin show in a movie.But Aarav cared about my reputation and saved me from public humiliation.So it's Aarav who loves me truly,not you.So why should I marry you?

Samar was embarrassed and sad while Aarav looked at Simar in disbelief.

Simar:While interacting with you,I had felt that you love me Aarav.But purposefully I behaved as if I was unaware of your feelings for me.Because I dreamt of marrying a rich man like a fool.Now I realised that marrying the person who loves me is better than marrying a rich man.Earlier I was blinded by luxuries.Now I realised that I love you.So I want to correct my mistake of accepting a rich man's proposal Aarav.I love you Aarav.Will you marry me?

Aarav was surprised and could not believe his ears as after losing hope,he got his Simar.

Aarav:Yes Simar.I will marry you as I always wanted to marry you.

Aarav and Simar embraced each other while Samar watched it helplessly.

A photoshoot...

Aarav was clicking Simar's photographs.

Simar gave him a flying a kiss.

Aarav blushed. are too naughty.

She giggled.

Simar came wearing another dress.Aarav looked at her through his camera.Simar winked at him making him blush.

Aarav and Simar went for picnic.It was their first date.

Aarav:Such a beautiful place!

Simar:Yes.Very romantic also.

Aarav looked at her:Is it that romantic?

She blushed.

Suddenly she slipped and fell over him.Both lost balance and fell down.Aarav was on top of Simar.They shared a romantic eye lock.

They both got up and came closer sharing their first kiss.

After a year...

An award function...

Simar was posing for photographs with her colleagues.

The anchor announced:This year's best model award goes to Mrs.Simar Aarav Oswal.

Simar smiled happily looking at Aarav.

Everyone clapped hands. dreamt of leading a luxurious life.That was not wrong at all.

Simar:You taught me that to lead a luxurious life,hard work is enough.For that I don't need to marry a rich man who is not my love at all.

He smiled.

Simar received the award.

Simar:Thank you my hubby Aarav for supporting me in my career without which I would not have continued being so successful.

Aarav smiled.

Aarav and Simar celebrated her success with their colleagues by cutting a yummy cake.

The end

Posted: a year ago

Wonderful part dear 

Just loved it 

Awesome & cute ending

Keep writing✍️✍️

Posted: 11 months ago

A rich man? She should better than that.

Posted: 11 months ago

She accepted the proposal. Poor Aarav could just watch.

Posted: 11 months ago

She realized her mistake and accepted Aarav.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 

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