Trailer - Plan A Plan B - Ritesh Tammanah bhatia

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Posted: 1 years ago


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Posted: 1 years ago

Bad casting.

They have no chemistry.

Neither funny nor charming.

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Posted: 1 years ago

It's basically a fanfiction. And as a (not so great) FF writer, this isn't well done.

The leads actually have some iota of chemistry, but it's not well used, it feels forced. There is a scene where they kiss and it's camera angle, but some movies and tv shows have these scenes done so well, this feels like WHY? They then make out and I just skipped it.

The characters are cliches of opposite attract, both with their tragic story, which I felt was stupid. Not everyone hates love just because they are heart broken, some just don't believe in the concept of settling down, and we need more characters like that, without making them playboys or Veronicas from Cocktail.

One of the worst thing about the storytelling was exposition. The two find out about each from others instead of themselves. They don't have a single scene of them just sitting and talking and it's like they fall for each other as a concept ("Main toh Rahul ko as a concept, uske gaane ko pasand karti thi" from Mujhse Franndship Karoge best explains their attraction to each other) Tamanaah's bestie's kid tells him her past and I was like why? Where are the adults? Where is Tamanaah herself to do this?

The acting was pretty much normal, not their best, not their worst.

The comedy, if there is any is also meh. Song ek-do hai, which i skipped. There is a misunderstanding I saw coming miles away from and its sorted in 2 seconds.

Kusha is wasted in this one, Tammanah's mom isn't even trying and I don't blame her

The worst part was the technical aspect. So many continuity errors, it was jarring.

It's a meh film, but I would have actually like it more of they had gone with Ritesh's plan of her marrying people and him separating them. It would make less logic business wise, but give them more reason to work together and spend time and just have a shared office. 

But Netflix really has a thing for throwing money at not so great stuff.

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Posted: 1 years ago

I was wishing Genelia was there instead of this actress.

No chemistry between the leads. The beard and that hairstyle not suiting Ritiesh at all and its distracting.