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Posted: 1 years ago

I am in a mood for rant today!! great!!! Right??

I saw the promo of Mastani coming into the show and even though I left this show about when Baji and Kashi got married, I was forced to write this.

We are shown that Mastani is a beautiful, talented singer, dancer, and talented in swordsmanship.... Sounds familiar?.. maybe because from 2000's this is the typical warrior princesses Bollywood + ITV has spewed on us.

1. Jodha in Jodha Akbar(2008 movie) she is a beautiful, talented singer, dancer(maybe), and talented in swordsmanship.

2. Ajabde in Bharat ka veer putra Maharana Pratap serial after the leap she is a warrior/freedom fighter(?) type + all the other talents mentioned before.

3. Jodha in Jodha Akbar(serial) she is a beautiful, talented singer, dancer, and talented in swordsmanship + archery.

4.Nandini in Chandra Nandini (serial) same as above  (Though I did not see much only few random episodes here and there.... so can not comment much )

5. Mastani in Bajirao Mastani (movie) Well, again the same beautiful+ singer +dancer+ warrior

6. Padmavati in Paadmavat (Movie) Her into scene was her shooting arrow at her would be husband.. need I say anything else?  Oh and Ghoomar song proves the rest.

7.Kauravaki in Asoka(movie) They showed her as a princess on run who fights and well, was a mesmerizing beauty.

To be fair, writers can not be entirely blamed for this.

When You are adapting historical figures there is always the fictional characteristics that you have to add because you really do not have much to work with. The history does not typically elaborate on the characteristic of the consorts of the emperors because lord knows how many consorts will a king have.. and how many should they keep a record of anyways...

They did not have much entertainment in their times.. so maybe they danced, sang, read or painted during their idle times. And they were royalty, so of course they had spa day.. almost everyday.. whose stopping them?

And then there is the adaptational attractiveness. So all the digital media (drams, serials, movies,OTT shows) when adapting a show they will, of course, go with a beautiful version. It is normal.

This warrior princess trope irritates me in another level.

But why I don't like the warrior trope in any of the above mentioned examples is because they are just out there to make a character 'cool'... See, this character can wield sword... she is so talented.. she is perfect. So that modern audience do not feel that she is submissive, hence totally un-relatable.

But I feel this is totally stupid move, because all this 'warrior'-ness disappears after the blissful marriage... the 'warrior' never goes for any training after the marriage... and definitely does not participate in any fight for the country or god forbid, use her warfare knowledge to help the discussions for war strategies (ooh but suddenly can do back flips while holding toddler in one hand and sword in another...*cough* Mastani*cough* )..

Suddenly all these princesses' combat qualities  seem superficial.. to make her more attractive... to make her show that she is 'not-like-other-girls' (which I will never understand, because, no 2 girls can be really similar.. and girls do not any guidebook on their birth  on how to be a girl... we are just biologically created that way)

But, instead there is royal version of kitchen politics, spouses engaging in jealousy wars.. or sadly just be there looking beautiful for the hubby dear.. (Though as a woman I can totally say that maintaining your beauty all the freaking time is tiring.. I look like a zombie in my house because I don't need to entertain my family with my beauty.. but these queens.. always looking beautiful 24x7... Hats off)

The warrior princess also makes the other woman there less significant.. although after marriage she is just like the other woman.

For example:In the movie, Mastani was showed much more superior than Kashi because, well, she was the typical warrior princess...  Kashi was written a little bit weak compared to Mastani. But PC acted so brilliantly that it did not matter. But after the marriage(?) Mastani never wield a sword or joins in any political discussions.. she is always just decked up to the brim and recites shayari in monotone voice. She is just like Kashi with less Marathi accent.

And don't make start about Padmavati who shot her husband in their first meeting, does not even think about touching a weapon in self defense(you know like a warrior) before committing jouhar (Rajputi kangan mei uthni hi takath jithni hi rajputi talvar mei... but you could wield the talvar as I am sure it does not give you electric shock if woman touch it... )

But Uma, you say, There is no historical evidence of Mastani helping in strategizing or Padmavati Fighting Alaudin .. so obviously the writers could not write that without  burning some historical records. To which I say, You are right. But I counter you by asking then why add those characteristics in the first place if they would never have a chance to use that... answer.. to make the character look 'cool'... Hence superficial

I have purposefully avoided all the 'Raziya Sultan', 'Lakshmi bai', 'Ahalyabai' (Maybe a Durgavati[?]) versions because they were queens.. they have not remained idle after the marriage.. they have use their warfare techniques or political knowledge.. there is historical evidence for what ever they did + the above mentioned adaptational attractiveness and creative liberties which the writers have to make when they create such a show. And it is a given that as they are the protagonists of the show they will definitely be OP (*cough*Kashi in this serial*cough*)

I have only added the shows which I have seen.. I am sure there are many historical serials out there.. But I cannot comment on them as I have not seen them.

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Posted: 1 years ago
yes u are right itv showed and glorified those queens and princess like anything which they were not in real itv has too much glorified mastani jodhabai and padmavati ye teenon ko inhone itv ne pura change kardiya gai aur overrated bana diya hai like almost women in that time knew swordmanship but that doesnt means they are warrior like kashi too knew swordmanship and horse riding but she isnt a warrior ahilyabai Jijabai rakmabai they all knew these but they are not warrior same mastani too knew all these but she is not a warrior and talking abt dancing so mastani dont used to dance in sabha she was a great pilgrim of krishna so she used to dance infront of him only not infront of kings and people like shown in SLB movie she danced infront of bajirao and other people and they made it a song deewani mastani but no that is all fake aaj tak kisi ne bhi correct history nhi bataya and baji mastani marriage was political alliance but SLB made him devdas
Posted: 1 years ago

Regarding padmavati jauhar , it was not coz she can't fight Khilji but she has no motive to live & that's time women don't have a good position that 2 of a defeated state no one would come to protect them or see them with respect as everyone will try to use them , jauhar was done to protect their honour. U can think what will be d fate of d woman who had caught sultan's eyes. In padamavati film she was shown hunting when her arrow hit ratan singh not weilding weapon in war , there is difference b/w both.

Princess were trained in all kind of arts even they r trained in using weapons but it's upto them which art they choose to excel in . 

Mastani warrior image comes from her rajput background & dancer background comes from her mother's occupation but both r on imagination as she was none. Mastani was follower of Pranami samudhya who worship both krishna & allah , yes mastani knew horse riding & use of weapons but Bajirao & chatrasal both were not idiots to risk her life in war field . Bundelkhand was already a war zone when chatrasal approached Bajirao 4 help why would chatrasal risk his daughter life by sending her to call Bajirao , even  she is his illegitimate daughter smiley29 if mastani was such a talented warrior why d hell Bajirao was needed to protect bundelkhand why dint mastani herself saved bundelkhand . Tararanisaheb daughter in law of shivaji can fight Mughals mastani can't fight despite being so talented warrior ?

Princess may know dance but they will never asked to entertain courtiers or strangers. Why d hell chatrasal will ask his daughter to entertain his courtiers or Bajirao in court ? Here I guess mastani had given her dance & singing performance infront of whole village that's why they knew no one can compete with Mastanismiley29 I m damn sure mastani dance performance with seduction expression is on cards soon in d serial.

In film mastani was always busy in giving speech on ishq after she saved Peshwa in war & she made sure everyone in shaniwar wada as well in satara court & Chatrapati  shahu should know Peshwa is having illegitimate relationship with her despite being married , that scene was epic 😆 Peshwa ki izzat surf excel ke saath dhodismiley29usse bade bewkoofi after royally getting insulted in d court Peshwa accept mastani's ishqsmiley29

I hope makers show some sense in d show as seeing mastani's 16 yr obsession I feel they r following d film only

There is no info for mastani is available except basic info so what can makers show 4 mastani so they show her as warrior to make her look strong .

It had been conferred by Peshwa descendents that kashi was responsible for day to day business specially in Pune  , so she was not only house wife , people use to take complain to her which she used to solve as she was considered more considerate even she used to look after some of peshwai matters 2 , even in raau novel mastani take her complain to kashi bai, lekin she was never involved in politics , kashi bai used to do lot of charity also .

Serial mein usse lady Peshwa dekha rahe to ki galat hai , only Chatrapati shahu can command Peshwa not peshwin bai.

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 

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