May 27 spoiler : something unexpected

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Posted: 1 years ago

I mean what d hell it was smiley3

Kashi is some room when any random man comes holds r hands which kashi resisted

Man voice over : mein yaha peshwin bai ko ek samanya ( normal ) aurat ki position vapas laane aaya hua , usse uski izzat cheen lo poora samaj uske virudh ho jayega 

Baji is sitting in his tent with his men , one of his man say we had seen mastani stopping u , it's first time u had back out from any war , we all think u got sammohit by mastani which shocks baji.

Some person had caged mastani's parents _ forcing her to marry him , which mastani agree lekin she had one condition.

I guess ye aadmi radha bai me bheja to defame kashi bai so that people go against kashi & get dethrone . If he has been send by radhabai then I will say this time she is hitting below d belt, my god this lady don't even care for baji's unborn child  ? She really had killed her soul for her greed for power. I hope this man is not send by radha bai.

Makers really destroyed radha bai now she can't be redeemed , she is doing so much to kashi , I shiver at a thought what she will do with mastani ? 

Posted: 1 years ago

Seriously.. My god makers have made Radhabai's standards so low that i think just for the greed of power she can be ready to kill her unborn grandson as well.. 

Radhabai somehow wants to make Chimaji as the deputy peshwa in baji's absence so that she has influence on the decision  making thing.. 

And the thing with Mastani, somewhere I feel that makers will end up showing Mastani's condition to the person be like fighting against Baji and if he wins then she shall marry that person.. This will eventually end up Mastani being gifted to Baji.. 

I don't know what makers are seriously trying to portray.. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Do u remember mahamaya's prediction during grahpravesh in shaniwar wada , I earlier thought it was about mastani but now I think it cannot not be really about mastani.

She said there will be happiness where kashi stays , ur life will change  baji will get so much love but he won't able to justice to kashi's love , further she say baji won't be able to see what right front of him & his love will change everyone & everything.

I guess kashi might realise its radha bai doing & this time she finally blast coz she had been tolerating her nonsense from a quite long time she insulted her father , Radha is constantly humilating Bhavani bai now she is proving her character less there is a limit of everything , I hope makers really make kashi blast on radha this time . Kashi might leave for chaskman after this as today she was saying it .

I doubt makers will show baji doubting kashi's character it will literally kill their relationship & baji's character for ever . So baji might not doubt kashi's character but won't believe radha did something like this disgusting & he will be upset from kashi from  hiding her pregnancy which do proof mahamaya's prediction a bit right .

Mahadji 2 this time might not sit silently  , I seriously hope he teaches radhabai a lesson thou it would be better if shivubai re enter again she can read radha bai pretty well.

As kashi won't be in Pune so I m sure problem will start coping up in Pune .

Later somehow baji will get to know d truth avout Radha's doing , I really want this time baji should take a strict action against radha . Last time he stopped talking to radha when he realised how radha tortured kashi behind his back . I hope this baji , chimnaji bhiubai should boycott radha it will be a perfect punishment for her 

Chimnaji is now more inclined towards kashibai so I doubt he will accept deputy Peshwa post .

Vaise I guess suryaji & chimnaji might try to help kashi bai , later Bajirao to reach d culprit.

Thou radhabai was against mastani from day one but she was never inhuman towards her but yaha to kya bataušŸ¤¬

Mastani ke baare mein kuch samajh nhi aa raha so I can't say anything. I hope they don't show bangash as majnu of Mastani smiley29who is actually forcing her to marry.

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 

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