||Readers' Choice Awards Phase 2|| Voting CLOSED||

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Posted: 1 years ago


Readers' Choice Awards Phase 2 ||Voting Open||

Hello, folks!


Welcome to the Voting Round of Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.


Thank you for the amazing response and enthusiastic participation across the forums.


We were delighted to see the outpouring of support and love you have displayed for your favorite stories and writers. There were so many beautiful entries that you are certainly going to have a tough, but fun time picking the winners.


So, without further ado, we present to you the riveting stories that have made it to this round.

Written by: BlackWitch

Inputs by: LizzieBennet, Viswasruti, oye_nakhrewaali, Aparajita_K

Tags: Grey-licious

Color coding: oye_nakhrewaali

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There are 4 main categories for voting:

 Best Fan Fiction

Best Short Story

Best Ficlet

Best Author

However, some categories (1 or no nominations) will not be put up for voting.


 There will be one winner and two runners up in each category in every forum that nominates stories and authors. Again this depends on the number of nominations received and the final call on this will be left to the discretion of the coordinators.


Both authors and readers can vote, however, authors cannot vote for their own stories, or for themselves in the Best Author category. 

Such votes will be disqualified.

You can however, tag your friends/ readers and ask them to vote for you/ your story.


 Please vote for only ONE story in each of the categories, and ONE author in the Best Author category if the number of nominations are 5 or less.

You can vote for TWO stories and TWO authors if there are more than 5 nominations in the list.


Please submit your votes in the respective voting threads for each forum ONLY. Please note that all voting is public and no votes sent by DM/PM will be considered valid.


Please make ONLY ONE post for all your votes in one forum. 

All votes received are FINAL and no changes/ edits will be accepted. So please vote after careful deliberation.


 You must provide an embedded link to the story and the name of the author.  

 Eg. Correct way of voting: 

Ramya's Potpourri of Prose and Poetry 

by moonglade 

Incorrect way of voting:

 Ramya's Potpourri of Prose and Poetry by moonglade


The list of nominees will be posted in the voting thread along with the links. All you have to do is copy your choice from the list and paste it in your voting list.


 If the number of votes are erroneous, eg. two or three votes, when only one is allowed, note that only the first vote/s will be considered.


The last date for voting for Phase 2 is 28 March 2022, 11.59 PM IST. 


Closed forums (Colors, Sony, Zee TV): oye_nakhrewaali 

Colors: tournesolGrey-licious

Sony: oye_nakhrewaali , LizzieBennet

Zee TV: shahsb_26, LizzieBennet

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1. How can I vote?

In the assigned voting thread in your forum, simply copy-paste the links to the story of your choice that will be provided in the list of nominees posted in each voting thread.

Example of how to vote: 

Best Fan Fiction

1) Love is Eternal by xyz (with links to the story and author profile)

2) Love Hate Stories by abc (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Short Story

1) Blossom by xyz (with links to story and author profile)

2) Bonded by abc (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Ficlet

1) Ice and Candies by xyz (with links to story and author profile)

2)Walk to not remember by abc (with links to the story and author profile)


Best Author

1) xyz (with link to author profile)

2) abc (with link author profile) 


2. Where should I vote for stories/ authors?

Each forum will have its own separate thread for voting, which will be stickied, where you can post your votes. Please only vote in the assigned voting thread for that forum.

 You can tag more people to invite more votes. 

Authors can tag their readers/ friends to vote for their stories. 

There will be a GA thread to announce the voting. All tagging can be done here. 

Please only post your votes in the assigned voting thread.

Follow the format given under FAQ Q.1 to send in your votes to avoid your vote being disqualified. 

3. I'm a Newbie/ Groupbie and don't know many people on IF. Am I allowed to vote?

Yes. All members can vote, except that authors cannot vote for their own stories/ themselves. 


4. Can I only vote in one category? Will my vote still be considered? 

Yes. It is not compulsory to vote in every category. But please try to vote in as many categories as possible to give these stories and authors the best chance.


5. Will my story qualify for voting if it's not migrated? Does it need to be migrated it to be considered?

  We do require the stories to be migrated and tagged for them to be considered for voting in the contest.  

If the story is not migrated and tagged, it will not feature on the nominees' list.


6. I had placed a request for a Book cover in the shop, however, it is not ready. Does that rule out my story?

Our graphicers are hard at work creating beautiful covers for your stories. However, please note that on account of the volume of work, they may/ may not be able to get to your request in time. You are welcome to add your own Book cover or ask your friends in the forum to design one for you.

If your book does not have a cover, we will provide a generic cover for you temporarily.


7.  My story was nominated by xyz. However, I don't see it in the list of nominees for voting in my forum. Why not?

 The FFDT has gone through every nominated story to check if it is eligible. If your story has been nominated by someone, but did not appear in the list of nominees, it is likely that it did not meet certain eligibility criteria. You can contact the coordinator for your forum, however, please note that we are not bound to give explanations to each individual.


8. I nominated a story/ an author in a particular category, but I don't see that category up for voting.

Some categories were ruled out because there were too few nominations to be considered for voting OR all the nominations under that category did not qualify for some reason. 


9. If I have nominated stories, does that rule me out from voting in the voting round?

 No, you can nominate as well as vote. 

However, in the case of authors, there is an exception - they cannot vote for their own stories (such votes will be disqualified). 

They are also not allowed to vote for themselves in the Best Author category.

They can, however, still vote for other stories/ authors in the nominee list.


9. I have written stories for multiple forums/ I'm an active reader of FFs in several forums. Can I vote for all of them?

 Yes, since these awards are forum-specific and there will be individual winners in each forum, there is no limitation on the number of forums you can vote in. 


 10. Are BRs/ FFEs/ Mods allowed to vote?

Yes, since this is a Readers' Choice award, all members irrespective of their roles on IF, are allowed to vote.


 11. I voted for an author/ a story, however, I now find I want to change my vote. Can I do that?


Unlike nominations where you were allowed to edit, votes once dropped will be considered FINAL and will be LOCKED IN. There is no opportunity for you to change your vote, so please choose your votes with careful deliberation. 


12. Whom do I contact if I have questions about the voting process?

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them here on the GA thread, or contact the co-ordinator/s for your forum as listed in the post above.

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Best Ficlet {Vote for 1 story}

Her Guardian Angel by IAdoreYou 

Reminiscing thoughts by harianjana 

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Voting is open guys! Go ahead and vote for your favorite ficlet.

If you would like to vote for fanfics based on other shows too, check the links in RCA Phase 2 Participating Forums.

Tagging some people.

Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii 

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