Lost and Found- An AbhiRa SS ||Update:Part 4, Pg 17|| 17/06 - Page 5

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Posted: 10 months ago

Oh my! That was one intense chapter!! Totally loved reading it. Loved how you described their emotions as they remembered each other's words. and omg!! the ending holy moly! you actually ended up writing an FF on the memory loss idea! this is crazy - i'm so excited to see how things go about now that abhi will be playing the role of akshu's husbandsmiley42 continue soon and thanks for the tag smiley31

Posted: 10 months ago

Oh my god that was awesome 🀩


Beautifully written...

Waiting for next....

Posted: 10 months ago

Fantastic Mridhu!! Missed your writing!! smiley31

Posted: 10 months ago

hey! i read your story yesterday but couldn't comment. i am at all loss for words. what a beautiful start to the story. the emotions and the memory right before the accident was heartbreaking but it goes to show why akshara might remember abhimanyu as her husband. i totally love the connection. take a bow and pls continue soon. i feel like now i need to depend on these stories instead of the actual show

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by Gadbad_Ghotala

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, I loved it... It's so well written T_T and I ache for such beautifully written stories. Thank you so much for penning this down for us. 

Coming to the plot, aww man, my poor babies are separated by the ITV writers but I'm happy they're reunited in such a unique way by you. I'm super excited to read further, I legit want to know all of their reactions to this, especially Abhi and how he's gonna help her with it. 

Please update soon! And thanks for the tag ❀

Aw Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you enjoyed this. AbhiRa in ITV - well, I am quite enjoying their scenes for now, dreams hi sahi - its quite cute! 

Oh plot is not mine - it's @UKGirl22's - she gave this idea in the accident thread -It had super potential, so I started writing on this. 

Thanks once again, I hope you continue to enjoy this one. 

Originally posted by anuandavi

This is simply beautiful.. A big shock for Abhi.. 

Yeah - poor Abhi.. teehee...Thanks for reading and leaving a comment

Originally posted by SilentEyes7

Thanks for the tag...

And amazing update...

Waiting for your next update...

Continue soon...

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Will try and post an update soonish. 

Originally posted by Zenab78

Omg... Fantastic update smiley31

She doesn't remember anyone except Abhimanyu

I can't wait to read more 😍😍😍 

Thank you for tagging me 

Ah, Thank you so much! No she doesn't, but it's a good thing isnt it? Her and Abhi in their own little world. I shall try and update this one soonish. Thanks. 

Originally posted by Manju1066

Love it πŸ’•pls continue soon πŸ€—

Thank you!! I will try and update this one soon. 

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by ash-912

Wonderful part!!! Her emotions so nicely brought out and his attempts to forget her.

loved it!!! Please continue soon❀️❀️❀️

Thank you so much! I am glad you loved it. 

Originally posted by ishqdinoorhai9

I wish I could tell you in words of how much I enjoyed it, loved it and went through those roller coaster of emotions. But mere words would not suffix the feelings I got as I read these. Gosh, you are cliffhanger queen. Mujhe next part abhi chahiye. I will start an anthem now.... 

This story is heartbreaking, love, sad smiles and anything and everything .

Oh Em Gee - Thank you so much for leaving this comment! I'll try and update the next part soon. Oh I hope I would be able to write the story with all the emotions you just pointed out. 

Originally posted by Simran_h

Omgggsmiley42 sidha husband bana diya akshu nesmiley37 can't wait for the next updatesmiley9

Thanks for tagging mesmiley27

Thanks! Haan, Akshu is like so done with all this tilak-sagai business, seedha pati. ;D 

Will try and update soon. Thanks. 

Originally posted by Eternized_Blues

This is so good!

Creatives take a hint from this one. Please update soon.

Awwwww, Thanks! I am so glad you liked this. 

Originally posted by HahaHeheHuhu9

The way you have written about Akshara pining for her love after rejecting him by looking him in the eye:  Simply Superb!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

The lyrical Lag Jaa Gale interludes were so beautiful and added so much more depth and meaning to the characters and their feelings.  That part was so creatively written 😍

And at the end, she remembers his dulhan comment just before the accident. And her final memory before blacking out is him!  You have created a very good base for why she remembers only him after recovering πŸ‘

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and looking forward to the next part where they "find" each other after being "lost" 🀩

Oh wow!! Thank you so much for leaving this lovely comment! smiley31 Hai na, I don't know, I feel music is so interwoven in their love story and adds so much more depth. I am glad you enjoyed that!

Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll try and updating soon. 

Posted: 9 months ago

When are you gonna update the next chapter smiley19

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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