~ Safarnaama ~ An Armaan-Abhira FF - Part Twenty-Two (01.06.2024)

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NOTE: This fanfic, originally titled "Kuch nahin" has been rechristened to "Safarnaama" as a result of the author's growing realization that Kuch toh hai smiley2

For new readers, this story starts at the point where Abhira first discovers the divorce papers (prepared and brought by Ruhi to Mussorie). From there on, the plot deviates from that of the show. It's an imagining of the direction the story could have taken from that point onwards, in an alternate universe, where Armaan did not embark on a track that might well be completely beyond redemption... It's an imagining, essentially, of what could have been.



“Ye mera kuch nahin lagta,” Abhira said coldly.  


Armaan's heart shattered into a million pieces at her words. He reached out to touch her, to explain, to beg her to stay, but she stepped back, her eyes filled with a pain that cut him deeper than any blade.


"Abhira, please, listen to me," he pleaded, his voice raw with emotion, as he struggled against the crowd that was restraining him. "It's not like that. I never wanted this. It was not me who prepared those divorce papers ... just listen to me please…"


But before he could finish, Abhira had turned away. Her resolve steeling her against his words, her steps heavy with the weight of her shattered hopes, and boarded a passing truck.


With desperation clawing at his heart and determination burning in his veins, Armaan dashed out of the temple, his strides fueled by an urgency he had never known. He raced down the winding road, his eyes scanning the horizon ahead for any sign of Abhira. And then he saw it—the faint silhouette of Abhira in a truck fading into a bend in the road. With a new surge of hope, Armaan quickened his pace, his breaths coming in ragged gasps as he pushed himself to reach her before it was too late. He called out her name, his voice echoing off the surrounding hills, a fervent plea for her to stop, to give him one last chance to make things right, as he closed the distance between them.


As his feet pounded against the road, he finally caught up to the truck, his hand grasping desperately at the edge of the cargo bed. For a fleeting moment, he felt a surge of relief as he pulled himself up, his fingers clinging to the metal with a fierce determination. But then, without warning, the truck jolted over a sharp speed bump, and Armaan's grip slipped, and he fell with a thud on the unforgiving ground.


He sank to his knees, the weight of his guilt crushing him like a vice. He had never wanted to hurt Abhira, never wanted to break her heart. But he had failed her in the worst possible way. He had not been truthful to her regarding his equation with Ruhi, perhaps because deep down, he was ashamed of what he was doing to Abhira and to Rohit. He had failed her, not just as a husband but as a friend too. And in the process, he had failed Akshara ma'am too. 


Tears blurred his vision as he clutched the divorce papers in his hand, the tangible proof of his failure. Just then, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, pulling him back to reality. Blinking back the haze of pain, he looked up to see Ruhi's concerned face hovering above him, her eyes filled with worry. "Armaan, are you alright?" she asked, her voice tinged with genuine concern.


Struggling to push himself up, Armaan managed a weak nod, his gaze flickering away from Ruhi's searching eyes. She helped him to his feet gently, before she exclaimed, her voice brimming with enthusiasm, "Armaan, I have another plate of alta! We can complete the 'Shiv Shakti' ritual together."


Armaan's heart sank like a stone within him and he felt a pang of sadness wash over him. The woman before him bore little resemblance to the Ruhi he had once fallen in love with. She had become bitter, demanding, and needy. She was so excited to complete a ritual that was immoral in the first place, given that they were both married to different people, that she had missed the tears in his eyes. Her every action lately seemed steeped in a desire for control, oblivious to the struggles he and Abhira faced. How had he not realised when Ruhi's demands and ultimatums had become so suffocating? Her inability to understand him, her selfishness that eclipsed any empathy or understanding, only served to widen the distance that had crept in between them, despite  or perhaps even because of  her attempts to cling on to him so desperately. 


And then, his thoughts turned to Abhira— his friend, his partner, his rock in times of turmoil. The relentless fighter who forged through with a strength and resilience that left him in awe, depending on nobody but herself to navigate the challenges life threw her way. And she too, like her mother, had that ability to care for everyone selflessly. Her heart, so pure, overflowed with love and kindness for all who crossed her path. She had always stood by him, not out of obligation or duty, but out of genuine affection and understanding. Her strength and resilience had inspired him, reminding him of the power of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity.


Armaan had no doubt that Abhira would continue to forge ahead, fulfilling not only her own dreams but also those of her late mother. Her spirit had been forged in the fires of adversity, and she would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. As he reflected on their bond, he realized that it was not Abhira who needed him, but rather, he who needed her—a constant presence in his life, a source of joy and comfort, who made him feel alive and carefree, like a child once again.


As Ruhi's eyes met Armaan's, she noticed for the first time the sorrow etched into his features. Confusion clouded her own expression as she questioned him, her voice laced with concern. "Armaan, why are you crying? What's wrong?" she asked, her brow furrowed with worry.


Armaan's gaze flickered towards the divorce papers lying forgotten on the ground, his heart heavy with the weight of his words. He could barely muster the strength to speak as he uttered the words that had shattered his world. "She knows," he said softly, his voice barely more than a whisper. "Abhira knows about the divorce papers, she left."


At first, Ruhi's reaction was one of elation, her face lighting up with joy at the news. But as she looked into Armaan's blank expression, a pang of confusion pierced through her jubilation. Why would he seem so devastated when Abhira had left? Wasn't this what they both wanted? Her mind raced with questions, her thoughts jumbled and uncertain as she struggled to understand what was happening.


Her eyes hastily sifted through the divorce papers, and fell upon a small post-it note that had been tucked amidst the legal documents. Her heart skipped a beat as she read Abhira's words, her voice barely a whisper as she relayed the message to Armaan.


"Armaan, look," she said, her tone tinged with excitement as she held out the note for him to see. "Abhira has signed the papers. She's written that she's freeing you from your duty and responsibility towards her. She's thanking you for everything. Everything's fine now."


Armaan's eyes fixed on the post-it note, his heart heavy with a sense of finality as he absorbed Abhira's words.


Ruhi's words echoed in his ears, her tone brimming with optimism and hope for the future. "This is good news, Armaan," she said, her voice buoyant with enthusiasm. "You're free now, she has left."


But as Armaan looked into Ruhi's eager eyes, he realized that the bonds that had tied him to Abhira were not merely of duty or obligation. He did not want this so-called freedom, he wanted to stand side-by-side with Abhira and watch as she conquered the world. She had not left his life, she had thrown him out of hers.


He walked away from Ruhi, unable to say a word. He could not be who she wanted him to be anymore.


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You are a gifted writer.. ❤️🥰

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Beautifully written. 

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This was SO SO beautiful and well written. I absolutely loved it 

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Beautifully written 

Please do write more 

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Good job smiley32

I don't want abhira to became weak and behave like her life depend on ar 

After heartbreak abhira should show the mirror to both 

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Lovely written. Waiting for more from you

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Thank youuuuu smiley31 Part Two coming up soon!

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Abhira sat in a bustling dhaba, amidst the clatter of dishes and the murmur of voices. She was lost in thought, her mind consumed by the weight of recent events, but her determination to forge ahead burned brightly within her. The only way to survive, she surmised, was to focus on her dreams. Her mother, like all mothers, had been worried for her when she had handed over her responsibility to Armaan... But that decision was wrong. Abhira was well capable of making it on her own, without depending on anyone - least of all a person who saw her as a burden he could not wait to shake off his back. 

She shook herself, there she was thinking of Armaan again. 

As she clicked on the icon to initiate the video call, Dev Shekhawat's composed expression greeted her.

"Good evening, Sir," Abhira greeted, her voice tinged with a hint of apprehension.

"Hello Abhira." 

Abhira took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts before speaking. "Sir, I've been considering a transfer to one of the other offices of the firm... in another city," she explained, her words measured.

Dev's eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly at Abhira's request. He couldn't help but wonder about the sudden change. Clearly, something major had happened. Red and hollowed out, her once vibrant eyes spoke volumes of the heavy sadness that weighed upon her. But he knew better than to pry into her personal affairs. Instead, he maintained his professional demeanor and nodded in acknowledgment.

"I see," he responded calmly. "I'll look into that for you. And what about college?" he asked.

Abhira's expression softened at the mention of her studies. "Law school is still something that's very much in the plan, Sir," she replied earnestly. "It's my dream, and my mother's dream, that I become one of the best lawyers in the country. But I have decided that I will work for some time, just to gain some practical experience, and then resume my studies later."

She could not say this to Dev, but she knew the only way to pay for her studies would be to work for a few years first. Besides, when she was leaving the resort, she had asked the staff to continue running it in her absence so she would need to have money to pay their salaries as well, irrespective of whether or not the resort made money. The money in her mother's bank account would dry up soon if she used it for the resort's expenses and her studies.

Dev listened intently, noting the determination in Abhira's voice. "I see," he said, nodding thoughtfully. "You know, we have an upcoming office in Bangalore, which as you know, has one of the best law schools of the country. This could offer you the fresh start that you need. It is perfectly possible to work and study at the same time, and in fact, I would strongly recommend it."

Abhira's hesitation was palpable as she shifted in her seat, and Dev sensed her pride and reluctance to ask for financial assistance. Without revealing his insight, he continued, "Our company offers part-scholarships for employees pursuing further education. Would that be something that might interest you?"

Abhira's eyes widened in gratitude at the offer. "Thank you, Sir," she said sincerely, her voice filled with appreciation. "That would be incredibly helpful."

Dev nodded, "I'm glad to hear that, Abhira. Take some time to think it over, and let me know your decision."

"And Abhira," he added, reading her mind, "Don't worry, you can count on my discretion."

As the call ended, Abhira felt a renewed sense of relief and hope coursing through her veins. Instinctively, she scrolled to Armaan's number on her phone, eager to share the news of her impending transfer with Armaan. But then, reality struck.

Armaan was no longer tethered to her by the bonds of marriage or responsibility. The divorce papers, now signed by Abhira herself, were likely to be filed imminently. He would soon be free from the responsibility of being her husband, the weight of their fractured relationship lifted from his shoulders.

As she reflected on their tumultuous journey together, a pang of bitterness mingled with the lingering ache in her heart. She had considered Armaan not only her husband but also her friend, her confidant. Yet, with each passing moment, it became increasingly clear that she was just a burden to him. Armaan's actions spoke volumes, echoing the painful truth that had been lurking beneath the surface for far too long. He had shared with Ruhi details of his personal equation with Abhira, and given a free pass to Ruhi to interfere in their lives. He had even berated Abhira when she attempted to assert herself, to put Ruhi in her rightful place. And now, he had taken the drastic step of preparing divorce papers without even a semblance of discussion or consideration for Abhira's feelings.

Clearly, he thought like Ruhi, who never missed a chance to taunt her, reminding her of her place in Armaan's life, in this world. The accusation that she was an ungrateful freeloader, had weighed heavily on her mind, a constant source of guilt and shame... And now she understood why Armaan had never bothered to correct Ruhi, or stop her from making such hurtful remarks. Why would he, when Ruhi was clearly his mouthpiece. 


Perhaps, Abhira mused, Armaan's actions could be attributed to his overly polite and people-pleasing nature. Maybe that was why he had hesitated to let Abhira know just how unwanted her presence in his life was. However, she was the daughter of Akshara Sharma, she had been raised with a strong sense of self-respect and independence.  She refused to be a passive bystander in her own life, waiting around until she was inevitably cast aside. 

Despite the pain and heartache that accompanied her decision, Abhira chose to confront her reality head-on, rather than lingering in a toxic relationship built on deceit and unspoken truths. And then, her growing fondness for Armaan could not allow her to watch him torn in this manner, living a half-life, trapped in an unwanted relationship, burdened with a responsibility that should never have been his. She wanted him to be happy, to be free... Abhira smiled sadly. Perhaps, with time, she would find happiness in the thought that Armaan was better off without her.  

Meawnhile, at the resort, Armaan had frantically questioned the staff about Abhira's whereabouts, but he was met with a wall of silence. Despite his persistence, they steadfastly refused to divulge any information, citing Abhira's explicit instructions.

It dawned on Armaan then that Abhira had orchestrated her departure meticulously, even before setting foot in the temple. She had anticipated every detail, from packing her belongings and having them sent to another place, to instructing the staff on how to proceed in her absence.

The realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Abhira had been planning her exit all along, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation. She had even taken the time to reassure the staff, promising to remain in touch and continuing to support them and Kipling uncle with the maintenance and operation of the resort.

One of the older staff members, a man who had worked alongside Abhira and Akshara for years, spoke up with a fondness in his voice that Armaan couldn't ignore. He reminisced about Abhira's unwavering commitment and determination, highlighting her exceptional treatment of others. Her impact had extended far beyond the day-to-day operations of the resort. She had created a supportive and nurturing environment where every staff member felt valued and appreciated. Which explained why they were all still so fiercely loyal to her. 

Looking directly at Armaan, the staff member's words carried a weight that pierced through the chaos of the moment. "She is truly a gem of a person," he said solemnly. "And anyone foolish enough not to appreciate her, did not deserve her."

Armaan's heart clenched at the truth in the staff member's words. 


Credit to Pinecone for the bit with the staff members - one of the many creative prompts posted by her on the forum! 


Part Three 

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