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Nobody is stopping from creating a post that day .. to discuss the mistakes of what Sai did was wrong .when I saw the episode .. I put my viewpoints as I felt it .. yesterday I felt virat was losing control he wanted to hold on to Sai and did not want her to leave him 

but today I felt he being cool about it even after 1 hour has passed is not cool at all .. people commit mistakes when they are very angry and lose power of reasoning .. 

but his family not stopping him and going about it as if everything is ok is revolting .. virat after 1/2 hour not coming to his senses is revolting 

Exactly... today its how not just he did the he is totally nonchalant about it all.. He thinks it fine to lock someone in thr room, since she does not abide the culture and rituals of the family...And in the family, no one good or bad asked for the key from him and unlocked that door.. He convinces himself that she is safe locked in the room...The bigger problem is he totally being proud about locking her in the room...not even an ounce of guilt or shame for treating a human being that way.. And on top of that the family speaks about how much she would have tortured him to force him locking Sai inside.....And he wants to play music people to have fun while his wife is locked in the room , just because he was unable to convince her... Thats repulsive...

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Here the discussion is about Virat and Sai so what’s wrong in bringing the past mistakes of Sai ? We often talk about parallels in our analysis post  . I found there is a parallel between today’s incident and college feast . I see a similarity between them so I brought it up to highlight something .

msin , i want to clarify that the initial post was not directed to you or anyone . It was a generic post about how certain characters are treated in the show . I agree that you have been unbiased and you share your honest opinions about the epi . The above paragraph is not directed at you but in response to the point that was raised earlier that whats the purpose of bringing up past mistakes . 

the comparison leads to the same discussions which have no answers unfortunately.., .. 

Regarding Today  virat may have been influenced by the safe house incident .. where he kept Sai under his control

And things went smoothly as he wanted ..  … 
But situations were very different.. 

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Originally posted by msin

the comparison leads to the same discussions which have no answers unfortunately.., .. 

Regarding Today  virat may have been influenced by the safe house incident .. where he kept Sai under his control

And things went smoothly as he wanted ..  … 
But situations were very different.. 

It might lead to unnecessary discussions as it’s a touchy topic but sometimes it’s important to compare present and pst actions to see the progress in a relationship or to talk about the characterization  . Like with today’s comparison, this was brought up to say the show has always normalized such acts and also to highlight Sai’s double standards  . I don’t think today’s scene is same as safe house incident . That decision was taken keeping her safety in mind and today it was out of ego . 

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Few things here 

1. If Sai was so guilty of faking death and arrest then she wouldn’t wait till Kaku and her gang was brought to the college . She would have stopped itimmediately . She was happy that she was finally able to make them do as per her wish and later she apologized after the function . So Sai feeling guilty doesn’t apply here . 

2. Let’s assume everyone on this earth made bigger mistake than Sai but will this change the fact that she faked death , blackmailed people and got fake police . In the eyes of law it won’t matter if whole world committed bigger crime than her . It’s not like court will compare ok X made bigger mistake so let’s forgive Sai . 

3. If we are talking about law then there is nothing wrong in listing down all the people who deserved to be punished in the show . Why don’t we judge all the characters with same lens . 

4. It’s not just fake arrest . Sai has stopped Kaku and gang from having tea in the living room . It’s funny scene but let’s reverse this . If Kaku had done this then it would be abuse to stop DIL from having her tea in living room but other way around is funny . I would still accept if it said that Kaku verbally abuses Sai so Sai stopped Kaku too so nothing wrong but saying she didn’t do any wrong is unacceptable. 

5. Yes Kaku and her gang deserves to go to jail for mistreating Devyani but will this chage the fact that Sai is punishable under the law for taking away Devi without legal guardian permission and stopping her medicines without consulting the doctor ? Devi’s life could have been in danger for stopping the medicines without even consulting the doc . Is Pulkit and Sai qualified enough to treat mentally unstable people ? If Virat as an IPS officer can be criticized then why wrong in saying  Sai is being an irresponsible medical student . 

Virat locking Sai is wrong period  but Sai faking death and arrest is wrong as well  just because her intention was to just bring them to watch her dance doesn’t change anything  . If intentions are used to justify Sai’s misdeeds then I would like to do the same for other characters as well 

Lastly , bringing up other abuses shown in the show is not to justify anyone’s  wrong doings but to highlight that every character has to be treated equally . 

This !

Completely agree with what you said. It always baffles me how this forum always treats Sai , a character as flawed as possible,  as if she's some flawless paragon of virtue,  which she most definitely is not. Whatever she does wrong,  there are literally thousand babying excuses , bachhi hai, teenager hai, immature hai , orphan hai   family nehi hai, palace nehi hai.. yada yada.. so she can have a snooty attitude,  accepted. She can interfere in other people's personal matters. Accepted. She can be brazen and rude at the drop of a hat. Accepted. She can have an opinion about everything in the family, though when it comes to responsiblity and family rules , then she's an outsider  who need not conform to it.

Whereas Virat and Pakhi are never given such leeway, especially Virat. All the readymade pampering and excuses are for Sai only, nothing to be spared for Virat , he is not even a human being but a monster.

If she interferes in his work affairs and make him a butt of joke in front of his superior officer, oh it's perfectly alright after all she's a noble heart and noble intention. And if Virat locks her in their bedroom for 10 minutes, suddenly it's a serious case of domestic violence. People whonsay these things and casually throw around words like domestic violence do they even know it's meaning ?? What it looks like , domestic violence?? 

To say nothing of her other antics.

All characters of Ghum are flawed , they're humane , that's partly why this show is so popular. It's refreshing to see a "vamp" so pitifully human , a female lead so brashly flawed , a male lead who's often vulnerable and gloriously flawed. 

Provided we have the generosity to look at characters with unbiased view.

But.. sigh !

Such utter hypocrisy of treatment towards different characters make me sick to my stomach. 

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What happened to her mobile? She could have called Mohit or Aswini ..Thankfully she got down without injuring herself but it is a risk for her. Years back they showed this in KD but these makers still thought that it makes sense to show this..probably for TRPs. Sai getting down the pipes makes for an exciting watch. So they just went ahead butchering Virat’s charecter who is not like Rono. 

She checked her bag and found it missing and realised that virat took it so she can't call anyone for help smiley11

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I think this post was about Virat's behaviour which is rattling us all in the past few weeks. I understand that If we discuss Sai or other characters , it hampers the ongoing discussion flow. 

If we want to discuss some off the track things, we can always create a new thread 😊

I apologise to the author of this thread for digressing from the actual post... Because on some level or the other , we all are on the same page...😂 We know where Sai is wrong and where Virat is wrong and where every other character is wrong ... So better to stick to the topic of the thread 👍😊

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Just to put it out here, Sai did wrong by faking her death but she was in constant fear and guilt throughout the show. The first thing she did when she got the mic was publically apologise to everyone for faking her death and giving them such a big scare. There's no hint of guilt or remorse in Virat for locking up Sai in her bedroom. Infact, he's justifying this act of his. 

As regards taking Devi outside her home without her legal guardian's permission, well the legal guardian was drugging her for years and separated her from her newborn baby and husband. I can only imagine the situation if someone rescuing Devi from such abuse would stop to take permissions.

Legal guardian.... more like forced guardian or jailer. Kaku with the help of her brother-in-law's forcefully separated her adult daughter from her husband and daughter and forcefully confined her in the home for years whilst drugging her so that she loses her sanity and capability to live her life on her own will. 

It's ridiculous for anybody to refer to kaku as devi tai's legal guardian given that going by these facts tai was a captive of kaku, and for kaku to be considered legal guardian to her 18+ daughter she would have had to have actually legally applied to register herself as her daughter's guardian under strong medical grounds, but we all know the court of kaku herself decided that by right of giving birth she can hold her daughter in her home without her will and make all her life decisions for her and without seeking any rights from the court. smiley11


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Sai has some real good and meaningful dialogs today... 👍

And in the weekly precap she is indicating something which she is going to do ...  Any idea what is she talking about ?

College transfer or leaving studies, per KD.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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