Imlie Written Updates & Episode Discussions 14 Sept 2021

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Posted: 1 months ago

Imlie Leaves Aditya 

Imki is lighting diya at mandir , Adi asks her he knew she trusted him , will she be able to forgive him ?? Imli is teary eyed as she replies that her trust was broken, now she just needed to get rid of her habits .

She is habituated to light diya for them both . It will take time to got rid of … just like Aditya was habituated of Malini’s love , he could not get over it , Aditya protests that he did not love Malini he loved Imli .

She asks why did all that happen last night , Adi retorts he only loves Imli, last night also the last thing he remembered he was with Imli , he had no recollection how , when , what happened . He still loves only Imli . He wanted to come close to Imli . She asks if he could not differentiate between Imli n Malini ? If Malini dons Imli’s appearance will he mistake her as Imli ? Imli says after last night she was no more willing to live with him or trust him . Adi pleads Imli to wait , they will find a way to get out of this mess . 
Imli tells Aditya that she is not brave enough to forgive him . When Sita did the same mistake , Ram ji took her Agni pariksha . How could Imli forgive Aaditya ? She could not . Aditya holds Imli’s hand n pleads her not to go l Malini watches them and seems to enjoy the sight . Imli walks away .

Malini arrives there , Adi apologises to Malini and does not remember hat happened between them . Malini says they were friends , she trusted him, Adi says imki did not trust him, he better do something that will help Imli regain her trust in him.

Malini thinks her plan has worked, now aim,I will leave this house . Only her last move was needed to be done , then Imli will  leave permanently n she will get everything she desired . malini and Anu decide to burn the saree that belonged to Imli , that Malini wore last night . They pour kerosene n set it on fire ,Mrighdeep then a Dev arrives . Malini and Anu extinguish the fire , Anu decides to destroy this last evidence at C house. Chucks the half burnt saree into the boot of the car . 
Malini and Anu distract Dev after he smells something burning .

Dev is taken to Imli by Malini . Dev asks both his daughters to leave Aditya . They both did not need Aditya in their lives . Dev assures he will fill their lives with happiness .

Malini argues with Dev, refuses to leave Adi . He was n is n will always remain her husband , he still loved her n what happened last night was a proof of that . She will never leave Aaditya . If Dev wanted he should take Imki with him, Dev can spend time with Imli . 

Imli is walking out with Meethi and NN , Adi stops Imli ,He grabs the bundle Imii was holding .  Meethi grabs the bundle that Adi takes from Imli n glares at him, Adi protests that what happened was a mistake , imki should not leave he loved Imli . Aparna and Radha hand Imli  a bundle of jewellery n cash , Pankaj protests . Tau ji confronts Pankaj for supporting Imli . Taunji acceots he considered a Imli as his daughter but that was his mistake . 
Pimlico dec,Inez the cash n jewellery from Radha , she states if she was greedy for this stuff she would have left long ago . She was not greedy , she arrived as a poor girl , will leave in poverty . She will only take blessings that was given from her sasuraal, that’s all .

Meethi lashes out at T family for paying money to Imli for all that she did for her sasuraal, for all she did to cover up their faults but they gave her no love or respect , they were attaching money for her services this probed they did not deserve Imli . Only after she leaves they will realise her value .
Anu threatens Aditya when he tries to stop Imli .She threatens to call police and complain that he did zabardasti with Malini. She will make sure Adi is put  behind the bars .Adi says he himself was going to call police , he deserves to be punished , he could not give the respect to his wife that she deserved .

Last few moments 

Aparna opposes Aditya when he tries to stop Imli from leaving . Anu is shocked that their plan flopped as Aditya is ready to go to jail,but not ready to leave Imli .

Malini then confronts him for making their private matter public , was he not bothered about the defamation of Malini ? Did he not care about Malini’s reputation? Malini weeps on Aparna’s shoulder n sheds fake tears .


Anu smirks as Imli holds Meethi’s hand n walks out of T house l Imli says AdiLie togetherness was destined to be till here . Their relationship was based on ties of trust n Vishwas , not she was breaking these ties herself 

Malini and Anu smirk watching Meethi NN and Imli walk out . Aditya is in tears . So is Imli .

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Posted: 1 months ago
GM Suta. Thanks......😊 --- Sent from my IndiaForums Android App
Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks smiley31

Episode up in hotstar usa app for anyone who wants to watch.

Lovely episode.

Adilie bichadna scenes were so so so goodsmiley27. Radha apu and bk ye teeno aur bhi gire aaj trying to bribe imlu who returns jewelry paise. Imlu is very hurt by apus efforts to not accept hersmiley19

Didi and anu burning evidencesmiley11. They burn imlie ki saree. Par fully burn karne se pehle dev arrives at the t house. Saree is hidden in the car boot.

Anu threatens to  call the police if didi does not get her haq.A sad and depressed adi is willing to go to jail if that will help him keep imlu here. 

Didi climax me runs and cries to adi that he does not care about her after hearing that he is prepared to go to jail.

Same precap as yesterday.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Dev wants both his daughters to leave Aditya 😂🤣😂🤣


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