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Hello dear! 

Welcome to Punyashlok Ahilya Bai serial Written Updates /Episode Discussion Archive Thread. smiley27

Please do not comment in this thread, we have separate episode discussion threads in the forum, kindly visit those for discussions. 

Summary by allizzwell aka Lakshmi

MR- Malharrao- Subhedaar of Malwa

KR- Khanderia- son of MR and GB..heir to Malwa throne

AB- Ahilyabai- wife of KR and daughter of Mankoji from Chaundi 

GB- Gautamabai- Biwi no.1 of MR

DB- Dwarkabai- Biwi no. 2

BB- Banabai- Biwi no. 3

HB- Harkubai- Biwi no. 4

Gangoba- MR’s advisor

Tukoji- MR’s adopted son..very responsible and matured kid

Dhanaji- MR’s samadhi

Jawaibabu- DB’s daughter’s useless husband😡

Namoonabai- DB’s maika baggage 🤪

MR gets a puccampacci dost in AB. Her generosity, passion and service to fellow villagers make him to consider her for KR. GB at first is reluctant but MR is adamant and convinces her. KR at first behaves like a bully and grows jealous of MR’s attention showered on AB. Seeing her son insecure, GB too doesn’t show much fondness for AB. They set on to AB’s parents house in Chaundi..and get kidnapped by goons sent by Dhanaji- Jawaibabu who want to eliminate KR-AB to b the next successor…..unknown to MR and family. AB shows good courage in the situation and the kids get rescued by MR. KR tries to show his bravery to impress MR but gets scolded instead for putting AB at risk. KR’s disliking grows even more…😵‍💫

DB- BB find this an opportunity and shower him with all the help he needs to keep growing the jealousy plant in him. KR almost starts detesting her for getting all attention and success. AB tries to win him over but the distance widens between them even more. In between the Nizam guys via Dhanaji and Jawaibabu enter the Malwa kingdom in disguise. AB manages to bring this to MR’s attention and they fail in their attempt. 

AB now desires to get education. Almost everyone except MR is against this. This triggers a Saas, bahu and saazish series. AB is put to test to fight for her education. The 3 sasumas give her 3 questions to solve and she comes out successful in all 3. 

GB finally accepts her adamancy, her will to get the desire is her strength and gives in to it. But slowly uses this determination of hers to make her win over KR. 

Poor AB…now tries to win over KR again through HB’s ways and finally she succeeds. So currently KR is not allowed his brain to get washed by the evil trios.😈.DB-BB-NB. 😤

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Cast : 

Aditi Jaltare plays the role of Ahilyabai Holkar. She is the daughter of Mankoji Shinde and Sushilabai who gets married to the son of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar and Rani Gautama Bai Sahib, Khande Rao, at the age of nine. She is a very kind- hearted, intelligent and open-minded person who wishes to study. She struggles under the clutches of a patriarchal society to gain equal rights as men but later overcomes all barriers, with her sheer dedication and support of her father-in-law, and becomes an inspiration for generations to come. She tries to make Khanderao happy and make him her friend but fails miserably , yet she never loses hope . (2021–present)

Also referred as Ahilya or AB in the discussions.

Rajesh Shringarpure plays the role of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar, the King of Malwa region under the Maratha empire. He has four wives (Gautama, Dwarka, Bana and Harku) and is a father of two (Seetabai and Khanderao). He is a courageous, kind, and intelligent man who is deeply respected and loved by all. He decides to marry his son to a village girl called Ahilya when he stops by at the village on his course and is immensely impressed by her intelligence and kindness towards others. He decides so because he thinks that having a wife like Ahilya will make his son more responsible, who is gearing up to become the future ruler of the kingdom of Malwa. He is an open-minded person who is not in favour of orthodox beliefs and traditions and supports Ahilya whenever she is scolded by her mother-in-law or is treated unequally by her husband.(2021–present)

Also referred as Malharrao or MR in the discussions.

Krish Chauhan plays the role of Khande Rao Holkar. He is the only son of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar and Gautama Bai Sahib and the husband of Ahilyabai Holkar. He is quite arrogant in nature and deems himself worthy enough to be the future king of Malwa region. After getting married to Ahilya, he takes it upon himself to make her life miserable as he assumes that she wants to take over his position and rights because his father always helps and supports her. He is quite jealous of Ahilya and blames her for all his shortcomings. He always gets pampered by his mother who often to please him, scolds Ahilya.(2021–present)

Also referred as Khanderao or KR in the discussions.

Snehlata Vasaikar as Queen of Malwa Gautama Bai Sahib Holkar. She is the first wife of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar, Mother of Khanderao and Mother-in-law of Ahilya. She is clever, intelligent and smart. Everytime she pampers her son a lot and blindly supports him in every way possible even though if she knows that it is wrong, in her son's love. She never misses any way to taunt Ahilya or count her small mistakes(2021–present).

Also referred as Gautama or GB in the discussions.

Srijana Srj as Harku Bai Sahib Holkar. She is the fourth wife of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar. She is the most sweet and kind - hearted one among all the queens, supports and cares a lot about Ahilya and treats her like a best friend, makes her feel comfortable with her they both share their secrets to each other (2021–present).

Also referred as Harku or HB in the discussions.

Sukhada Khandkekar as Dwarka Bai Sahib Holkar. She is the second wife of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar. Seetabai's mother and Gunoji's mother-in-law. She is cunning and hates Khanderao a lot and cannot see him become the king's successor. She always brainwashes Khanderao to do wrongdoings so that the king will get frustrated and remove him from the post of his successor but is scared of Ahilya's presence. She wants her Son-in-law Gunoji to be the future king of Malwa and her daughter Seetabai as the future queen of Malwa(2021–present).

Also referred as Dwarkabai or DB in the discussions.

Bhagyashree Nhalve as Bana Bai Sahib Holkar. She is the third wife of Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar. She is of bubbly and childish nature, and because of her foolishness she supports Queen Dwarka in her plans/wrongdoings (2021–present).

Also referred as Banabai or BB in the discussions.

Shreya Choudhary as Renu. She is Ahilya's best friend. She had to struggle a lot to live her life openly because she became a widow after just a few months of her marriage and the orthodoxness of the society she wasn't allowed to do many things. Later, Ahilya after requesting a lot was able to bring her to the palace of Malwa from Chaundi village. She supports and helps Ahilya a lot in her life (2021–present).

James Naivedhya Ghatge as Tukoji Rao Holkar Malhar Rao and Gautama's nephew, Khanderao's cousin. He is intelligent and one of Malhar Rao's most trusted nobles. He helps Khanderao and Ahilya to become friends with each other (2021–present).

Also referred as Tukoji or TR in the discussions.

Sameer Deshpande as Mankoji Shinde. He is Ahilya's father, Khanderao's father-in-law and Sushilabai's husband. He loves his daughter dearly and can go any way to protect her. He teaches moral values to Ahilya which she applies in her day to day life (2021–present).

Sulakshana Joglekar as Sushilabai. She is Mankoji Shinde's wife, Ahilya's mother and Khanderao's mother-in-law. She teaches Ahilya how to live properly at her in-laws place and sometimes even scolds and taunts her yet she loves and misses her a lot(2021–present).

Harsh Joshi as Gunojirao, Seetabai's husband, Son-in-law of Malhar Rao Holkar and Dwarka. He wants to become the king of Malwa, along with his father who is one of Malhar Rao's nobles plan to kill Malhar Rao and Khanderao but always fail miserably. No one in the palace is aware of he and his father's wrongdoings.(2021–present)

Also referred as Jawai Saheb or Gunoji in the discussions.

Varada Patil as Seetabai. She is Dwarka Bai and Malhar Rao's daughter and Gunoji's wife (2021–present).

Also referred as Seetabai or SB in the discussions.

Yamoonabai, Dwarkabai's assistant cum personal maid from her ancestral house is called Namoonabai in the discussions due to her comic and intersting ideas.

Aryan Preet as Ahilya's elder brother. He is Mankoji and Sushilabai's son (2021–present).

Abhay Harpale as Gangoba Tatya, one of king Malhar Rao's trusted nobles (2021–present).

Courtesy : Wikipedia 

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 

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