SaiRat SS "Second chance at love" updt Part 11 on pg 35 dt 29/04/21 - Page 4

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Dimagnehihai


Waiting for update 

ho raha hai jismiley36

bas kuch minute mein

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Seema978

Seems interesting... Can’t wait to read what’s next!!


virat's pov will be there next followed by sai's pov

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hope you will like the updates

Posted: 2 months ago

Hey author, such a beautiful start. 


Perfectly explains POVs of these two munchkins. 

Eagerly waiting for the next part.smiley42

Posted: 2 months ago

Hii, I am here with the update. The first few updates will be from Virat and Sai's pov to give you the idea about the plot and what changes I have made from the show's plot. Hope you guys will like it. Please hit the like button and leave comments to let me know what you feel about it. Feel free to give suggestions.

Part 1


Virat’s pov

I am sitting in the mandap, all ready to take marriage vows with an almost stranger girl. Almost, because I know her since one month but not much, not in that way that usually requires to get married to someone. She is Sai Joshi, daughter of Inspector Kamal Joshi, my trainer, mentor, guide during my academy days.

When I joined duty in Gadh chiroli, I never knew my life will change completely. There was a terror of local politician and goon Vitthal and his son Jagtap Mane in this town. I got to know from Kamal sir that Jagtap was harassing Sai since few months.  After few incidents where I managed to get hold of Vitthal and Jagtap’s collar and put them to jail, I thought the problem was solved. I went to attend my brothers marriage peacefully but I got a call from Kamal sir that Jagtap ran away from custody and has now kidnapped Sai to take revenge by forcefully marrying her. But thankfully I reached on time and saved Sai. I was about to kill Jagtap when suddenly out of nowhere he grabbed one officer’s gun by pushing him and fired at me. I couldn’t even fathom what happened when I found Kamal sir has come in between death and me took the bullet from Jagtap’s gun.

I forgot to breathe for few moments, almost feeling as if the bullet has pierced my heart. I dont know how I got up and arrested Jagtap but when I turned around to help Kamal sir, he was already taking his last breath and he asked for the promise from me to take care of his daughter. Together with him Sai’s happiness and dreams were dead too.

As per my promise I offered to take the responsibility of Sai’s education and well being but crazy village people had something else on their mind. They all wanted me to marry Sai.

MARRY SAI! Like really?

She is literally a teenager, just 19, at least 10 years younger than me and on the top of that she is so rude, haughty, hypercritical although cute girl...

hey! wait, did I just call her cute?

F**k it. My mind is over worked right now with all the events of past few days. And ya, in her anger she held me responsible for Kamal sir’s death. Weird, I know but couldn’t actually blame her looking at her condition.

I tried to explain to villagers that I will take Sai’s responsibility regarding monetary issues and if they are so willing to get her married then I will sponsor that too. They did try to find her a groom in spite of her protest but they gave up ultimately as no one in the town was ready to marry a girl whom Jagtap Mane fancied. The villagers again tried to pressurize me but I clearly said no to them. Vitthal Mane got me transferred to Nagpur and I decided to leave this city for good. I had barely crossed the town border when I got to know that Sai has tried to commit suicide.

I rushed back to Gadhchiroli in full speed and the sight before me left me unnerved, shivering, almost sucking out the life from me. Sai was lying in the pool of blood. I picked her up in my arms and rushed to the hospital, all the while praying for her life. She was struggling for her life and I was watching from the glass door, waiting outside the hospital room. There was a moment when I saw doctor’s face, he hung his shoulder down in disappointment and I thought we lost Sai. I dont know what happened to me in those few seconds, before I could have thought rationally I pushed open the door and rushed towards Sai’s bed. I held her hand in mine and spoke, “Sai, you cant do this. Dont leave us, dont leave me like this. I couldn’t save Kamal sir but please you dont go like this or else I’ll never be able to forgive myself. Please come back. I promise I’ll be there for you...always.”

Still I am trying to figure out how those words came in my mind and what made me utter them to Sai like some possessed person but it did the trick. She coughed and started breathing in spasm and from there doctor took over and pushed me out of the room. Sai was saved. Villagers brought up the marriage topic again and this time they didn’t need to persuade me because I said yes for it myself. In that hour, I felt Sai needs me and I am not the one who backs away from their responsibilities.

I called Sai to talk about our marriage and man she was so angry on me.

“How dare you to say yes to this marriage?” She had asked with fire in her eyes.

I backed away a few steps from the tigress or else she would have clawed me. She looked like an angry goddess in that moment...divine.

Oh wait, did I just praised her again? F**k it! My mind is not functioning properly.

There was something related to my past which I wanted to share with Sai. I told her everything about Pakhi. Pakhi...Pakhi...I used to take that name with so much love only a few days ago but my happy little world full of love for Pakhi shattered into pieces when I got to know she is marrying my brother Samrat. I met Pakhi in two days yoga camp before joining my duty in Gadh chiroli. Those two days were the most beautiful days of my life,  or atleast I thought so. We fell in love with each other.  I know people will judge for falling in love in just two days but hey, love is love. We dont have control over our heart when we find “the special one” Only a moment is enough to experience love. Thats what I used to believe. I had to report immediately in Gadh chiroli and due to some strange unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t confess my love and also lost Pakhi’s number. Then I directly met her in the haldi ceremony of my brother.

I was shocked; the same girl whom I thought loved me is marrying my brother. She was equally shocked and blamed me of cheating her by not picking her phone calls and talking to her rudely. That was the time when it dawned upon me that just getting attracted by beauty is not enough for falling in love, we need to spend some time with that person to know their overall personality, attributes, character traits. Like really? She called me few times and I couldn’t took her calls due to busy routine then I couldn’t recognize her voice because I was talking to her for the first time over phone and she deduced from it that I cheated her, that I was just doing timepass with her in yoga camp.

Heights of stupidity!

When finally our misunderstanding got cleared, she requested me to say truth to my family and stop her marriage with my brother. She wanted to marry me in the same mandap. I was in dilemma. On one side there was my love, she was stupid but still...I loved her and on other side there was my brother. Samrat was my cousin but he was more than a real brother, he was a friend, best pal and he had saved my life once. He was eating off my brain over phone since few days by praising his would be wife Patralekha. It was very clear that he was besotted by her. Just like me, he too fell in love with Patralekha in just few meetings.

Can I do that to my brother? Can I crush his dreams and get married to his love? The answer was loud and clear. “No” I cant do that to my brother, to my family. Therefore I said no to Pakhi and left her to decide for herself. I made it clear to her that whether she decides to get married to Samrat or not, I wont marry her now. She is my brother’s love interest and I have decided to sacrifice my love for him. I cant be happy in my life by marrying the same girl who my brother desired. I cant be that shameless and selfish.

Later I got to know that Pakhi hadn’t called off the wedding. I thought she took a wise decision because Samrat was a gem of a person. But she gave me another shock when she revealed that she had married him because she will get to see me in the family. She loves me and will never be happy with Samrat. She will spend her whole life in an unwanted relation and be unhappy her whole life just to make me feel guilty of not choosing her over my family.

To be honest she lost my respect a little that day. She was not doing justice with herself and with Samrat, she was just being vengeful. But I thought Samrat will win her heart and everything will be fine in few days but then God had some other plans. Samrat joined duty the very next day and went missing in action. That was the time when I really felt guilty for Pakhi’s situation. I knew it was not my fault but still...somehow, she was in this situation because of me. I did everything for my brother’s sake and he is not even there. Pakhi almost become a widow. I didn’t want this kind of life for her. So in order to repent the mistake I have done unknowingly I vowed to myself that I would not let anyone come in my life till Samrat comes back and reunites with Pakhi. I will not have any relationship or be romantically involved with anyone until Pakhi and Samrat find love in each other or if God forbids, Samrat didn’t come back then till Pakhi finds love again. I know its twisted but I did what I felt right at that time. If my brother was missing and the girl whom I loved is left for living a widow’s life then how I can move on in life?

So when Sai came to meet me before our marriage, I told her everything. I asked her to not expect anything from me beyond normal friendship. We will be only husband and wife for namesake. I wont do anything for her which a normal husband do and I also dont expect from her any wifely duties. I gave her a option that once she fulfills her dream of becoming a doctor she can leave this marriage. For a minute, I had a doubt she will say no to me but she said yes and here we are, sitting next to each other in mandap.

“Kanya ko mangalsutra pehna dijiye.” Pandit ji asked and brought me out of my reverie. I followed the instructions obediently.


to be continued....

precap- Sai's pov

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Devikadish

Hey author, such a beautiful start. 


Perfectly explains POVs of these two munchkins. 

Eagerly waiting for the next part.smiley42


thanks for the encouraging words

updated the first part. hope you would like it.

Posted: 2 months ago

awesome update 

loved it 

chalo he didn't give that promise to bhabhi self oath hai thank god 

looking forward to read next part 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by linakusharberry

awesome update 

loved it 

chalo he didn't give that promise to bhabhi self oath hai thank god 

looking forward to read next part 


glad you liked it

yes he didnt gave vaada to vahini, desperately wanted to make this changesmiley36 and he didnt even forced her to marry samrat heresmiley36

will update soon

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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