A compilation of Rubina's priceless rubies! - DT Note Pg. 40

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Posted: 1 months ago

Here's my labour of love to the forum, a compilation of Rubina's priceless rubies!

It's my great honour, ladies and gentlemen, to post just for you all


First many pearls that dropped from the precious mouth of Ruby Madam

1.     Don't jump on conclusions

2.     If Aly can explain you

3.     You deflate with different radars

4.     Shift yourself

5.     Shut yourself

6.     I want to extremely protect you from outside

7.     Make a distance

8.     What kind of a human or an artist you are?

9.     She has more likeability for you

10.  Idea is not to run the karya

11.  Bigg boss has to pluck her out from the karya on the pretext what has happened

12.  Because everything is just itching you a lot

13.  I think now you're talking extra

14.  And you're being a rude

15.  Yeah right, observe your mind

16.  I am talking there, I am not talking this

17.  I'll have to flip Jasmin, I'll have to flip you.

18.  Don’t independent me.

19.  Your stomach is the most upset stomach in the house.

20.  Because he has a degenerative way of asking votes.

21.  My fans please vote him

22.  No double beating!

23.   Speaking to jasmin about Arshi - I am not that category yaar

24.  I am at least not her category

25.  I will respond her in her category (good lord!!! is this from Hindi?? Aukaat or something like that??smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37)

26.  To Salman - I laughed on your joke

27. To salman again on the finger gesture - I would have adapted it. (lol adopt, adapt - confusion hi confusion hai bhaiya) smiley37smiley37

28. Speaking to Nikki and this pearl is priceless and is the mother of all pearls - For 3 months with so much of love and fondity I have made food yaar. smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37 wow fondity!!!!

29. Speaking about Arshi, madam Rubina said - If she will go continuously, who will want to get into the filth yaar? (from Hindi? Agar woh bolti jayegi toh kaun gand me ghusega or something like that?? Sorry my Hindi is bad)

30. Speaking to Salman about the finger thingie - She just reacted and I gave her that

31.  I cannot be crafted like others.

32.  I am victim

33.  I don't highlight on them

34.  You know what physical and mental issues I go with

35.  I have been begging in front of you

36.  You do your job which you are doing shamelessly

37.  Who picks up fights for fake reality

38.  I am giving it her back

39.  I am living under the same house

40.  You’re so fake, there is no realnessness in you!

41.  I’m suffering sinus! 

42.  Despite the fact when you came rampanting on me

43.  You should listen to me when I’m downtrodden

44.  It just got kicked in right now.

45.  Can't I even have some peace to it?

46.  Whom should I respond?

47.  I should sit like a dumb.

48.  Tum jab downtrodden hote ho

49.  I am explaining you

50.  How emotionally I am downtrodden

51.  Your reputation value matters

52.  Me itne moved up state me hoon

53.  Can you cut this please?

54.  If this success is costing her fame

55.  That is your problems or your complexities

56.  Superiority is not a stigma

57.  He is emotionally downtrodden

58.  Authoritativeness

59.  False narration (instead of false narrative)

60.  Knee-jerk reaction (used in wrong context)

61. You are a headless chicken (Ruby madam's favourite set of words for people she hates) smiley37

62. You are a baseless, a tasteless (To Kavita)

63. Talk to me here (showing her face smiley37)

64. Do not try and independ to which kavita says independent nahin in-ti-mi-date and then Ruby the great queen says don't try to intimate me. smiley37smiley37 (Intimidate is too much of a mouthful for madam apparently)!

65. Your etiquettes are just zero

66. To Rahul - That's why you just flutter around

67. Leave it and walk smiley37

68.To Vikas speaking about Disha Parmar and discussion during the nomination task (by the way Madam came across as a liar) - Tum personal inclination lekar aaye (disha parmar = personal inclination for Ruby madamsmiley37)

69. To Rahul - You are nominated why are you dancing? (mind you, not said when he was actually dancing!! smiley37)

70. She told Eijaz in her strident voice: Your understanding is pea-sized, and then went on to translate it in Hindi. Lol. Brain ka toh suna hai, a pea-sized brain, so madam went one step further and applied it to understanding!! Trust her!

72. Uske baad slack ho jayega.

73. Sorry, I showed a concern (oh so we can count concern hehehehe) for your stomach because your stomach only is the most upset stomach in the house. smiley37smiley37smiley37 Really gold medalist standard English, isn't it?

74. Chal chal spineless (to Rahul) - spineless what Ruby mam?? Spineless is an adjective, where's the noun??

75. It's a action and reaction. 

76. They'll take the call. (the call or a call on something Ruby madam??)

77. Shut up and walk out! (To Eijaz. Walk out of where??? smiley37smiley37)

78. That was such a bad breath! (To Rahul - oh so breath too is countable here, is it? a bad breath, many bad breaths????) smiley37smiley37

79. Don't even touch me.

80. he is much better off (instead of he is much better as in he is feeling much better. Lol. better off and better are synonyms for Madam Gold Medalist!)

81. He was the most unpunctual human being on the earth! (speaking about abhinav) - on earth or on the earth?? and human being hahaha. She does have huge problems with her articles. smiley37 

82. Mere paas saamaan sirf cut-to-cut hai. (Errr what is cut-to-cut? She was referring to the missing blender, makeup stuff)

83. She is disgusting from here to another level yaar! (From where Ruby madamji?) smiley37

84. This woman is just coming and poking for no rhyme and reason. (poking who? And sorry madam ji, it can't be rhyme and reason because that makes no sense, it's rhyme or reason, got it?? No, obviously not!) smiley37

85. Me issi contemplation me thi. (smiley37smiley37 - while speaking to Salman Khan, contemplation?? Kahin aap meditation ki baat toh nahin kar rahi thi? contemplation or I was just thinking about this??)

86. That beauty blender is only available in certain shops only. (how many times only ruby madamji? Waise ek baar hi kaafi hota hai for ordinary mortals like us) smiley37 

86. She is giving absurd of all the reasons. (About Arshi - what kamaal ka syntax madamji!!!)smiley37

87. He responds it. smiley37smiley37

88. Yahan se dividation hota hai - dividation? How does she come up with these? 🤣🤣 She meant to say division!  Some MA English Gold Medalist 🤮 (Courtesy Tulip235 smiley27)

89. You are sounding a fool. (Madam ji said this loud and clear and confident as hell to Rahul!) smiley7

90. Rubina talking to herself that "Why am I strutting around in the kitchen?" Matlab ya toh she doesn't know the meaning of strutting around or she has accepted that usme ghamand haismiley37smiley37 (Courtesy Soanz.19)

91. Whosoever has done this is the most stupidest person on the earthsmiley37 (Latest pearl from the Ruby stable)

92. She said twice in a row - This is a cheap entertainment. smiley37 (madam does have huge issues with articles in English!!)

93. She said - This is exactly the place whereas what she wanted to tell Vikas was that this was the right time to explain things to Rakhi!smiley37

94. Now is the time when you have to tell her where is she going to look a villain or where is she going to look a good.  (hahahahaha. Crazy isn't it coming from a gold medalist and MA in English?) smiley37

95. Again she told hubby - Don't talk extra. (This is her favourite sentence!!smiley37)

96. Let's test it on a bigger ground. (utterly nonsensical because it made no sense even in the context!)

97. She said - That's a underlying psychological issue.

98. About Rahul in the press conference - He should give me silence. smiley37

99. About Niki in the press conference - I only work on vibes. (What does she mean yaar!! This woman is too much!)

100. About Rahul - He wants to become the aggressive side. smiley37

101. How much she loves using "knee-jerk reaction" but every time in the wrong context!!!smiley37

102. Also headless chicken is a hot favourite with Ruby madam but always used in the wrong context!

103. I believe madam said - Don't talk nuisance in the live feed. smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37 (Courtesy Nazban)

104. Madam said - Jo destruct karte hain. (wow new verb for destroy!!).

105. This was a unfair decision. (ufff same article issue!!!!)

106. Another favourite word of madam ji - Muttermind. smiley37

107. This is not something I am going to support nor I am going to tolerate.

108. She told Rakhi loud and clear - You are representing the woman of our country! (isn't madam aware of the plural form of woman??)

109. Do not girao the purdah on these sensibilities. (I dare you to decode this one hahahaha. smiley37)

110. This is the most dishappening thing! (yet another new adjective wow!! smiley37)

111. To Salman - There is no right and wrong sir! (try saying right or wrong next time Rubi madam ji OK?) smiley37

112. You want to ride on her back, ride on her back! hahahaha, funny images popping up in my mind just envisioning this!smiley37

113. She said - I never ask for anybody's votes (she wanted to say support lol).

114. Arshi ne overlap kiya. Hahahaha overlap???? Arshi ne ya Arshi ka conversation ne??? She is so illogical that it's not even funny!

115. He'll make it a hue and cry (speaking about Rahul again getting the expression wrong! man why doesn't she just drop trying to act over smart by using various expressions when she clearly doesn't master them? The expression Ruby madam is To make a hue and cry of something not make something a hue and cry!!! Tsk tsk! smiley39

116. Speaking about not making Niki mend her ways, she said - May be not speaking looks like a support. (Article article !!!!) 

117. I will not at all support any of your so-called entertainment element. (syntax, grammar all gone for a toss!!)

118. Naada khinchna has no perspective to be understood. wow bhaari but smiley37 

119. I don't want people again to say - screwed up syntax!!!!!!

120. This was the only purpose for reason - lol, I am sure only she understands what she blurts out often accompanied by her devilish banshee like unbearable and scary laughter!

121. With all the dramas - speaking about Rakhi - wow dramas???? smiley37

122. Might well as well. smiley37

123. You don't know what you're talking - classic problem of using talking instead of speaking. MA and gold medalist in English???

124. You talk unnecessary but good performance. hahahaha

125. I request you from the deep of my heart - smiley37

126. Calm yourself down - hahahaha. Why not just calm down considering it can't be calm myself down or calm himself down hahahaha. smiley37

127. How dare she said this!!!!  

128. She deserved even something worse than this. - syntax so so so messed up!

129. When Devo was throwing a fit, Rubina Madam said - I want to understand what is itching and inspiring you (to Devo)” to behave the way she was ! Itching and inspiring? 🤔😲🤣🤣  (Courtesy Tulip235smiley27 and KunwaariDaayansmiley27)

130. Don't take it on another tangent.

131. Speaking to or about Devo, she said: Why is this a sudden outbreak. smiley37smiley37

(I suppose she wanted to say, why this sudden outburst) smiley37

Outbreak for outburst!!! Man she should seriously stop speaking in this language!!

132. This is a drama slash smiley37(She said very clearly: This is a drama and added slash and stopped there.)smiley37smiley37

133. I'll bear my own fruits. smiley37smiley37

134. Aly ko karne de, don't disrupt him! smiley37smiley37

135. You are ugly mouth woman! smiley37smiley37smiley37

136. Speaking to Rahul, she said - That's called maturity and sensibility lol meaning being sensible. Sensibility has a different meaning but I guess it's asking too much of Rubina to know this! lol

137. And she said loud and clear - You play in an indignified way smiley37smiley37 The expression is in an undignified manner!! Lol

138. You have too much of insecurity (how many kilos mam??). you don't have to spill over. Lol now what's that supposed to mean?smiley37

139. It does not prove your point strong. (I guess only Rubina's weirdly wired brain will be able to make head or tail of many things she says!)

140. You are spilling your unhappiness over Aly also. smiley37

141. I made effort or I didn't make effort. smiley37

142. You must have come with fresh perspective. (articles pose a huge problem for madam)

143. It was a pent up of 2 weeks!! (just pent up??? hahaha) smiley37

144. We have lived a journey. (Wow, to live a journey!!??)

145. I couldn't have stepped one step without you. (Pleonasm - to step a step).

146. Publically (used by the whole Dilaik family!)smiley37

147. Don't talk extra! (again runs in the family. Abhinav said this too)smiley37

148. What is this happening?

149. I was aggressive to a quality that the relationships with my parentssmiley37smiley37

150. Inka conversation overheard kiya tha. smiley37

151. She was coming in the raadaaaar. smiley37

152. You are concocting (end of sentence!smiley37)

153. False negative (hahahahaha and she was not talking about anything remotely related to the medical field trust me!)

154. Have patience of listening back also. smiley37

155. Explain me with a little more patience. smiley37

156. Just don't frown yourself (what is this even supposed to mean!!!!)

157. She is only shifting the conversation.

158. I was happy looking at you - she meant I was happy to see you 🤣 (Courtesy Tulip235smiley27)

159. After Sallu's outburst, Abhinav asked Rubina "are you ok?" Madam said - I'm just REVERBEDsmiley37smiley37smiley37 - Iska matlab koi mujhe samjhaado please. Madam aakhir kehna kya chahti thismiley36 (Courtesy Soanz.19smiley27)

160. Ruby to Abhinav - Every time u end ur convo with Jas ke sath kya ho gaya tha.. So recalcitrate.smiley37 (Courtesy Armu4eva)

161. She is shitting a conversation 😲 (Courtesy Tulip235smiley27)

162. Rubina to Salman: "at all not sir" 😂😂😂😂😂 (Courtesy infinity101smiley27)

163. She had told Arshi - If you have the courage, just break me Miss headless chicken! smiley37smiley37

164. Speaking about Jasmin in the panchayat task - She is the girth of inhumanity. smiley37smiley37

165. I have a beautiful mind and I refrain everybody to subject that!! (unbeatable isn't it, what does this even mean?????)smiley37smiley37

166. So that is my clarity and confidence!!! Hahahaha

167. Beshaq I will be called a negative!smiley37

168. Tera upfront aur upstraight nature mujhe bahut pasand hai. (upstraight nature???smiley37smiley37)

169. Yeh add karega hamare pastey me bharpoor masala. (pasta became pastey)smiley37

170. Isme humne ek piri piri ka dash daala hai smiley37 (crazy isn't it?)

179. She told salman she had no idea about the prize money and i quote - till good 10th or 11th week.

180. She gave nice big speech. (errr missing article again Madam ji??) smiley37

181. She wants a SCENARIO to be created (Ruby to Nikki over Rakhi’s baingan issue) (Courtesy DaddyMarvelsmiley27)

182. My people (for mere log) smiley37 

183. To poor Rahul - Shut up and zip your mouth! smiley37

184. Are you OK listening to what they are talking?? (saying madamji not talking! tsk tsk, just saying lol)smiley37 

185. None of you are less. (??????) smiley37

186. Scope of correction. 9scope for toh suna hai, scope of???)smiley37smiley37

187. Hence I moved here. (speaking about coming to BB house for participating in the show. Freudian slip?? Even them moved here nahi hota hai, moved in hota hai gold medalist ji!) smiley37. Waise who uses hence and all in spoken informal English??? hahaha

188. Not afraid to put myself at a vulnerable position. (in madam ji not at!!!!) smiley37

189. I know it's an additional thing!! (??????)

190. You can't burn down somebody's castle for your woh man! (whaaaat even!!!)smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37

191. We are the luckiest to work in covid. smiley37

192. To defend an object, they have a staaaance. smiley37smiley37

193. In an IV after winning (smiley21) - hum aise couple hain who don't believe in showing off without any reason!!! (satyanash of English, verb conjugation, vocabulary, etc., etc.!!!) smiley37smiley37

194. That can only be our heart to do that. (now you figure it out, I have no idea what this means - yeh sirf hamara dil kar sakta hai????!) smiley37

195. Speaking about Rahul and Rakhi and after claiming that they are carrying a baggage and should get rid of the baggage (sic lol), she said - Then only they'll be able to embrace and accept me! (by the way she loves using embrace in all wrong ways and contexts!!) smiley37smiley37 

196. In her thank you speech during her first live after winning, she says clearly and as usual with great confidence, looking coy as hell - And special thanks to Colors, Bigg Boss team, Endemol and of course Salman Sir for destroying their faith in me!!  smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37. (Courtesy Radiant_Eyes smiley27)  

197. Who rejoice your successsmiley37

198. They just wanted to rejoice what I have achievedsmiley37

199. That’s great question (madam ji said to her interviewer) smiley37

200. I have lived the journey honestly smiley37 (with honesty or honestly??? lol)

201. You are uprooting them to come out into everybody’s eye (speaking about turmoils, whhhat brand of English is this???????????????????????) smiley37

202. I apologized her again (speaking of Jasmin) smiley37

203. I can’t force it beyond, I can’t push it beyond (beyond what Ruby madam ji??) smiley37

204. That’s why people were able to connect us on a very authentic level (connect us? on a very authentic level? tsk tsk madam ji!) smiley37

205. Even his criticism with a positive stride (with??? Prepositions messed up much,) smiley37

206. Rakhi to aisi hi hai this is how you could have dealt (where is the preposition madam rubi ji??)smiley37

207. I believe in letting go things!!smiley37

208. Me samajh sakti hun what is she going through. (syntax syntax tsk Ruby madam ji!!)smiley37

209. Meri aur Aly ki 30 grands ki shart lagi hai (30 grands????)smiley37

210. There was some deep dark side that had hit her badly. (Whaaaat!!!! sounds pretty scary!) smiley37

211. I had seen her, how psychologically it affected her. (syntax again!!!!!) smiley37

212. He owes me 30 grands. (wow she is so delusional, she claims that she didn't encourage Jasmin to throw water on Rahul, she has laid a bet with Aly for 30 grands smiley37 and she is sure she has won it though we clearly saw in Rahul's journey IV that she indeed had egged Jasmin on to do even worse!!)

213. You know, few relationships, they transform in an unspoken kind of a scenario. (what does this even mean ruby madam ji??)smiley37

214. He is a guy who believes in science more, the facts more, I am the person who bases things over spirituality. smiley37

215. Absolutely, the heartbreaks have taught me the lessons of my life and I will not deny them.smiley37

216. We were clear with our understanding of what we are looking into a partnership - lol while speaking about her marriage!

217. Abhi bhi bahot saare cheezein hain that we agree to disagree. (no disagree with mind you smiley37)

218. What matters for me is my family and if they are happy and and if they are content and if they are behind me blablablabla (prepositions really screwed up big time!!! - matters for me? if they are behind me??).

219. You know, I was a complete mess-up!smiley37

220. That much how my attention and energy was just taken by the whole thing.smiley37

221. Uplinks (I have no idea what she meant by this, the interviewer also looked nonplussed) ke na aise 8 se 10 uplinks banaye hain, which weren't even true, which weren't even EXISTENTIAL!!!! (oh yes this is exactly what she said!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine??) smiley37

222. 24 hours was minimum that I was working. smiley37smiley37

223. I succumbed to the things which were not even existential! (again??? By the way she means which didn't even exist!) smiley37

224. Tumne woh wali film dekhi hai and I said no I was in school time

225. Now a blockbuster - maine kaha I just want to rush from here, run from here, I as an artist matter which platform, which medium it is given to me, I am going to excel the way I am and all these people and all these allegations (and mind you the context had nothing remotely related to allegations), all these NASTISTIC (I swear she invented this word right there!!!!!) feeds, I don't want to be, you know, supply to them. smiley37smiley37

226. Ah I am not A big boss material (repeated twice)smiley37

227. Hence the reason hum donon gaon bhi chale gaye. (Have never heard anybody using hence so much while speaking! and here toh double dhamaka, hence bhi the reason bhi!!)smiley37

228. Me hamesha prism clear rahti hun apne thought me apne interaction me. (first of all liar and delusional and secondly prism clear?????)smiley18

229. One of the many thousand example that he very conveniently said. (example in singular and 30 grands in plural? Tsk tsk madamji!! Some serious wiring problems in the brain I must say!) smiley37

230. In our contemporary times kehte hain na alpha male and alpha female, so that's what we associate. (prepositions always go for a toss with madamji! associate with madam ji?? hear of it?)smiley37

231. He proposed me again for another marriage! (this he proposed me always gets my goat!!!!!!!!!) smiley3

232. I misconstrued the intention that he was expressing with, Salman sir was expressing with, hence I took that decision, and hence I had a strong confession about it. (OUCH that hurt!!! So so messed up man!)smiley37  

233. Question: Your least favourite task in the BB house.

Rubina's answer: My least favourite is folding laundries. (laundries if you please)smiley37

234. A trait that she doesn't like is - Personal unhygiene (hahaha unhygiene - another new word coined by Madam ji!)smiley37

235. I used to not give up the tasks. (Weird way of saying I never used to give up on tasks!!) smiley37

236. I don’t show them what the turmoil ya what is going inside and that’s me.smiley37

237. Try and break him towards you, try and break her towards you smiley37

238. You have to be in good terms (in good terms or on good terms madam ji??)smiley37

239. At least I’ll make people whom I think can become captain (you will make people?? ahem ahem and whom you think???) smiley37

240. And a portion of my talent which is all dedicated towards art (a portion or a part?? dedicated to or towards??) smiley37

241. Aur jo aapki bhaasha hai that plays a very primal role in your artist side (primal role and artist side??? What kind of expressions are these gold medalist ji??)smiley37

242. Mujhse bhi zyada intelligent aur wisdom mere husband hain (oh yeah wisdom??) smiley37

New words and expressions coined by Ruby madam, MA in English - Neologisms

1. Independent used as a verb

2. Fondity - a new noun present only in the Rubictionary smiley37smiley37

3. Realnessness - a brand new noun in town smiley37

4. Likeability - To have likeability for someone smiley37

5. Rampant used as a verb and the expression is To come rampanting on someone smiley37smiley37smiley37

6. Downtrodden - New meaning to be added in the dictionary - to feel low = to be downtrodden.

7. Stigma - A new completely watered down meaning to be given to this weighty loaded word.

8. Authoritativeness - A new noun in the Rubictionary.

9. Dividation - Ruby madam's version of division if you please! smiley37

10. Publically - new word coined by Madam ji herself!

11. To destruct something - new verb coined by Ruby madam for To destroy! smiley37

12. Muttermind - New variant for your understanding is pea-sized (sic) not my words, from madam's/the horse's mouth literally. A new noun in town!

13. Dishappening - a new adjective found only in the Rubictionary!)smiley37

14. Existential - means something that exists for Madam. Used to replace the verb ''to exist''.smiley37

15. NASTISTIC - a new adjective coined by madam the gold medalist to replace nasty smiley37smiley37 unless of course she meant to use narcissistic in which case she failed miserably.

16. Unhygiene - a new noun in the Rubictionary signifying lack of hygiene. smiley37

Oxymorons (nonsensical) Ruby brand

1. Definitive definition smiley37

2. Fake reality smiley37

3. Direct connotation smiley37(There is nothing called a direct connotation because denotation is direct whereas connotation is by definition a hidden meaning!! Lol)

4. Aggressive to a quality smiley37

When logic goes for a toss

1. Agar mujhme supriyority complex hoti toh me sabko inferior nazar se dekhti smiley37

2. Aap apne aap koinferior samajhte hai isi liye aap mujhe superior bolte hai 

3. During a fight with Ejaz: 

R: by the book, aap psychology padke aye hain logon ke bhare mein woh nahin chalegi 

E: because that is my education 

R: that means I m uneducated in your eyes smiley37

4. Tu justify Abhinav's supriyority on BB, Ruby madam said:

Abhinav's IQ is better than 50% population of India. Logical isn't it?smiley37 

5. She herself claims that she is strutting around completely ignoring the usage and meaning of this expression!!!! How ridiculous she can be isn't it? Tsk tsk or poor knowledge of English the reason? haha smiley37

6. She used the term quote unquote when she was quoting no one lol. She said to Vikas speaking about Rakhi - Quote unquote This is a cheap entertainment. Ruby madam was quoting herself!!! smiley37

7. While counting the timing for Rahul and Aly in the tyre task, she loudly declared 1 minute 34 milliseconds. Arrey baba seconds kahan gaye??smiley39This is so Ruby illogical madam!!

8. Retaliate karti agar mujhe haar se dar lagta - this is when logic as usual goes for a toss with this lady!

9. When logic goes for a toss - speaking about Aly, bahot achha banda hai, woh aisa non-fussy ya woh nahin hai ki waghera wghara!!!


Now for pronunciation issues – words that were butchered by Ruby Madam

1.     Superiority pronounced as Supriyo rity

2.     Ambiguity pronounced as Am bye guity

3.     Downtrodden pronounced as Down true den

4.     Analogy pronounced as Anaalo gee

5.     Disparaging super weirdly pronounced, impossible to reproduce

6.     Volunteer pronounced as V-U-lunteer

7.     Radar pronounced as R-AA-daar

8.     Probability pronounced as Pro-ba-lity

9.     Boycott pronounced as By-cot

10.  Chronology super weirdly pronounced, impossible to reproduce

11.  Priority pronounced as Priorty

12. Muesli's pronunciation for Ruby madam is MOOZLY.smiley37

13. Genuine is pronounced as genuvin by madam. smiley37

14. Sarcasm pronounced as sarcaaaazam. smiley37

15. Inappropriately. She was trying so hard to get this right when she repeated what Rahul told her and finally kind of gave up.smiley37

16. Rivalry pronounced as raivlaari smiley37

17. Voluntarily pronounced as Volantairaly

18. Repeat pronounced as Rrrapeat 

19. Solution pronounced as Sssalushan smiley37

20. Respect pronounced as Rrrispect (18, 19, 20 Courtesy Tulip235smiley27)

21. Dismantle pronounced as dismentle.

22. Loyalty pronounced as Loyality - major pronunciation issues she has!!!!

23. Content pronounced as Containt smiley37

24. Exactly pronounced as Aigzactly smiley37

25. Suicidal pronounced as Societal smiley37

26. Accepting pronounced as Exceptingsmiley37

27. Equations pronounced as Equationz. smiley37

28. Aggressive pronounced as EGGRESSIVE.smiley37

29. Wary wary tasty for very very tasty. smiley37

30. Conversation pronounced as cunnverzation smiley37

31. Stance used wrong everywhere prinounced as staaaance smiley37

32. Promising pronounced as promizing. smiley37

33. Finale pronounced as Finailay smiley37 

34. Prize money pronounced as Price money smiley37smiley37

35. Apprehensive pronounced as Eprehensive smiley37

36. Include pronounced as INK LEWD. smiley37

37. Assume pronounced as AZUME smiley37

Delusion thy name is Rubina Dilaik (Quoted from her own words)

1. Me khud English literature me gold medalist rahi!!!!smiley37

2. Aur who cheez bhaasha me, pronunciation me aur enunciation me hamesha se dikhti aayi hai (haan haan humne dekha aur suna and the proof is this compilation madam ji!)smiley37

3. Mujhse bhi zyada intelligent aur wisdom mere husband hain. smiley37

New words we have coined for Rubina's English-related matters:

1. RUBBISH = Rubina's English and I quote - Google does not understand RUBBISH ( Rubina’s English)(Courtesy Showbizz) smiley37smiley37smiley37

2. RUBICTIONARY - The Rubina Dictionary smiley37smiley37smiley37

3. ROOGLE - A new search engine where you can find these words - Rubina's Google (Courtesy KunwaariDaayan with slight alterations made by me) smiley37smiley37smiley37

Hope you have fun reading this!

This is on Madam Rubina Dilaik, MA in English, topper and gold medalist in English as claimed by her!!smiley37smiley37


By the way Salman Khan directly quoted from this thread!! Hahahahaha!


Edited by Padmajaan - a day ago
Posted: 1 months ago

Lmao quite a lengthy list 😂

I'm afraid reading this thread comprising of Rubina's Masters level English will make me forget whatever little English I knowsmiley37

Will read it once and try to reply here in English if my it doesn't get screwed 😂

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by AngelAura

Lmao quite a lengthy list 😂

I'm afraid reading this thread comprising of Rubina's Masters level English will make me forget whatever little English I knowsmiley37

Will read it once and try to reply here in English if my it doesn't get screwed 😂

IKR, mine has got pretty much screwed up already while compiling this!!!!

I need a break now!smiley37

Posted: 1 months ago

I love your dedication for queen Rubina! Be it her fans or her critiques, she mesmerizes them all!smiley32

Kaash dusre nalle flop contestants like Eijaz, Arshi etc k bhi aise kuch fans/critiques hote to unka bhi bhala ho jaata & wo bhi Ormax list, BBTrendMaster & kuch popularity jeet lete..but then everyone can't be most loved & most talked about like Rubina. smiley27

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Oye_Chup_Kar

I love your dedication for queen Rubina! Be it her fans or her critiques, she mesmerizes them all!smiley32

Kaash dusre nalle flop contestants like Eijaz, Arshi etc k bhi aise kuch fans/critiques hote to unka bhi bhala ho jaata & wo bhi Ormax list, BBTrendMaster & kuch popularity jeet lete..but then everyone can't be most loved & most talked about like Rubina. smiley27

Sorry to burst your bubble. 

She disgusts me and she is probably the contestant I have hated the most.

Posted: 1 months ago

BULLYING in my terminology! And highly presumptuous!

Posted: 1 months ago

So there are two threads on Rubina’s english now...

Posted: 1 months ago

Ooooo do i smell fans of other contestants being mesmerised by Rubina more than their own tattu contestants who have a galiyon ki vocabulary. Jo bolenge toh ban hee hojayenge for life. Lol

Bigg Boss 14 

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