Abhiya FF: Once Upon A Time When I Fell In Love With You ch1 p2 4jun

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Posted: 11 months ago


Like a sudden blow of wind, he came into my life; made my normal orginary days scattered into pieces.

Like a sudden shower in warm summer days, he came into my life; rebuild it; nourished it and made me feel alive in a new light.

Like a beautiful dream, he arrived into my life making me special in this world after a long time.

Even though his existence was different, a dangerous entity for mankind; I was touched by his humanity.

But, the dreams are needed to be broken one day, when the intense Sunrays hit, when reality collided.

We never meant to be together. Against the Nature's Law I fell for him; even though we were supposed to be separated one day we crossed each other's road of fate like a sudden destiny of us.

I never regretted it even for a bit.

Afterall, Once Upon A Time When I Fell In Love With You I felt the most alive in my whole existence....


Piyali Jaswal, a new student of Mount College, orphan by her identity faced the most life changing experience in her 18 years old life.

When a mysterious student Abhay Raichand crossed the path she was walking on.

Let's see the unfolding saga of those two different people.




Prologue- page 1

Chapter 1- page 2

The link for Wattpad is here- 


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Posted: 11 months ago

very excited plz continuesmiley31

Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by cuteariya

very excited plz continuesmiley31

Thank you so much dear!

I will.❣

Posted: 11 months ago


Another beautiful, shiny, Sunny day of Derahdun; the gentle, cold breeze of hills was blowing in it's own rhythm after reflecting from the near snowy mountains. The leaves of long mountain trees were dancing with the rhythmic breeze. The tar and concrete made road of Derahdun was covered with the yellow, brown leaves of forest trees, coming from the both sides of the road. The golden rays of Sun crossed the greeny leaves; fell on the road, making various patterns with shadows.

Standing near the small tea shop beside the main road I was looking around the surroundings; waiting for the person for whom I came here in this 8 o'clock of morning.

The gentle, cold breeze was kissing my face; blowing my opened curly hair. With my two plams I was warming up my arms. The winter was coming which I could feel in the weather.

The place was emptier than usual; only a teenage boy with his grandfather were sitting on their small tea shop waiting for the regular customers.

I smiled sadly; thinking about my old days with him, coming here frequently. It was our hiding spot from the chaos of our daily life, our reality.

A black familiar car came near the shop after a while; parking it beside the road on it's usual spot, he got down from it. His signature long black French Coat was hanging from his toned, muscular, tall body, with his usual other black outfits and sunglasses. Putting his signature smile he came near me. I smiled him back; but it didn't reach to my eyes.

Standing in front of me he took of his glasses, revealing his mesmerising, mysterious blue eyes. His eyes were sparkling with happiness, unlike mine.

Which are in the pool of sadness. I hope; he doesn't notice...

"Thank you, Piya! Because of you I got my happiness back. Thank you a million times!" He spoke up first in his husky, manly, attractive voice making my heart flattered for a bit before sadness knocked in me again. I looked at his eyes which were still sparkling beautifully.

"Piya lets get you some breakfast first. Which place..."

"Abhay..I.." Holding my breath a little with my closed eyes, I looked at him again. He was smiling even after I cut his talk in middle.

"Abhay, let's, never meet again. Let's be strangers again.." I said smiling a little. His smile disappeared, placed with a confused expression.

"Piya.. what are you.." I cut his talk again.

"You got your destination back; you got everything which you had wanted badly. So, now, we should stop meeting and talking to each other; just like we used to be in our early day." I smiled at him again. His face got blank.

"Thank you for everything, Abhay. Goodbye." Without wasting any moment I began to walk on the way to go back. He was standing with his blank expression, looking at my direction.

Giving a last smile I turned my face towards the road ahead of me walking faster than usual. My heart was pounding loudly, tears were falling slowly. Finally, I released my grief of losing my Sunshine; the person whom I loved with my whole existence.

Thank you, Abhay for making my dreams come true.

Even for the shortest moment of my life...


Hey, guys.

So, finally the Prologue has been updated.
So how is it?
Let me know in the comment section.

Posted: 11 months ago

very emotional prologue 

pia is in love with abhay but he is in love with someone else?

poor pia sadly had to leave abhaysmiley38

plz continue

Posted: 10 months ago

Originally posted by cuteariya

very emotional prologue 

pia is in love with abhay but he is in love with someone else?

poor pia sadly had to leave abhaysmiley38

plz continue

Thank you so much dear! I will update it after completing my first Abhiya fanfiction PROPHECY-MEAN TO BE. Please keep supporting me like this!❣❣❣

Sukirti Kandpal Vivian Dsena Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 

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