Silent Epidemic of Depression & Suicide Sweeps Entertainment Industry

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Posted: 7 months ago

Extremely well written and sad. 

because of the stigma around mental health it’s so hard to come forward otherwise you might be called psycho, weak, fake. 

it will get better one day maybe smiley38

Posted: 7 months ago

 Wealth  is not equally distributed in India.  That's a  very big problem in our economy. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few Indians.  That's why rich is very rich and poor  more poorer.

Though tough, Government should start to take baby steps  regarding  minimum wage payment for Indian citizens. The saddest thing is even kids have to do labor work.  Because of  unequal distribution of wealth, corruption and India's huge population, millions of citizens are suffering.

If one crore people donate 1 rupee to Narender Modi's fund, it will collect 1 crore in a day and that money  can be used exclusively for people living below poverty line and other social causes. 

People having financial issues need to raise voices loud, so govt  and the general public can help them to face  crisis.

Posted: 7 months ago

In developed countries, employer's biggest expenditure is in regard to wages and salaries paid to the employees. They cannot concentrate wealth in their hands, they are required as per law  to pay minimum wage to their employees.

Posted: 7 months ago

I never knew people were so blind. SSRs death made me realize this. They think having a mental illness means ur crazy! WTH. How ignorant can people be???

Posted: 7 months ago

Everybody has some problem that their trying to work thru 

Posted: 7 months ago

Very well written 

The society needs to get more educated on such issues. Why is being depressed automatically associated with being mad, I will never understand. Also, it's sad that people refuse to come out fearing they will never get job and will be isolated from the social circle. It is worse than getting cancer, atleast in that people empathize with you not think of you as a lunatic. 

Moreover, if someone like deepika is coming forward and talking about a taboo topic, let her talk, let her preach atleast she is trying to normalise it. Don't shut her up with all your unnecessary hate and illogical Theories. 

Talking about mental health is as important as throwing a murderer in jail 

Posted: 7 months ago

We have many people like Kanganavirus consider mental health and depression as dandha. People shun or hide anyone who is showing any symptoms.

When I had depression I also had an extreme passive aggressive nature. I wanted to damage and destroy everything beyond repair. One day I saw an episode on crime show regarding apathy and passive aggressive attitude. It opened my eyes and I got help as I could relate to the character on the show.

Many people never get help and either become victim or accused in any crime.

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