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Posted: 3 years ago

Although I wasn't interested to watch Naagin4 after Naagin3 ended.But when I got to know Nia Sharma was going to the lead of N4.Truly speaking,I was skeptical how she would be as a Naagin.I have seen her other shows namely Jamai Raja (on and off) and EK Hazaro me..(on and off).So I haven't watched S4 untill this saturday (8.8.20).That was the first time I was watching Nia as a Naagin.Here my observation is on the basis of last two episodes.

So let's talk about saturday's episode when Brinda (although it was Vish I thought Brinda) was killing one after another,the anger Nia depict through her acting was commendable.She does have strong voice which made impact.Her body language+her eyes was flashing with anger.She can do anger scenes really well.

Now when those two girls were saying we helped you don't kill us there was a subtle change in her body language which I observed.That moment I felt something is fishy.It was revealed it was Vish ().But that change was well depicted by Nia.

As per story it wasn't Brinda but only satisfactory thing was all those part was done by Nia so Nia was able to show her acting.

As an actor,Nia got more chances in Saturday's epi.

In sunday's epi,there was some nice expression was given by Nia.When the show started,Brinda was seen in temple and her eyes was speaking like volumes.She does have expressive eyes.

Ekta and her writers did injustice with Brinda as a character also Nia as an actress as she wasn't not given proper chance to showcase her talent.N4 was failed it wasn't because of Nia.It was because people started loosing interest to see same thing again and again people got tired with poor writing no head no tail.

Too much of anything is not good.They brought seasons after seasons without improving their storyline.But Ek will never accept her fault.

From season 1 to season 3,Naagins took their own revenge so why Brinda was deprived of it? It was intentionally done.The way they sidelined Nia yesterday I felt so bad.

Last season (s3) they sidelined SJ but only thing that was satisfactory at last Bela took her own revenge.But here Nia had nothing to do yesterday.

But Nia,as far as I have observed you did your best.

All the best.May you get better projects than this stupid Ekta's Naagin4...


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Posted: 3 years ago

It feels great when non fans appreciates our favs 😳 That’s the best thing about N4 tbh😆People can see it wasn’t actors who failed, but the story was culprit.

Honestly I didn’t like Nia as Brinda initially, she proved me wrong. I didn’t know she had in her to be the fierce Naagin. 

Ekta had it all. The Naagin, the actors, leads chemistry. Yet they choose to ignore it 🤔 

Thanks for the post❤️ really appreciate it😳

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Posted: 3 years ago

Exactly! Creatives should accept that their recycle storyline and screenplay was the worst thing happend to N4 . Both Nia and VJ r great actors , their chemistry was amazing . Even when N4 started its TRP was 3+ and serial was on top 2 but unnecessary repeated misunderstanding Tracks , replacements, same storyline , same Revenge MU , Maynata murder and the worst thing was second marriage ! To be honest it’s not saas bahu saga where Sutan drama would work ! At last shalakha entry as a sautan spoiled the whole supernatural serial in which Mukhta and Ekta tried to turn it into a saas bahu saga ! To be honest I feel so sorry for both talented Nia and VJ and wish they work together in some other project . 

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Posted: 3 years ago

Nice analysis Priya👏I had watched Nia in Ek hazaro me Meri behena hai for a week or so.But I hadn't watched  jamai raja so no idea Abt  her role.But I was happy ke Nia ko liya hai.I also watched first time Nia ko.Par Jasmin bhasin I wasn't sure ki wo Nayantara ka role Kar payegi ya nahi.Becoz  I had seen her in happy go lucky role.She has got a sweet voice.Uske voice ye role ke liye suit nahi hua.Some People disliked her and the makers had to end her role.Par Hina se toh achchi  thi hi.Now coming to Brinda.Although Brinda ek ichchadhari Naagin hai.Starting se hi usko darra hua dikhaya hai.Aur Brinda ke character ko weak banaya hai.Wahiyat script.Ekta maata ne aisa q Kiya.Nia did well as Brinda.Her expressions were apt to the role.Nice observation of body language changing Priya👍🏼Nia is expressive.Anger scenes achche the.i liked it.Agar script achcha hota toh sone pe suhaga hota.Yes Nia ke saath injustice hua hai.Brinda ka revenge Vishaka ne liya.only for greed of naagmani.Ya it was painful to watch how Vish & Shalaka were trying to remove naagmani from Dev's forehead.Brinda ko uska pyaar bhi nahi Mila aur wo apna revenge nahi le payi.iss baat ka bura laga mujhe😒Nia deserved better story

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Posted: 3 years ago

I agree with u.. I m not a fan of Nia, I have not seen any of her previous shows also. When I heard Nia to be cast in Naagin. I really had a doubt that woh kar paigi? Then starting mein as Sweet Brinda she has done really good. Still as Naagin tab bhi doubt tha. Par jab se she started taking inteqaam, though as Brinda 2 hi li hai, I was really amazed. Then day by day she did magic. My goodness I have become fan of her.. She is just brilliant, truly brilliant. Honestly for me she has surpassed Mouni also. This is completely my opinion. Balance acting, aggressive voice, perfect expression, anger in eyes, she is truly the perfect. And when Vish took form of Brinda in Saturday episode, Nia as vish also nailed it. Her body language, bolne ka tarikha, she can rule in negative role also.. For me Nia and Anita are the best naagins till now. So Jab pata chala naagin 4 end hogi tab se lekar I m still sad, I wanted to see Nia more as Naagin. Makers truly couldn't use her talent properly. They ruined the storyline still for Nia and Vijayendra, and Brindev people loved Naagin 4.. I will miss u Nia 😭

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Posted: 3 years ago

Nia is amazing she does justice to the role she was given its mukta and ekta who didnt use such a talented actress 

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Posted: 3 years ago

Nia Sharma deserves better projects and better story serial

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Posted: 3 years ago

She is the best and she deserves best than she is treated in naagin

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Posted: 3 years ago

Nia Sharma is a brilliant actress they didn't do justice with her character she was sidelined in her own show 

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Posted: 3 years ago

She is so lovely yaar wish they used her talent properly