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SidNi SS - You Dance in my head, in my heart

Chapter One : Story of my life

A lonely boy sat with his camera and 5 coke cans scattered around him, that's when he heard a song that depicted what he felt.

Just then he heard a voice telling him what he kept hearing day and night for the past 3 years -

"I don't feel the same about us!" 

He saw her walking away and that's when the door shut, he was brought back to the present by the window shutting with a thud because of the storm outside. 

Stepping up he closed it slowly, pondering over the storm brewing inside him. He tried to be the cool guy for his group, always joking around but the pain he hid inside was always captured by his camera. 

Just then the doorbell rang and he saw Harshita on the security system and a smile made way to his lips, of course she was the only person who always knew how he felt, she had been his support system for the last 2 years. 

He stood up and opened the door only to hear her speaking like an express train, "Yaar gadbad ho gayi hai. Abhishek ne form nahi bhara World Dance Fest ka! Ab Kya karenge? Kuch toh soch main toh itni tension mein hun subah se and where's your phone, why haven't you been answering my calls? Are you sick? Are you okay? Why are you listening to depressing songs? Kuch bolega ab?"

He pulled up his eyebrows and started making up signs with his hands. She shook her head not understanding anything. He smiled and spoke up, "Tu jab nervous hoti hai tab hi itna bolti hai! I have already filled the form and submitted it too, so chill."


She sighed in relief and her back hit onto his couch, a smile made way to her face and she pulled him down, "Thanks yaar Sid! Tu nahi hota toh iss team se kuch nahi hota." 

He sat beside her and smiled back at her, "I know." 

She could clearly see his smile was guarded, the few moments she had seen his full smile, a smile that reached his eyes was when he talked about his ex.

"Aaj kya hai? Are you missing her again?" She asked because his sour mood was normal but his defeated look meant he had something serious going on. 

He avoided looking at her and bent down collecting the coke cans from the floor. She snorted a laugh and he joined in knowing fully well this was because of his 'coke-chugging-capacity'. Soon enough she was picking up a few cans and shaking her head in laughter, "Tu itni coke peeta kaise hai?"

"Jaise tu itni whiskey peeti hai." He gave back to her but then continued speaking, "Aur haan, I was missing her. It's been 3 years but still feels like yesterday when she walked out of my life without giving me a valid reason!" 

He looked back to glance at her holding her hand towards him and he took it, knowing this was her way of making him feel better and it worked magically.

They swayed slowly to the song playing in the background, for a while none of them said anything. Silence between them was never awkward, it was soothing, carefully Sid placed his head on her shoulder while she patted his head.

"You're my best friend in the whole wide world and I'm glad you bumped into me that day warna aaj main.." he didn't complete his thought because she was stroking his hair now.

Harshita said, "Tu pareshan mat ho, Tujhe Tere answers milenge jaldi." Switching from the serious to teasing mode she replied, "Plus I didn't bump into you, you hit me you big boy!" 

"I did not!"

"You did."

"We can argue whole day, my answer won't change."

"Neither will mine." She spoke poking him with her tongue out.

As the song changed gears their mood changed from melancholy to bickerings between best friends, except for the fact that Harshita was very much in love with Siddharth whose heart belonged to someone else.

2 days later

"Guys come on! We can't waste anymore time. As it is we're running late." Siddharth thundered, when it came to dance he expected certain conviction.

That's when he heard Abhi speak up, "Come on yaar Sid, thoda late toh chalta hai." He got irked with this attitude and was about to admonish him when Harshita spoke up, "No Abhi, it doesn't give a good impression."

"Yes and first impression is the last impression." Veer said, still leering into his iPad. Sid smiled at both of them, he connected the best with Harshita but both of these idiots held a special place in his heart. 

Abhishek, the absolute prankster and the life of the group. He never left a chance of flirting with girls, he was always joking but when he danced no one could keep eyes off him. His dance had as much energy as his personality.

Veer, the total opposite of Abhi. The quiet one in the group, he talked the least. Sid had seen him smiling only with Harshita, he had a nickname for her as well, Harshi and no one dared call her by that name except him. He liked her a lot (that was Sid's judgement at least). Veer shared a bro bond with Siddharth, they both could do anything for each other. As a dancer, Veer was very systematic and his movements were always on point.

And finally Harshita, she was Siddharth's best friend but he had been trying to set her up with Veer for so long. She was fun when she wanted and angry when the situation demanded. Her smile was infectious and every other guy kept away from her as she had 3 bodyguards. She was as graceful in real life as she was as a dancer, just flawless in her moves.

Just as Sid was thinking all this they reached the venue, "Guys you all go wait in the lounge, I'll go get the passes and other stuff!" 

Everyone nodded and moved away, as Siddharth walked to the counter, he heard a voice saying, "Haan mom, I'm good." After a pause she said, "Yeah, you know right how weird Amar behaves at times. I'll be fine, don't worry!"

Sid started to move ahead when he heard those familiar words and he didn't know why it did something to him, "I love you too!" She said keeping the phone down. That was the precise moment when Siddharth turned around to have a look at this girl who sounded so similar to her but she was walking away.

'Typical! Walk away again.' he thought silently but then he shook away those thoughts and reprimanded himself, 'Don't compare anyone randomly with her Siddharth.'

Although his heart couldn't push the thought away that she said those words in exactly the same way. He took up the passes and was lost in a far away memory that he had locked up.


Siddharth was running late for their date and he knew she'd kill him today. If only he knew how angry she would be on a scale of 1 to 10, he would have known what to do to calm her down but when he reached the location he saw she was nowhere to be seen.

"Shit lagta hai chali gayi, bewakoof!" He hit his head cursing himself.

He ran all the way to her house trying to find her but her mom told him she had left for their date a while back. He was confused, where did she go. He tried calling her again, knowing well that the possibility of her picking up was zero.

Dejected he came back to the date location, the whole area was decorated. 

"Wow". This was the only syllable that escaped his mouth, the lights all around brightened up the atmosphere, the small dinner table in the middle with a canopy setting. It was the perfect set up, he wondered if someone else had booked the place because he was late.

Pulling out his tie in anger, he moved to go back when he heard her voice, "Kahan ja rahe ho? Late aate ho khud aur phir decorations bhi main karti hun. And now you're going away?"

Her eyes stared deeply back at him, he didn't know if she was angry at him or not, but right now all he could think was how lucky he was that she had said yes to a date with him an year back.

A smile made its way to his lips, moving closer to her he mouthed a sorry and said, "I know I'm a fool, I came late and then ran away trying to find you but see I came back to you, just like I'll always do. Because you're my home and will always be. I love you Roshni." 

"Maybe I'll reply to that if I see you repent for your mistakes." She smirked with a glint, he asked for her hand and she obliged.

As they enjoyed each other's company, Siddharth could see all the ways in which she loved him even when she didn't say the words.

The decorations, the giggles everytime he cracked a bad joke, the glances towards him, the subtle ways in which she kept touching his hands and his hair, the one time she leaned forward to wipe food off his lips, her smile that made him feel like he was the luckiest guy ever.

As they walked hand in hand, enjoying the evening, teasing each other, he just knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, irritating her and listening to her quirky demands.

As he dropped her off outside her house and got down to escort her back inside her huge mansion, she stopped him and put her hand forward asking for a dance.

He twirled her and they danced beneath the stars, with her mom admiring how perfect they both looked. Siddharth hugged her at the end of the dance with a small smile and that's when he heard her say the words that would always bright up his life - "I love you too!"

Present day

"Except that they just make me miss her now." He spoke to himself, when he heard Veer say, "Sid all okay? Kitna time laga Diya tune!"

He was brought back to the current day with the faces of his 3 friends looking intently at him. He nodded slowly and said, "Yeah yeah. All okay. Woh wahan bahut bheed thi!"

Harshita raised an eyebrow, when they had left there were no teams there but she shrugged the thought away as Siddharth started explaining something to them.

"So Veer and me are sharing a room. Harshita ye tere room ki key aur Abhi ye tere room ki!" He handed them the keys and continued, "Okay, aaj raat rest karte hain. Kal se practice start karenge, our first round is in 5 days, tab tak we've to practice well and please stay clear of fighting with other teams, especially you Abhi!" 

Abhi made a face but agreed nonetheless. They all went back to their rooms to freshen up!

Siddharth just couldn't get her out of his mind, Veer tried asking him about what was bothering him this much but he didn't answer. Just as he was lost in her thoughts he heard Veer speaking, "Baat Kar!"

Siddharth understood nothing, but Veer seemed to be pointing at his phone so he put it on his ear and heard Harshita, "Kya hua tujhe? Veer bata raha hai you're not okay. Main aaun wahan?" 

He sighed deeply and looked with an accusing look at Veer before replying, "Nahi yaar Harshita. I'm fine, main Veer ke saath thoda time spend karunga I'll feel better. Just thoda headache hai." 

Harshita understanding his reasons hanged up but Veer was having none of his nonsense. "Kya chakkar hai batayega?"

When Siddharth didn't answer, he started calling back but Sid gestured him to stop.

"Main use milne jata hun okay?" 

Veer smiled and shrugged as if to signal this was what he wanted the whole time.

Siddharth made his way to Harshita's room, he knew she was sharing this room with someone but he already knew he'd pull her outside to talk.

As someone approached the door he heard a voice say from inside, "Room service hogi, please kholna. I called for a whiskey. You wanna share?" 

Siddharth smiled at his best friend, always making drunk buddies. 

Just then the door swung open and the words died down in his mouth. 

He couldn't believe this was the reality, after 3 years of pining after her she stood in front of him. 

"You?" She asked timidly, her eyes gave nothing away except the fact that she was shocked and a bit angry, how ironic provided the fact that she was the one who left Siddharth.

Siddharth however had no expression on his face, just one word on his lips, - "Roshni".


Hope you all liked the concept! The next part would be Roshni's side of the story. I'll try to post it very soon, possibly in a day or 2! :)


Chapter One : Story of my life - Page 1

Chapter Two : Bad Liar - Page 5

Chapter Three : Bekhayali - Page 9

Chapter Four : Sweetheart - Page 13

Chapter Five : Tum Hi Aana - Page 19

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Just awesome... Really lobed sid side of story now waiting for roshni side of story... ❤❤

Posted: 1 months ago

Why did she leave without explaining? Something must be behind it.

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by shikha_006

Just awesome... Really lobed sid side of story now waiting for roshni side of story... ❤❤

Thank you! Glad you found it interesting, I'll try to give her point of view very soon 😃

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by coderlady

Why did she leave without explaining? Something must be behind it.

You'll get to know about all that soon, maybe a glimpse of it in the next chapter. 😌

Posted: 1 months ago

Awesome dear

Waiting to know what happened

Waiting for roshni side

Posted: 1 months ago

Wow awesome dear

Waiting for next

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Nia_doll

Awesome dear

Waiting to know what happened

Waiting for roshni side

Thanks! :)

What happened will come up later. I'll give her side of the story very soon 😊

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