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Arnav did not realize Khushi is affecting him.  Whatever she does, it is affecting him.

Ammaji was not interested whether he ate or not, but very particular about his dress code.  Very interesting mother.

Khushi is behaving feisty in front of Arnav.  Unknown man on the road is fine, but knowing that Arnav is Ammaji's son and a Cardiologist who is going to serve her and her village, she is still doesn't give a damn about him.  That is unusual. What could be the reason?  Khushi not participating in religious rituals is a mystery.  I can think of many reasons, but, they are not adding up.

Nice shades.


Khushi is rude and blunt with everyone around her. If given an opportunity sheโ€™ll find faults in everybody..Sheโ€™s basically extremely unhappy with herself and is often grumpy. 

Thereโ€™s tension between her and her mother. Her father is useless. Amma Ji is a dominating employer and caretaker of the village. She only has Lavanya, whoโ€™s genuine love and sweetness, softens khushi.๐Ÿ˜Š

Though Arnav is there for the betterment of Ratnagiri but that doesnโ€™t really directly help khushi..She lives in her world thatโ€™s very small and too lonely 

Glad youโ€™re enjoying the story. Thanks a lot dear. 

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Khushi in this story is very interesting.  May be that is why even arnav cant think anything other than her.

Awesome part

But what is the past that holds khushi back from everything?

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Arnav keeps thinking about Khushi most of the time..

He finds her very rude n feisty..

He begins to enjoy the reaction of her

He thinks that she's not that religious..

But when he sees hurt n pain in her expressive eyes,he feels bad for her..

I m sure he's gonna react badly once he comes to know about the reason as to why is Khushi denied to live like a normal girl ..

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Why khushi is not allowed to go in temple?????? Is only people belong to upper class are allowed????? Hope Arnav find out reason soon......

Khushi is also believe that everyone have right to select his or her life partner. Thats why she does not respond when arnav told lavanaya the same thing....... 

Thnks for update

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Arnav enjoyed teasing Khushi but at the same time her painful eyes are hurting him.. waiting to know more about Khushi and reasons why she have turned out so cold, rude, arrogant and why is she so angry with Arnav?? loving this story. Thanks Rose.. Take care and be safe.. Thanks for pm smiley1

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Hi Rose! 

Lovely update! 

Khushi is judging Arnav without even knowing him properly. 

Not all men who are jovial are wrong and may be her past and Her father is a reason! 

Arnav is genuinely confused with her nonchalant behavior and that's how he gives more attention to Khushi. 

Lavanya seems lovely and she treats Khushi as a friend.. This Trip will see changed Arshi. Looking  forward to it! 

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Nice update. Loved the arshi moments even though they are arguing. Looking forward for Pune trip.

Sanaya Irani Barun Sobti Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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