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Posted: 1 months ago

Writer’s Corner Forum: Rules & Regulation

**NOTE: The below Rules & Regulations are in effect until WC migration to the new FF site**


*India-Forums: Participation Guidelines & Rules

  • Please note that ALL members of India-Forums are required to follow the forum’s general codes of conduct. Please click on the link below to review these and note that there are consequences if any member is found to be in violation of these rules and guidelines.


  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and strict actions will be taken against members found to be plagiarizing.
  • India-forums only encourage original work to be produced.
  • Please be aware that plagiarism not only puts you at risk legally but also puts the entire website at risk.
  • Please know and understand the difference between inspiration and plagiarism
  • Inspiration - Taking certain ideas from someone else's work (the general concept/theme) and writing your own story based off of it and writing it in your own words. 
  • Plagiarism - Copying the entire plotwords or writing of another person's work.
  • Click Link >>  IMP: Severe Penalty for Plagiarizing! 
  • Click Link  >> IMP: Plagiarizing Facts and Laws (credit: 18shabbo)

*Adult/Mature Content & Course Language:

  • India-Forums is a family-friendly forum, as such, we do not allow any explicit/sexual content and/or abusive or offensive slang.
  • Adult Content: click link >> What is Permitted and What is NOT
  • Abusive/Derogatory Language: The use of curse words is prohibited. If story demands use of such words, you may only use the first letter of the word and the rest must be starred out [e.g. f***] Note: when in doubt if a word can or cannot be used, contact DT to confirm. If any usage of curse words (without them starred out) is found, the DT will edit out the content and issue a Warning PM to the offender. The second time will result in a Warning Level raise.
  • Racially Discriminatory/Offensive Language: Anything that can be/is deemed offensive or discriminatory is prohibited in Fictions (especially racially discriminatory language).you are not permitted to degrade another religion, race, ethnicity, culture, nationality or gender. You may also not throw a negative light on any sexual orientation. The rule is not limited to the mentioned concepts but applies to anything considered offensive at the DT's discretion. Note: If the storyline demands a certain belief or dialogue that violates this rule, please double-check with the Development Team. More often than not, you will be granted permission with certain conditions!


  • DO NOT chat or spam in topics/threads in this forum. Keep threads relevant to Writers Corner topics e.g. book discussions or original stories/poems. Responses to threads should be relevant to the topic.
  • Do not use story/poem threads for chatting. Discussion thread conversations should remain relevant to the topic, no general chit chat. 
  • If any author's fiction/written work thread is found to be violation of this rule, a warning will be issued in the thread. The second time it occurs (for the same authorit does not have to be the same thread), the violating thread will be subject to a three days lockdown.
  • Please use the India-Forums Chat Club section for chatting.

*Page Limit (this will not be applicable once we migrate stories to the new forum)

  • Each thread is restricted to 150 pages maximum. Once your thread reaches the maximum number of pages permitted, please create a new thread. Threads exceeding 150 pages will be closed down/locked by DT. 


  • Harassing members by sending them PMs to your Stories/FF and/or posting your thread links in other Fictions without the permission of the member is strictly prohibited
  • See link for >>  How to Promote Your Stories [credit: Yaqueen.] 
  • Blog Links are not permitted on IF. 

*Report Button

  • Please use this ONLY to report when a member has violated the rules of this forum or IF's general rules/guidelines.

*Useful Link: Writer [Reader] to Writer




[All of above content is reused from

FanFiction Forum Rules and Regulation.

Credit: Angel-Jot]

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