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Posted: 2 years ago


Writers Corner Forum: Rules & Regulations

WC Dev. Team Viewbies: 




*India-Forums: Participation Guidelines & Rules
Please note that ALL members of India-Forums are required to follow the forum’s general codes of conduct. Please click on the link below to review these and note that there are consequences if any member is found to be in violation of these rules and guidelines.

Click Here >> Participation Guidelines & Rules


In general across IF the moderation chain is as follows: 

Viewbies > Moderators > Channel Moderators> Global Moderators. 

Within this forum, for any concerns, your first point of contact will be the section Viewbies (xbeyondwordsx or .iridescence.) as they take care of the day to day happenings in the forum.

If the matter is still unresolved or if your issues are regarding their moderation, you can escalate your concerns to the Global Moderator jyoti06

Any issues regarding Moderation or Warning Queries will be entertained only by PM to DT. 

Do not argue about rulings/decisions/actions by DTs or open threads regarding their moderation within the forum and cause disruption in the atmosphere. If such a thread is opened, it shall be closed immediately, asking the members to contact the DT via PMs. 

Strict action will be taken against repeat offenders. 

For Urgent Issues please contact the Writer's Corner DT first. If the WC DT does not respond to you after 72 hours, feel free to contact Global Moderator: jyoti06 or Admin: Vijay

*RPFs [Real Person Fiction] - Not Allowed!

Real Person Fiction is a type of Fan Fiction that is written on the celebrities essaying characters in a show or movie instead of the characters. [For example, A fan fiction written on the actors Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani instead of the characters of Arnav and Khushi].
Fictions based on real people/celebrities is NOT permitted on the forum.
The forum is a platform for creativity, not a platform for fan wars and conflict. Such stories can be posted in your own personal blogs.

Anyone found in violation of this rule (any threads posted after February 5th, 2015) will face a 20% Warning Level Raise and the thread will be locked permanently.

*This rule applies to ALL forums on India-Forums.


Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and strict actions will be taken against members found to be plagiarizing. India-forums only encourages original work to be produced.

Be aware that plagiarism not only puts you at risk legally but also puts the entire website at risk.

Know and understand the difference between inspiration and plagiarism

Inspiration - Taking certain ideas from someone else's work (the general concept/theme) and writing your own story based off of it and writing it in your own words. 

Plagiarism - Copying the entire plot, words or writing of another person's work.

* Penalties for Plagiarism: 

Plagiarizing a PORTION/ PARAGRAPH:  The member will get an immediate raise in warning level by 20%, along with a three day closure of their fan fiction with a notice of plagiarism with the plagiarized content removed. Each individual offense will be considered as a separate instance.

Example:  If a member was reported to have plagiarized in two separate fan fictions in this manner, their W/L will be raised by 40% along with three day closure for both FFs with notice of plagiarism left behind.   

However, for three or more instances (i.e. 3 or more FFs) of Plagiarizing a PORTION/ PARAGRAPH, the plagiarizer will get an immediate raise in warning level by 20%, and a notice of plagiarism will be left on the respective FFs with the plagiarized content removed and each FF will be closed for 1 - 2 weeks.  Two days after the notice of plagiarism, the offender will be temporarily banned for 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the extent of plagiarism).

Plagiarizing the ENTIRE CONTENT:  The thread will be locked immediately with a notice of plagiarism and the plagiarizer will get an immediate raise in warning level by 20%, Two days after the notice of plagiarism, the offender will be temporarily banned for 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the extent of plagiarism).  Shortly after the entire FF will be trashed.  

Each individual offence of this nature will be considered as a separate instance.   

If someone continues to plagiarize despite being penalized in the above manner, their account could face a permanent ban with all their breaching FFs being trashed!  NOTE that each offence will accumulate throughout! 

Though it may seem very harsh, this is a very serious concern and everyone's effort should be credited accordingly!  It is NOT fair to present OTHER'S WORK AS YOUR OWN!

Click Link  >> IMP: Plagiarizing Facts and Laws (credit: 18shabbo)

*Adult/Mature Content & Course Language:

India-Forums is a family-friendly forum, as such, we do not allow any explicit/sexual content and/or abusive or offensive slang.

Please do not write in all CAPS. It is considered shouting/yelling on the forum and is also just not pleasant. There is no need for your post to be in all CAPS. Exceptions may include Titles or one/two words in a post to emphasize something however ensure it is not used in a negative way. 

Abusive/Derogatory Language: The use of curse words is prohibited. If story demands use of such words, you may only use the first letter of the word and the rest must be starred out [e.g. f***] Note: when in doubt if a word can or cannot be used, contact DT to confirm. If any usage of curse words (without them starred out) is found, the DT will edit out the content and issue a Warning PM to the offender. The second time will result in a Warning Level raise.

Racially Discriminatory/Offensive Language: Anything that can be/is deemed offensive or discriminatory is prohibited in Fictions (especially racially discriminatory language).you are not permitted to degrade another religion, race, ethnicity, culture, nationality or gender. You may also not throw a negative light on any sexual orientation. The rule is not limited to the mentioned concepts but applies to anything considered offensive at the DT's discretion. Note: If the storyline demands a certain belief or dialogue that violates this rule, please double-check with the Development Team. More often than not, you will be granted permission with certain conditions!

* Adult Content - What Is Permitted and What is NOT

>Underage Molestation --> NO!

Why? Because child molestation is illegal and such content breaks the law of several countries

If it's mere background information of a character and you mention it briefly through a conversation or the character describing himself/herself, that's all right. If the rape scene is described AT ALL, the content will HAVE to be edited out immediately if brought to the attention of the Dev Team. If the content is NOT edited out and the author REFUSES to, the DT will be forced to edit out the content and lock the FF thread entirely.

>Rape In General/Sexual Scenes -> NO!

You have NO reason to describe a rape scene AT ALL or a sex scene. 

The Dev Team understands that sometimes, such scenes are essential for the progress of the storyline. The DT does not want to restrict the creativity of the members but even creativity has limits for an open forum in a family-friendly site. After all, this is the Internet and you always need to be careful of what you post here. Hence, you can post such scenes BUT in an extremely subtle way. 

If the scene is described graphically with body parts described and named along with an explanation of what's going on between the characters at that moment, you'll be warned and the content will need to be removed. 

Use of dirty talk between the characters while describing such scenes is an absolute NO. Use of derogatory language is not permitted; dirty talk is out of the question. If you're unsure about what dirty talk is exactly, PM the section DT or you can check the definition in Google.

>Describing The Rape Scene In A Good Light -> NO!

Although this constantly brings me back to 'don't post graphic content' over and over again, it won't be enough if I said a thousand times anyway. If you describe rape in a good light or encourage it, you will be issued a warning immediately publicly within the FF thread.

>Kissing Scenes-> YES!

There have been a lot of questions regarding kissing scenes in stories. Our answer to those questions is, yes. You can include kissing scenes for exactly two reasons, Tellywood no longer feels ashamed to depict kissing scenes in their shows so it's alright and two, it's safe ... so you don't have to worry about your young readers.

Using The 18+/Mature Content Label -> NO!

Just don't post mature content on the forum and you won't need the warning. As is it, there is no guarantee that underage readers will stop reading upon viewing your warning; therefore, it's not effective. Do NOT post graphic/explicit content, do NOT use the warnings.

(Rules and Regulations: Continued Below)


[All of above content is reused from

FanFiction Forum Rules and Regulation.

Credit: Angel-Jot]

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