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Hey guys…this is my first FF here…..a simple story withgrown up Bondita and Ani….I am not very clear on the education and practices ofthat era….so if there is any factual error be free to point it out…plz leaveyour feedback if u like the story…..criticism is welcome J


She felt the smooth fabric of the black gown. Tears filledher eyes. Her dream, no, their dream was going to come true. It was hergraduation the next day. She was graduating top of her class.  Soon she could join him in their cause. Theseed of hope he had planted years ago was going to bear fruit. The battle hehad fought for years was heading towards victory.

All she wished was that he would be with her that day. Shewanted him to be by her side when she took that certificate and medal. Shewanted to shout out to the world that he was the one she owed her life to.

He was everything to her. Her mentor,friend, partner and thelove of her life. She loved him. How could anyone not? The man who had goneagainst the world to protect a little girl from becoming a victim of inhumancustoms. The man who fought with the world to empower and educate her. She hadfallen hard for him.

It was around 5 years since she last saw him. Since he hadsent her to Delhi for her higher studies. Everyone had been shocked when he whostayed with her like a shadow had told her to step out of his shadow. Despiteher and his family’s pleas he had been adamant on her continuing her studies inDelhi. She had been 16 at the time. She didn’t want to leave him but she knewanything he did would be for her best. So she had obeyed him without question.

But  what worried herwas that he hadn’t paid her a single visit in those 5 years. There wassomething about him that had changed  afew days prior to her leaving for Delhi. He had seemed nervous and then oneafternoon he had walked into the house stating that he was sending her to Delhito complete her further studies and become a barrister. Everyone had told himto send her to Kolkata but he was firm in his decision that she would go to Delhi.Initially she had asked him to come with her to Delhi but he had refused sayingthat he had to dedicated himself to his cause and that would start with his ownhometown. But she had expected him to atleast visit her. But he never came. Allshe had was the letters he sent once in a while and those too were mostlyimpersonal. A polite greeting , enquiring about her and letting her know he wasdoing well and then some information regarding his present cases. Nothingmore.  He had even told her to spend her vacationswith her mother instead of coming to his house. Three years ago she had beensent for from home as Batuk had come down from London but when she reachedTulsipur she was told that her husband was in Mumbai for a month.

Another reason she was worried was the last conversationthey had 5 years ago at the railway station. It was just before he had returnedto Tulsipur from Delhi. As they had sat at the station waiting for his train hehad said something to her that had left her surprised and shocked.

“Bondita, there is a reason I wanted you to come to Delhi. Iwanted you to live and study freely without the pressure of being a wife orbahu. I want you to enjoy these years. I want you to find things …..and peoplewho can make you happy. “ he had told her his voice starining towards the end.

“But I am happy already. I was happy at home. “ she told himplacing her hand on his.

He seemed a little surprised like he had not expected thatanswer. Taking a long breath he answered “Maybe there are people or a personwho could make you happier. I want you to explore that. “

She looked at him confused . He smiled , perhapsunderstanding that she was going to ask a question. He placed his hand on hersand continued

“When I first met you I saw a innocent 8 year old gettingmarried. Even worse, you were getting married to a man old enough to be yourgrandfather. You didn’t even know what was happening as you were drugged. “

She shuddered at the thought of it. He had never spoken toher in detail about that night. A few days into their marriage she had learntfrom her cousin about the events that day but he had never discussed it withher.

“In that moment all I knew was I had to save you. No matterwhat. I tried to stop the wedding but no one listened to me. And then that oldman collapsed at the mandap and passed away. They were going to burn you alivein the name of a ritual. I couldn’t stand to see a innocent life being taken.So I filled your maang. I married you to protect you. And then when I broughtyou home I saw the fire in you. I knew you could change the world one day. So Ibecame your mentor. I have been your caretaker, Protector and mentor. But soona time will come when we will be expected to fulfil another relationship. “

She could sense the awkwardness he was feeling as hecontinued.

“A time will come when we will be expected to start a lifeas husband and wife. And I don’t want you to do it just because of a ritualthat took place when you were barely old enough to understand what marriage is.I want you to have a choice in choosing your life partner. I don’t want anamesake marriage to hold you back. I want you to have a voice in this too. Youare free to choose any life you want. “

She was still trying to make sense of his words when heboarded the train. She stood watching him go away from her his words running inher mind.

That day she hadn’t been able to give a answer because shehad never thought about it. But in the past 5 years she had realized she couldnever want anyone else. She had met many men but no one could be like him. Hewas perfect and he was all she wanted. She needed him. She loved him. In everyway possible. And she would soon tell him that.

But one thought lingered in her mind. Was that what hewanted ?


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Awesome chapter! Waiting for next...

It's su beautiful!!!

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Awsome it was

Great start and plot looks really interesting can't wait for the next part

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Wow smiley32 really amazing work.

Can't wait for next update smiley42smiley42

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Beautifully written ☺️ chapter -1 is  awesome 👌

Want to read more... Can't wait smiley20

Posted: 29 days ago

you are just Brilliantsmiley32!!fabulous dialogues..smiley20 fantastic job!!just love it!! smiley27

Posted: 29 days ago

Mindblowing ! 

The concept , the characters everything is just to the point !!!

Loved it 

Barrister Babu 

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