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First of all, congratulations to all the members of PreRish AT and Fandom for stepping in this milestone.

#200 AT... Our dream came true...

Next, thanks a lot everyone for everything. I joined here pretty late( read November) but got a lovely welcome from you all.

Love you all. We all were under heart-break but still you all have given me a lovely family, hands  to hold. 

We had many ups and downs but still managed to be here... Now, on this occasion, I just want to say...

Congratulations everyone for this milestone... We have a long path to cover!!! 

We have miles to go before we sleep!!!

Mishti here...


A big big congratulations 🥳🥳🙏to everyone who made it possible to reach this far.  

the journey of 200th AT was like a roller coaster ride where we had many ups and downs, sad moments and some very happy moments. There were a lot of soul put into each AT of prerish. We started with few people then more people started to join and i had some best moments being part of this AT. Made some new friends also. Our AT is a emotional AT.... it’s where we call it Home where you feel positivity and freedom.  

I am glad I am part of this AT and very beholden that this AT was alive when there was very less hope. Endurance  pays off and here we are celebrating 200th AT of PreRish it’s a very very proud moments for all of us. Never give up is what I learned from this AT peoples. Thank you for making it possible for us to reach 200th AT everyone 🙏😎

Patience is virtue. Hope we reach many more 200th AT. 
Xoxo 🌺


Congratulations bhaiyo aur behno we have crossed 200 AT within a year it's a biggest biggest achievementsmiley32smiley32smiley32smiley32smiley40smiley40....never thought at 100 AT  time Bajaj (ksg) exit news came so much disappointed that time phir 5 mahina baad #hamaraBajaj came back again with a bangsmiley41smiley41jiski ane ki koi umeed na thi...

#PreRish mile yah na mile unhone tahalka macha hi diya hai smiley42smiley41Bajaj ka khauf hi kafi hai smiley37smiley37thanks friends ish show ko ithna jhalene ke liye....

Prerna ji u look more hot when u re with bajaj 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Baki apki jaisi apki icha hai smiley36

In last I will thanks all the members of this AT 

Mere ashoo ko jhelne ke liye smiley19smiley19 positivity dene ke liye...

Thank you munni ji for #2020hamarahai it totally came true 

Thank you ankie, oppo ,shruti ,mishti munni ji pavan ji nd RD ish AT ko zinda rakhne ke liye...

U guys are the jaaan of this AT....smiley32smiley32Enjoy smiley41

Love you all🤗🤗🤗🤗smiley43



200th AT. Wow never thought we could come across such a huge number. But we did, with the hopes of his returns to hopes of the love of Prerish we did. This AT isn’t just a thread for Prerish fans. Its so much more than that. This AT is a family. Who laughed at his savage replies and dumbstruck faces of people; Who cried at the heart-breaking scene of jail? Who smiled with joy seeing Prerna’s hand on Rishabh’s. who was disappointed at Prerna’s insignificance towards RB. Who was shattered with the exodus of his. We couldn’t take the separation from him. It was a moment so dark but then new members came with a light and hopeful arc. We survived four months of torture seeing our favourite being so misunderstood and when he left, we survived without him with only a flicker of hope the letter hinting us that he will be back. And he being true to his words was back. The AT out of joy celebrated that day as a festival. This AT is truly and inspiration for sanguinity and faith. The members what should I say. We are totally diversified. Drama queen Oppo. Crying buckets of tears Anu and Mishti. Elitist and imperial Shruti. Optimistic Mi Amiga Munni. Savage RD. Sweet but feisty Aru. The best brother Pavan Da. The happiest Mayur. The sweet elder sister of all Ramya. Zoha the dearest, The Dabang Prerna of the AT Ankie. And a lot more people. Sanu. Kirti. Fitoori. Pooja. VM queen Riya. And the list goes on. But with even such differences we are together with only one man ruling our hearts Mr Rishabh Bajaj. This AT deserves a lot more. And we will get it. 

A hearty congratulations to everyone on coming up so far and yet being strong. We survived the trails of fire in his name as he was our hearts and minds’ heir. We won’t stop here instead this will only boast our positivity. 2 centuries and we still are going.

A small tribute from my side: 

We cried when winning her heart, he tried 

We stood by when he said her a good bye

We laughed at his utterly savage replies

Our heart broke at his silent lonely cries

But back he is with a jolt of happiness

And seeing him we lost our every sense

I may try concluding but it does not end

Because he is Rishabh who can never bend


Congratulations to all of us for running this AT with so much of joshsmiley40smiley40 I joined in very late, around the 90th AT but was a silent reader right from the startsmiley36The best part about the people here is how you all kept this AT running on hope and positivity for those 5 months when RB wasn't here and our existence was questioned repeatedly. Congratulations to everyone, especially to some special members here Shruti, Ankie, Oppo, Munniji, Mishti, Sunnshine, Alexia, Pavan. I really enjoy interacting with you guys and let's keep up the hope for our RB dreams to be fulfilledsmiley36


Firstly, a hearty and well deserved congratulations to all the members of our PreRish AT Family.... This milestone has been hard-earned....This AT has to cross so many hurdles and obstacles to get here today.... It weathered so many storms yet stood strong in the face of darkness....I'm proud that I can consider myself a part of this wonderful and motivating family.... I came back to IF after a long time just to search out for PreRish fan club and found this AT....I'm immeasurably happy to have found so many friends here.... Thank you for all the entertainment....The nok-jhoks.... The masti.... The dhania-pulaos.... The rants.... The gifs and edits and bts and VMs.... The nautankis..... The debates and discussions..... The tears and laughter..... The sadness and happiness and anger and frustration and desperation...... This AT from its inception has seen every possible emotion and it has become only strong with each one.... 

For me personally.... Shruthi has always been the central pillar of this AT.... There are no words to thank you for the work you do sweetheart.... You made this AT habitable and relatable.... You made this AT a family..... And for that my heart felt Thanks!! 

And the remaining four pillars when I came here were... Ankie.... Munni... RD and Shin..... Thank you for being the support this AT has been in need of... Always!! 

I want to Thank and Congratulate each and every old and new member of this AT for being a part here and sticking to this AT through thick and thin.... 

May our journey continue to be a long one....May we get many occasions to celebrate our togetherness like this.... 

Love to all!!! 🤗




Never thought the day would come in my life!  I would be so fond of KSG as Bajaj that it would make me land up in IF after a long hiatus. This AT has been special! Simply because of the amazing people I have met through it. Despite being separated by different time zones and geographical boundaries, we bonded over our common love for PreRish. Mostly great memories and banter, some extremely emotional outbursts-we’ve seen it all together! Congratulations to everyone who made this place alive. Much love-Piu


Many Many congosongo my dear IF family for The 200th AT.. my joys today knows no bound.. hayeee itni khushi ,itni khushi …Rule dia ap logone mereko , is sal ka pehla rona smiley19 

We  have come a long way despite all the restrictions and obstacles here ... smiley31

Mujhe aj bhi iyad hai 12 member thi hum jab iyea Prerish AT ki journey shuru ki thi , aur aj idhar ka member hai 150+ within only 3 months just becoz aplogoke sath aur peyar ke bajajse.. Thank you so much guys for everything  smiley27

This AT is a Stress buster for me. Mai koi bhi chis bhul sakti hu , lekin din mai ek bar idhar agar nei ati hu toh mere woh din acche nei hote..  smiley14

Thank you guys for accepting me with all of my nonsense jokes, humor , rumor , nautanki , my Kiran kher Gif and My #OpRish shipping. Yes i know #OpRish is the eternal couple. smiley42

Thank you always for pacifying me in my sad moments. I know sometimes I could not control  my PRB emotion , but u guys all handle me very maturely always through PM or post ..kitna samjhdar ho ap sab , mujhe gussa bhi hone nei deti ho  smiley7

U guys and This AT is my part of  my life now. Mai khudko shahed bhul sakti hu , but aplogoka peyar , iyea fun moments kabhi nei .  smiley15

I still remember our Those uncertain days post RB exit.. tab hum jo log the sath milke sare neg ko sportingly samhala, iyea AT ko inactive nei hone dia , Mere Prerish kay 10 bacche, Prerish ka chuha maharaj hamare kitne sath dia and Later Munnijan ka optimization brought a new kiran - #2020HamaraHai n Look hum pher ekbar sath sath hai . what a journey we have .Sochte hi mere delicate akhne bhar ati hai sochke.. aww. smiley16

Ishar mai  har ek member jinke sath mere ek din ke liye bhi interaction hui hai , sabse mai avari hu , mujhe , mere Oprish ko itni peyar dene ke liye. Hope kzk , prerish rahe iya na rahe, lekin hamare jo rishta idhar ban geyi hai IF pe, woh  jindegi bhar sath rahe…

But ha usss 5 maine mai jo AT pet hi use Kuch Special nam mai jarur lena chahungi smiley16

Anki – Thanks mere sar hamesha khane kay liye (ab toh mat kha be, ab bacha kuch nei),Thanks for being my crime partner jo actually mujhe real life mai bhi kabhi nei mili jo idhar IF pe terese mili , pata nei kaise , lekin mil geyi .. ughhhhhh. smiley24smiley36 chal nika jeyada tareef karlia. isse jeyada mujhse na hoga. smiley24

Kukku Kumari – Thanks mere sare weird wish puri karne kay liye, na chahte huye bhi lol, u know what I mean.n iss AT ka admin agar tu na hoti , I don’t know kahase Anki ake iss AT ko hadap leti aur mere bachi kuch brain jo hoti woh  kha leti . but ek chis, Tu and Anki na hoti , Toh Iyea Oppo bhi nei hoti  smiley14

Pawan da- Thanks for always being with me going against of your every sisters, u the cutie..smiley43

Meenakshee – Thanks dear, mere jarurat kay time only u the person who was with me. My Atrangi edit days. Thx dear smiley27

Mishta – Thx Rb Ki Behen , hume hamare uncertain days pe samhalne kay liye. We badly need the moral support those days ,n u were there for us . ab toh tere pass kitne forum hai , idhar kaiko ayegi huh .. but phirbhi i lowweee u smiley27

Alexia- Thanks darling for Writing FF of my OpRish.It actually means a lot for me always.ab DT ban geyi  , kitna kam , phirbhi mere #Oprish update chiye, nei toh picha nei chorungi .. huh smiley16

Riya- Thx for ur vm darling, those vms actually gave me so much sukun through out  those days.ab toh roz tu banayegi VM. smiley15

Ramya- The Roof of our AT , who always with us like a solid rocking wall. U are our strong pillar, tumnei hoti toh in actual hum bikhar jati, kahi na kahi tum hamesha hum sabko tu tumhare subtle presence se jodke rakkhi ho smiley31

Mithila- Thanks darling for being with us. Tu kabhi gussa ho sakti hai iyea mai tab jana jab tune mujhe pressurize karke doc kay pass bheji . how much u care for us jo kabhi jatati nei . love you is always nice meeting u. . smiley27

MishtiSona- I know tum bohot busy ho, AT pe hamare sath nei hote ho , but u know .mai hamesha tumhare presence mehesus kar sakti hu aspas. tum hamare sath na hoke bhi jarurat kay time aa jate ho like an angle,itni helpful ho tum. Us 5 maina agar tum na hoti sacchi mai ,hum adhure hote, thanks dear,kabhi toh AT pe darshan de do na pls.smiley27

Sanu – Tere story kay bin AT wasio kaise jiti bol .. kaise jiti ..smiley31

Niyati-  Thanks dear for willingly want to help me, it always means a lot . hamar itne interaction kabhi nei hui, but ur gesture always will be in my heart . smiley31

Shivshaan- Thx darling , ap na hoti toh mai gifs bana nei pati ,it means a lot always . hamaesha avari hu apki for RB links. aww.smiley27

Soanz- Dear , it is always nice to meet with u here, i know ap bohoti busy hote hai hamesha. but phirbhi hamare sath hote ho , it is a great support for us.smiley27

Jiya- Finally tereko new prerish scene mili , ab RD kay khurafati dimag se bhar bhar kay hume VM dete rahe .. smiley27

SapSur - aww sur , the only person who never ever lost her hope. Apne cutie gifs, rant se hume 5 maina kitne sare power dia. Thx dear, uss darkest day pe hum sabke sath rehne kay liye. smiley27

Esha- Thx di , ap mujhe itne help kiye the for collecting those episode. I never forget that . huggies smiley31

I Adore You- Hello my dear . you know what, u are a fighter . A power bank and strength. Really love your presence on AT. pls keep coming whenever u want. i really love Ur write up  . it gives me immense happiness . BEst wishes always with you. smiley27

Blue- After so long you came on AT. really loved your presence. abbe ab toh bajju hai , ab toh aa ja na . tere bete kay liye dher sare peyar smiley27

Veena-Cova - and look at after so long , who is here. welcome back. now bhar bhar kay hume dher sare Stories do . missed ur writings n depth analysis regarding prerish . 

Dr Shreya Grover- i know hamare kabhi us tarase interaction nei hui . baas ap AT pe ati ho, mujhe thode grill karke pher chali jati ho. but jabbhi ati ho , hume bohot acche lagte hai (anki ko nei lagti smiley36) . pls aisei aya jaya karo , aur Ankie bhar bhar kay galiya dete raho. it sounds so cute smiley36. and also mai shahed ksgian nei ban payungi, but ha karan aur apke picha bhi kabhi nei chorungi jabtak mere andar ki fangirling jinda rahegi . smiley36smiley31

ShinChan- The Jalim nari , apko keya bole. mai abhi bhi apse gussa hu. i still miss u badly , i miss ur positive rant, i miss ur analysis and what not. ab ap itne busy ho chuke ho ,hume iyad tak nei karte , kher ap duabra ayi ho , iyea bhi bohot. agar kabhi man chahe toh beta bol sakti ho smiley24

Greylicious - abbe , kaha gayeb hoti hai. gifs bana na , i always learns from ur gifs.also story bhi shuru kar forum pe pher ekbar.. aur ha aur kabhi ToPo boli na toh tere kher nei smiley7smiley36 , ho sake toh regular ho ja smiley31

rmahi - abbe awara ashiq ab sidra chor , prerish shuru kar. n no karpa , nei toh block khayegi merese smiley7.  love ur presence n os.. aya jaya kar be. 

AryanSahil- My dear cutie zohal. i am really happy to see you once again in AT. ur cutest rant , appreciation always gives me positive vibes. pls aisei ate jate rehna aur prerish dream dekhte rehna ,lots of love and best wishes for you , your son  dear smiley27

ATC-  The dabang queen. it is always blissful to read you dear . the way you give it back n defend RB. i really always amazed to see you. hopefull till kzk end RB kay sath we all will be together . smiley15

Durga- Aw durga . i am so happy you are back again for RB. your depth n love for RB inspired me a lot. the way you understand RB, it really helps me to know him more. lots of love dear. Happy to get u again on 200 AT smiley27

Manz- I know dear , sometimes i hurt you for the AT rles. but keya kare dear. itna nei karti toh 200 tak without any obstacle nei pauch pati. hopefully u wont mind on me. it is always nice to interact with u . and dont worry , Prerish hoga, kyunki 2020 hamara hi hai smiley16

Mayur chan- chand sahab , keya bole apke bare mai, eid kay chand kay tarah 2/3 bar ate ho, maine mai , but jabbhi ate ho khushiiya late ho. Aisei aya jaya karo na.smiley42

Jiya.k - aww jiyu, mere Prerish kay 10 bacche ki khala. Ap na hoti toh mere bacche ki, I mean Prerish kay bacche ki khillaya kaun udate.smiley37 

Annu- I am so happy tere rona bandh hui , nei toh pher roti , pher mai teri band bajajti. Bhaise tere rona uss 5 maino mai mere rone ko bhula dia. So thx for that. Hamesha hasti rahe ,aur AT pe bhatakti rehe. smiley41

Kira_james - Dear kira i know u are not active on AT. but u always morally support us by liking . ur support always means a lot. smiley27

Cassi- It is nice to see u again dear. Ab hum jamke every Thursday TRP discussion karenge. smiley15

Piu - it is always blissful to read u dear .ab toh regular likh be ..gayeb mat ho smiley24

Gogi / Reemz – My Gogi, u are always special for me and for AT. U are the first one who brought the happiness after 5 month’s sorrow. Our sunshine, thx darling for everything, making us more hopeful, specially means a lot. such a positivity kau dukan u are smiley27

PoohLika- I always say n again want to say. Ap na hoti toh hamare fun side ,hamare masti kabhi bahar nei ati. Our Bhadaas queen, Our dabang, our G.O.A.T  RD, our Savior. i know hum apke jarurat nei hai ..but  Ap  hamare jarurat ho , apke PooTanki kay bina hum sab adhure hai, iyea AT bhi .. apke ek kadam AT pe life de deti hai  ..pls hume chorke mat jao kabhi. jabtak hum hai,tabtak idhari raho ..pilisssssssssssssssssssssssmiley19

MunniJan – My Munnijan , It is always blissful to know u as a person ,as a co fellow. I never thought apart from the mod tag ,tum itne sweetest , caring,helpful n best ho. Thanks for standing for us in every thick n thin like a rocking solid wall ,thx for your precious impacted advice whenever we all badly needed. After so many uncertain months Ur positive presence with #2020HamaraHai gave us immense power to jhelofy all the negativity. Thanks for tolerating my every stupid rant, Oprish,chuha, 10 bacche and what not lol. Tum and Poo na hoti toh actually hamare AT , AT na hoti, DT ban jate .. Thx for everything always n forever. Love ya. smiley27smiley31


Again love u all of my darlings here jo ab idhar hai aur jin jin kay sath  pichle track pe chut geye ..…chummmassssssss for all  . Hope we all will be here till the end and after the end with our RB, RB's Prerna, Hamare Prerish, Hamamre Khayali Pulaou and Hmaare Optimization kay sath . aur RB rehete huye hum aur ek milestone achive karenge aisei. Together we are strong. Many Many Many Heartiest congratulation to all once again 



Congratulations everyone for completing 200 PreRishlicious moments.. Amazing journey with our ups and downs.. A journey that taught us the importance of hope and faith and here we are today celebrating this incredible journey of our PreRish/KaRica... They gave us very few but super quality moments... EjFians gave Karan a warm welcome and Ksgians will always have our full support... Together we will demand the screen space and the story PreRish deserves... Thank q everyone for keeping hope and keeping this AT alive.. Thank q everyone for putting up with the immaturity and impulsiveness of my ladki.. Thank q for giving me some extremely nice and polite companion... Let’s hit 300 sooner than we think guys.. #PreRishtounite


First of All Congratulations to all of the members of this #AT for and to #PreRish fandom for sticking with this Fandom even when the situation was not favourable ,

Sometimes we are Tested ,

Not to show our Weaknesses ,

But to discover our ,


This quote is what i think define our #AT , and a special Shout Out to Wistfullness Jismiley32 for being the awesomeness she is and the commendable job she did for running this #AT , and in a way according to me all the Premium members (you know who you aresmiley9) of this fandom for keeping this Thread alive for so long and we were rewarded as you deservedsmiley14

Here's to more 200's threads , and maybe more PreRish scenes to look forward smiley40smiley41smiley20smiley32

-RD- (PooTanki smiley44)

Ye AT hai Jaise Hai Ek Aandhi, Prerish milna Hai Ek Toofaan

Rish Ke Aage Bebas Hai, AT Mein Har Insaan

Prerish Mein Sab Deewane Hain, Prerish milne se hain Sab Hairaan

Prerish Mein Sab Kuchh Mushkil Hai, AT Mein Sab Aasaan

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvane Ye AT waale

Hai Prerish ki aas Mein Kaise Gum

Oh AT waalon Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye 200 not out waala Kamaal Kya Kahein...

Dhum Tara, Dhum Tara, Dhum Tara, Dhum Tara

Dhum Tara Dhum Tara Dhum-Ma smiley37

Well its been super fun to be a part of this AT all along even though the respect levels for me here r non existent 🙄 but keeping that aside have made some great friends here with friendships going beyond this platform overall its truly been a memorable experience here is wishing us all many more such milestones and fun times ahead 🤞🤞🤞

Rish ne drawer ko dil samjha waise hi maine AT ko Prerish milna samajh lia smiley36

PS Wish the AT admins were better tho 😂😂😂😂

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 

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