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Posted: 3 months ago

Dont take me wrong here. He sings really well. He is like a shadow of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. But he needs to explore other genres too. Every time they have special episodes on musicians and every contestants sing their songs but they always make him sing Nusratji’s songs. We have already seen how awesome he is in that genre but can he sing other singer’s songs as well?? 

Posted: 3 months ago

I agree. He needs to sing other genres and singers song too. In Maa special he sang something different for the first time and I think he did well.

Posted: 2 months ago

Sunny may sing ok.  He shouts & screams. I’m not sure why judges go goo goo Gaa gaa over this type of singing. I’m afraid these kids who just screams in the name of singing will hurt their vocal chords someday 😳🙄😕

I love salman Ali’s singing  too but this applies to him also. No offense meant to their fans 🙏

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Posted: 2 months ago

Sunny already recorded ROM ROM song. 4 more songs are to be recorded. ONLY AND ONLY SUNNY SANG DIFFERENT SONGS and of many other legendary  singers. Exasperating and CanadaMonsoon wrote falsely to disturb peace of other fans who are fans of sunny and other legendary singers too. It is hate speech against sunny and insult of legendary singers which are not recognized so far as bollywood singers by bashers Exasperating, CanadaMonsoon and supporters.

Other singers never came out of their comfort zone except Rishabh and jannabi. These three singers must be top 3 (Sunny hindustani, jannabi, rishabh, ). Other good singers are Ridham and adriz but not the best.  Sunny hindustani must be winner of Indian Idol 11.  Versatility can not be considered simplyif other singer gets low score who must be out.  

Jaane jigar jaane man (kumar sanu), Rom Rom Song ( The body movie), mere naina sawan bhado(kishore kumar ji), tu kitni achhi hai (Lata ji), der naa ho jaaye(alga yagnik), kachchey dhage movie song,  apney toh apney hotey hain (dharmendra ji movie), sukhwinder ji song,

Sunny is now legendary singer according to judges and millions of fans. Sunny never shouted because required range was decided by mentors and judges. Bashers should stop giving false statements.

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Posted: 2 months ago

To stop abusing by fans of legendary singers and fans of sunny, india forums mederator should ban Ids or Dabulls23, Exasperating, CanadaMonsoon.

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Posted: 2 months ago

kehnaa kitnaa asaan hai, karnaa padey toh pata lagey.  26 october

, yahan baith kar sb judges baney baithey hain, judge ki job karni padey toh pataa chaley bkwas karney mein paise thodey lgtey h

Judges ko challenge karna theek nahi hai. wo isiliye judge hain q k unto ye pataa lagaanaa aataa hai ki kya sunny versatile hai yaa nahi. Jb sunny ney lata jee kaa song gayaa toh ye declare kiyaa thaa ki sunny versatile hai.

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Posted: 2 months ago

jb suron sey khelnaa padtaa hai toh , high and low pitch ko touch kiye bina , song ki beauty and continuation of song bigadegi,. High range mein gaana shouting nahi hai, ye song kee jrurat hai. Koi bhee singer apney aap hee scale choose nahi kartaa,: mentor aur judges milkar , singer ki facility dekh kar scale choose kartey hain. ye koi screaming nahi hai. Jo high pitch ko touch na kar ska wo shouting kehlaati hai. sunny ney clearly high pitch touch kiya

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Posted: 2 months ago

keh diyaa ki wo doosrey muscians key song nahi gaata.

ab toh log badey badey singers ki bhee insult karney par tuley hain.

Kya kumar sanu ji, lata ji, kishore kumar ji, sukhwinder ji, singers nahi hai.

kya singers sb zones key gaaney gaatey hain. ky kumar sanu ji kwaali gatey hain.

Ye kahan kaa rule hai ki agar kisi singer ko competition mein sbhi gaaney agar nahi aatey toh wo competition mein nahi aayega.

Judges ney bahut baar stage par kaha hai ki jisko jo gaanaa achhi tarah aataa hai wo , wo hi, gaaye.

Ye judges ko pataa chal jaataa hai ki ye singer aur kya gaa sktaa hai. vishal sir ney keh diyaa thaa ki tum agar soft song nahi gaa paye toh aagey kya karoge, fir sunny ney soft song gaa kar dikhaya thaa.

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