JTHJ (OS) Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin (New upd Pg 2)

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Dear Readers,

This is a OS ,which is a sequel to my FF Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein's spin off tiitled Meerash : Jab Tak Hai Jaan.The story of Jab Tak Hai Jaan has completely taken a different path from Part no 44 

Links to my FF 

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PJWL (OS) Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin


To understand the characters more better do read the character sketch from PJWL Thread 1 and also this OS is dedicated to Mahira, who while reading found some loop holes in my FF PJWL like a scene of Pakki and Sheetal and questioned me with doubts as she wanted to know, how did Pakki knew about Aarav would get the love of 2 mother's ? and plus she also questioned about a scene in a particular part that how Sheetal is pregnant after so many years ? and why she hates Aarav and almost nearly killed him ? So this OS answers the questions to her queries and if you had any while reading my FF ,i hope this OS will make it clear (Note : this OS is continuation to clear out the loop holes and if you want to even see this loop holes to be cleared in the main FF as well then do let me know in your comments ! will even update the main FF by adding a OS to it)

OS : Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin 

In Aara's Room

Arushi ,Arhi we’re busy talking to Aara about Sheetal

Arhi : Aara ,I wonder how much guts you must have had to drop Sheetal down when you intentionally spilled water so that she can fall !

Aara : I do regret that because whatever Sheetal did ,I didn’t wanted her baby to face that but that was at the heat of the moment ! But ya I never saw Sheetal like this, i mean she never cared for me or Aarav bhai like this than she  did for her child ! Ok i know that she didnt do so for me because i am not her child but I wonder why she never loved Aarav bhai and always treated him like he wasn’t her child , because this is what we heard from Dhruv papa and Aarav bhai in general !

Aarav who was passing along with Ruhi by was hurt : Why do I always have to face this pain that am not my Tara mama's real child ,this pain really hurts me

Ruhi : Aarav ,we can’t change the fact ,but be glad that you have your parents by your side and your birth story doesn’t need any justification as you already have your parents and not 1 set but now it’s 5 because dad married Indira aunty !

Aarav : Hmm you are right Ruhi !


Aarav and Ruhi comes across Hari Prakash who was going to sell all old stuffs to the raddi wala

Aarav : Hari Prakash ji ,this all !

HP : Yes Aarav bitwa ,all this raddi is from everyone from the family ,do you have anything old stuff that you want to sell be it books ,newspaper or anything so that I can’t sell ?

Ruhi : I guess I have a lot ,I will send it now Hari Prakashji (Ruhi leaves to get all the old stuffs that was pilling in her cupboard)

Aarav comes across a file and it seems to be a Fertility hospital file and it happens to be a Tara's report as a Egg Donor and he is surprised to see that Tara was once a Egg donor ,he took the file and went upstairs to Tara's room

In Tara's room

Tara was busy sorting up her cupboard and then she heard the knock at the door  

Tara while keeping the stuff in the cupboard : yeah come in

Aarav asks her question as : Mama ,what’s this !

Tara realizes about the file : oh this ! Yeah long back,when i was Shyam's adopted sister ,Shyam wanted me to help one of his friend to get her pregnant as she couldn’t get pregnant and they wanted a good donor so that the baby gets fertilized and I became a Egg donor for his friend and since he forced me to do so and I got the money in returning .I wonder how big the child must be ,may be like your age ,yeah .Ok Aarav just give that file to the raddi as this file is of no use! Am just going to the mandir so will back soon ok !

Aarav : yeah sure mama

Aarav feels something is wrong ! I need to inquire about this ! Aarav walks towards the parking lot towards his car and drives over to the jail

In the Jail

(pic credit to the uploader)

Aarav goes to Sheetal 's jail cell ,Sheetal is surprised to him

Sheetal : What brings you here ! I thought after you guys ganged up to put me behind bars again ,you all won’t show me your face but am surprised to see you !

Aarav : Don’t get happy for no reason ,I just want some answers ! I heard Aara saying that you couldn’t get pregnant over the years when Aara was with you and I really wanna know my birth story ! Are you my real mother !

Sheetal : Oh so now you wanna know ? Why all of the sudden and why should I tell you who is your mother when you already have those 2 b**ch**in your life as your mothers ! It won’t the change the reality though

Aarav gets angry : Answer me dammit ! Who is my mother ? Dhruv papa said you were pregnant with me ,but why you never gave me the love that I needed and why did you wanted to kill me ! How can a mother be so heartless to even think to kill her own child ,yes you did had revenge on your mind and yes some mother’s do kill their children if they have done a grave mistake but what did I do that you wanted to kill me ?

Sheetal : You wanna know why did I wanted to kill you ! So listen it’s not because you were Arnav and Khushi's adopted son and since that time when when Arnav Khushi remarried for the sake of Aarush as he was in Khushi stomach ,you were the only one to save their relationship again to fall apart since Arnav that time didn’t consider Arshi and Arhi as his kids but also the important reason being though I have given you birth but you aren’t biologically my child ,you aren’t carrying genes from me ,you aren’t my blood but only Dhruv’s and a person whom you need to find out ! Because as per my knowledge you’re real mother who donated her egg to me because I couldn’t conceive that time doesn’t know that you are her son! So you better find that out from the Fertility clinic which is near your house !

Aarav was in happiness tears : What ? I was a IVF product ? And am not your really son ?

Abhi mujh mein kahin

Baaki thodi si hai zindagi

Jagi dhadkan nayi

Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi

Sheetal : Yeah that’s why I always hated the sight of you because you aren’t my son ! Now go find your real mom and tell her that she is your mom.I wonder she would believe or not (Sheetal laughs)

Aarav runs over to his car and drives over to the fertility hospital and in the car he glances at the file of Tara's and notices this is the same fertility clinic and then he tries to frame everything and has a doubt and he really wants to clear that out and rushes to the hospital , hoping to even know about him as well

Fertility Clinic

Nurse : Yes tell me whom do you wanna meet Sir ?

Aarav : I want to inquire about the medical records of 1994 of egg donor name Tara Kumari Gupta sorry Tara Jha !

Nurse : here you go Sir (Aarav sees the old records and is shocked to know what he just saw )

Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai

Ye lamha kahaan tha mera

Aarav : So my doubt is right ! am the real son of Tara mama and Dhruv papa ! That means I have been carrying the genes of Tara mama and Dhruv papa all along and I didn’t knew about that . This is so freaking bliss that though I was born through that witch Sheetal but the genes were of my parents ! That’s why Pakki aunty (dadi) said so that I will be getting love of 2 mother’s , because she performed the IVF treatment on Sheetal and she knew whom I really deserve to be a child of !

Ab hai saamne

Issey chhoo loon zaraa

Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Khushiyaan choom loon

Yaa ro loon zaraa

Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Aarav drives home in happiness and he is finally satisfied and his happiness has no bound .

Aarav : Tara mama is my mother ,all these while she was in front me ,even when she was dad's gf she was in in front of me ,she was like my mother figure after mom got separated from dad .I failed to notice that Tara mama is my real mother.I really need to make up for this to her 

In the car,Aarav texts Arnav to reach the mansion with Indira.

He reaches the mansion and storms through the door and he calls out everyone to come into the hall and says : Dhruv papa,Tara mama,Harsh papa,Mom and everyone please gather in the hall,I need to say something which I am so happy to say about !

Anjali : What happened Jr Chote ,why are you so happy ? ,tell us even we want to be part of it.

Tara and Dhruv ,Harsh and Khushi descended down the stairs and they too we’re curious to know what’s Aarav’s happiness reason ,Aarav runs towards Dhruv and Tara and hugs them and they both reciprocate their love back to him

Dhruv : Aarav what’s the matter tell us !

Harsh and Khushi we’re too wanting to know the reason : Go on Aarav tell us !

Arnav too comes with Indira to the mansion because Aarav wants to say something

Aarav : Dhruv papa ,I always felt bad that I wasn’t Tara Mama’s real son but now I don’t have to feel so and nor will I ever !

Arnav : Aarav why all of the sudden you are saying so ! Before you didn’t bring up this topic now why ? You are grown up and now a father as well ,and this topic should be long back buried right !

Aarav : Dad it’s needed because like me ,you all were also unaware the fact that Sheetal wasn’t biologically my real mother , though she gave me birth but the genes that I carry is not of hers ! She did a IVF treatment through Pakki dadi and only Pakki dadi knew about this apart from Sheetal that my real mother is Tara mama !

Everyone were shocked !

Khushi : Aarav how is this possible ? Tara is your real mother ! Tara is this true ?

Tara was surprised but then she saw the reports that Aarav was carrying in his hand and she took it from him and tears streamed down her cheeks : It’s true ,that Aarav is mine and Dhruv's son which I didn’t even knew.

Dhruv : But how is this possible Tara ! (And then he too sees the report and gets surprised)

Tara : A few hours ago ,Aarav had come up to me inquiring that whether did I do a egg donation and I agreed upon that being the fact that I did it for Shyam's one friend but never did I knew that friend was Sheetal who wanted a IVF treatment since she couldn’t bare a child and I wonder that b*t*h how did she managed to get your sperm Dhruv !

Dhruv : I guess she must have taken me to fertility clinic when I wasn’t in my senses and you know Sheetal na she can go to any extreme  to get her work done along with Shyam ,but who cares am really happy that before I could meet you Tara and we could fall in love ,we did create a baby of our own ,our Aarav !

Aarav : My parents (Aarav hugs Tara and Dhruv )

Everyone are in awe seeing them together

Khushi goes near Tara : am so happy for you Tara ,that you are officially the REAL mom of our son

Tara : This is really the best feeling ,I really wouldn't have dreamt about this that Aarav is my  real son, if Aarav  wouldn’t had been inquisitive about knowing the truth whom I donated my egg to ,I would still been thinking that Aarav isn’t my own son !

Khushi : Tara am happy that time when I went to court along with Harshji to fight for Aarav’s custody ,the court favoured in your's and Arnav ji side !

Tara : Why Di ? You don’t know Di how much guilty I felt that time when me and Arnav fraudly stole Aarav’s custody from you and Harsh ,this even haunted me with regret and also when Advay was a impostor of Arnav and he fraudly stole Aara's custody from me along with Sonam,i did feel the pain what you went through !

Aarav : But Tara mama ,the love that you had  shown to me during those days ,I was a fool to unacknowledged it and even to notice it .You are truly my Devki maiyaa in the disguise as Yashoda maiyaa .

Khushi : Aarav is right Tara ! More than me you have the right upon Aarav .

Aara goes near Tara : That means Mom am not your first born child !

Tara : unfortunately yes my baby ! Your Aarav Bhai is your real half brother ! Which you can’t deny now (Aarav hugs and then kisses Aara on her forehead) Tara too joins in the hug : My bachas

Manorama : Hello hi bye bye ,yeh toh gazab hua ,first my Arnav bitwa didn’t knew am his real mother and then Aara bitiya didn’t knew her real parents were Arnav and Tara ,and now Aarav bitwa didn’t knew that Tara and Dhruv are his parents !

Arnav goes near Tara and Dhruv : Congrats guys for officially being the parents of our Aarav !

Dhruv smiles and,Tara says : Thanks Arnav ,but I guess you need to congratulate Aarav specially because from now on wards he won’t be in that guilt that am not his mom !

Aarav : Dad !

Arnav : Yeah,come here son (Aarav walks towards Arnav and gives him a hug)

Aarav : Dad see I found my real mom , remember long back I had told you that about me being in the orphanage and I was wanting a family !

Arnav : Yeah ! And now see son you got your real mom ! (Tara smiles )

Image result for shakti arora instagram kunal

Harsh goes near Khushi : So happy that the family is happy again and found a reason to cherish ! Before Aarav got the happiness of being Raizada family’s own son and now he gets to know about his biological mother as well!

Khushi : Yes Harsh jj,am so happy for our Aarav !

Harsh goes on to hugs Aarav : Son am happy for you ! 

Aarav : Thanks Harsh papa (Khushi joins the hug) 

Ruhi goes near Harsh ,Khushi and Aarav and hugs them too and then Ruhi breaks the hug by pulling Aarav aside.

Ruhi : Aarav seeing you happy like this makes me even more happy that you know you can live carefree without pain in your heart.

Aarav : Ruhi ,this moment is just priceless and if my Aara wouldn’t have triggered that in me and HP ji wouldn’t have given old stuffs to raddi wala I wouldn’t have known about this !

Ruhi : It’s all destiny Aarav ,god always plans things to happen !


Indira goes near Aarav : Aarav am so happy for you .God bless you son !

Aarav smiles : Thanks aunty ! (Indira smiles a painful smile)

Next Day (Mother’s Day )

Aarav decided to the best for both his mom's and along with his other siblings decided to do something special

Aarav calls Arnav up : Dad , please do come for the celebration of Mother’s day and also bring along Indira aunty and your new born son Adiraj

Arnav : Yeah sure ,we will be there !

Aara : Bhai ,cake is ready,Arshi and Arhi have gone to bring Mom and Khushi mama and Bhai is Dad coming ?

Aarav : Yes my girl ,and go call everyone to the hall and where is Samrat and Dhruv,I told them to arrange for the food ,where are they ?

Samrat and Dhruv : Bhai we are here and food is here as well

Tara and Khushi decended down the stairs and the kids make them sit on the chairs and Ruhi puts on the video which is being played in the projector .The first video Aarav presents it which features him with  Arshi,Arhi,Aara ,Aarush ,Reyaan,Kaira and Heera the moments with Tara and Khushi.

The next video was presented by Samrat where it featured the moments of Payal with Samrat and Pari

The next video was presented by Jr.Dhruv who presented a video with moments with Lavanya

And there was a small clip of Roshini wishing Anjali Happy mother’s day and to everyone’s surprise except the kids

Ruhi : So now the surprise ,I know all must be wondering whose mother’s day wish is pending ,well that’s from Bubbly Di (Bua) 

A video message from Bubbly : Wishing a very happy mother’s day to Khushi bhabhi ,Payal bhabz ,Tara bhabhi ,Lavanya bhabhi and Anjali Di thank you for always treating me like your child and wanting to get best for me and always being there to guide me.All of you never for a sec never made me miss my mom Pakki thankyou my mothers I love you all.

Khushi, Payal,Tara, Lavanya,Anjali : love you too Bubbly ,we miss you

Harsh goes near Khushi : Happy Mother’s Day jaan , thank you for giving me my Heera and to also be the father of Aarav,Arshi ,Arhi and Aara they are really precious to me.

Khushi : Actually I should say thank you to you Harsh ji for Heera,am so blessed to be a mother of your child (Khushi hugs Harsh ) Love you Harsh ji

Harsh : love you too Khushi

Arnav goes near Indira : Indira sorry to keep you unattended and also on behalf of my family that they aren’t giving you attention and my kids aren’t calling you mama as well !

Indira : Arnav ,you don’t need to be sorry and where the question lies in being called aunty in spite of me being your wife .It’s really ok for me because never I was a mother figure to them and nor did I force my right upon them because I have just come now and am only a wife ,a companion of yours which am really happy being that ! And even you Arnav you gradually fell in love with me because we stayed together as a live in couple because you wanted a life partner even though you had feelings for Tara which is completely natural and genuine ! So I don’t want to force relationships and am happy being the mother of our son Adiraj .

Arnav smiles and hugs Indira and his son Adiraj: Thanks for understanding me and my situation Indira ,I can't thankyou enough ,am happy that I found you ,I love you Indira 

Indira : love you too Arnav

Aarav goes near Ruhi and says : Happy Mother's day sweety and thanks for being a mother to my brother Aarush and to our baby Aahi and our baby which is on the way (Aarav carressing Ruhi's baby bump) Ruhi hugs Aarav : Thanks for always being there for me Aarav.Aarav please drop me over to Isha maa's place so that i can meet her and Shagun mama!

Aarav : Yeah sure Ruhi !

Aarav drops her to his in laws place and so that she can spend time with her 2 mother's

The End 

Continuation of this OS : Indira's Past Pg 2

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Updated some things above in my main post as some wordings were missing in the OS and in the description !

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even I used to think why sheetal hates her own son n even when to the extent of murder attempt.aarav is still sad that she couldn't be tara's son.ruhi consoling him saying that his birth doesn't need any explanation was emotional. surprising that once tara was an egg donor n shyam made her do so.that time itself I felt that she is aarav's real mom.but without knowing that Tara thinking how big that boy will be now was cute.aarav meeting sheetal was a heart breaking emotional scene.sheetal revealing that he is not her blood was a superb scene.what a twist! aarav realising from the clinic that Tara is his real mother was lovely.now that druv Tara are married druv tara aarav make a happy cute family

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Awsome os

Good to know Arav is Dhruv and Tara’s son

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Posted: 1 years ago

aarav informing everyone that tara is his real mom n druv Tara aarav hug was lovely.druv telling Tara that he is happy that before their union itself they had a baby was sweet.now khushi feels happy that she failed in the custody case of aarav n Arnav Tara got aarav as aarav was with his real mom Tara.may be purposefully God made the situation like that so that aarav would be with his real mom Tara.aarav telling that tara is a devki in disguise of yashoda was lovely.ruhi telling aarav that now can lead a carefree life without any pain is true.after all he can be happy that he is not the son of an evil woman but the real son of his foster mom. 

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mothers day celebration was nice.videos were so nice.the best one was bubbly wishing n thanking everyone .happy for her presence.I wish at least in the next os you will show her.harsh khushi thanking each other was nice.I liked the dialogues.aarav ruhi conversation was so sweet.good that aarav is dropping ruhi home to celebrate mothers day with 2 mothers ishimaa n shagun mumma.but the best one was Arnav indira's which I never expected to be the best.Arnav feeling that indira is left out as no one is giving her enough attention n his children not calling her mumma n apologizing to her was touchy.I loved indira's reply that she is not sad as she came into their life recently so bonding hasn't built up properly..also she hasn't behaved like a mother to his children nor she tried to impose motherly rights on them..so she is ok for not getting accepted as their mother n she is happy being the mother of their child.loved the whole dialogue.Arnav thanking her for understanding him n saying I love you to her was sweet.if you ever write os as a sequel please write Arnav indira's os. .if you can please show indira slowly developing a bond with arnav's children n getting accepting by them like ananya slowly getting accepted by rohit's children in kehne ko humsafar hai. loved all the pics.perfect

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It's nice to know more about all of them ..

 Choti ..

It was really a nice update..


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