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 Lingering Moments Adni Untold Saga Chapter 56

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 126

Darsh was walking to the kitchen for a glass of water, when he noticed Pooja and Shilpa going out in a hurry. Their suddenly changed Indian attire baffled him.

“Where are you two off to....."he pointed to them, "dressed all Indian?”

Pooja halted and turned like a faithful stallion gracefully turning sensing his master’s presence.

“We are going to bring back Naani and gang. They have been gone since yesterday and looks like they’ll spend even tonight at Naani’s friends’ place. Because the whole gang is Indian, so we don't want to scandalise them.”

“Ok! I’ll drive you! Give me a sec!”

Darsh turned immediately forgoing his thirst. Pooja’s breath caught at his immediate  concern, but she forged on.

“Why? I can manage! I am not a novice! I don’t need anybody to manage my life for me.”

She uttered the lie without a shred of guilt. She wasn’t sure she could handle another incidence of proximity with him so soon. He raised an eyebrow, a ghost of a smile on his lips as if he found something humorous in her comment.

 “I know, you aren’t!” His tone was soft to appease her, “I know, you can manage; but like hell, you will!” The voice raised only slightly but the grim determination in his tone was too hard to even think about thwarting him.

“Wait here! Don’t move!” Before walking away, he warned her with an oddly familiar rudeness.

Pooja stood there; seething inside, her thoughts in total turmoil….. why did he act as if to show his right over me….She sighed with the memories from forever. why, why?

As he picked his keys he didn’t dare ask himself why it felt so ok to speak to her as though she was already a part of him.

“Didi, I won’t come then?” Shilpa asked tentatively as if the tense silence was unbearable for her.

Pooja clasped her wrist with sudden firmness, “Don’t you dare! Just come, not another word!”


The car sped at a clipping pace……A deep orange evening over a ribbon of steel grey road…….. Trees on the side spreading long umbras….. Traces of dwindling sunlight filtering through…….the world around stealthily faded away!

Two souls, a man and woman, with so much potential to love and unify, sat in tense silence beside each other. There was electricity in the air.

He turned in a by- lane and she swung to him with narrowed eyes.

“Short cut!” He spoke tersely, as if angry, that she didn’t trust him.

She gestured in what she hoped appeared to be blithe unconcern. The truth was, she was trembling a little at that very moment, but not in fear! She prayed that he would not notice.

“So you always manage everything all alone?” he asked his voice nonchalant.

She thought she heard an odd mix of curiosity and suspicion in his words, as if he was asking another question entirely. In the tense electric silence, it was she who looked at him first, a hint of fear and suspicion in her eyes. His eyes were fixed on the road, giving nothing away. He looked casual, outwardly calm! 

But then slowly, he turned and his soul piercing eyes staring intensely at her. A shiver of fear bumped down her spine at the intensity in his eyes. The question in his heart had found its way to his eyes….. An eternity in a spec of moment!


The ring of Pooja’s mobile sounded shrill in the total quiet while two pairs of eyes conversed. With a jerk, she took the call. It was Bhaiyya.

“Pooja, where are you?” The anxious concern evident in his voice.

“Bhaiyya, I am on my way to fetch Aadi. He hasn’t returned since yesterday.”

“Oh yes! I am missing him, too!How are you going?”

“Bhaiyya, DD is taking me and Shilpa in his car.”

“Oh! He’s there; in that case,no issue! I was worried whether you were travelling alone…… No problem, just return before night, OK!”

“Yes Bhaiyya” Pooja disconnected and burst out laughing. DD joined her.

“There’s the answer to your question! Bhaiyya always wants to take responsibility for everything, for everyone! And he does it with such pure love in his heart that you cannot deny him.”

Darsh’s eyes were fixed on distant horizon. “That’s true! He takes his responsibilities very seriously.”

Pooja was surprised at the faraway lost look in his eyes. His tone sounded like it was backed by some real experience or memory. A feeling like there was a piece of extra knowledge with him, which she was missing, suddenly crept in Pooja’s mind.

Shilpa had felt the silence palatable, if not totally bearable; once the duo in front suddenly laughed and relaxed in easy talk. She blabbered her words and realized she had been itching to say something all this while.

“He had given me a mobile and when I accidentally dropped it in water, he gave me his handset.”

Darsh smiled, “Material things are of least concern to him! He’s the man who can give his body parts for his loved ones. He can give his life for his loved ones or even take life!”

Pooja turned sharply to Darsh,a question marring her brow. The ring sounded again. This time it was Darsh’s car phone.

“DD, are you there?”

“Yes AD, what’s it?”

Somehow, the call was not unexpected for Darsh. He had known Advay for too long and now he naturally expected that Advay would make sure Darsh was with Pooja and then go an extra mile to make Darsh acquire the added sense of responsibility for taking care of his sister. Not because, he suspected Darsh or anything. It was just Advay’s inherent nature. 

“Chandni wants to see Louvre tomorrow. You have any plans or you free?”

“Free! I can join!”

“Is Pooja OK with Louvre tomorrow. Check with her please.”

“Yes Bhaiyya! Ok with me.”

They had arrived by the time the detail call got over.


“Aadi, you come with me, OK? Let Naani and super Naani stay for one more day, as they want.” Pooja beseeched earnestly. Till date, she had been able to coax him out of his resistance; but lately she found the whole exercise draining on her strength.

Aadi’s brows creased in immediate defiance. “Mummmmy…… why can’t I stay with them? I have just made friends here.” He whined.

“But Aadi, you can stay with me also, right? As such mostly you sleep with me!” Pooja tried being reasonable with him.

“Yes! So why can I not stay for just one more day away? I’ll come with Naani and super Naani tomorrow.”

Deciding to calm the brewing squabble, Darsh walked towards Aadi and kneeling down to his level, cupped his shoulders gently.

“Hey, Buddy! You can always stay for one more day; but then your CM has planned Louvre visit. You'll miss that...... And then you'll lose the chance to impress your school friends from India; saying that I have seen the Mona Lisa from our history book. “ Darsh folded his hands over his chest making a pompous gesture.

Adi's tantrum mood evaporated, dispersed by an odd curiosity in his eyes. Darsh circled his arm around Aadi's shoulder and lowered his voice like a conspiring gesture.

“Just imagine impressing the class-girls with that extra bit of information you alone have!”

Adi blushed as if being caught by his mother and hugged Darsh tightly. “I’ll come with you people.”

Darsh patted his back softly, an odd kind of happiness spreading in his heart.



Pooja felt much better at heart as she patted Adi to sleep.  Aadi’s smile was Pooja’s heaven and earth; making her heart explode with a fierce emotion that still humbled her. He was the reason for her to live now. 


 Not that she had not got a good life.  She had had the fortune to be born into the illustrious Raizada family, everyone around her had fawned over her. Her parents doted over her like a princess. The servants literally kissed her ass. Then, Bhaiyya had been brought in as her favourite playmate. He had thought the world of her. Affluence had been the norm until one day her father had lost all his fortunes and later his life in business. She had grown older and wiser then. But then, without much gap, Bhaiyya had taken over, restoring their status of being rich and powerful.

Her world had been very small and self contained; such that, she rarely strayed outside the borders of that. It felt like just a small transition from being her father’s daughter to her Bhaiyya’s sister. The college girls had fawned over her just because she was his favourite. 

The problem with everyone pandering to her meant she could never fully trust when someone liked her for herself. And she’d made a monumental mistake in her personal life because of it.

Life had been gliding over clouds, all glittering. She, her bhaiyya and Darsh, an inseparable triad!  As she blossomed into youth, her feelings for Darsh had changed. She had become differently aware of him…..something more than being just a close friend…..she had thought he felt the same way, they had been so close!

But somehow, the man who shared everything of his life, his feelings about his parents and then the loss of his mother; never ever expressed how he felt about her. He had continued to dote more and more on her bhaiyya, always giving preference to bhaiyya over her. She had at one time felt jealous of Bhaiyya and in an angry defiance; she had gone and fallen in love with another man. She hadn’t been able to tell the difference between suck-ups and sincerity. She had thought the man loved her; but in reality, he had loved her wealthy status.

When she had introduced him to the family, everybody had thought of him as an aspiring young man and she was never ever denied anything. So the marriage had happened almost immediately and Bhaiyya had given her his London apartment to stay and enjoy marital bliss.

After marriage, her husband had realized that the entire wealth was in Advay’s name and though Pooja looked affluent in college, she hadn’t carried much inheritance. He had insisted with Pooja to get part of the assets transferred to her name; but Pooja had rejected the idea outright! She knew the wealth was self earned by her bhaiyya with sheer hard work and intelligence. It wasn’t part of any inheritance from her father. She was too loyal to her bhaiyya and he loved her beyond limit. So she never felt any need to get anything transferred on her name and she wouldn’t dream of ever asking him to do it.

Aadi had been born within an year of marriage. Her husband nagged her day and night to get assets transferred to Aadi’s name; but she had firmly told him to earn the wealth himself for his son. The bickering had increased day by day; but she hadn’t let her family know even a word about it. Simply because one word about her happiness and Bhaiyya would, in no time , transfer all his wealth in her and Aadi’s name, without a single thought.


Aadi had grown to almost school age and one night, his father had suddenly disappeared leaving her all alone with her son. Bhaiyya had rushed to her immediately and pursued for him; but he had fled England. Naani and Pooja herself had insisted not to pursue any further; as it was good riddance to bad rubbish. 

Whenever Aadi had cried where his father had gone, Advay had hugged him and consoled him that he had gone on business tour and would return with lots of toys. When his school admission was due, Advay had put himself as the legal guardian saying that Aadi’s father was in foreign country on account of business. This had prevented people from talking about Pooja’s abandoned status and Aadi’s world had been completely buffered from the mishap.

Yet, Bhaiyya and the family continued to blame themselves for not intervening in her life earlier and bringing her marital happiness. It was she who felt sincerely that the onus was entirely hers ; as she had made that choice out of deep seated hurt in her naive age against Darsh.

And after all these years, thanks to Bhaiyya’s invitation, Darsh was back! That same Darsh, who had disappeared from their life from before her marriage. He had got transfer to France. The very knowledge that he had chosen to move away from her had hurt her and made her all the more defiant........she had never ever bothered to stop him or question him or connect with him. After all these years, Bhaiyya had also transferred company on her name making her financial assets secure. For her, it was just a legal paper. All her security was Bhaiyya’s love for her and for Aadi. She had learned to appreciate love now.

And now, Darsh was creating ripples in her secure world……..asking her uncomfortable questions, challenging her about the status of their relation, bonding with Aadi, being around her, for her all the time!  She was perturbed. She couldn’t let her life be ripped away by a man twice. Once was enough, and playing this dangerous game threatened to steal her very sanity.



 The mobile vibrated in the peaceful early morning and Advay rushed to pick the call, so as to not disturb Chandni sleeping next to him. 

 The moment the caller identified himself, Advay knew that the conversation could not be held with the risk of Chandni overhearing. He put the call on hold and rushed to the living room near a window so nobody would hear him.

“Yes! What is it?” Advay was eager to know the status of his game plan.

 “The supplier list is ready. I can connect you with them today itself.” The caller spoke excitedly.

Advay sighed. He had himself got the balls rolling to put his plan in fast gear; so it was natural that people wanted things to be done at earliest possible. But today was booked for Aadi and Chandni. That couldn’t change!

“Do one thing! You have the first meeting with them and explain the background as I have told you. I will meet all tomorrow and finalise everything in one single meeting.”

“Ok Sir!”



Advay was not the only one to be making calls at god forsaken hour of the morning. While Advay was in the living room finalizing one game plan, his younger brother was in the kitchen propagating another game plan. Both were doing their call in a hush to not let anybody else in the family overhear and know about their doings.

Both came away from their calls and were stunned to come to face with each other near the stairs! What to tell?


Oh! Oh! What will the brothers tell each other now?smiley2

You girls are wise readers so you'll naturally remember from previous chapters what game plan is each of them executing.

Much earlier, I had explained the back story of Advay who jumped off a train as a child and returned back after sixteen years from London with multiple passports. The show had not given any explanation whatsoever.

Epi 87 The couple Dynamics Men From Mars Women From Venus A Baby Dream The Baby dilemma Chapter17

Epi 88 A Wife's Regret Advay's True Redemption The Meaning of Loving Someone Chapter 18

In this episode, I explain the back story of Pooja's life. 

The sudden change in Mumbai track had baffled us all. Advay was known to have been robbed of all his relations. Chandni had cursed him saying he was not worthy of family relations so God had not given him any. Advay had cried that he once had everything but now lost all. 

Suddenly out of nowhere, a family had emerged and there was a married sister and her son. The reference of Advay telling Aadi that his father sent him toys..... Suddenly towards the end of series, Pooja had disclosed to Aadi that father had connecting links were shown.

Hope you gals like and find believable, the back story of Pooja  as justified in this chapter. It also links with her past with Darsh and will connect with future tracks. Aadi and Darsh are bonding already!smiley9

Looking forward to your like hits and comments to make the thread lively.

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Thanks Neha) Very unusual for me, the story of the marriage Puja. I never thought in that direction. This is very interesting!
Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha) Very unusual for me, the story of the marriage Puja. I never thought in that direction. This is very interesting!

Neither did I, Ann, while watching the show. Rather waited for them to unravel it. 

Once, in my mind , as I started formulating Darsh track, this came as a logical explanation.

Million thanks for your coment.smiley4

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A thought came to my mind. It will be 60 chapters very soon. How this Saga has traversed through ups and downs, so much has happened..... from the story perspective and also considering the intermittent gaps in my writing!smiley36

I just want to invest time and once sit and read the whole story in just one go. I love reading books start to end in one sitting.smiley4

I truly hadn't expected in the beginning that the story would run this long. But then, in all this time, there hasn't been any daily TV show of Barun on any of the channelssmiley19; so this remains to be his last till date .........and perhaps therefore this story is my favourite.smiley27 How I wish the show hadn't closed prematurely and Adni would be on our screens everyday!smiley42

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Trials Of Fire!!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 57

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 127

This was just not avoidable, though both Advay and Veer could pledge a chunk of their wealth to avoid it! Both were standing across each other. Advay had always been the type to face every inevitable head-on. He also knew attack was the best defence.

“Miku, yourself awake so early?”

“I came for a drink, Bhai. Good morning!” The reply was suspiciously flippant.

 "So early? With a mobile in your hand?” Advay asked warily.

Miku was expert at managing such interrogations with his multiple times practice with his Abbu. 

“Oh! That! Just to check time! I was so sleepy; I didn’t realize the mobile remained in my hand.”

 “You don’t look sleepy, seem quiet awake!”

 Now it was getting out of hand. Miku had to retaliate, 

“Bhai, what are you doing so early morning, that too here in hallway and with your mobile in your hand?”

Advay fell silent for a moment. Hell! This was getting dangerous. Miku very much had the potential to complicate things, if given too much info. 

“I have my online lectures scheduled now. For that!” Advay rubbed his temples tiredly.

“In such nightdress?” Miku pointed up and down Advay's attire.

 Miku was tireless! And totally incorrigible! “I am changing.” Advay shrugged nonchalantly and looked around. Sheer luck, someone had left laundry basket in the hallway at night. Of course otherwise, he would have found some other excuse! Advay picked the first shirt that came in his hand. “Here!”


 Both were trying to weasel their way into each other’s secrets; but, in vain, as both were equal emissaries of their own mission!

Chandni was in front of dressing table when Advay returned having spent time  in kitchen and hallway. She was demurely dressed in Indian attire.

“What are you wearing, Chandni?” There was an odd sternness in his voice.

Chandni looked up and then looked down at herself.

He always loved her dressing and smiled at her every day in appreciation. Today, she was quite taken aback with his not so happy look and his question.


pic credit to original up-loader

“What happened? Don’t you like me in this?” She whined, her head hung low.

“I love you in anything and everything that you wear! That’s just not the point.” His tone was slightly exasperated. “I passed Pooja in the hallway and she’s dressed totally western. Both you are going to look poles apart.”

“But she had worn Indian yesterday; so I thought…..” 

“That was because she was going to visit Nani’s oldie friends. Go yourself and check her out now.”

Chandni made a face at his tone, “And you are wearing this shirt….. what about that?” 

“I am going to change. This one needs to go for washing.”

“Why did you wear it then and where had you gone early morning? Whose call had come?” Chandni's incessant queries started.

Now he was in trouble!  “Just regular, work related!.....I’ll get dressed and check outwith DD.” Advay hurried away.



Advay and Darsh were seated on the lawn out waiting for the women to appear.

 “The supplier’s person had called, DD. He is ready to connect us with supplier group. He was ready today but I said tomorrow.”



“Why Man? We should have gone today itself. We cannot fritter away time. Our adversary is brutal and most immaculate planning can still land us into trouble.”

A hint of mockery varnished Advay’s whisky-brown eyes suddenly hard with the mention of adversary. “You’re telling me that?..... But I promised Chandni and you promised Aadi yesterday regarding this visit to Louvre. He returned only for the bait of Louvre visit. I could have convinced Chandni; but can’t break my son’s heart. Apne bête aur biwi se maar nahi khaani hai, yaar!”

(Don’t want bashing from my wife and my son)

He was right. Darsh smiled at the reference of Aadi as ‘my son’ by Advay. In his mind, he rolled the words on his tongue. They felt very comfortable…… and good!


 “Come on people, hurry up!” Pooja was calling out to all when Advay walked lazily towards her and Darsh followed suit.


“What’s the big hurry, Pooja?”

“Bhaiyya,I don’t want to lose any time of Louvre. These people have made a big programme of having brunch first and then going to Louvre. And you know how everybody is…. Dilly-dallying!” Pooja was exasperated.

 “Yupp!” Advay agreed nodding his head. “My wife, the most!” He muttered to himself.

 “Aaann?You said something?” Darsh caught on his words.

Advay made a face at him, “Nothing! Not to you! Saala! Chugali lagayega aur phir joote padenge.”

(Rogue! He'll telltale and I'll get bashing)

 Pooja threw her head back and laughed at Advay’s comment. This kind of interaction between the three was etched in her memory from their youthful days. Darsh looked at her and then his eyes remained fixed; as the three waited for the rest to join.


Advay smiled as he watched Chandni in the car.


 pic credit MB, taken from net

She had gone and dressed ultra modern in defiance to his earlier comment; but she looked happy, lovable. Advay’s heart jumped looking at her. His wife was an eclectic mix of defiance, obstinacy, genuineness….literally everything! 

One thing about her had not changed at all. She never kowtowed him.That had been a part of her charm right from the early Allahabad days…….his perfect Mrs. Spitfire!....In punishment, when he had made her write sorry, this girl had gone and written all mockery of his. 

What was that? Advay knitted his brows and strained his memory. Her creation suddenly flashed in his memory.

 “Oh yes!” inadvertently, he exclaimed, “ASR ASR, usko maaro jute chaar!”

All heads in the car suddenly turned to him astounded. Chandni remembered her own words and wished she should disappear in thin air there itself.

“Chaar kyon? Tujhe toh das maarke ek ginana chaahiye!” Darsh made a punching action at him. “What’s the matter? Since morning, this is third time you speak of bashing.” ( why just four? You should get ten punches counted as one.)

“Don’t ask him! Bhai is so involved into Bhabhi, Tota-Maina no.1” Veer laughed happily at his own comment.

 “As if you’re any less! Tota-Maina no.2, isn’t it, Shikha?” Pooja teased.

Everybody was in gay mood.


Everybody laughed and joked as the group had brunch in an open eat-out. Advay joined the chatter but his eyes got strayed again and again towards Chandni who was happily busy in female chatter. 

 Her hair shimmered in the sunlight, her skin petal-soft. He loved how her upper lip was nearly as full as the lower, the curves as delicate and smooth as a ripe tomato, so succulent! Staring at her mouth, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck lift in reflexive excitement.

As the meal proceeded, Chandu bent to see something that Darsh and Veer were showing on mobile. Her neckline fell low exposing her smooth creamy skin. Both immediately averted their gaze with due respect. Advay’s sight didn’t miss the mishap, though Chandni was innocently oblivious.


“Come Chandni, we have to go!” Advay jerked up suddenly, making all heads turn to him in bewilderment.

“What’s the matter?” Miku asked.

“Some temptations,” Advay said hazily looking at Chandu, “should not be resisted. Because they are so persistent that they would only keep returning, time and again. Therefore such temptations absolutely need to be yielded to—and there is only one way to be rid of them.”

Pooja’s jaw dropped in shock as she stared at her Bhaiyya. Such moments of carefree happiness were so rare with him. Shikha hung her head down trying to hide her blush. Chandni went still, her pulse thundering in her ears! She wished the ground would open up there and then and just swallow her. Advay walked around the table up to her and pulled her up holding her arm.

“Are you not coming to Louvre? Or are we all cancelling the whole thing?” Pooja asked, worry creasing her brow.

“No! Don’t! You guys proceed; we two will join you there directly. We won’t be long; should be able to catch up with you easily.” Advay assuaged her worry with his solution.

Chandni smiled at everybody for namesake and the duo left in hurry as Advay almost pulled her along.

“Lucky BastXXXd!” muttered Darsh shaking his head at the parting pair. Pooja turned to him. For just a moment, there was an alarming intensity in his gaze. Something predatory. Something dangerous!

Pooja felt suddenly very conscious and averted her gaze, in the pretext of looking out for Aadi who had gone for an Ice-cream with Murli- Shilpa.

 “Honeymoon hai!” Veer smiled, not realizing the undercurrents in the group. “He’s making most of his time.”

 Shikha was looking askance to Veer as colour rose in her cheek, her mind faraway in dreamland.

“Where is CM?” asked Aadi just returning with his ice-cream.

“He’ll join us soon. Let’s go!” said Pooja, standing up.

The group had just entered the Louvre, having admired the glass pyramid, when Shikha held Veer by arm and pulled him away.

“Let’s go separately by ourselves. We’ll join them when Jiji and Jijaji come.”

“Why Shikha? Let’s all be together.”

“The group becomes big and difficult to track. Let everybody have their own enjoyment. It’s better that way. Then even Pooja di can enjoy whatever she likes rather than hanging around with us.” 

She couldn’t possibly tell him that she was feeling euphoric after Jiji and Jijaji had gone away. Now she wanted to hang on to Veer and enjoy physical proximity without having other members hovering around.

Veer looked at Pooja a little away and already engrossed in something she noticed on wall. “You’re right!”

He walked to Di. “Di, we two will just go this way. Something Shikha wants to see. We shall meet you near Mona Lisa. Bhai should arrive by then.”

Pooja smilingly gave the permission; but only after she had teased the pair as lovebirds!

“It would have been nice to have sir around.He must be knowing so much about all these things.” Shilpa commented to Murli,her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Arre Matar ka dana! Why are you worried? Bhaiyya has already brought me here earlier. I know everything; I can tell you!” Murli said pompously.

“Really? Will you?” Shilpa was all moon-eyed at Murli, her best companion.



“What the hell are you trying to do?” Chandni was flustered with Advay’s actions.

“Not a word! We go straight home!”

What’s the matter with him? His mood doesn’t seem usual  romantic one. Why is he taking me back?

As soon as they reached the apartment, Advay almost ordered her, “Change your clothes. Wear traditional as you did in the morning.”

“But you asked me to change from traditional in the morning?” Chandni was hiding her smile.

“Yes! And now, I am only asking you to change back. So do it! This dress looks nice but has a low neckline and we are going to be in a group in a public place.” Advay tried putting reason into her though exasperated with her winning smile.

“But if I change, you must change, too! Otherwise, I’ll feel odd, the only person changing.” 

Chandni was making the most of her small win, extracting every pleasure out and rubbing it hard in.

“Ok fine! Pass me a shirt. I’ll also change” Advay gave up.

Pooja wandered little ahead, leaving the group behind. She stood near the statue of “Psyche revived by Cupid’s kiss” by Antonio Canova. The Italian had captured the most poignant moment of the Psyche-Cupid classic love story with immense tenderness. The work carved delicately from marble pulsed with romance and intense eroticism.

 The story pulled at her heart strings while the delicate beauty of what love should be left her mesmerised.

Psyche was a princess so beautiful that goddess Venus became jealous of her. In revenge, she instructed her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a hideous monster. But looking at her beauty, cupid mistakenly pricked himself with his own arrow and fell in love with her, himself. He became her unseen husband visiting her only at night. Once Psyche disobeyed his orders not to attempt to look at him, and in doing so she lost him.

In her search for him, the young Psyche fell under the power of Cupid’s mother Venus and is given four tasks. The final task was to bring back a vial from the underworld that would return Venus to her younger more vibrant self. After retrieving the vial, curiosity got the best of Psyche and she opened and breathed in the fumes and fell into a deep sleep. Cupid found her and rushed to her side, took her into his arms and revived her with a kiss. He pleaded his cause with the Gods and she was made immortal as goddess of soul. The two were married in heaven.

Having suddenly realized Pooja's absence, Darsh left Aadi in care of Murli-Shilpa and looked around for her. When he saw her, he stood transfixed. 

Head tilted slightly, her gaze held the dreamy, rapt expression of one caught in another realm. Her eyes emphasized her strength and beauty as the light from above reflected from her irises.

An oneiric  moment!.........A moment so purely human, so emotionally deep……Darsh’s heart expanded in his chest. It was a moment caught in time that defied the past, the present, and the future. 

With such absolute purity of soul, Pooja was truly the goddess of soul. It was then, in their youth, that she had been waiting for love’s reviving kiss……. and it was now, when destiny had her under its power, that she was still waiting for a kiss of life to bring her out from stupor.

Her bottom lip parted from the top—just a fraction—and everything inside him heated in an instant. A soft inhale reached his ears as he approached her softly. Emotion lodged at the back of his throat as he registered the wistfulness on her face; while she came down from the dream realm and gazed back at him. Then the shutter slammed down and the moment disappeared.



 The group met Chandni and Advay in one of the corridors. Pooja looked at them and teased, “Is it some fashion parade?”

“Don’t ask me, Di! Ask your bro!” Chandni laughed.

 Bhaiyya has been doing fashion show since early morning today! Looks like some bashing is on!” Miku teased.

 “Gaanth bandh le, Miku!(mark it in your heart) Wife is always right!” Chandni laughed happily while Advay kept getting agitated with everybody pulling his leg!

pic credit to shivrun fan1

“What's so funny? You guys have come to see me or see Louvre! Have you seen the Mona Lisa? Come let’s go there.”

The Mona Lisa room was pretty crowded leaving Chandni and Shikha surprised.  Advay carefully manoeuvred the group towards Mona Lisa and started explaining. Mona Lisa is world’s most valuable painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Mona is short of My Donna meaning my lady…..The name that we famously know today, Madonna comes from that.


 It’s the portrayal of Lisa Gherardini. Her husband made Leonardo do the portrayal for their new house. It is the most visited, most talked about painting. It was even stolen once…….Advay was speaking enthusiastically, but poor Aadi was shifting his weight from one leg to another.

“CcccccM, my legs are hurting. This museum is so huge.” Aadi moaned.

“Why are you telling AD when your buddy ishere?” Darsh came and crouched by Aadi’s side, “Come on my back, I’ll carry you. Let AD tell everybody. This one is his favourite room.”

The rest of the museum Aadi saw from Darsh’s shoulders enjoying his high position.

The next he manoeuvred the group to the majestic painting of the Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese right across from Mona Lisa.

The group was left spellbound by the vibrant playof figure, light and colour. Advay continued to explain that it’s one of the first miracle contributed to Jesus when he converted water into wine. The wedding is celebrated in a courtyard surrounded by Dorian and Corinthian columns.  It emphasizes human figures of ideal proportions, balanced composition, and beauty. Just observe the asymmetric and unnaturally elegant arrangements…… The pictorial space is flattened and the human figure is distorted as an ideal preconception of the subject, rather than as a realistic representation.

Advay was so engrossed explaining each and every detail of the painting. The group got pulled into his narration as if in trance.

It was quite late by the time they came out…..It had been an enthralling experience…. Advay proposed going out for dinner but Murli-Shilpa and Veer- Shikha both opted out. The two pairs looked like they were in another realm and wanted their own time. Aadi felt tired and also chose to go back home. So just the foursome of Advay- Chandni and Darsh along with Pooja were left there. 

While they waited for their cab to arrive, Chandni spoke wistfully, 

" There was Shahjahaan who created Taj Mahal for his wife...... when I come here, so far away..... still there is such beauty created as Mona Lisa because a husband loved his wife."

 Suddenly her eyes shimmered with held back tears, "Aapne Dev, mera ek akela portrait bhi tod diya na?"(You, Dev, broke my one and only portrait, right?) 

It wasn't a complaint..... neither was it a was just expression of sense of loss. Advay looked sharply at her. He couldn't turn the clock backwards but surely, those tears could be turned in her shy smile. A resolution was made!


Sab Dil Mil rahe hain magar chupke chupke

Humko ho rahi hai khabar chupke chupke

(All hearts are meeting, but stealthily, without telling anybody

Yet we are getting to know, don't go and tell anybody)

Truly, this second season is turning out to be colourful!... Did you gals notice? There are five love stories in the Saga currently..... each having its own colour, its own challenges......let's keep reading and see what happens ahead!smiley4

While the others bloom, the story is inherent Adni Saga, the story of our hot Mundwa..... just look at his Bikhari bikhari jhulfeinsmiley9smiley42smiley43

"What's so funny" is his dialogue from the show when he brings a wet Chandni back carrying her in his arms and Murli Shilpa see him.... One of the most dreamy episode.

Memories! Memories! Another very initial dreamy episode was when he first called her katto and she visited his room at night. The way, both these actors nail the scene, truly mind boggling!

Do go n enjoy episodes on hotstar, you'll love it!

Adni will always stay in my heart along and equal with Arshi and Hyra!


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Explanation about the pictures are super 

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Thanks. These are related

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Thanks Neha. Jealous Advay it is very cute )))

Barun Sobti Shivani Tomar Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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