Trials of Fire! IPK3 Untold Saga of Advay Chandni! Season2 chp 69(Page 4)

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Sincere apology to all my sweet readers who have tracked through the story and encouraged me always through like hits and feedback.

I am crunched up on my home front as July happens to be month with multiple b'days in the family; additionally my son flies down from Europe in this week; so lots to do.

Also got caught in euphoric feeling with 2nd anniversary of our beloved show launch.

Anniversary celebration IPK3

Further Barun's happy news of baby arrival; 

Barun's baby news

Barun Baby name Sifat

so not being able to focus on story writing currently but don't go away.. I shall return back with next chapter soon and PM all readers after update. 

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I am still hoping and waiting for friends to come and make this thread lively with comments. There has been a huge gap, but something happened today and now I shall resume writing. 

A beautiful edit by Chaitali


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Lingering Moments Adni Untold Saga Chapter 55

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 125

The Lovers’ laughter echoed in the air!

Veer and Shikha walked happily sharing small jokes on the still alive roads of Paris witnessing the never dying night life. Both gallivanted along the lonely by-lane laughing at their tripping steps and the road coming in their face. Both had just left the club having enjoyed the dancing floor for a long time. Their joint indulging in drinking fest had made both tipsy. She was going to have a headache soon. As a precaution, he had taken some lemonade in a bottle for her from the disco stall.

The rest of the group had returned home much earlier so the couple was finally alone. She was just enjoying the moment in her carefree spirit and he wanted to go along with her enjoying her company. He caught her hand within his and entwined their fingers. The confidence brought by love filled in the air and her small gasp sang in his ears. God, she was so responsive to his mere hand holding touch. He loved this woman and her devil-may-care attitude!

Shikha suddenly found the moment sliding from warmth to fire. She loved this man so much that she was ready to cross any limits for him. Nothing seemed to matter except to slake the hungry, empty space inside of her. Her body clamoured for more. She reached up and encircled his neck with her arms,pressing against him, savouring the sensations that exploded.

His face was kind of impassive and cool yet his soulful eyes betrayed him mirroring a tiny flare of uncertainty. The low hum between them beckoned, promising a deep physical satisfaction he ached to experience; but never would. Yes, his girl was tipsy and he loved this more uncaring, more daring version of hers; but he would never ever take any advantage of her. His parents had taught him well to respect a woman in every way. He gently but firmly pushed away both, her beckoning body and his responding manly self.

Her soaring heart plummeted from the skies as a free fall,nothing to hold onto. She cared the least about the rest of the world; but this man mattered. His every response mattered. His opinion of hers mattered. She knew he didn’t mean to; yet her heart felt belittled; and for what?...... Just because she had wanted to absorb the free spirit of the air and celebrate the most natural basic instinct of being a human?  


Advay stirred as the first morning rays hit his face and immediately noticed the very familiar heat of Chandu’s body snuggled with him missing. Hell’s teeth! He hated this immediate sense of loss sprouting spontaneously in his heart. He could not understand it; especially when he could hear her soft hum as the bath waters ran just a few feet away. 

He knew anger had become a part of his inner core but life had changed now. Chandu had somehow softened that obsidian core of his. All equations had changed. Angry ASR dissolved away. He became loving Dev around his Chandu. And Dev clang to her like a lifeline. She was ‘life’….. Life he had completely lost interim….he was not ready to lose even a moment further!

All he wanted was to spend the rest of his life with her… peace, in happiness! But peace was far away, especially with the mission on his mind and more so the responsibility of Pooja. Naani had already reminded him once of his promise of happiness to Pooja. That was the purpose of inviting all on this trip. He genuinely wanted Pooja to enjoy herself and feel happy again.


Darsh was in his own room, sleep evading him completely since his return from the disco with the whole group past midnight. The night’s events stormed through his mind. He had tried persuading her to stay back little longer; just being alone with him like before; enjoying the moment and each other’s company.

“Let’s stay a little longer.” He urged but did not miss the doubts on her face. He urged a little more, “For old time’s sake?”

Their gazes locked. Her eyes filled with emotion,but something dark still flickered there, as if an innate fear that hadn’t been spoken was still lodged between them. She turned away as if to hide from his all-knowing eyes.

 “Pooja?” He urged again touching her shoulder softly.

She pivoted on her heel and got in his face. By the time she jerked her gaze to Darsh’s, he was staring her down, those bright eyes piercing through her soul. Her cheeks went flame-red and he smiled at her response. She sensed his smile, but it didn’t come from his mouth. His eyes twinkled with merriment as his mind wandered to what other parts of her beautiful body would flush in colour when he had her,someday!

She smiled and it caused an equal reaction in him. He felt like punching the air in triumph after earning something other than her usual pure friendly smile or her eye roll at his jokes.


A strange flash of anguish lit her eyes, then vanished. His instincts knew, her trust had been betrayed in an irreversible way. He wondered if any man could ever be able to fix. But he didn’t urge further though knowing that he could make her give in. He would have to be patient with her. Only with patience, he’d be able to get her to trust him again.


But now, his eager heart battled with his patient brain driving away sleep from his eyes. Now that I have met her again, I want her, I want her as mine, the whole of her! Memories of her flashed through his mind.

Pooja had always been an absolute knockout. He’d been younger, overeager yet diffident. What an oversight! It seemed they’d both made assumptions based on each other’s exteriors. But now, everything had changed. She had morphed into a beautiful woman; having many layers which demanded time from him to peel back them. To earn complete trust from her, he was going to have to work hard to make her understand he wasn’t looking to lure her into bed. But how? ……. People's ignorance and apathy destroys their ability to communicate even on simple levels……the words he had read someplace flashed in red in front of his eyes.

He was starting to find the rest of her—her shyness about herself, her borderline inability to take a compliment—equally arousing. Especially in the region of his uncomfortably tight pants. He wouldn’t mind showing her how beautiful she was. Giving her the kind of attention she deserved.

It wasn’t hard to imagine her beneath him, moaning his name as he drove deep—but he was getting ahead of himself. Way ahead. It wasn’t about one night’s satisfaction or just bodily pleasure. He wanted to keep her in his life, lifelong!

Not because the sex would be good—though, God, he’d bet it’d be explosive—but because he wanted to learn more about how she felt about the whole mishap of her life..about how she felt about making a new start… what did she think about her future…. He knew, she had complex layers he hadn’t taken the time to peel back when they’d been together the first time.




Chandni came and stood at the partitioning glass door, her face alight with her smile.

“Oh! You are awake already? But, actually you can go back to sleep……..You know what? Today, we are going to have girls’ day out!” She declared happily her hand on her waist.

Advay smiled, too! Her smile was infectious; it never failed to make his heart jump, his blood race, his heart light up! And he absolutely loved the casual western wardrobe she had carried with her.

“Girls’ day out, all alone by yourself in a foreign land, hunh?” his tone ridiculing, almost laughing at her with sympathy.

She shook her head in incredulity at his quelling tone. “Why not? Pooja didi is taking us girls out!” Sarcasm laced her tone in defiance.

Advay shook his head, a mischievous smile curving the corners of his mouth, “ And where exactly is that?”

“The whole of the city,Pooja didi said!” Chandni’s eyes twinkled in excitement, “I want to see the Eiffel!”

“Ahummm!” Advay shook his head in refusal, “I’ll take you to Eiffel. And also to the Louvre Museum.” His tone grew pensive.

“You know what, Chandni? I hated you; but the beauty in the art of Leonardo’s gallery every time I saw it, made me want to share it with you…….As such, in one day, Pooja can’t show you everything. Louvre itself deserves two days dedicated to appreciate it. I’ll take you….. Promise!”

Chandni’s face had fallen with his refusal but his promise made her smile back.

“OK! I’ll tell Pooja di so; but don’t forget your promise or otherwise I’ll feel guilty for all girls having missed the pleasure. Don’t you dare find some excuse later!” She whined shaking her head in mock warning.

Advay threw back the covers and his eyes dancing with merriment, walked to her engulfing her resisting self in his strong embrace. He loved this innocent, genuine girl!

His mouth closed over hers. He let his tongue plunder its dark, silken depths and possess her completely. Fire ignited in his blood as his tongue tangled with hers, tasting her, giving to her, demanding a response until her body thrust against him. He knew things were getting out of hand, yet the passion was escalating so quickly, he couldn't make himself let go of her.

Her body trembled under his weight. He rubbed his mouth back and forth over hers. The dark stubble on his jaw and chin rasped against her sensitive lips. She shuddered. His touch had done that to her, he knew, and he wondered if she was as rattled as he was.

His hands untangled to stroke downward, and he felt the tips of her breasts push against the material of her blouse, and the unconscious invitation of her hips lifting against his. With a low groan,he tore his mouth from hers and eased up her blouse. He unclasped the delicate lace of her bra so her upper body was bared to his hungry gaze.

His eyes feasted on the glory of her heavy breasts, creamy against the tan skin of his hands. Rosy peaks thrust toward him begging to be touched. He rubbed his thumbs across the rosy peaks, watching as they stiffened into hard buds, the aureole peaking around them. 

Before she could say anything, he dropped his head and sucked first one peak into his hungry mouth and then the other, his mind clouding with lust. He dragged his palms over her soft flesh and stopped at the edge of her jeans, caressing the dip of her belly button, the slenderness of her hips, the flatness of her stomach.

 What was this between the two of them? Hadn’t they had a very long satisfying night just a while back? The frequency of their lovemaking competing with fxxxxing rabbits. They had finally ended up in shower. Shaking his head in mock disapproval when she stopped him getting out, he had taken her again and again,buffeting her repeatedly against the cool marble wall until she screamed her release and he drank her excited cries into his mouth.

The sharp knock on the door pierced through their once again lusty minds and Chandni jerked back. Embarrassed, she hastily picked up her clothes and looked around to hide. Advay pointed towards the bathroom door lazily, totally unperturbed. Chandni shook her head in mock anger and ran as the thuds on the door became louder. The timing of my family sucks, thought Advay as he opened the door to an excited Shikha.


 The entire women group had gone with Murli accompanying them as he was hugely excited of sightseeing. The minority group of men had lazed out till late afternoon and then decided to relax and enjoy with drinks before lunch. Darsh had a separate huge bar room and Advay had taken the task of preparing their special cocktail. He considered it his masterpiece.  


 His mood had been gay as Chandni had refused to look at him as she bid her goodbye. In youthful spirit, he had tied his hair in a man-bun and gone casual with his attire. Darsh was wondering at the small enigmatic smile playing on AD’s lips. 

AD and he had been drinking partners since their very first drinking trial. But AD had been the angry ASR back then, hard and bitter. Married life with CD had suited him well.... Softened him..... Made him happier. The anger and the pain must be there somewhere deep in; but at least, it didn’t hover over him all the time. 

Darsh felt very happy for his friend…..And made him long for…. rather hope for a similar happiness with Pooja.

Darsh raised his glass and said their old time favourite toast “To Friendship, freedom, Hot Girls and having each other’s back!”

A glass clinked against his; but it wasn’t AD’s. Darsh was puzzled. He wouldn’t be so surprised, if Veer hadn’t cheered with him. After all, he was raised in a reserved Muslim environment. But it was AD who didn’t cheer.

Advay smiled at the baffled expression of DD. Lazily raising his glass, he quipped, “Take away the plural s for Hot Girl”

Darsh cringed his brow in a questioning look as he took a sip and Advay went on to explain, “Look DD, it was no girls for you always, whether hot or not……so the hot girls thing was my thing……but not anymore!….I am a one woman man now….. And I am sure Miku feels the same, don’t you, Miku?”

Veer blushed as his Bhai rarely spoke to him in this matter and the remark felt rather open, coming from him. He chose to just smile in response and focus on the drink in his hand.

“Why are you blushing, Miku? Come on. I am not your big brother here. We are friends!”

The smile on Veer’s lips widened. Bhai showed him a new avatar every time. But he liked this open gay mood of his.

“It’s difficult for me to imagine you as one woman thing, AD. Marriage has changed you.”

“I respect my marriage vows, that’s all!” Advay said nonchalantly, his mind already wandering fast down the memory lane. When he had jeered Chandu regarding him and Sasha on the terrace. But his Chandu had been tenacious. She had checked his mobile and known that he had gone to the terrace to make his international calls.

“Man! You smile all the time, AD! You look like a love sick teenager. Marriage HAS changed you!”

“Yupp! But doesn’t it change all men? Not just specific me…..and myself looking like a teenager,never! I just enjoy thinking about her.” 

The Main door opened and huge chatter came drifting over the air. The group had returned early.

“Hell’s teeth!” Advay jerked up like electric bolt from his relaxed lazy position and ran to the sink. He emptied the glass and ran the tap. Fast, he put the glass in the washer and returned back picking a book on the way.

“Sala! Joru ka gulaam!” Darsh wouldn’t lose this golden chance to pull his friend’s leg. ( Dude! Fearing his wife!)

“Of course! I am! And Proud of it!.... You won’t understand, DD!” Advay never took a punch. Calmly, he browsed through the pages.

But Darsh did understand! Rather, he hoped for exactly this kind of relation with Pooja. But currently, the girl refused to even spend some time with him alone. He shook his head in self-disdain.

Chandni, Pooja and Shikha came to the bar room.

“What are you people doing here?” Chandni exclaimed in utter shock.

“Obviously Chandni, they are enjoying a drink!” Pooja consoled smiling wide at her.

Chandni looked sharply at Dev “What are you doing?”

"Reading this book,Chandni, just keeping them company!” Advay raised the book to show her.

Chandni closed the distance between them, her eyes fixed over Dev. 

“Why Dev? In spite of being a mahant, you take a drink? And then on top of that, you believe that you can fool me?”

The disappointed look on her face made Advay sad, “Chandni, it was just one small drink. And I always took drinks when in London.”

“So what? You are a mahant now! You have to abide by restrictions. People will look up to you, Dev!” Chandni’s voice rose in anger at Advay’s defiance.

“Oh Bhabhi !” Miku stood up to his brother’s rescue. He held her shoulders lovingly to appease her, “What’s this about being a mahant? Bhai is not drinking in temple or even in public. It’s just his personal moment, his personal choice and he should be allowed that!”

“Miku? Why don’t you understand? Even you as junior mahant are banned from drinking. There are rituals, there are traditions, there are restrictions!” Chandni was getting exasperated with the brothers duo.

“So what, Bhabhi? Shivji himself takes Somras, doesn’t he? Priestly culture comes with a lot of tight regulations, I agree. But you cannot overlook the fact that, what matters,  is the truth of your heart to God. When the feelings, the thoughts in your heart are right, then everything else is immaterial. 

Our Kaali Mata is given meat in worship, do you understand? Shiva consumes meat when offered with complete reverence.That’s the ancient religion. Priestly culture has come much later and sorry to say but, it is laced with selfishness of self importance by making a big issue about rituals and restrictions.”  Veer declared with gravity, his tone politely calm to appease his Bhabhi.

There was complete silence as everybody was astounded at Veer and pondered in their heart over his words.

Shikha watched him her mouth agape. This man is so forward, so mature in his thinking and yet when it comes to one small tinsy-winsy kiss, he acts like he is hundred year old orthodox. She shook her head in disdain

Advay smiled with pride and looked at Chandu, waiting to see what she had to counter now.

“Partly yes, Miku! But not entirely! Rituals have a scientific basis. Liquor was banned for priests because it makes the speech slurring. If allowed, people would drink everyday and then not be able to recite the mantras.”

Advay circled his arms around his wife’s shoulders, appeasing her, “Yes Chandu! But I am not drinking everyday, am I? And I would not be able to recite mantras even if I tried. Rituals need to be amended in context of time to be valid, don’t you agree?”

“Yes Dev, but it’s not good for the health of your ki….” Advay put his finger on her lips not allowing her to complete the sentence.

“Shhuuuhhhh! Don’tworry! I know liquor is bad for liver; but only if consumed in excess. One small drink doesn’t really matter.”

“He is right, CD! At the moment, it’s friendly time!......Where there is pure happiness, God exists in that moment in your heart!” Darsh smiled wide making the atmosphere relaxed, “Everybody, what shall you like?”

“Vodka with orange juice for me.” Shikha answered happily.

“Shikha, you too?”Chandni’s eyes grew wide in disbelief.

“Relax, Jiji! In Banaras, I have had drinks with my college friends. It was only you who chanted Dev mantra constantly and never socialized with friends.”

Chandni focused on the ground her mind deep in thoughts. Both her sisters had grown differently than her. Meghna had got pregnant. Shikha was used to drinks. Only, for her, the time had stalled, because Dev was not with her.

“Your regular gin and tonic, Pooja?” Darsh asked, his gaze focusing on Pooja, reminding her of their time together when the three used to enjoy quiet drinks with each other.

“Yes!” Pooja responded very quietly, refusing to look into his eyes and see the old memories again.

“Something light for you, Chandu?” Advay coaxed, refilling his glass.

“No!” Chandni shook her head in denial, her mind still faraway lost in Banaras memories.

“A sip from my drink?” Advay continued to coax. Chandni simply shook her head. 

Teaching his wife to enjoy the beauty of a relaxed drink was going to be his next most challenging  personal task, Advay resolved in his mind, a mischievous smile playing at the corners of his mouth. 


Life is all about personal choices of individuals! 

Whether it's physical intimacy or momentary pleasure of drinks, there is no right or wrong..... it's all about perspectives!

And those are slowly brewing trouble between Shikha and Veer. He doesn't know it yet! But he will soon! And then let's see what steps our lad takes to woo his girl.

Darsh is trying but at a snail's speed. What stops him for clearly coming out with his feelings? Let's find out as the story progresses.

Advay's anger is always there, lurking around! Let's see when it raises his hood and spits wrath poison!

It's been a long gap after the last chapter, hope you gals remember the previous part.

Memories!smiley9 Not just Advay, even I reminisce the IPK3 episodes. smiley42 Visit Hotstar to check the  Advay Chandni Sasha terrace episode.

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A big sorry for my late response dear. I didn't get chance to read this story from past few months as I was occupied with my personal life. I read all 5 parts in one go, I not able to stop reading the story after reading one chapter. 

Advay friend DD was a big surprise to me. I was waiting for this character from long time. I am very happy with your choice of face and characterization for this character. I love the conversations between DD and Pooja. Its very difficult for Pooja to trust him because now she thinks about her son happiness first. This is natural reaction for any mother.  I love how Sikha and Veer relationship turning again into a good way. They are so cute. 

 Our wonderful pair looks so happy in Paris. I love how their relationship progressing slowly. Advay changed a lot in the whole journey of this story. Chandi also changing in her own way. Previously, she took decisions at the moment not thinking twice which lead lot of disturbance in their relationship. Advay took decisions in anger which also cause damage to their relation. But now both are taking their relationship in calmer way with understanding.

 Finally what I want to say is you created all these characters taking reference from IPK3 but you develop each and every character in your own way with out coming out of their characterization and gave justice to all of them. It's very difficult to write a story which continued from end of serial I guess but you are doing it in good way. I thoroughly enjoying this story because of your writing. I enjoyed this story because you surprised me always. After reading the story, I guess what happens in next chapter but it never happened. you surprised me with some thing else and you never diverted from the concept of story. I love how you include all characters in chapters and how you write relationship between each character to other. Every character changes progressively with time. All these things in your writing makes story special. 

            Thanks for giving us this story Neha. Kudo's girl.


Posted: 6 months ago
Thanks Neha. I missed our characters. It was very funny how Advai tried to hide from Chandni that he was drinking alcohol. Advay becomes more liberated. He returns to his self. Darsh, Puja, Miku and Shikha are very cute. I look forward to continuing.
Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by binc0802

A big sorry for my late response dear. 

Hey Hima! Don't say Sorry dear. It happens with all of us! I am happy that when you found time, you read the whole story

Advay friend DD was a big surprise to me. 

Even I am happy! Not just because DD is bollywood hero taken but because Darsh character has a huge depth and integrity, which will be the basis for further chapters

 Our wonderful pair looks so happy in Paris. I love how their relationship progressing slowly. 

Yupp! People do transition over certain phases, though their innate character doesn't drastically change. We see it everywhere. I can say it with conviction from my own husband transition. As relationship and family stability comes in, men feel more secure and happier.

 Finally what I want to say is you created all these characters taking reference from IPK3 but you develop each and every character in your own way with out coming out of their characterization and gave justice to all of them.  All these things in your writing makes story special. 

            Thanks for giving us this story Neha. Kudo's girl.

I am so humbled, HIma! Thanks a million a zillion a trillion for your open appreciation. No intention to brag here but just want to share my heart with you. 

Believe me, story writing is not an easy task; especially when I put in matching expressions pics to give it a live episodic feeling; put the correct fitting songs, as they are used in serials. And then because if it was live episode, we would hear and like the song; so I also put youtube videos to enhance the experience. The whole thing requires a lot of time and effort investment from my end.

My intention is to share happiness with the whole group and enjoy with discussions and comments like how we would do if the show was on. But it has to be a cohesive effort from all to comment, discuss, point out some things, question some things. 

I am so happy that you comment. Sincerely, your comments are hugely appreciated.smiley1smiley31 


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Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha. I missed our characters. It was very funny how Advai tried to hide from Chandni that he was drinking alcohol. Advay becomes more liberated. He returns to his self. Darsh, Puja, Miku and Shikha are very cute. I look forward to continuing.

My pleasure, Ann! 

Barun loves doing comical roles. Both Arnav and Advay are very serious characters but once in a while, a very simple, very human comical act would be aced by Barun through his facial expressions. How all of us would enjoy such shot.

Posted: 6 months ago
That's right. I really like that Barun can play different roles, radically different from each other. When I looked MAMR after IPK I was very surprised at how it was transformed.

Barun Sobti Shivani Tomar

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