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I imagined if the scene in the Louvre was filmed for a series. It would be very beautiful and unusual
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Originally posted by AnnDan

I imagined if the scene in the Louvre was filmed for a series. It would be very beautiful and unusual

So true, Ann! The story is so beautiful and the statue is absolute beauty creation. In Louvre, there are thousands of artifices; but I chose the best one suiting for the story.

Pooja is truly goddess of soul and her love story will also go through trials.

About Mona Lisa, related to Adni 

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 Trials Of Fire!!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 58

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 128

Mamaji opened the door to the happy couple returning home. He invited PP in and Meghna rushed inside while PP settled with a happy smile in the hall.

“Pratham Ji, you’re like a son to me; so I won’t beat around the bush. When are you going to speak to your mother about the marriage?”

“What’s the big hurry, Mamaji? I will! Very soon! Let us both enjoy each other’s company till then.” He said guilelessly, pointing in Meghna’s direction.

“Well! In that case, I would suggest that you don’t take her out till such time that your marriage is official.”

“Why? Has Advay said that?” PP was immediately alert and suspicious.

“No, not at all! I am saying it…… with a father’s heart…People spread rumours very fast in this village…..It happened with my Chandni so bad; poor girl could not even step out of the house…. I don’t want people to talk bad about Meghna…..It would not be good for her future…. I hope you understand this perspective.”

“Yes Mamaji! I do. I will take Meghna to visit my mother in this week itself. Rest assured.”

Meghna who had come and stood at the doorway heard him and her joy felt no bounds at all.



The foursome group entered the French restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon. Chandni was overwhelmed as the restaurant was quite ostentatious with its grandiose interior in spite of being just a street side café.

Advay smiled looking at her and held her arm for reassurance,  “Chandu, you know what I like best about this place? It never closes. Back in the younger days, myself and DD would come here at the middle of night and still could get good food to eat.”

“CD, it used to be godforsaken hours because both of us slogged our backs to complete our Ph.D. research…....not loitering our time behind Babes!” Darsh winked at Chandni reassuringly.

All four seated down and the two started narrating fun of their Ph.D. days. Advay, Darsh and Pooja chatted happily but Chandni just smiled, listening to them without any active participation……a lost look on her face. All three noticed it.

“Chandni……” Advay hesitated. Wanting desperately to connect with her, he covered her hand on the table. “about that photo-frame…….”

“No Dev! Please don’t say anything! It will be insult of your love for me. It’s not about the frame…….” She looked totally lost…… “It’s more about those sixteen years…… sixteen precious years that we lost from our lives…….time cannot be turned back, certain things cannot be undone.” Unshed tears shimmered in her eyes and Pooja noticed them.

“I’ll just be to the ladies room and be back.” Chandni jerked up.

“I’ll take you, come!” Advay held her arm.

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“It’s OK, Dev! I can manage! Please stay seated.” 

Chandni tried to keep smiling to ebb the tension. She tried pulling her arm away; but Advay held up, an intense look in his eyes.

“No! I’ll come.”

“It’s ok, Bro! CD can manage.” Darsh teased trying to lighten up the atmosphere, “All your babes did, and she’s smarter! It’s her private space.”  Perhaps, Chandni needed a moment alone to gather herself.

Without shifting his eyes from Chandni, Advay replied, “She’s not a babe, she’s my wife and I will stay with her in every inner sanctum of hers.”

So totally confident……overwhelmingly arrogant….. Devastatingly masculine….thought Chandni. The two left.


After a curtailed silence, Darsh spoke, “I was wrong.”

Darkness settled over his features, then disappeared. A shiver ran down Pooja’s spine.

“About a lot of things.”His voice dropped to an intimate pitch.

 More than his words, the apology in his voice hit the tender spot of memories buried deep. Pooja’s hand shook as she reached for the menu.

She was so not going there. She was not ready for a chat on the topic and especially not with the man who had maintained silence over so long a time. It would only ruin her appetite. She took a deep breath and briskly closed her menu.

And then she firmly closed the small window he was trying to open. “It’s not about you.” Her voice turned hard, 

“As Chandni said correctly, time cannot be turned back.”




Shikha knocked on Veer’s door and peeped in. He was alone.

“Veer, come let’s go for a walk outside, just the two of us.” She urged.

His tiny smile turned into a full-fledged grin. Shikha sucked in her breath at the sight of that slow smile flashing a perfect row of white teeth.

“I thought you were tired when you declined Bhai’s dinner suggestion. Aren’t you?”

"Not really. It’s been such a beautiful day. Let’s end with a quiet walk between us.” She looked dreamy.

He was so very much in love with her. He knew he couldn’t trust himself and was almost sure, she’d lose control too. It wouldn’t remain a quiet walk between them.

“Shikha, I understand. But I am really looking forward to lazing it out now. Shall we do one thing? Let’s rest today and tomorrow, we shall go for a walk…… maybe take Pooja di and Chandni bhabhi also with us.”

Veer stared down at her,eyes dancing with mischief … but there was something else in his expression, a purposefulness!

“I knew it!” Her banked anger shot at him in sparks. His solid loud voice of reason only made him look jaded in the moment.

“Shikha….listen!” His laughing voice chased behind Shikha as she stomped away.



Chandni relaxed over her evening bath before going to bed. It had turned out to be a quite enjoyable dinner. Darsh coaxing her to try specialities like onion soup. 

She truly liked Darsh…..the temperament of the man, his patience, humour, and inherent decency,was impossible to deny. No wonder, Dev had chosen him to be his best friend.

When Chandni came out, she found Advay in deep thoughts. Chandni immediately sensed the tension around him and wondered if it was because of her earlier comment regarding her frame. Her heart reached out to her husband. She wanted to comfort him, assure him that the frame truly didn’t matter to her. His currently being with her was all that mattered.

She went and sat next to him, slowly pushing his shirt away and resting her arm on his open chest. As he stared down at her, there was a purposefulness and stress in his eyes, which unsettled her profoundly.

It didn’t seem like related to their talk. He would immediately open the topic otherwise, now that they were truly in their private sanctum. This seemed different; but she didn’t want to pry. She knew she could trust him to share with her when he felt right and there was only one way she knew to make him feel right. 

Chandni put her recent knowledge to good use, delighting Advay with her body again and again. He, of course, had his special mysterious sacred knowledge that a lover had for his beloved …… Knowledge that deserved a marriage in more than name……..Knowledge that would perhaps be perverted and maligned in any other less holier coupling.

And the way it felt, when he was inside her……..warm and thrilling and assuring and perfect. She would have said that any orgasm was an extra gift in addition to the way she felt when they were conjoined.

He was close, oh, so close. He searched her expression and saw that her eyes reflected love. Every motion of hers was reciprocated by him. Every motion brought both of them pleasure.

As they stared, a great moan erupted from her chest, and then in a twinkling instant she was throwing her head back and calling his name. It was a glorious thing for him to see and hear. His own Miss Badbad spoke a lot but as a lover she had always been silent ...... But today, it was different....... perhaps the  the beauty in Louvre had enchanted her.... She called his name in their moment. Soon he was falling, groaning aloud as his body tensed and then released, the veins in his forehead and neck straining and relaxing.

“I love you, Dev—” Her last word was interrupted by a low moan, as she fell back and then fell into deep sleep. The night cover grew dark around them.




Advay stood beside the bed, naked, watching her. She slept with a deep peacefulness that made a smile touch his lips. She was curled up in the fetal position, one hand tucked under her cheek. Her glorious hair fanned out over the pillow, and the rippling moonlight made the strands seem like a halo.

He should share with Chandni all his plans.

Advay turned away and walked to the window to gaze out at the dots of light sprinkling the night skyline of Paris. He rubbed his brow at the thought. Chandni was his ardhangini, his better half…..they were supposed to spend the rest of their life together. Chandni followed truth and honesty in their relation……and expected same from him......It was the inner core strength of their marriage…….. He was awed by all that she gave to this marriage, and knew that because he loved her, he must tell her everything. About the plans with Sasha. About the plan with Jimmy Papad king. About PP.


It was not something he looked forward to!!

He sighed as he tapped his fingers against the windowsill in thought. He was taking a huge risk with Jimmy, the biggest in his life perhaps and the woman lying in bed was the cause. It was her life that had had an attack. Suddenly, nothing else, not even his own life, was very important.


He looked at his wife sleeping in peace. He’d never been more satisfied with his life. Being with Chandni softened something inside of him, soothed his emotions, made him want to give all of himself to her and receive the same back.

For the first time in his life his love had flourished, and he wasn’t going to screw it up.

She stirred and murmured in her sleep. Advay turned from the window and made his decision. He’d tell her at the right time and in the right mood; he would win her over; she was his Shakti, after all!

He slipped under the covers, pulling her close to his body. She snuggled against him immediately. Advay closed his eyes and let sleep wrap its misty fringes around him, until he was lured into a world of blackness.



The entire family sat in the living room chatting happily. Naani and Maasi had arrived back. Oblivious of his nighttime inner turmoil, Chandni smiled at Advay….He had just woken up and joined the crowd donning a pullover over him… casual as he could be…..Yet, he rarely looked anything less than absolutely gorgeous at any time, on any day of his life!……Chandni smiled to herself as she proceeded to kitchen.


Maasi was sharing her old memories rekindled after speaking to friends, “I used to chat with these ladies about Pooja every day. Pooja was growing and her mischief grew, too! I had Ma with me; but for Jiji, these two monkeys- Chiku and Miku……how they troubled her!......and when Advay came to London, his anger, my god!” Maasi shook her head in disdain.” “.....It wasn’t easy managing this lad!”

“That’s true! It was you alone who could manage that angry young boy then!” agreed Naani, “Everyday,some or other mischief in school!” She smiled indulgently at her Chiku.

Chandni thought of her childhood Dev. As a boy, he had been truly tenderhearted…..taking genuine care of her and also Miku’s…….The man he had now become was simply his destiny! Her heart saddened at the thought of the sixteen years that he suffered equally as her or maybe more!

Darsh sitting next to Advay added his memories. “Remember, how you harassed the girls from primary and that grouchy principal always caught hold of my neck?”

Darsh mimicked the old man,“Being a high school student, why do you come to primary?........”

Darsh had known why Advay was so against young girls and because he understood Advay’s grief, Advay’s anger, he had never ever disclosed the real culprit. Rather the two had become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private wounds. It was so long past. Darsh did not want to dwell there.

He laughed punching Advay on his shoulder, “Saala, every time….This guy made mischief and I took the bashing!”

A genuine laugh vibrated through Advay.



Chandni watched him from kitchen as he laughed, so open and infectious, the sound immediately coated her skin like the slow slide of creamy caramel on pancakes she was making.

Miku couldn’t stay quietly behind when topic of discussion was his Bhai. “When Bhai came to Allahabad, the first thing he did was to fight with the village goons; that too, while single handed, holding the gigantic Shiva idol! My bhai is a hero!” Adoringly he looked at Advay, “But even then, I could see him only as angry young man!”

 “Hero, he is! While marrying Jiji, the way the goons had hit him….He had fainted, almost half dead…… and yet he rose again and fought back with the goons to finally marry Jiji.” Shikha happily added her memory.

“From your family, all that my Advay has ever got is beating to half death!” Venom spurt out from Maasi’s suddenly roused anger.

There was pin drop silence. Shikha’s face fell immediately and tears pricked at the back of her eyes, as her lips trembled. Chandni’s hand stilled in the pot she was stirring and her mouth twitched in pain. Advay wanted to speak; but Veer spoke before him, his voice stern yet calm, like a protecting mountain.

“Maasi, we.are.Shikha’!........ She has no connection whatsoever with the troubles given to Bhai; so I request you once again, let us all enjoy good family time without dwelling in the past.”

 Shikha wondered at her fiancé, last night he had angered her by pushing her away; but now he was protecting her going against his own relations. What kind of man is this?

Naani smiled, as she gauged exactly the kind of person Miku had turned out to be. Very similar to her late damad, a man of great virtue! She knew Miku would always support the right; he would always stand by the truth!

 Advay smiled as he felt proud of his younger brother. Time and again, he had faced the anger of Maasi which even Advay himself feared. This lad could face anybody in the world.


The silence throbbed with tension!


A Cascading Stream of Events!

Advay offered Chandni to take her to Louvre because he wanted t share the experience of beauty in Art. 

So instead of all girls out in Louvre, it became all Loving pairs in Louvre. The beauty there has affected each couple. All three ladies are gone in a wistful longing mood. While Pooja and Shikha love story is in denial mode; Chandni's wistful longing for her frame will bring some event later on.

Currently, it's that mood which changes the lovemaking experience for the couple and she says his Name in the act.

Outwardly, it looks like Advay is relaxing with his best friend, and he is! The two are "Tera Yaar Hoon Main" kind of friends and have a long history of memories.

But deep underlined, Advay's laugh flourishes due to the night spent with Chandni.

Arnav's laugh was a beautiful creative exploited by IPK1. Some how Advay didn't get the chance in the show; but here in this saga, the same creative is explored in another way.

Hope you people enjoy the continuation of IPK3 in this second season.

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AdNi is my unforgettable favorites! Loved the moment when Veer refused to go for a walk with Shikha. It would be a fun scene performed by the actors) Thanks Neha)
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Originally posted by AnnDan

AdNi is my unforgettable favorites! Loved the moment when Veer refused to go for a walk with Shikha. It would be a fun scene performed by the actors) Thanks Neha)

Yes Ann. Veer is a very strong character. He was the only one who helped Advay in holding up Shiva idol. but he is much happier a person. That's why he jokes with all family members always.

Shikha must understand and appreciate the strength of his character.

My thanks to you for the comment. 

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Wow you gave 3 updates in a week. I love all 3 updates Neha. I love how you are connecting dots with all characters in the show with your imaginationsmiley36. I totally connected with Pooja flashback. She is kind soul.  l enjoyed total Lovre episode while reading. Because of your pictures, I imagined all characters while reading especially Barun. Advay possessiveness scene was funny. I imagined Barun in that whole scene. This character Advay has so many layers. You showed all of them perfectly in your story. You showed his turmoil very well Neha. I always love how he thinks about everyone. Veer and Seekha relationship also moving forward. I liked the part where Veer rejected going for a walk with Seekha. That clearly defines their characters in the show. Till now I am not able to believe PP changed really or is he acting smiley1. Maybe because of portrayal of that character in the show. I thoroughly enjoyed all chapters. Thanks Neha.

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Originally posted by binc0802

Wow you gave 3 updates in a week. I love all 3 updates Neha. I love how you are connecting dots with all characters in the show with your imaginationsmiley36. I totally connected with Pooja flashback. She is kind soul.  l enjoyed total Lovre episode while reading. Because of your pictures, I imagined all characters while reading especially Barun. Advay possessiveness scene was funny. I imagined Barun in that whole scene. This character Advay has so many layers. You showed all of them perfectly in your story. You showed his turmoil very well Neha. I always love how he thinks about everyone. Veer and Seekha relationship also moving forward. I liked the part where Veer rejected going for a walk with Seekha. That clearly defines their characters in the show. Till now I am not able to believe PP changed really or is he acting smiley1. Maybe because of portrayal of that character in the show. I thoroughly enjoyed all chapters. Thanks Neha.

Absolute pleasure to see you on IF and your comment Bindu! 

Pooja Backlog fits with the show, doesn't it?

Advay is real possessive..... remember his anger with PP earlier in the show? How he saved Chandni from PP when She was asking for pardon and PP was going to hold her hands...... it's the same character maintained.smiley1

Advay's character does have many many layers.... will be coming out as the story progresses..... will be pleasure for me to share and discuss with all you sweet friends.

PP changed, yes! But his basic character of impulsive anger is maintained. Against ASR's shrewd and deep anger; PP is a comparatively shallow character. His love story will bring different challenges but it will be our favourite ASR standing up for Meghna and helping her out.

Looking forward to your frequent visits to make our chat adda thriving. Thanks for your time!

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Lingering Moments Adni Untold Saga Chapter 59

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 129

“From your family, all that my Advay has ever got is beating to half death!” 

Venom spurt out from Maasi’s suddenly roused anger towards Shikha's family.

“Maasi, we. are. Shikha’s. family!........ She has no connection whatsoever with the troubles given to Bhai; so I request you once again, let us all enjoy good family time without dwelling in the past.” 

Veer spoke, his voice stern yet calm, like a protecting mountain. 

There was pin drop silence , a storm impending!

And then, the silence was broken by a happy chirping of Pooja.

"Chhodo Kalaki Baatein  , kal ki baat puraani

Naye desh mein likhate hai , milkar nayee kahaani

She twirled Miku smiling happily, then with him she took Chandni out from kitchen and also made Shikha join in……then she continued

“Hai na, Shikha-Chandni, hai na, Shikha-Chandni!”

(Leave your past behind, past is old and pale,

In this new country, let’s together write a new tale……..

right, Shikha-Chandni?)

The tension passed away and everybody sang with Pooja to cheer up Shikha and Chandni. 

This was Pooja.....artless at heart, astute in mind....... building bridges, bringing smiles...pondered Advay and Darsh both.



Pooja held Shikha by her shoulders lovingly and spoke with a smile.

“Why are you letting yourself be sad?......... You know what’s the best gift God has given us? It’s life!” 

Her entire being warmed. 

“Yes, Life itself! You never realize it, as life flows by with time; yet you still feel as if you’re part of every moment………Sometimes, there are turnovers…….. And it’s nice to start over, you know?. Learn how to become someone new…..aspire for that new you.”

Pooja’s simple yet very wise words mesmerised Shikha. The concept of starting over….. becoming someone new……she felt thrilled…..injected with life blood!

Chandni had forever felt indebted to Pooja from her first day in Mumbai. She had experienced the purity of Pooja’s soul from her entry in Raizada mansion… very genuine at heart, so giving and always forgiving!

“Pooja Di Hai Sabse Sayani! Ab kuchh khaane milega, bhabhi Chandni!” Veer created his own comical lines and Pooja laughed at him.

(Pooja di is the smartest of all. Now will I get something to eat?”)

Her laugh echoed through the air. Darsh and Advay were watching her from their sitting places with smiles on their lips.

Darsh stared intently. She had the most wonderful laugh he ever heard, light and throaty, as if she had been drinking champagne........ In past, he had always enjoyed the sound of her laugh, open and infectious!

Unfortunately, She didn’t laugh as much around him anymore. She was too buttoned up and afraid to show any emotion in few personal encounters recently they had had.

“Hey DD, Thanks for coming here! Huge thanks!” Advay spoke almost whispering to Darsh.

Darsh jerked up from his reverie, “For what? For the mission?”

Advay laughed, the openness of his laugh matching the one his sister possessed.

“You know I wouldn’t thank you for the mission though it’s important........" He stressed on his words. 

"I am thanking you for coming…… because of Pooja. I have been worried for her." His voice had suddenly grown serious. 

"She’s changed so much from her earlier self in youth. I wanted to see that 'happy at heart' Pooja from our college days.....You know,  I couldn't the turn the wheel alone, that’s why I called you. ……Those days of ours were some real happy time…. A world of just three of us!”

“Feels like a dream, doesn’t it?”

Advay nodded; but the two men were on completely different plateaus, though both going down the same memory lane!



“What’s the plan for today?” Pooja enquired during breakfast.

“We all go on a daylong cruise on River Seine. I have reserved a boat for us!” Advay promptly replied.

“What?” Darsh barked, “We?” Had Advay forgotten about the meeting with suppliers?

“Yes! We!” Advay spoke firmly; his eyes fixed on Darsh and giving subtly the message to keep quiet for the moment.

Murli noticed his look. It was the same as Bhaiyya gave him while in Allahabad haveli on 'mission Chandni'. But what could it mean now?

“Chandni, Shikha come, let’s get ready! Ma and Naani, you must join us today. It won’t be tiring. After coming to Paris, we haven’t gone any place together."



Advay was getting frustrated waiting for Chandni to arrive. As always, she was late and the rest of the family had gone ahead. Worst, she had shut the door and had sent him away saying she would join shortly.

In Impatience, he turned back towards the house and stood transfixed.  What stood in front him was a diva……A sensual mermaid…..His own fantasy personified!

Chandni was draped in an aqua blue sari, designer style and elegance both combined to perfection. Her curly strands slid over her neck and shoulders...... tumbling down her back in wild gypsy waves….. He knew the feeling of fire trapped in satin when he threaded his fingers through them. The sunlight illuminated the pearl sheen of her skin, left bare by the low-cut designer blouse. 

Advay let his gaze linger on her slender, pretty figure. She was fortunate that they were in the middle of a crowded street, he thought with a private smile, or she would have found herself snapped up and devoured by him in the back seat of car.The last time’s memory, vivid in his mind, brought a wolf whistle from his lips.

Chandni prowled towards him knowing her female prowess to entice him and taking pride in it.

“You insisted on traditional yesterday, So here I am, all traditional! For Your Eyes Only!” She walked past him, her backside brushing his centre ever so lightly. 

 Advay clenched his teeth as his pants became suddenly very tight and his entire body screamed out for the primitive satisfaction of claiming her, picking her up and carrying her to the soft leather of car seat. For just a moment he let himself dwell on the idea …lowering himself to her writhing body, tearing her blouse, kissing her soft mounds.

Advay shook his head to clear it, troubled by the direction of his thoughts. He had a mission on his plan today. And yet the fantasy was too potent to ignore. With an effort, he bludgeoned the barbaric impulses back into submission. 

Of all the days, she had to choose today to look like this! It was a crime……. Committed to make him feel guilty for ditching her in the middle, especially when she was herself on cloud nine looking forward to spending an entire day in his company…..

Now, he would have to commit the crime of letting down her expectations……Advay hated himself in such moments. He put up a smile and opened the car door for her.

In the car, he chose his music……

Dil kyun ye mera shor kare

Idhar Nahi Udhar Nahi Teri Or Chale

Advay started whistling wolfish, taking perverse satisfaction in her discomfiture. The whistle caressed her ears like a primitive animalistic mating call, taking her mind in all forbidden directions..... The music, the voice, Dev’s whistling…..all combined together….suddenly, she couldn’t bear it anymore!

“Devvvvvvv…..!” She pleaded wanting to stop his torture.

“Phirse kaho! Say again!”

“Kya? What?”

“Mera naam!” He smiled.

She looked at him in puzzlement.

“My name!” He explained again.

“Devv!”She complied, still puzzled.

“dekha jo aapko toh saath rehna meri jaroorat sa laga

Apne Hothonse jo liya aapne mera naam khubsoorat sa laga!”

(When I saw you, staying together with you became my need

When you spoke my name with your lips, I had a beautiful feel)

The uncomfortable blush spread over her cheeks; but she desperately held on to her cheesy swag!

“Shaayari and all! Corny!”

“For you, lady! Just for you! Tumhaare pyaar ke liye maine kya kya kiya hai……” 

Advay was out to kill, “Pata hai, tumhare liye, tumhari mosiyon ko bhi pataayatha…..shaayari suna ke!”

(What all I have done for your love..... you know, I have flirted with your maasis using Shayari) 



“Mere liye?" Chandni stressed the words to tease him,  "Mere saath toh hamesha Akhadu Atarangi Rowdy Professor bane rehate the!”

(For me? With me, you always behaved like snobbish, weird, rowdy professor)

“Pyaarki adaa thee, jaaneman!” (A style of love, Sweetheart!)

Chandni threw her head back and laughed, at his boyish tone more than his words! Advay smiled. He couldn’t guarantee a little later, but at least for now, he had made her happy.

Everybody got onto the boat….Advay turned to Darsh suddenly on the pier and spoke a bit too loud,

“Whattt? You don’t want to go? You don’t feel too good? You are allergic, is it?”

Darsh was dumbfounded. Where had this sprouted from? AD could have warned him at least. But AD had always been like that, right from childhood days and with DD specially!

“Hey Guys! Darsh is not feeling too well. I’ll stay back with him.”

“What’s the matter? Should we all come? We can cancel!” Chandni was worried and turned back from the entry.

“No.NO ! Not at all! You people proceed on the cruise. Enjoy yourselves.” Advay almost pushed her back. “It must be some small tummy upset. He’ll be OK with rest. I’m enough keeping him company. We’ll just cool our heels!”

Murli realized his hunch during breakfast wasn’t wrong. For a moment, his heart grew sad. Bhaiyya had always shared all his plans with him; but today somehow he hadn’t. What could it be?

“Murli, you keep everybody entertained and Miku, responsibility of family on you. Take care of them.” Advay made sure both had assigned tasks to keep them engaged.

Darsh looked at Pooja. She knew something was not right and she was clearly angry.

“Sorry, Pooja!” He pleaded.

“Are we getting habituated to this?" In anger her tone became sarcastic, "You saying sorry and me getting used to your not being there; when needed the most!”

Ouch! That hurt! Pooja was really upset…… not just for today; but for all those times earlier, too!

He wanted to tell her he loved her……to appease her wounds!

The declaration hovered on his lips, just like it had all those years ago, when she had perhaps expected something bigger from him.......Something to believe in their future......Something to make her stay and wait for him. 

And once again, he said nothing!

He thought she would understand!

“Come fast, let’s get away from here!” Advay hurried Darsh, almost pulling him by arm.

“Hey!Hey! What’s up, Man? I know about the supplier meeting. The way you acted in the morning I thought , you decided to postpone it.”

“No, DD! Sending them on day long trip was the only way to avoid questions on our whereabouts. Sorry, buddy! Didn’t get the time to update you earlier; because we came in separate cars. As such, I wasn’t sure whether we could pull it through; without their catching us.”

“How are we going to pull it now? In these cruising clothes, a formal meeting with heads of companies?”

“We go to the hotel where we are meeting them. My men are bringing our formals. We change in Men’s room.” Advay’s tone had a finality which came with his full proof plan.

While Advay went inside to change, Darsh lingered outside, desperately needing a moment to gather himself.

On one side, AD said, he was happy that Darsh came and Pooja turned a bit to her older happy self....... 

On other side, Pooja made him feel that perhaps he should not have arrived again in her life! .........

The more he was around her, the more he wanted her. Her cheery astuteness forever should have been least in youth, he would have chided her for it! But now, somehow it had given him unexpected pleasure to watch her getting more mature.....There was something about her, something . . . As the French called it- esprit, a liveliness of mind and spirit. And that face of hers. . . innocent and knowing, and open. 

Why couldn’t life be simple for him, ever? He was even ready to accept just a happy holiday in her company……but was that possible between them with the kind of undercurrents flowing currently? And what was he supposed to do in all this mess?


Advay came out buttoning himself, “Hey! What’s the matter? Go, change fast!”

Darsh quickly went inside and Advay spoke through the doors, “I felt horrid today leaving Chandni halfway like that. She was looking forward to spending the whole day on water with me.”

‘You’re telling me??? You didn’t see the look in Pooja’s eyes! I feel burned!’ Darsh thought to himself while changing.

Oblivious to Darsh's turmoil, Advay continued, “Poor girl! The worst part is that she doesn’t even complain. Back at home, it’s work, work and work! Here on honeymoon also, I don’t wholly dedicate time to her!”

“Hey AD! You’re not the sort of guy to feel too bad. Just take her someplace nice in the evening and make it all up to her! Now let’s handle our supplier giants first.” 

DD came out and punched his shoulder to bring him out from sullen mood.


As both were proceeding to the lifts, Advay received a call.

"Shit, DD! The customer group is also available today itself! Do you think we can make it after this meeting?"

"Won't be justice to either! " Darsh spoke out Advay's own opinion.

"Should I arrange it for some other day then?" Advay suggested, frowning contemplatively.

"No!" Darsh exclaimed, "We are short of time to do that! Let's do it this way. You go ahead and meet the suppliers, I'll handle the customer group."

"Shit, Man! I don't want to put you alone in front of those vultures!" Advay felt guilty leaving Darsh alone.

Darsh appeased Advay's worry with his confident tone. 

"Alone, each of us, can tackle a flock of vultures!" 

"Precisely, that's what they are! You will not even know, when they outmanoeuvred you right under your nose."

"Who's side are you exactly on?" Darsh scowled at his friend for not showing faith in him.

"For me, there's no side, but yours!" Advay's eyes were filled with concern. He genuinely didn't want to put Darsh in any kind of risk.

Darsh hugged him, his comradeship, his confidence in himself and AD both evident in that tight hug, "Let's do it! We shall meet directly at apartment afterwards!" His faith in their success was fascinating..... assuring!

Advay's mood relaxed, "Apartment kyon kehata hai re tu? Ghar nahi keh sakata?"

(Why do you call it apartment, and why not home?"

"Gharwali nahi na abhi!" Darsh winked and Advay roared in laughter.

(No homemaker till now!)

"Hogi kaise? A wife and a melon is hard to choose!" 

Out came the smart retort but then Advay looked away,instantaneously  losing himself in morning images of Chandni. 

"Get the right one, DD! Best thing that can happen to you!" 

Advay's mind was not really not on DD at the moment otherwise he couldn't have missed the forlorn look in DD's eyes reminiscing Pooja images.


Anjali di hai Badi Sayani..... This is Barun's superb line in IPK1..... The way he delivered them in both real intense scenes, simply captivating! Can never forget his face, neither his voice. Do you remember the 4 line poem between Anjali and Arnav from IPK1 temple scene?

Here, it's Miku, our favourite prankster saying it; so remix in the lines.smiley36

Advay's dialogues in the car with Chandni...... That's my favourite Haider reciting his shaayari..... so beautifully delivered that even Gorky M the director admired it. Couldn't resist using it here. smiley2Do enjoy!

Chhodo Kal ki battein is a song by Mukesh. Great music and tune that it always stays with you..... The family has used songs in the past when Advay was angry, now Pooja is wisely using it to calm down Veer and avoid argument between him and maasi.

The song which Advay chose to woo Chandni........ beautiful voice and sensual music..... In your mind's realm, imagine Hrithik with his subdued persona screaming sensuality on car infotainment screen ......matching whistle and humming in his sexy husky voice Advay...... No wonder Chandni couldn't take the sensual torture any moresmiley2

Advay was keeping Chandni in Good mood with a purpose, will he succeed? What might just happen later? Keeping fingers crossed!smiley2smiley37

Link: Advay flirting with Maasis, Do enjoy fun post

Advay and Darsh have launched a risky mission. It's known in Advay's concern. Risk has a way of its own to materialise when least expected. What can happen in future? 

Do keep reading, new track to open.

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Barun Sobti Shivani Tomar Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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