Chp 71: Trials of Fire! IPK3 Untold Saga of Advay Chandni! Season 2

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IPK3 Untold Saga- Trials Of Fire!

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Hindi Dialogues to reminisce Barun's dialogue delivery 

English Translations for Sweet Barun's global fans who must not miss the story pleasure.

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Season 1

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Season 2

Index with links

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Trials of Fire!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 51 

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 121

“Wow!” Miku exclaimed loudly as the family entered in Paris Penthouse apartment, followed by Pooja, “Amazing!”

Everybody looked around the place in wonder. It was truly amazing; but Chandni felt immediately like a guy lived there.

Hardwood floors everywhere, a huge chocolate brown suede corner unit couch, a black glass fire mounted to the wall, a huge wide-screen TV in the corner. A partition wall separated the sitting room from the kitchen and its matching island. The kitchen itself was clearly top of the range, but it was finished in a cold steel and looked like it had never been used. 

At the back of the apartment was stairs leading up to what must be the bedrooms.

It was all the glass that made it so cool. Floor to ceiling windows on three sides offered views of the city, with French doors leading out from the sitting room onto a huge private terrace. The view of Eiffel Tower was clear from almost every window.

“Bhaiyya, you never brought me here.” Pooja complained to Advay.

“I never brought you to Paris itself, Pooja!” Advay shrugged his shoulders. There would be time later to appreciate the apartment.

He looked at Naani. She looked tired. Advay had purposely booked a three hours layover flight to give Naani a break in long journey so that she could move around and stretch out her legs a little. The rest of the crowd had loved exploring around. Nobody was hungry with the good meal served in the flight but everybody looked tired including Aadi.

“Ok. There are six bedrooms; so all of you get settled in pairs and take some rest. Leave one bedroom vacant please.”

He turned to Chandni, “Chandni, go to master bedroom and unpack basic stuff you need. Last room on left after going up the stairs”

He turned to Pooja, “Pooja, take Aadi with you. The boy seems to have jet lag. Let’s do exploring after we have rested.” He walked to Naani and put his arm around her taking her hand in his. “Come Naani, I’ll take you to your room. Maasi, please come along.”

Chandni smiled. Her Husband was a man of fast actions and huge care!

When Chandni stepped in, the master bedroom looked beautiful with its floor to ceiling windows and another terrace. It was the backside view of Paris. So practically, this penthouse had a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city. There was a flat screen TV here, too. The staff brought in their luggage and she unpacked basic stuff for her hubby and herself.

Advay came into the room and their gazes locked. Chandni’s heart stopped and she felt a sizzle of raw attraction burning down her spine. In Flight, after their making out, he had proceeded to washroom. She had realised, he must have needed his release. So did she! Nerves fluttered in her stomach, but she ignored them. 

Advay slowly walked towards her. Yes! There was this constant need for her…… a kind of deeper-than-his-bones connection and a never satiating hunger!..... He stepped closer,his breath touching her cheeks. His eyes glinted with passion.

“I had a good time in flight.”

He kissed her forehead softly and grasped the hem of her shirt yanking it up, over her head. He reached around for the back clasp of her bra.

Chandni wanted with all her heart to satiate him completely with her body. It was just that, at that moment, she wasn’t confident if her body would co-operate with her mind.

After discarding the bra, he leaned in and kissed the top-most swell of her breasts….. lingering over them…… reverently!Then he unclasped and removed her pants. Chandni expected her panties to go next. But he shocked her senseless when he reached out and picked her nightshirt urging it over her head.

“Now let us both rest,” he said and lifted her in his arms. Reluctance and need emanated from him. He put her in the bed and proceeded to undress himself. When he crawled into bed, he pulled the cover on both of them and positioned her head to rest on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Devvv?”There was a question in her voice.

He released a sigh and all his muscles loosened under her.

“Relax,Chandu.” he said, sounding satisfied. “This’s better.”

She smiled and closed her eyes chiding herself for her worry. She had known from the memory of a past moment that he knew her body’s need better than her and for him her needs were more priority than his. 

She pressed back against him letting his strong, solid heartbeat echo into her ear. It really was better. But he made it even more amazing by threading his fingers through her hair and rhythmically stroking her long locks, lulling her to sleep. 

Very soon sleep took over him.



Advay reached out extending his hand for Chandni; but she wasn’t in bed. He jolted from his delirium and squinted his eyes against the light to see her standing in the open terrace. 

Her hair loosely framing her face……and then sliding over her beautiful neck and shoulders……and then tumbling down her back in wild gypsy waves……he knew the feeling of threading his fingers through them……like fire trapped in satin……her face lighted up bright and glowing with happy content. 

She was so damn beautiful in one of those hauntingly ethereal ways, it stole his breath.


He watched her a moment longer, his intent expression harbouring all his thoughts.

‘Something incredibly enlightening happens when one spends enough time in one woman’s company. You start noticing trivia about her, little meaningless stuff that actually begins to mean everything, 

like how she mutters incessantly whenever she’s unsettled. He teasingly called her Miss Badbad from childhood. How she’s so deep engrossed in one thing that she doesn’t notice the surrounding and gets herself hurt every time…….

You learn the deep blush spreading in her cheeks when your comments embarrass her……her toes curl when passion hits her……You learn all her different laughs and know what each one means. 

You learn what pisses her off the most, or what makes her the happiest.You discover how smart and witty she is! You see how passionate she becomes when she pursues or defends those she loves. 

No wonder, he had fallen hard for her. Her mere presence settled some restless part within him.’


Chandni heard his footsteps quicken behind her and she smiled as she turned. He walked to the small terrace and leaned against the railing.


“Very Good morning!” She beamed at him.

“The view from here is good, isn’t it?”

“Yes! I liked the one from the main room also!” Her eyes danced in excitement.

Dev turned and with him turned her cupping her shoulders. She smiled as she felt his arms come around her from behind, his palm flat to her stomach as he pulled her back against him, her head resting on his chest. His favourite position!

 “Are you happy?” He asked nuzzling her hair.

 ‘Happy?’ she echoed and said teasingly, ‘Let me think about that for a second…’

She rested back against her husband’s hard body, revelling in his strength. Slowly her body began to relax as he remained silent. After Suhaagraat, they’d shared many wonderful things together which she loved a lot………Passionate nights, engaging conversation, and raunchy humour…….. 

But what she missed the most were the gorgeous silences between them,filled with endless possibilities, deep understanding, and the fragility of the passing moment during their youth in Allahabad.

She breathed in a lungful of air, feeling it penetrate all the closed parts of her body; then slowly released it. She remembered how they used to sit by the Ganges or in the wild growth of their hidden spot they’d claimed. Hands clasped together, they’d sit in utter quiet while they studied the bright moon and listened to the gentle slurps of water sloshing against the boats.

God, how she’d missed that Dev, the one who trusted her completely, understood her completely. She had everything now. He was her Dev but not that Dev. The trust had brutally broken once and somehow the betrayal would always remain in his soul deep somewhere as a memory, ready to put its hood up and bite! 

She shuddered at the thought and his grip on her tightened,assuring her, calming her. Yes! Life moves ahead, people change but love stays!

He pressed in her back kissing the side of her neck and nuzzled his nose in her hair. He remembered how he had thought of his Chandu while watching the roaring Ganges while visiting Hrishikesh with his father.The force of the river flow was same as the roaring passion building in him with the thought of Chandu.

“You are fantasising about me, aren’t you?” He repeated the flight question.

This time she quickly smiled and turned towards him with her Chandu swag. “You think too much of yourself, don’t you?” she threw a challenge back at him.

He remained smug, “Why shouldn’t I? I have you!”

Hungrily, he grabbed her chest and she squeaked pulling away.

“Dev, you can’t do it here!”

He pulled her against him. “Who says?”, he muttered and took her mouth.

The passion between them exploded, burning boundaries,excuses and denial. His hand moved down caressing her body. Thoughts of this being open area clouded her mind and fought with the desire spinning through her.

“Not here, Dev, please!......Please!” She pleaded when both gasped for air.

Giving into her plea, he lifted her up and brought her in without bothering to close the curtains. Her timid look darted towards the open window.

“Don’t think, Chandu! Just feel!” The caressing tone of his voice stroked her belly like a velvet fist and then she only heard the roaring in her ears.

He moved his hand down and cupped her triangle his fingers working their magic through her clothes. With desire fast taking over her body and her mind, as such, all thoughts were evaporating into cosmos. He pushed her pajamas pants down and helped her step out of them. Slipping a hand between her thighs, he worked her. The heat of the contact sizzled like oil on a hotskillet. 

She stood still, listening, her breathing speeding up as the pressure began to build. He ramped up the pressure beyond bearing. She cried out his name, tugging hard at his hair. He leaned in, his warm breath rushing over her sensitive tissues. With adept grace, he tugged her panties down her legs. He licked his lips and then his open mouth hit her sensitive core. She was gone!




Sukhiya stealthily looked around to check nobody was watching him and then knocked on Abbu’s door. Within a moment Abbu opened and immediately took him inside.

“Sukhiya, what’s the news?”

“The man with the golden canine just lives outside the village. He is a loner otherwise, doesn’t come into the village like others.His wife brings the supplies and does the tasks. His movements looked suspicious to my eyes.”

“In what way suspicious?”

“Like he’s always watching around if anybody is seeing him or following him.”

“Where does he go? What search have you done till now?”

“No idea……. I will have to follow him.”

“And what about the man with axe? And man with keychain.”

“I haven’t got any clue yet.”

“OK.” Abbu let Sukhiya out through the backdoor and then called up Mamaji.

“Namaste, Mamaji! I have asked Sukhiya to continue his watch over the man with the golden tooth.”

“Yes, Bhai Sahib! A word of caution! Ask Sukhiya to keep looking for more people with golden tooth. There could be more.”

“Yes, there’s always a possibility and before communicating anything back to Veer or Advayji, We shall ensure we are giving precise info.The risk I find more is about the man with the axe and the man with that Keychain.”

“I haven’t seen what keychain. Do you know?”

“Yes. Miku shared the pictures from Advayji’s search work.I shall share with you. My worry is that the person will not have retained the keychain after past sixteen-seventeen years. Also, axe might be there with so many people who use it for different work purpose. The person involved in murder could have borrowed the axe on that day. These clues are quiet vague,per say!”

“That’s so very correct, Bhai sahib! It’s almost impossible to trace people with only this much clue. Let me do one thing! Let me find out who were the people in contact with Ranbeer. He was the main culprit along with Indrani.”

“Yes! Please find that out. We’ll stay in touch. Also, one more thing, Veer had said, we must connect with him as Advayji needs free time with Chandni beti.”

“Yes, that’s true! I agree. Veer is as capable as Advay;but he was too young when this happened. All his memories are faded out. That makes our search more difficult. ”

“Yes, Mamaji! But let the boy try. For first time in his life, I am seeing him getting serious about things. We shall support him.”

“Yes, of course! We will! But with recent upheaval with Gangaram’s suicide, we need to be cautious and slow. Things must not backfire on either of the two. Bye for now.”

Mamaji was lost in thoughts, where would the battle take the two brothers, who had met after an Eon and just starting their life together with their individual love interests.



Chandni and Advay, with arms around each other, were sneaking out happily, wanting a moment to enjoy together, as everybody else was still sleeping in jet lag.

“Bhaiyyyyyya, Where are you going?” Murli whined out from kitchen, as they tiptoed to the door.

Advay turned to him with a supercilious glare, “Do I need to report to you?”

Murli’s face fell down immediately. In her happy mood,Chandni punched at Dev’s chest to rebuke him.

“Bhaiyya, I am just hungry and there’s nothing in the kitchen.” Murli whined again.

Advay mellowed down immediately. “Ask the staff to prepare something from supplies we brought with us. Otherwise, go out and have something.”

“Bhaiyya, let me come with you. I will sit separate and won’t disturb you Tanaatan!”

Chandni pleaded with her eyes at Advay and he conceded. “Ok Come! Where’s Shilpa? Bring her along.”

“Matar ka Dana is snoring away Tanaatan!”

“Ok Come, let’s go. I don’t want be late!”

Chandni and Murli were both surprised with Advay’s hurry to leave, as if somebody was waiting for him.


It was Advay’s favourite coffee shop close to their place.He ordered his best choice delicacies for her to enjoy. And then shared how he frequented this place, every time he was in Paris. Both enjoyed happy laughs and the food.

Pic credit to Adni Love Original Uploader

Chandni suddenly realised her husband was so well travelled, so very experienced while her life had been restricted in just Banaras at Mamaji’s place. Her face darkened with the gloomy feeling of being too less for him. His brows raised immediately questioning that look on her face.

“You are so great, Dev. Travelled all around the world. Why did you want to marry a villager like me?”

“Simply because while travelling, all the time, I could just remember one girl whom I loved!” His eyes held so many emotions while looking at her that all her misgivings dissipated immediately and she smiled.

“You know, Dev…….. for me, you are the Himalayas…… I standat the base, in your shelter……When I see up, I can see the skies but not thepeak of Himalayas…….I will never ever be able to gauge your greatness; but Ifeel so secure and loved in your shelter, in your embrace; I just can’t explain in words.”

God! He felt so damn humbled with the status she gave him and silently prayed to stand true to her trust, always in life!




Yes! This is Season 2 So now Avatars Change; On one side we have AdNi Romance is in full bloom in Honeymoon; on other side new buds will come.

Though Season Changed, but Story track is not lost, so revenge drama continues in Allahabad in background and this time under Veer's leadership. What will our Young Hero Plan further?

So the family is arrived in Europe. If you have missed the Gifting of Europe trip, Go back and read Diwali Bhaidooj Chapter

Diwali Gift Of Europe trip

Chandni knows that her husband forgoes his body needs when she is in need of rest. When did this last happen. If you can't remember then read

Go To Sleep Chandni. Advay doesn't listen to her tactics.

Chandni compared Advay to Himalaya, now she'll see Alpssmiley36

 Why Is Advay in such hurry to leave? What's the big secret? Do Keep Reading for next chapter

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Trials of Fire!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 52

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 122

“Aye Saala!” (Hey Dude!)

Advay choked on his drink as the hard slap hit him in his back. Chandni stood up immediately in anger as to who the hell was attacking her husband with the slander. She came between her now coughing husband and the attacker.

“Hey! You!” Fury Sparked in her eyes.

“Nothing of your concern, babe!” The man casually disregarded her without a second look and tried to reach her Dev.

In a blink of moment, Chandni’s fist hit the man in his cheek with a resounding force....sending  a stinging zing through his whole body and throwing him backward almost. 

Confounded and angry, the man was just about to pounce back on her; when Murli, with all his strength, held his hands from behind restricting him. Advay, having recovered from his cough, held Chandni back restraining her from attacking the man further.

“Security!.......Security!” Chandni yelled, angrily looking around for the men who were supposed to protect them.

“Chandni….. one minute!” Advay dismissed the men who came running at her call while she struggled to get free from his hold.

As the man also struggled to get free from Murli’s arms, Murli stopped him,

 “Bhaiyya, one minute! She is Bhabhi! Chandni bhabhi!”

“Huh?” The man looked dumbstruck. 

Chandni was also dumbstruck wondering why Murli called the attacker Bhaiyya and disclosed her identity.

Advay smiled. “Chandni, meet DD DarshDanish! My best childhood Friend in the world!”  He turned to the man his smile widening further, “DD, meet Chandni, my wife!”

The man looked carefully at her, recognition dawning on him, “I couldn’t recognise her. She looks much different than the portrait!......and you didn’t tell me.......”

Chandni was at total loss. How many childhood friends did her husband have across the world? The Police commissioner in Allahabad had turned out to be his friend, now this attacker.

“What portrait?” She blurted in exasperation.

“I had a portrait of yours with me which he had earlier seen.” Advay tried clarifying her confusion. Chandni didn’t know what portrait he was referring to.

“She’s the same one,just changed avatar!” He clarified to Darsh.

“Bhaiyya carried your portrait from London. It was in the guest house. But once in anger, Bhaiyya broke the glass and the frame; so I had to take it down.” 

Murli supplied the information putting oil in fire for Advay and earning a glare from him in return.

“Missed you, Man! Come here!” Advay spread his arms to Darsh.

Darsh smiled wide spreading his arms.

Both men hugged tight patting on each other’s back in along embrace.

Chandni scrutinised the friend, her eyes still sceptical,though he gave the impression of being one of those rare, good-hearted, steadfast people that one knew one could rely upon in a crisis. He was handsome.... hugely attractive with burning yet soulful eyes and scruffy facial hair...... His hairline clearly defined like a typical intellectual and the jet black waves of hair adding to his sexy looks.

Chandni wondered if he was some bollywood hero!

Darsh inclined his head ever so slightly, piercing brown eyes resting on her and his mouth curving in a smile. Laugh lines carved the edges of his mouth. She blinked at the sensual aura coming at her like jet propulsion.

Somehow, she didn’t feel the burn of connection she experienced with Dev!

He was dressed down with just a casual T and jeans with a cap hanging from his pocket, yet with his handsomeness, he looked killer in that simple attire. He exuded a masculine power that pressed down upon her, combined with a deadly charm. 

He pretended not to have a care in the world, an air of debauched rough-and-tumble. Yet, Chandni glimpsed the sharp intelligence hidden behind that facade, glinting in the depth of inky black eyes!

“Namaste Bhabhi!” Darsh greeted her. (Greetings!)

“Namaste!” Chandni stood behind Advay as if expecting protection from the friend now.

“Bhabhi has a strong right hand fist! Haath tagada hai! She’s a fighter! ”

“You won’t know how many colours she has! Bahut teekhi Hai,Yaar!” 

Advay encouraged Darsh wanting to tease Chandni now hiding behind him; while earlier she had hit Darsh. (She’s spicy)

“Kaafi teekhi hai!” Darsh agreed glancing between them with a hint of curiosity. (Yes, quite spicy)

“Chubhati bhi hai!” (Pricks as well)

Advay reminisced the diya rasam when Chandni had defied him by putting nails in his path. He got a punch in the back as Chandni, in mock anger, tried dissuading him from discussing her with some friend as if she was not there. 

Advay took the cap hanging from Darsh’s jeans pocket and put it on his head, showing Chandni the absolute comfort that existed between the two friends.

“Darsh is part of our family for years now. For me, like a brother, my most cherished friend.” Advay explained Chandni the closeness of their relation.

“So cherished that he did not contact me after reaching India!” Darsh mocked him putting across his complaint to Chandni. “Must have been busy with you! Totally engrossed!”

Chandni smiled with the truth of his statement. She and Dev were so much into each other that the rest of the world ceased to exist for them.

“Come, let’s go to our place.” Chandni urged both Dev and Darsh.

Dev threw his head back and laughed, “His place!”

Chandni looked quizzically at him.

“No Bhabhi, OUR PLACE!” Darsh argued feigning an action to punch Advay. 

“But no thanks! I’ll get into some hotel and meet you guys later.”

“Nothing doing! You are coming with us. Everybody will be happy to meet you.” Chandni was firmly insistent. “Or otherwise, be ready for a second shot!”

She feigned a punching action at Darsh and everybody laughed. Darsh liked her already. She was open, vivacious and definitely making a huge difference in his friend’s life. Advay was a better man around her, a happier one…….

Something Advay had missed being all through his growing years. And that was what he, as Advay’s best friend, had wanted for Advay......He liked this Advay much better than the earlier man for whom there was no place for love in his heart......The one who always claimed, "Meri Jindagi mein Pyaar aur Maasoomiyat ke liye koi jagah nahi hai."


Back at the penthouse, Naani and Maasi were hugely happy seeing Darsh. Aadi, Miku, Shikha and Shilpa were introduced to him and he won their heart with his easy laughter and natural flair for friendship. 

All were engaged in conversation where Chandni learnt that he was a scientist himself in the same university as Advay in London. Darsh explained that while Advay was a mathematician; he worked on developmental biology his work relating to stem cells epigenetics.

Chandni watched Darsh and somehow couldn’t help noticing that even though he was fully engaged in answering everybody’s questions, his eyes danced around as if searching for someone, waiting for someone to emerge from another room. When he enquired after Maasi and Naani’s health, his eyes silently asked about someone else.

Time passed……Darsh got restless from within, though his face never showed it as he patiently and happily chatted with all……. Then the bell rang and the door slammed open behind him with a resounding force …… the force of a small storm off the sea……. Everybody rushed to the door surrounding the person who came in with a bright smile on her lips and her hands full of bags with lots of shopping.

Darsh had waited for this moment since what seemed as eternity; but somehow he could not follow the rest of the family..... rather his eyes remained glued to the ground.  He was finally able to lift his eyes and a jolt of electricity shot through his chest as he recognised Pooja.

She was much more beautiful than the memory he had been cherishing all these years in his heart……. like a fairy queen holding court in a moonlit garden…Surrounded by her people, answering their bombarding questions and simultaneously handing over her bags to Shilpa and Murli……

She laughed at something somebody said. The sound drifted across the room……. Still heady enough to settle in the pit of his gut and squeeze……. Hot enough to remind him of a sip of age- old whiskey….. With a sting!

And then suddenly, her gaze fell on him and locked with his gaze. A crease appeared above her pert little nose.. Her eyes narrowed but her full lips opened lightly, drawing Darsh’s gaze to her mouth. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and his attention went from her lush pink lips to the rounded breasts pushed up against her thin sweater.

Pooja took in his appearance with her hands on her hips. He looked handsome, as always; but what killed her were his eyes…….Dark and soulful, almond-shaped, and set off by a set of lush eyelashes. Always filled with a wicked sense of humor and a raw passion that glimmered right beneath his polished surface.

“After aaaallll these years! ......It’s none other than our very own DD!”

She gave him a brilliant smile and suddenly the room looked brighter lit to Darsh.

She turned to Advay, an angry complaint in her eyes, ”You knew about this, right? And yet, you didn’t tell me…… how could you?”

Advay hugged her happily as she struggled refusing to accept his embrace, “Wanted to surprise you, Pooja! Didn’t I?”

“Totally!” Pooja and Darsh both said in unison and Pooja turned to Darsh. “Did he not tell you either?”

“Only half truth! That he was coming. He never mentioned about Chandni bhabhi; neither about you. And when I saw her with him, I assumed her to be one of his girls, like before!”

Naani threw her head back and laughed loud. She had been party to Advay’s plan to invite Darsh on this trip. Realisation dawned on Chandni as to why he called her babe first. Well! Dev would have a lot of explanations to do in their private time.

Chandni asked Darsh for his preference whether tea or coffee and Pooja exclaimed before he could answer, 

“I know his regular. I’ll get it!”

A flush appeared on Darsh’s face, his eyes lighting up with happiness. Yes! She was the same old girl of his and she remembered his choice even today!

“Come, let’s go to kitchen and see what we can feed this gang……” she urged Chandni to come with her, “You and Bhaiyya went out and have eaten already I suppose!” She teased with a laugh.

Darsh watched her receding figure from behind. She was a gracefully aged woman perhaps to the envy of others. Even now, she did not look a day over twenty-something. In her eyes, there was sadness of Eons but her smile had found the Fountain of Youth……Her smile could light up an entire ballroom even today….. 

A lady with spirit and a certain presence…… Nevertheless, there was about her something that drew the eye, an energy and vitality that created an invisible aura.

Naked emotions of a huge loss passed over Darsh’s carved features before he focused back with the rest of the family.


While all ate, Advay, Darsh and Pooja got into discussing their childhood stuff catching up with interim happenings. Even though being part of the big group, responding to questions from all; the three still had their own small world…….their known happiness in their connection……..

Naani and Maasi smiled as they knew and were used to these children always having their own space. Chandni silently watched the trio gauging their minds through their body language and their small talk.

Advay looked much different than his regular serious auras which he held. On one side, he was the master of his business empire planning and executing his strategies for success. On the other, he was the leader of his family group ensuring everybody following a certain right direction. Chandni knew how strict he would be with his younger brother. 

But now, he looked suddenly younger, teasing his sister and easily relaxing under the warmth of friends group. With them, perhaps he had enjoyed life and shared a sense of humour with them.

 Chandni realized his ease was brought into every situation because he knew exactly who he was. It was such a rare trait to find in a man that her respect for him increased manifold.

Both Advay and Darsh matched wits against each other’s sharp minds. A reluctant spark of genuine interest gleamed in Darsh’s eyes. 

Yet, Chandni felt the eyes held secrets buried deep inside. Sudden brief flashes in his eyes revealed, the man held many regrets in his heart, regrets which he had never shared.

Pooja was the calming effect when the two fiery characters battled with their wits. She was the angel of peace, the giver of happiness……Always with everybody! She freely gave without asking for any return. But perhaps here, in the world of three, she also found her peace for her hidden turmoil.

Chandni knew her husband lived in silos, keeping her separate from some of his worlds. But here, in their internal circle, somehow she had the longing to belong, to be a part of them, to be able to make a difference to them.



When everybody had eaten, Advay and Darsh led the group around the penthouse and then up the stairs from behind; going above the bedrooms floor. As they moved further up the stairs, everybody couldn’t help but stare. 

The regular, square veranda front opened into a hexagonal room that housed a huge old piano, so old that perhaps having witnessed many generations…..a guitar and a drum kit. The wooden floorboards glowed, the walls were covered in framed sheet music and light poured into the room via an expansive skylight. 

Chandni’s immediate impression was one of peace, the kind of peace one rarely felt in frenzy of hectic life.

 “This is like an art studio!” Chandni’s eyes sparkled in wonder……

Then came a puzzled look, “But how come? You are also a scientist like Dev!” Chandni couldn’t stop the words from falling out.

Darsh affected an air of hurt ego. “You take us scientists to be philistines or something?”

She had to work to hold back a smile. His wry, self-deprecating humour caught her by surprise. 

Advay circled his arm around her shoulder, “The Guitar, as you already know, is mine and the piano is his! We are a pair, DD-AD!”

“Yes, Bhabhi and your husband picks the English lines always!”

Advay picked the guitar and sang specially for Chandni going around her in circle!

 Shining in the settin' sun like a pearl upon the ocean

Come and feel me
O feel me

Shining in the settin' sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Come and heal me
O heal me

Thinking 'bout the love we makin'
And a life we sharing
Come and feel me
O feel me

Shining in the settin' sun like a pearl upon the ocean
Come and feel me
Come on heal me

Darsh took the place on Piano and continued in a medley with the alaap. His voice raised high…..a voice that made your hormones hum along with him as he sang…….. a voice that moved everybody’s heart……a voice that touched one’s soul!



Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh to tha tere mere darmiyaan

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh ab tod doon
Ya phir yoon hi chhod doon, darmiyaaan

Benaam rishta wo..
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo bayaan, darmiyan

Darmiyaan Darmiyan 
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh to tha tere-mere darmiyaan..

that, which was beyond words,
which filled the emptiness inside us,
something was there between you and me..

what turn should I give to this relation,
should I break this relation,
or should I leave it-  just incomplete between the two

that relationship which doesn't carry any name,
which makes (you and me) restless,
which cannot be described (in words),

between the two of us, between the two of us..
there was something in between the two of us.…….

His gaze had locked on Pooja as she sat in silence, not letting her eyes shed the hidden tears betraying her broken heart …….The verse relating a saga that was perhaps not meant to be!


Chandni listened in a trance, as if in a quest searching for the meeting point of two souls……two hearts which deserved love!

She jerked as Advay bent close to her and sang, pulling her attention to him

Oh it's a special feeling
These moments between us
How will I live without you

Darsh closed his eyes and got engrossed in the song…..

Aankhon mein tere saaye
Chahoon to ho na paaye
Yaadon se teri faasla....... haye

Jaake bhi tu na jaaye
Thehri tu dil mein haaye
Hasrat si banke kyun...... bhala

Kyun yaad karta hoon
Mit-ta hoon banta hoon
Mujhko tu laayi yeh kahaan

Your shadows (linger) in my eyes,
Even if I want, there cannot be
distance from your memories..

Her memories had possessed his solitude so very intensely that sometimes he felt her strong presence around him and his eyes almost saw her shadows. Whatever he tried, he was not able to let go of those memories ever.

even after going you don't go,
you stay in my heart
becoming a longing desire, why?

Societies, norms, life choices all had coerced together and she wasn't in his life any more. But the more she had moved away, the stronger the desire had become to have her in his life.

why do I remember you,
I end and I be again,
where have you brought me...

There was hardly any chance of his desires getting fulfilled. But without her, his existence had no meaning at all.... what turn had his life taken now with the love for her? 

Advay remembered his moments when her soft grazing touches were telling him some truth; yet the world had clouded his mind.


Hard for us to say, It was so hard for us to say

Can't close a day by day
But Then the world's got me in way

Advay and Chandni looked in each other’s eyes…….They knew the value of their happiness after the long journey that they had traversed ………And both prayed that let such pains never ever be part of any lovers’ saga…….


But destiny does not grant all prayers! Perhaps every loving pair has to necessarily go through The Trial of fire!!!


So friends, now the long awaited friend of Advay has arrived. What has Advay called him for? And what might this meeting eventually lead to?

AdNi Romance continues and new romance buds out. Enjoy yourself!

The song sung by Advay and Darsh are both beautiful pieces. Do not miss the pleasure of the voice on you tube.

A live performance with same song where the medley/mashup like how Advay and Darsh are doing.

Just listen to the start of the song, what chandni felt was right, wasn't it? And then imagine Advay singing English lines. 

Apna Munda is English favouring right from beginning, isn't he? 

And if I think of Arnav, he always said everything in English, to Khushi's chagrin!smiley36

Did you gals notice the dialogue "Kaafi Teekhi hai yaar! "

Never ever in life will I forget Barun's Haidersmiley9 Just imagine Barun delivering this dialogue as a playful Advay.

If you want to enjoy the orginal picturisation of song.


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Thanks Neha. Very unexpected appearance of a new hero. And in this image! Can I rejoice at Pooja?
Posted: 1 years ago
Our doves are enjoying their honeymoon. Love them.
Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha. Very unexpected appearance of a new hero. And in this image! Can I rejoice at Pooja?

Yupp! Rejoicesmiley2. That's why the entry came in reference for quiet long making you people wonder who Advay's friend was.smiley36

As such, it's all in our mind's realm, so why not someone easily liked by us smiley36in making Pooja Darsh saga smiley33interesting..... lots of turns and twists planned ahead. smiley9

Keep me motivated through your avid readership and commenting.smiley31

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Trials of Fire!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 53

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 123

It all happened in a blink of a moment!

Darsh looked back at Pooja and their gazes locked. His eyes were like molten dark orbs, baring his soul to her… beseeching her…..challenging her……….hoping for her.

Her woman’s instinct clicked in and she knew that the song was meant for her specially! He was reminding her of a saga that could have been but never happened; yet was destined in the stars, maybe!

Her heart took a leap and soared in the skies. Could she fly, too? No! The heart was too badly broken already. The denial crept in her eyes. Darsh felt incredibly bleak for a moment. To negate it and quiet the thoughts in his head, he looked away.

The family had been mesmerized by his heavenly voice. Their faces lit up in appreciation. There was a lot of commotion around as everybody exclaimed to everybody. But two hearts stayed away without a word……far away on opposite poles.

A small hand crept cupping Darsh’s cheek and he checked himself. He turned back with a smile to stare directly at an adorable Aadi. Aadi looked at him very intently as if searching for something and then a small hand slipped into his and Darsh knew his heart was taken. Already he could feel protective instincts snapping to life. Aadi’s eyes were Pooja’s, except without the dark pain or ever-present almost forced happiness.

They were so guileless, they directly hit the soul. It was beyond poignant to remember that Pooja had been this innocent once.

“Hi! I am Aadi!” He pointed out to Advay “He is my CM. Chiku Mama. And she is sweet CM. Chandni mami. What should I call you?”

“Hey Buddy! Just call me DD and you know what? Myself and AD need a buddy.”He pointed to the drums and smiled at Aadi. Then he pointed back to Advay, “As such I call him AD; so I’ll call you buddy, ok?”

“But, I have a buddy already, MM, Miku Mama!”

“So you already have enough Mamas; why more? And buddys are friends, right? So buddys can be more than one.”

“Ok DD! I’ll be your buddy but only if you teach me to play like you!” Aadi put his small arms around Darsh and hugged him lovingly. Aadi was so adorable Darsh would have to have been made of stone to resist his effervescent charm.

 “Of course, I will!And even your CM will. He knows the drums. He played drums first during Ph.D. Then later he acquired guitar skills.”

“Is that true?” Chandni looked at Advay with puzzled eyes,“You never told me.”

Advay leaned close to her, “What’s the fun in me telling everything. Did you know in Allahabad that apart from Maths Professor, I was also SkyTel founder and owner.” He smiled, “Don’t worry! You have all our life to find out more secrets about me. I won’t let you get bored ever.”

Pooja smiled broad at Chandni, “Come, I’ll show you hispics from those days on my laptop.”


In Pooja’s room, Chandni excitedly looked through the huge folder of Pooja’s memories of her college days with Dev.

“Didi, he wore jacket suit to college, is it?” Chandni was taken aback.

“No dear, not at all.”

Pooja threw her head back and laughed heartily. The photos you are seeing are of my final year college day. Bhaiyya had already finished his Ph.D. and launched SkyTel. He played the drums especially for me on my group’s request. And my ! The way he played, it was awesome! I walked with my head high for the rest of the year.”

He did look great playing with engrossed look. Chandni never realized how time passed browsing through her handsome looking husband in younger days.







“Chandni, myself and DD will just go out for a while and return.” Advay peeped in Pooja’s room.

“Wait a second!” Chandni rushed out and returned back with his jacket. “The air is getting cold. Please do wear this.”

“Chandu, I am used to Europe weather. I don’t need it.”Advay was just about to dismiss her.

“For my sake, please!” Chandni urged pausing her hand on his arm, her eyes silently beseeching him.

Advay shook his head, women were fussy and his katto was epitome of fussing. After the jogging incident, she had taken him for the checkup and after that she all the time fussed over him like a child. For anyone else, he would have rebuffed; but for her, somewhere secretly he enjoyed it……..and as such, if her motherly instincts were somehow satisfied with this,then he was all for it!

“Bye Bhabhi. Bye Pooja. See you later.” Darsh waved his hand.

“One minute! If you call Pooja di, just Pooja; then why areyou calling me Bhabhi every time? Just call me Chandni!”

A reluctant spark of genuine interest gleamed in his eyes.

“I don’t call just anybody by name, only friends……Will you be friends with me? Mujhse dosti karogi?” Darsh extended his hand to Chandni.

Chandni shook his hand with a happy smile, “Yes! But first you must forgive me for that solid punch from before.”

“What Punch?” Pooja was curious.

“Because I called her babe, she broke my jaw earlier.” Darsh teased with a laugh. “CD has a strong right hand!”

“CD?” Chandni crumpled her nose in distaste “What’s this CD?”

“CD! Yes! Abbreviation of Chandni! AD-CD”

 “Yuck! It makes me feel like you’ll put me in a player any minute! If Di is Pooja…… no abbreviation then why do I need one.”

“Chandni!” Pooja screeched, “Don’t encourage them. They’ll start again.” Advay and Darsh burst out laughing.

“Why Di? Did they have something for you, too?”

“PJ!” Both Advay and Darsh spoke in unison and both roared in laughter teasing Pooja. Pooja shooed them away, a smile erupting coyly on her lips.

“No! I stand by Di! We girls get no abbreviation! Pooja and Chandni, that’s it!” Chandni stood by Pooja’s side supporting her firmly.

It was enough that her husband called her Katto. If this madness spread, he would start calling her KG and that was just not done!

To avoid further argument, she promptly changed the subject, “Darsh, you have a beautiful voice;… touched my heart!”

“Excuse me!....... You never said that to me!” Advay raised his brows in disbelief.

“Tera Patta Cut” (You are out of the game) Darsh did not let go of the chance to tease.

 Chandni was not the one to take anything with her head bent down.

Sweetly, she spoke in her swag mood, “Come to the room and I’ll tell you nicely!”

Advay turned to Darsh in pride, “I will never be out of the game! Mera patta koi nahi kaat sakata!”

Darsh laughed. With Chandni,he did not have to concern himself with the possibility that he might accidentally ruffle her female sensibilities. She was, indeed, a woman worthy of genuine friendship; especially when she made his friend such a happy man.

Advay smiled in his heart. People closest to his heart were all blending together!

“Where are you guys going?” Pooja questioned casually.

“Not Far! Just at Champs De Mars. It’s nearby here.” Advay ruffled her hair lovingly, as he did when they were in college. Their college days needed a reliving!




“You have changed, AD! Changed completely from how you felt about Chandni in those college days. You were obsessed then; you are obsessed now. But your feelings, poles apart! And man, how have you changed! 

The absolute hatred you had in your eyes; those fire splinters could burn her universe! And now, if anyone dares to thwart her, you will burn their universe. Just look at you, man……doting over every word of hers!…….and back to clean shaven from the bearded look, huh?”

He paused for a second and looked far into nothing, “It must be a great feeling, right? To be wrapped around a woman’s finger that your life isn’t yours any more. And you wouldn’t have it any other way! You have found a great wife, Man!” He thumped on Advay’s shoulder.

Advay smiled with Chandu’s thought, “‘I know. I’m very lucky. She’s Amazing. The love of my life!”  

pic credit original uploader

Darsh’s heart twisted. Advay had always been arrogant, yes,sometimes annoyingly so, but he didn’t take life for granted. And he obviously adored his childhood friend who was now his wife.

Advay continued, “Someday, you’ll know what that is like to feel the way I do!”

Dark shadow fell in Darsh’s eyes with the immediate memory of denial in Pooja’s eyes; but he blinked and masked his face immediately.

“Fat Chance! I remain a confirmed bachelor!” 

To change the topic of conversation he asked promptly,“Tell me about what you had in mind when you called me here.”

That really helped. Advay’s focus shifted completely, as he started explaining.



Pooja and Chandni walked to Naani’s room with happy smiles on their faces. Naani was busy doing her Jaap(Chanting).

“Naani, even while on Europe trip, your chanting is necessary, is it? As such you pray every day, I wonder why?” Pooja grumbled with mock anger, lovingly hugging Naani.

“I pray for both my Granddaughter’s happiness, beta!”

“But we ARE happy, Naani!” Pooja stressed on the middle word.

“Yes, I know! But I want both of you to get your special deserved happiness!” Naani smiled.

Dark shadows fell on both Chandni’s and Pooja’s face.

Chandni remembered the way Dev had spoken of Achchu on their first morning after consummating the marriage. She knew that he shared that dream with her. And then, the content feeling she herself had every time she held Vidvaan in her arms even though he was her child only in name. They both desired the child from the depth of their heart.

The longing would never leave her heart; but she feared the repercussions of letting it dominate her mind. Last time, Dev had left her to go to Allahabad and then planned on going to London. She couldn’t risk the baby thought again in her heart. Not especially when he had convinced her and brought her for a love celebration in honeymoon. She steeled herself!

Pooja remembered the envy, though not malicious, she had felt while seeing her Bhaiyya-Bhabhi in love during Diwali. She had wondered whether the gloom in her heart would ever dissipate. And then, the happy feeling she had today when Darsh looked into her eyes, just momentarily, yet an offer for a lifetime.

The desire to love, to belong would always be there in her heart; but her condition now was like once bitten twice shy. She was well aware of the trauma Aadi faced knowing his father had left him and gone away. She couldn’t risk another failed relationship traumatising the innocent child completely. Not especially when Bhaiyya had gifted her this trip to enjoy as her own dream. She masked her heart and braved a wide smile on her lips!

“Naani, that expression on your face, you look smug! You knew that Darsh was going to be here, right?”

“I always know a lot of things!”

“Then why did you not tell me?”

“To see the happiness on your face with the surprise of seeing Darsh again after so long!” Naani smiled happily and the glow of happiness spread to both Chandni and Pooja.

“Naani, Pooja di, why is his name Darsh-Danish?” Chandni was perplexed.

Both smiled softly and then Naani spoke, “Yes! There’s a saga of love behind that name. His Father was Hindu Brahmin from Allahabad itself. He fell in love with a Muslim girl Abbu’s community. He wanted to marry her but the society would never accept it. Neither her Muslim community nor his Hindu community! And then further, apart from being outcast, they had the risk of being pushed to death.”

Naani’s face darkened with a reminiscence of the fate that her daughter and son-in-law had; but she controlled her grief.

Pooja continued, “So they eloped and to save both of them from community wrath, he came to London with her and then settled in London permanently. I loved his Mum…..rather admired her hugely. Imagine, the strength of love, to drop everything you have and take a risk of your life!

And then further, his father reached the epitome of love treating her equally in marriage, never ever forcing her to change religion.Their home was so full of love….. They together prayed to Krishna and she did her namaaj in the same room….. When DD was born, to maintain that same equality, it was DD’s father who chose to give a dual name, ‘Darsh meaning Krishna and Danish meaning scientific knowledge and wisdom.’

Isn’t it a great name? And just imagine, this man is become such a renowned scientist making breakthrough discoveries.”

Pooja’s eyes sparkled with pride. He, Bhaiyya and she had grown up together and were close buddys. Chandni smiled sharing her enthusiasm and getting fascinated with the inspiring love story. The couple suddenly reminded her of Ammi-Abbu who had raised a Hindu child.

“Not only that! He proved his Krishna name true, too. Both he and Chiku were popular in ladies group, all through the college and later as well.” Naani laughed.

“Was Sasha in his college or met him later?” Chandni’s heart jumped and focused on her husband’s previous women.

“Oh Chandni! Why do you even think about her? Leave it completely. It’s the past, just bury it!” Pooja didn’t want to spoil everybody’s mood.




“Look AD, it’s not going to be easy. They are too powerful a party, lots of contacts in London.”

“I have a plan. I will attack the pillars of their power.”

“Your plans with Chandni turned out to be nothing more than crazed fantasies, man!”

“Yet I finally got Chandni, didn’t I?”Advay challenged him. “So the plans did not fail either. And then me and Chandni were different ball game altogether. From the very first meet, I could not deny the pull in my heart. Anyway, we are not discussing Chandni and me here.” 

There was a smile on his lips with the thought of Chandni and of course, his friend was allowed to comment on any of his matters.

Advay needed his help and pacifying his doubts completely was important. Immediately after gifting Pooja the planned Europe trip, he had been reminded of the mishap that had happened with Chandni, almost a life attack on her; which he just could not let go! 

At the same moment, he had thought of one man whom he could trust in Europe and that was Darsh! Accordingly, he had contacted Darsh and got his travel plan arranged to pre-discuss the plan while in Paris and then execute it while in London.

“DD, for your information, my plans always work. That is because I am very good at making plans and executing them.”

Advay spoke without any trace of arrogance. It was a simple statement of fact.

“Nevertheless, with this man any plan seems somewhat complicated.” Darsh murmured, “You know damn well the man has evil heart.”

“Who will know better than me?  Blxxxx BxsXXXX tried harming my Chandni.” Fury sparked from Advay’s eyes. He would rather kill the man with his bare hands but he controlled his anger.

“Trust me, DD. The plan will work. Who knows? At the end of it, both of us may gain!”

Darsh uttered a heartfelt groan and closed his eyes. “I was afraid that you were going to say something like that.”

Advay went to elaborate the whole plan. Both were engaged in huge brain storming. Just like his every mission, Advay needed to gather as much intel as he could before plotting his next course of action. Information was the key to success, and he knew how to obtain that commodity. He moved in Society, so he had some useful connections in influencing world where he would get what he needed.

Darsh studied his determined expressions and considered all options.


Advay as he says is a rigorous planner and a man of action. Darsh's meeting had lot of Advay's thought process behind it. And then the man remembers his dues for revenge taking even while on honeymoon. How will Chandni react to this? Keep reading.

When Advay Decided to take Revenge Do read if missed earlier.

The episode where Darsh came first in talks. Lots happening read again

Happy Episode where Darsh Travel got planned. Do enjoy again even if read earlier

Pooja's and Chandni's , both hearts carry a pain. And then Pooja is logical and motherly in her thought process. Yet Pain is always pain! Will Pooja find love?

Pooja's gloom during diwali Don't miss if you haven't read already

Darsh has a beautiful back story, isn't it? He is proud of his parents but the story makes important impact in his life. Keep reading to know how?

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A sharing from my own thoughts for those to happen to read the story.

When Darsh came to meet the family, he explained his specialisation field. The reference comes as

 Darsh explained that while Advay was a mathematician; he worked on developmental biology his work relating to stem cells epigenetics.

While reading the story do give attention to every small point because I have this style that some reference or a dialogue or a scene may come as not important or innocuous comment but later at some time it will impact.

Darsh's work area I have chosen from my son's expertise field.smiley36 You might wonder why is this necessary? 

Just wait and watch what happens next and how the reference gets multi dimensional impact in story.

Barun Sobti Shivani Tomar Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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