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Trials of Fire!!! Adni Untold Saga Chapter 54

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 124

It was a lively brainstorming session between close buddys!

Advay could not believe that his carefully calculated scheme was about to fall apart simply because he could not decide the right female to stage the plan. He had assumed that this would be the simplest, most straightforward part of the plan. Instead, it was proving to be astonishingly complicated with options getting rejected one after the other.

“Look AD, let’s not hassle ourselves over this. As such, one matter is decided. The entire operation has to be a surgical attack. No giving time to breathe........ because if he does, we will not be allowed to!....... So let’s take time, plan well and execute fast!”

Advay nodded with a smile. He knew he could trust DD with planning.  DD possessed intellect sharp as a pair of shears. But of course, he would never put his friend in any risk of the execution part.

“Yes I agree! You do the planning component, I’ll handle the execution.”

Darsh stood in front of Advay with his fists on his hips in a battling mode.

“DD-AD’ we are a pair and we stay a pair! We both plan and we both execute. That’s it! I am not leaving you alone. You know me already!” He continued as Advay smiled giving in….

aye saala

abhi abhi huaa yakeen 
ki aag hai mujh mein kahi
hui subaah main jal gaya
suraj ko main nigal gaya
roo-ba-roo roshni
roobaroo roshni hai

Just now the realization hit me
that I have a fire inside me somewhere
It's a new morning and I am aflame
I just swallowed (overpowered) the sun
I'm face to face with light

Advay smiled wide and joined in the singing hugging Darsh.

It was their faith in themselves and their unity that would empower them to achieve this mission successfully!


Pooja looked outside the window, “So what are our plans for the remaining part of the day? Let’s ask Aadi what he wants to do!”

Naani spoke immediately,“Aadi comes with me and Leela. Our friends have come here and some have brought their children as well; So we will decide what to do in group…… 

As such, Aadi and I had agreement way back in Mumbai that he would show me around Europe! Chiku has gifted you this trip to enjoy your dream of college days. So go ahead and enjoy like a college girl!”

Pooja’s eyes sparkled with excitement, “Really, Naani? You called your friends here? So YOU planned everything?”

“If my grandson can plan and bring Darsh here; then I am his grandma, after all!" 

Naani held her head high smugly. Chandni and Pooja both laughed heartily.

" And I do have special plans for our lovebirds couple; so all of you keep one day free for my plans. I'll tell you when!”  

Chandni got into guessing Naani's plan.

“Come on, Chandni! Let us then enjoy ourselves! I’ll take you guys around. Tell Miku, Shikha, Murli everybody to get dressed. We gonna enjoy nightlife in Paris!”

“But Di, do you know your ways around? You have never been to Paris.”

“So what, Chandni?I have lived in London, haven’t I? Trust me and more than me, trust the Maps. I’ll give you one. Always keep with you and then it's just a matter of having faith in yourself.”

“But Di, your Bhaiyya and Darsh?”

“We’ll take them on the way, no issues! Now stop whining and just let’s all get ready!!”

Everybody laughed. Naani was most happy, that old Pooja who had been the life of the family was seen again.



Pooja went to her room and locked herself…….The cloak of chirpy bubbliness falling away and dark shadows falling on her face……

What was all that about? Why did I feel like Darsh looked into my very soul during the song today?...... And WHY? Why did my heart leap for a moment? That too, after all these years?

No man rattled her, not any more!

Her mind took her down the memory lane in those College years when her womanly awareness had changed with DD. The childhood friendship had turned into something like a dreamy desire. In those naive years, she had believed him to be feeling same way as hers. But then nothing…..just nothing had further happened, whatsoever.

In utter disappointment and some angry defiance, she’d been foolish enough to fall for another guy and the lessons learned eleven years ago courtesy of her first—and so called only—proclaimed love ensured, she didn’t sweat the small stuff anymore. What she’d endured with her husband, and the resultant fallout, had hardened her to the point of complete and utter least for herself and especially for herself!

Not a great trait for finding any kind of lasting happiness; but then again, her husband’s deliberate destruction of her naive love meant she didn’t believe in anything long-term so it didn’t fuss her.

No man perturbed her; she didn’t let anyone get close enough. Yet DD, with his broad shoulders, smouldering dark eyes and his cheeky song had her discombobulated since the moment he’d strode in and acted as if they were the young dreamy collegiates even now.

Angry tears sprung up in her eyes in defiance. Damn the man! Damn him for making me feel more flustered than I had in years.

Suddenly her tears got the sad colour of anguish. Why, DD? Why did you not come then and say to me, that 'yes, there is something special between you and me."

As always, she allowed her sadness to flow through her tears, then wiped them resolutely to steel herself to get ready.





The gang stood at the doors of Le Truskel. Pooja had led everybody to Champs De Mars and from there, having met Advay and Darsh, all had proceeded to the nightclub.

Pic credit to Shivrun fan

Advay pulled Chandni closer, “I want you to enjoy this whole thing, OK Chandu?”

His arm was around her, protecting her, assuring her not to panic…..His own heartbeats fast with worry with the memory of her last pub incident in Allahabad; though his lips maintained a happy smile for her sake.

She smiled up in his eyes, “With you, Dev, there is no moment I don’t enjoy!”

She looked around. It was crammed and cozy, with loud music and people dancing as if it was some party. Luckily, Advay with his arm around her manoeuvred her through the crowd. He explained all activities going around and the indie, electro-pop and punk music culture.

After some time, Advay felt her nerves relaxing under his palm and then he released her to go with Pooja, Shikha and Shilpa who were already enjoying themselves.  


Darsh came looking for Chandni and Advay.

“Hey listen, CD! Just listen to this song!”

“Why are you calling me CD again? I told you not to.”

“Oh come on! For our friendship sake, you can allow me one endearment. After all, AD must be calling you something special, right?”

Chandni blushed…. Dev’s endearments were so many and all her favorites.

“Look CD, you are not allowed to mind. These are My ways!"Darsh crossed his arms smugly, "And My ways, Always!” .

Chandni smiled. Darsh was a type of guy you couldn’t deny much.

“What song are you talking about and why?”

“You must understand this song female part and then sing with AD.”

“Karaoke you mean?”Advay asked.


“Me? singing on stage?In front of people? Impossible!” Chandni turned away to rush from there.

Advay stopped her. “Chandu. You can! I am with you.”

Chandni looked at Darsh,“Why don’t you sing? You are much better.”

DD was in a jolly mood, “I wish I could and for you, I surely would! 

I have a concert planned here and as per the contract I can’t sing in public places. You heard me already at home, next you can hear me at concert. 

Anyway, the point is that of the song. Who’s the Lovey-Dovey honeymoon couple here? It’s you!” He pointed at Chandni.

 Advay looked at what song DD was suggesting and commented nonchalantly, 

“So while you came to meet me here, DD, you also fixed up a concert during your visit.”

DD was prompt in reply, “After all, I learn from the best multi-tasker!” He pointed back at Advay.

"Honestly, they had been requesting for a concert for a long time but I could not fit in my schedule. For you, I already rearranged my entire schedule, So may as well give the guys some time.” He shrugged throwing his hand in air.

 Advay turned to Chandni, “Chandni, you must check the song he’s showing. I am all for it.”

Chandni looked at the song. Yes! It was something her Dev would want her to sing. After a little while Chandni and Dev sang on stage.

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

Chandni gathered her courage. Advay pressed her hand gently.

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you

Now I'm in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world (Don't you dare close your eyes)
A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath, it gets better)
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world(Every turn a surprise)
With new horizons to pursue (Every moment, red-letter)
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world (A whole new world)
That's where we'll be (That's where we'll be)
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me

 Everybody clapped at the duo, but the loudest ovation came from the front row where the entire family stood clapping loudly and hooting for their loved honeymoon pair.

“Bhabhi, you were miraculous!” Pooja exclaimed hugging Chandni as she stepped down the dais.

“Yes Jiji, I couldn’t believe you singing this song suddenly.”Shikha was surprised.

 “Di-Shikha, shall I share a secret?”

“Yes!” All three Pooja, Shikha and Shilpa spoke in unison.

“Firstly, I knew the song from the animated movie of Alladdin. And then, between Dev and me, whenever I get scared, he presses my hand gently assuring me and then all my fear goes away.”

“Ohhhhhhhh! So that’s the loving secret!” Pooja was very happy for her sis in law.

“Didi, where are all the men gone?” Shilpa asked.

All three turned around only to find that the men had all disappeared.

“Ok! Let us give them some free time. In the meanwhile let us girls enjoy by ourselves.” Pooja consoled the crowd.



After a short while, Chandni got up from the gang, “I’ll just check for Dev once and be back.”

Shikha got up, “Don’t go alone, Jiji. I’ll come with you”

As both of them walked a little to look for the men’s gang, Darsh came towards them.

“Hi! You girls enjoying?”

 “Yes! Darsh where is..”

 “CD, you sang damn well. I’m proud of you,girl!”

 Shikha leaned against Chandni, “My Jiji is the coolest one!”



“Oh! I thought she is the hottest one, aren’t you CD?” Darsh teased Chandni. 

“Stop it, Darsh! Just tell me where is..” 

“Why are you two moving around? Where are the rest two?" 

“We just came to see….” 

“No, No! You must all four stay together. Go back!” 

“But we came to see…..” 

“Me, right? So you have met me, now go back.” 

Darsh almost pushed Chandni and Shikha back. 

Shikha was suspicious immediately, “Jiji,something is suspicious. Daal mein kuchh kala hai.”

Chandni was suddenly scared. Has Dev met some of his old women?

 Both went looking for Advay and Veer. As soon as the brothers saw them, Advay got up and went to the other side of the couch before they reached.

 Chandni was first relieved that it was just him and Miku and no obnoxious females lurking over Dev. 


“What are you doing, Dev?”

“Nothing Chandu! Just attending some important calls in office.” He had earphones on him.

“I took away your Bluetooth and you still are attending office calls with some earphones? When will you relax?”

 “At home with you!” Advay winked at her.

Chandni hated it when he overruled her wishes for his relaxation and was so raunchily smug about it. 

Miku smiled bright at both of them. 

“Why are you smiling so much?” Shikha was suspicious but couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

 “Happy! I am happy! We are all here in Europe.” 

Miku was suspiciously prompt in his answer. Shikha got a feeling she was missing something..... something important! 

“Shikha, you girls are enjoying yourselves,right? I hope no issues!” Advay asked diverting her focus. 

“No Jiju! We are enjoying. But why are you people not joining us? Why sitting here?”


 “Just like that! Trying to relax! You can go and sit with Pooja. Don’t separate from the other girls. It will be difficult to trace otherwise.”

 Chandni and Shikha both left, not completely satisfied but neither able to pinpoint anything objectionable.

 As soon as they left, Advay passed the hidden beer glass back to Miku. Both clicked together with cheers! Darsh had urged all to take drinks. Advay was used to drinks before from London days. For Miku, it was new experience. But he enjoyed it!


When Chandni and Shikha returned back to Pooja, she was engrossed in some talk with Darsh. Shilpa was not to be seen.

Chandni stopped Shikha from approaching the duo. “Come, let’s check where Shilpa is?”

Both found Shilpa with Murli who was urging her to dance. They were in jolly mood. 

 Chandni firmly instructed Murli not to leave Shilpa alone.

 When both Chandni and Shikha returned back, Pooja sat alone.

 “Di, where did Darsh go?”

“Back to Bhaiyya. Perhaps they are dancing.You want to go and see them?”

“We just met Miku and him. Let’s sit for a while. We’ll go later.”

“So tell me, girls! Are you gals enjoying?”

“Yes Di! Hugely enjoying!” Shikha answered promptly with so much excitement that both Chandni and Pooja laughed.

“You, Chandni?”

“It’s nice! But I am not used to such enjoyment. In Allahabad, Shikha, Meghna and I used to have our own fun! I prefer that kind of enjoyment.”

“Yes Didi! Jiji used to play Frisbee with plates in kitchen and once Jiju had been cut.”

Pooja laughed, “Teer nishane pe, hai na Chandni?” (Dart on the target)

Chandni blushed. Suddenly she wanted to be back with Dev.

“Come Di! Let’s go and check what our men are doing.”

They saw Darsh first! He was dancing in the crowd. People seemed to know him well and everybody crowded around him dancing. His rhythm was so fast, Both Chandni and Shikha were mesmerized. But Pooja noticed the sad eyes raised to the sky, perhaps holding back tears from rolling down.


They watched him for some while. But then Chandni wanted to go and see Dev. She left Pooja and Shikha and moved away.

 He was not where she had last seen him. A little farther, she saw Miku and asked him to go where Shikha was standing.

Chandni went searching for Dev. It took her a while and before she could see him, he saw her, his eyes pulling her towards him like a magnet.


 “What happened, Chandu? Are you hungry or something? You look tired….. what’s the matter?” He was concerned with Chandni's tired look. 

“Maybe it’s too loud for my liking? Could we possibly go home, please?” 

“Of Course, we can! Let’s check if anybody else wants to join us otherwise let them continue enjoyment.” Advay reached for his phone.


In a short while, Advay and Chandni were home. Chandni prepared coffee for both and they stood chatting in the open terrace of their bedroom enjoying the peace.

“What was it, Dev, about you saying the place is Darsh’s?”

“Yes Chandni! Darsh owns this penthouse. But as he mentioned there’s nothing mine and yours amongst the two of us for material stuff.”

“Is he very rich?”

“If we start comparing notes, he’ll be a couple of millions more! And yes, in real estate, he’s hugely invested, any day more than me. But he never flaunts his wealth or power like many men of his ilk.”

“Neither, do you! Is he same age as you?”

“No, he’s two years senior to me! It was like him, then me, then Pooja and now it’s you!”


“Not just me! It’s like me, then Miku, then Shikha and of course, we have Adi!........His parent’s story is great, isn’t it? He’s so lucky to be born to them.”

“Indeed! But sadly his mother is no more! She died of a hereditary disease when he was in his early teens. That’s why his choice of profession. But apart from being a scientist, he also supports his father in business. And of course, music helps him get his solace!”

“Yes, he has a gifted voice.”

“But he didn’t take to singing earlier. It was after his mother’s death that Pooja helped him find peace in music. She encouraged him to sing. And that’s how she got included with us as a group.Originally, we were just a pair. The two of us!”

“You two are quite close, aren’t you?”

“Chandni, when I was brought to London, I was completely burned from inside. He was the one who helped me believe in humanity again. Somehow he connected with me and then stayed with me in spite of all my arrogant, angry ways.”

“But then, you didn’t contact him or meet him interim, he said.”

“I don’t know, Chandni! We three were inseparable originally. Somehow, Pooja got married and then we kind of fell apart, even the DD-AD pair. He got a good university offer here and shifted to Paris. I was perhaps obsessed with you and he didn’t share the same anger that I felt. And then maybe, also life caught up with us.”

“It would have been great if he and Pooja were a couple, wouldn’t it?”

“Are you mad, Chandu?" Advay's eyes widened in bewilderment with the mere thought. ..... "or maybe You are just born romantic!”

Advay laughed at her, "As I said, we three were great friends, Just FRIENDS! I don’t think any one of us would think that way and I surely wouldn’t expect him to marry Pooja just because we were friends. ....."

“Why not? We two were friends, too!”

“Well, maybe more because; we two had been friends and then I had imagined betrayal with you such that I was not ready to lose his and my friendship by putting it under restriction of a relationship……… 

And also, he’s different from me in that matter. While I had many female friends, he had just one, Pooja. He never allowed anybody else to come closer to him.”

“Humm…… you surely had many babes!” Chandni’s raised her brows in disdain and her face drained of all her earlier happy enthusiasm.

“Chandni, didn’t I explain you that already?Tell me, when you came looking for me today, you were worried that I was with some other women, weren’t you?”

Chandni kept her eyes glued to his feet, her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears. Advay reached out and held her close to his heart, patting her head softly.

“Chandoooo, I told you before and I repeat again. Learn to trust me! It’s so important for me that you do; so you must!”

He lifted her up in his arms and returned to the bed.Then he proceeded to explain his words in 'detailed action' to her.


So Surgical Attack Planning is on! Let's hold our breaths and see what happens next.

While Advay wants to protect his Friend, Darsh wants to stand equal with him in every battle. True Comradeship and fear of nothing as portrayed in the apt song!

What plans does Naani have in Mind? Let's join Chandni in guessing.

Darsh's backstory is unfolding slowly. Do you gals have any guess/any ideas as to why he never disclosed his feelings to Pooja earlier?

Guys enjoyed a beer. Kind of men's thing! But what happens when Chandu and Shikha find out..... keep reading next chaptersmiley2

Don't miss the pleasure of Darsh's song on you tube. The verse signifies when one finds the fire within oneself and is ready to take up any challenge and the picturisation shows the kind of comradeship that exists between Advay and Darsh!

The dialogue at 1:51 by Sharman is so beautiful, don't miss!

The song sung by Advay Chandni in karaoke , worth another post, do check!

Link A Whole New World







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Sharing from my heart!

My daughter's exams got over and I accompanied her for a movie of her choice, "Aladdin!" She and I had checked the trailer earlier; but the movie turned out to be far far better than my expectation.

We all have a cartoon image of Genie in our mind's eye and I was worried it would become a caricature if a person was made to enact; but Will Smith nailed it...... he went and created truly a whole new world of Genie magic in front of us. Now suddenly the cartoon doesn't appeal so much. I am all for Will Genie.

The casting of the film is perfect and the presentation mind blowing!

Couldn't resist the temptation of using the song for my loved AdNi pair going on honeymoon, especially after the imagery he created in front of her and our eyes with the new globe gifted to her.

If you have daughters or sons, please do take them for this movie and you'll find the child within you!

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Thanks Neha! The path of love often runs through friendship? I'm happy for the Puja.
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Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha! The path of love often runs through friendship? I'm happy for the Puja.

So true Ann!

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updated please 

Posted: 8 months ago

Will update soon. Keep tracking.

Have you read all chapters? Do enjoy and hit like if you like the story. That keeps me motivated to update sooner.

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I read all the chapters not one time soo many times I love your story and I love your sweet advay 

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Originally posted by vijayfan10

I read all the chapters not one time soo many times I love your story and I love your sweet advay 

Thanks dear! Next Chapter coming soon. You'll love Advay more n more. Also Darsh and Veer in their own ways.smiley2

In the meantime, why don't you just hit like button on all chapters as a read receipt to me and then you'll get PM for next chapter update from me.smiley1

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