Trials Of Fire!! IPKKND3 The Untold Saga of Adni_Chapter 19 to 50(Page 12)

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Uff 20 chapters in one go.. what a day for me.. Pranam Nehaji.. after a long time, really long.. but its so good to see u writing once again.. sorry i was kind of vanished from here. Last i checked this forum must b december.. glad u remember me & send pm. I would b very sad, if i miss this one.. & girly u r going good. Your approach is unique. Every character seem to b battling their own war, which in turn effecting every relationship.
I remember having sent few PMs in october for TGDIF release...maybe some mis-connect. And yes, I am sorry that I PMed you late. I just wanted to make sure there were sufficient no of chapters for you to read.Big smile

1st of all haye ye shaadi ka ladoo. It is like this only. Its something on which one has to work continuously & both sides must b ziddi enough to make it happen with love & trust. No scope of giving up. Maturity comes with time, so does wisdom. Chandani needs to give time to every matter. Getting impatient is a recipe for disaster. So is anger, which advay must learn to control. But that is journey to life & i m sure adni will b there.

So aptly said!

Veer & Shikha needs a taste of life, real life.. which i think u must b planning. Excited to see what u have planned or pooja & revenge in allahabad.. one question why PP for meghna? Just curious how u come up with this.

Wow! That's a nice question! This is what I loved in our earlier days. You people asked questions which made me go deep in my own thought process and ponder.

Firstly, I liked PP, the character as it came on screen...he not only brought comic relief but also had an innocence around his face and in his smile.

The baby was a real mess for me to properly handle in the story...As Advay pondered about his Allahabad plan...that he had himself maligned Chandni's name, now it would backfire in her being accepted as Mahanatani, his wife. So naturally, it has to be disclosed and convinced to people that the babay is not hers but Meghna's.

That disclosure puts Meghna's life in trouble. she would face the same defamation which Advay had thought vicious enough to be his revenge against his parent's defamation. ...So pretty bad socially... nobody marries a woman like that...even Advay disowned her in spite of having London upbringing.

Then interim, it was disclosed that PP wanted to marry Chandni for a child. His first wife did not bear him any children.

The common connect between PP and Meghna is that both have an innocence about them, both have a dreamy mind.  Also the problem PP has of not having any children, Meghna is perfect solution for that. Only in such case, one may marry someone with a child.

I could have brought someone out of thin air, a new character; but then you need to make him a martyr to marry a woman with a child.

I already have to handle Pooja with a proper grown kid... can't have all playing martyrs... So one PP who fits Meghna's psychological make up and the other some martyr, yet not so martyrLOL. Coming soon!Wink

Now that i m here, for u only, lets hope v chat like before.. 
Absolutely, girl! The FF has been rekindled, now let's rekindle our beautiful chat connectHug

thank u for your wishes for my pari. 
Pari must have grown up by an year... in this age, the growth is so fast... you must have been really on your toes all the time...and truly, do Njoy it! Fully completely totally! We never realise where time passes and children flow out from the nest!Embarrassed

Love. Cheers
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I love the whole update and also all pictures dear. They are very apt for the scene. I like the way you take things one by one like how Advay is coming out of his pain and open up more slowly in this chapter. The songs are so apt and thanks for English Translation. You put so much effort in your writing Neha that's why the story is so good.

Thanks so much, Hima. Your genuine appreciation of the small points in my story writing overwhelms me. 

yes it's step by step process, as Naani said to can't come out of pain in just one instance in's a journey.

you remember, in one of the earlier episodes, Chandni said to Dev, he does not share his pain...while she does...the loneliness is what is causing the turmoil...this time he shares the pain, not through words but through tactile means...that's his first step to inner peace

The song from the show was really good. They should have reused it... anyway, I am doing now.Big smile And the other one is Apt for Advay's mood at the moment.

I loved his expression both times...when he stifled the smile first...and then broke out in full mouthed, all white toothed smileEmbarrassed The man takes our heart.
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Thanks Neha

Day Dreaming
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Who's this mysterious friend of Advay?

Does Puja start a new life? Embarrassed
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Thanks Neha

Day Dreaming

Does Puja start a new life? Embarrassed

yes Ann. correctly guessed.Clap..I love it when you shrewd readers guess correctly... she will start a new life; but eventually...not immediately.
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Wow u weave love life so beautifully with family love. Having kids at home, can turn any grim atmosphere into fun loving.. that is d innocence of a child.. seeing whole family together is alwayz feel good. Finally chandani helped advay to take one more step towards attaining peace with his past.. looking forward to this best friend & all d colours he will bring in life of all d raizadas ...
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Lingering Moments... The untold Saga...Chapter 40

Advay was having a very busy day as he directed his sharp intellect to his business and his battle both. He had been a brilliant tactician all through his grown up life; but the battles he had now taken up required a different kind of strategic genius.

The battle was not started by Advay, it was started by treason. His father had been so very selfless all through his life! Had Yashnarayan Vasishth asked him for the Mahant position, he would have given it to him without a single question. But what the great Mahant had been handed over was treachery by his most trusted subordinate.

More than physical death, the defamation had killed his father while still breathing. And then the sordidly planned attack on his life, robbing him of a chance to prove his truth!

As if this itself was not enough for Advay to make revenge his mission of life, destiny had handed over another injustice. Advay's love had had an attack on life. Advay could allow anything for himself but this was simply unforgivable! Advay had sensed an immediate call from within, a directive from the universe to take on the battle to punish the wrongdoers.

With the mere thought, an angry rage fired in his veins, as always, from that deep mysterious igneous core of his.  It was only his own rationality that had saved them from having their necks throttled with his bare hands. Blood roared in his heavily corded fists as he clenched them; his face tightened, growing pinched. He was stunned by his own anger. He fought the adrenaline pumping in him from overpowering him. But his cold rationality made him even more dangerous.

The wrongdoers had all been winning till date, but the time for the righteous had now come. The tide of the battle would have to swing now! Advay was committed to action and work, to take on and tackle life as it came. The path Advay had chosen would surely lead to a deadly guerilla war; making all his loved ones vulnerable. Yet he refused to let any fear into his thoughts and just steeled himself to get things done.

Advay connected with each of his comrade combatant ensuring that his attrition based warfare was on track and that there had been no counterblow yet.

His secretary had informed him that a bevy of photographers and news reporters were waiting for his reaction to their questions after the press release. Advay relented to their request by sacrificing his lunch hour which had as such been shrunk to just fifteen minutes with his overflowing meetings and calls with different business dignitaries. He answered all their questions with his shrewd business aptitude and his professional smiling face masking all turmoil within him.



Miku had proceeded home after the press release. When he reached home, Shikha had already left for college. Miku called her up.

"Hi Shikha! You are returning home, right? I'll be leaving in a few hours."

"Veer, I wish I could, but my Professor wants me to work on this assignment with him. It's important for that scholarship, you know!"

"Yes Shikha, it's your dream. Ok, bye then!" Miku's pranks were one thing, but one thing Veer had imbibed deep in his core was to allow freedom to women and respect their decision. 

"Come soon, Veer! I'll miss you." Shikha felt guilty suddenly at his immediate cooperation.

"Will you?"

Chandni entered exactly at that moment gesturing a question as to who was on the call. Veer mouthed 'Shikha' and she requested to speak to her.

"Shikha?"     Chandni's voice was loud with a censure in it, " Why haven't you left yet? You left for college without informing anybody. We all thought you must have gone for some submission or something. It's been so long. It will soon be time for Miku to leave. Just drop everything and come over."

"How can I, Jiji? I have not just come away for fun. It's important work for me."

"How can college work be more important than Miku's leaving?  I don't understand."

"You won't, Jiji! I know that! It's me and I am different than you. I want to work for my dream, stand on my own. I don't want to be bogged down with your conservative expectations."

"You are talking all gibberish and now is not the time to discuss all that. Just come over."

The discussion had become heated as the two sisters countered each other.

"No I won't Jiji. I have told Veer already. Bye!" Shikha disconnected the phone.

Chandni looked at the gadget as if it was some monster but then she masked her disappointment and smiled bright.

"Miku! Oh brother of mine! Don't you worry for even a minute! I shall do all your packing. That sister of mine, she's always been the tomboy of the family. But she's a baby...she'll change. Don't worry, I'll tell her. She won't disregard me." Chandni had gone in her badbad mode.

"Bhabhi! I am not worrying. I trust you, I trust her and more than anybody I trust myself." His voice had an assertive confidence which pleased Chandni. 

"And Bhabhi, you don't have to pack for me, I can do it myself." He took his bag out.

"Shut up! Would you say that to your Ammi or would you let her pack everything for you?"

"Bhabhi! You won't listen, Fine, you do it. I'll just meet Naani and come."


When Miku returned, all his packing was done and Chandni was just closing the bag.

"Bhabhi, does Bhai have any ailment or something?"

His tone was nonchalant but Chandni was immediately alarmed. "No Miku, why do you ask me that?"

"Bhabhi, Bhai suddenly collapsed during the jog today. He was OK later but he had me worried for a minute."

Chandni had been bending over the bag, but she instantly stood erect. Dev had not mentioned anything to her after coming from jog or before leaving for office. Collapsing meant that he had had an attack again.

Chandni was sad about Dev, and at the same time angry with herself. Her behavior had caused Dev to do incessant driving which had taken a toll on his body.

"Miku, please tell Naani and Di that I am gone to your Bhai's office." Chandni disappeared without looking back.

"Bhai is gone now and he will kill me!" Miku shook his head behind her.



Advay was busy in an important standing meet in his cabin when all eyes suddenly turned to the door behind him. Who dared to disturb my meeting? Inadvertently, Advay took an angry and arrogant turn behind, but the moment he did, all his anger vanished and a happy content love filled in his eyes. 

"Chandu!" Happy content escaped his lips in a whisper.

Chandni avoided his eyes and nodded curtly to the remaining members. Everybody nodded their greetings and left the room silently. Chandni closed the door behind her.

"Chandu, how come you are here? How did you come? Everything Ok at home?"

Chandni went behind his desk and started shutting his laptop down.

"I am here to take you home." She glared an 'End of' look at him and then smoothly proceeded to pack his stuff. 

"Mohan kaka drove me here. Everything is fine at home except that your brother is waiting for your blessing. It's his first step for his chosen life."

Behind his desk, she looked like a sexy gamin. Desire stirred in Advay's veins. How would it be to teach her new position, bent over his desk? Yes, she would give him an icy response back, especially, this being an office, too public for her senses! 

'But how I would love taking a shot at melting ice?' Advay's lips curled upwards with his wicked fantasies. 'Come on, mind! I don't want another battle with my body wants now!'

He pulled his thoughts back to Miku. Chandni was right! Miku was proceeding on his life's first important mission. And further, he would be the foremost warrior in the battle of their life. Yes! He wanted to wish his younger brother the very best luck in person. And also alert him to his role in the warfare game of attrition. 

Bless Chandni for reminding him of that! But, Wait! She doesn't know anything about this. Has she come just for Miku's sake? She could have just called. For a moment, Advay's mind was befuddled with different reasons flowing through his mind. Is there something deeper? Maybe physical, like the way he was feeling at the moment? The thought strengthened his wicked ideas from a moment before.

Clearly gauging his thoughts, Chandni took a large step back as he prowled towards her, hungry desire formulating his next actions in his eyes.

"Let us leave, please! We agreed on having all our discussions in the privacy of our bedroom walls."

So there was something else apart from Miku's departure that brought her here. He would have pried on possible reasons with her otherwise; but the steely resolve in her eyes brooked no confrontation at the moment. Advay quietly followed Chandni out, instructing Sonia on his way to postpone further meetings or telecons which were not too pressing at the moment.

Mohan kaka stood out near the driver's seat, respectfully holding the key as Advay preferred driving himself when Chandni was with him.

"Kaka, you drive please. We will sit behind."

Chandni softly requested the driver as Advay extended his hand for the key. He gave her a questioning look but then restrained himself with the angry glare coming back at him.

'Ok! Looks like 'no argument tolerated' day for me!' Mentally, Advay raised his white flag for the time being till her reasons were known.

They sat quietly in the backseat with Chandni resolutely looking out from the window prohibiting any casual talk between them. Fine! He would deal with it, when she came out with her reasons. 

His mind inadvertently got pulled into the earlier call with his friend. Some how, he had sounded like he had lost a soul mate. Whom could it be? Surely, he means about me...I lost contact with him interim. If there had been a woman in his life, I would have surely known about it. Couldn't be! But when I meet him, I need to check why his heart is so forlorn. 

Anyways, first thing to do after meeting him is to connect with those key people. Advay had complete trust that his friend would help him in his mission in every possible way. Together they would wipe out the opponents. He had been biding away time till now; but now having found the increased strength with his friend joining him, Advay was encouraged to formulate and expedite his next action plan.

Perhaps because Advay was so engrossed in his thoughts, he did not sense Chandni angrily rubbing at her eyes with the back of her palm. The mental horror image of him collapsing in the middle of the road had brought back all the memories of her last witnessed collapse. 

The fear congealed in her heart making her resolve to take him for a checkup before they went abroad. Once in an unknown foreign country with foreign languages, all controls would be taken away from her. 

'Maybe today itself, after Miku leaves. I'll just tell Naani and Pooja that two of us are going for some outing and take him to hospital.'


There was a tense silence between the two as they stepped down from the car; each one resolutely and fervently planning their own next actions in their own individual minds. 

Advay made a quick call to office ensuring that things were all going alright after his leaving. He gave quick instruction for the progress reports and meeting outcomes to be mailed to him. He expected himself to be back in office very soon, of course, but still!

Miku was sprawled lazily over the sofa chewing an apple, relaxing as if the entire universe was at complete peace. Advay was surprised seeing him lazing like that as he entered down the steps in his usual quick stride.

"Miku? You have to leave, right? All your preparations done?" Advay was anxious as he rapid fired his queries at Miku.

"When Bhabhi is there, I don't have to worry about anything." Miku answered patiently rising from his position.

Advay gave Chandni an appreciating look but she chose to ignore it and proceeded to pooja room. Advay took the chance to give his final instructions to Miku putting an arm around him in a comforting squeeze.

"Miku, my brother, I have complete trust in you. Yet, remember that we both carry the great legacy from our father. As you had first suggested, restoring their fame again in people's minds is one approach in our mission. Every step, every word of yours tomorrow will make a difference in that direction. You are going to be the acting Mahant there and this will be your first introduction to people there. Win their hearts elaborating all main points from your consolidated report of progress done till now."

He brought his voice lower to almost a whisper, "PP will be present at the helipad to join you. Remember what I told you about him. After the temple meeting, I will apprise you of our next steps. Remember! In spite of whatever we say or do regarding peace and prosperity in the village; we are at war with persons who have wronged our father. The foremost art of war for you to imbibe, as the first warrior in our battle, is to calm your own mind into focus and discern the inner minds of others."

Miku suddenly remembered the moment when he and Bhai had together pulled the Shiva idol in place. That had been a mammoth task completed successfully and this now would be another.

Advay concluded his conspiracy talk as he saw Chandni coming with Pooja thaal to do Miku's tila; Naani, Pooja and maasi close in step behind her. Both brothers stood up smiling at the loving family.

"Where's Pooja?" Advay immediately noticed her absence.

"Bhai, she's gone to college. She has some important assignment going on." 

Miku's smile was extra wide as if he was covering something against his brother's query. Advay sensed it immediately; but chose not to speak any further on the topic as of now.

"After all, my sister is a feisty tigress. She doesn't tame easily." Chandni shook her head smiling at Miku.

"That's true. But perhaps she needs to learn a little." Naani was serious as she spoke.

"Oh Naani! It doesn't matter. We are all there to say bye to Miku. Don't worry!" Pooja hugged Naani with a bright assuring smile.

Miku touched everybody's feet and they blessed him. Chandni lovingly did his tilak and blessed him wholeheartedly.

"May you always remain incapable of being over-mastered by foes! Vijayi Bhav!"

Miku smiled happily and touched her and Bhai's feet jointly as they stood together. For him, these two were the idols, his Ram-Seeta and he their Laxman. 

Everybody dispersed after seeing him to the door.

"Ok Chandu. I left my office work and came. I shall go back to office now."

"No Dev. You are going to rest it out at home today. You had an attack today morning and collapsed on the road."

Advay immediately pulled her to a side shushing her.

"Shhh! Don't speak loudly. Someone might hear. Miku must have told you. Rogue that he is! I told him not to tell anybody."

"And you yourself chose not to tell me either." Angry tears sprung back again in Chandni's eyes.

Advay cupped her cheeks immediately wiping away gently her tears with his thumb, "No Chandu! It's not like that."

Now he knew the reason for all her anger in office and way back. Poor girl! She worries unnecessarily. He smiled in his heart.

"Look Chandu! It was just momentary, a fleeting pain, that's all. Nothing else had happened and I was not unconscious or anything. Miku must have exaggerated to you. I just sat down to rest a little. If there had been anything serious, I would have surely shared with you. But believe me, there's nothing!"

"Let the doctors decide that!" Chandni was firm in her decision.

"What will doctors do? I told you it was nothing." Advay's brows were knitted in alarm. He held her by her arms ready to lead this particular battle in his own way. "I know what cures me, what's my source of life blood."

Chandni was alarmed. Not that, she was not used to Advay's tactility. The man liked to touch her. All the time! She was absolutely alright with it as long as it was within the privacy of their bedroom. 

And further, as such, Advay was not an overly affectionate person himself to make such public display. Yes! But he also was very much capable to not really ask her whether she wanted to be hauled into his arms every five seconds. 

She knew he was using this to distract her and do things his way. Well! Both could play the game. And hadn't they done that always? If he could formulate action plan fast in his mind, so could she!

Advay and Chandni are so very like Shiva and Shakti. Both argue yet love each other beyond limits. Both are truly caught up in the vicissitudes of life as served to them by destiny. Once united they will conquer over destiny as well!

Shikha and Veer...each walking their own life path... how will things proceed now that Advay has sensed something amiss? 

There's nothing actually about Advay's health that can remain hidden from Chandu. Now, the two are battling their own side, so who'll win? Will Advay go to office and resume work or will Chandni succeed in giving him the required rest and medical check up?

What might be happening in background in Allahabad as Advay is now in full action?

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 Lingering Moments...The Untold Saga...Chapter 41

The air between the two crackled with electricity. Advay's eyes grew wide at the sudden flash of passion in Chandni's eyes. He peered over at his Chandu curiously; as he saw her cogs running in her brain. He realized instantly that his seducing game had been turned on him. This wasn't usual shy Chandu of his, neither the expected response from her. She had her own saucy swag on making her cheeks flush. He knew, she was goodness; tender love and warmth and softness all combined. Yet unfortunately terribly, terribly stubborn!

She gave him a saucy smirk, "Come let's go to our room."

Without his wanting to, the strangest feeling passed over him. He acquiesced with a smile. She pulled him by his hand going past the open hall into the privacy of their room. Part of him was inflamed, desperate for her. Another part of him was wondering what she would do if he said stop... His mouth twitched as he contemplated what to say next, if he should say anything at all. He elected to remain silent.

She lied down on her back on the bed pulling him above her. Then she lifted her left leg, putting her thigh around his hip to pull him closer and simultaneously arching upwards to press her soft mounds against his hard chest.

Advay was turned on hard, his body totally out of control of his brain. She felt him through the fabric of her dress, hearing the silk rustle like a breathless woman. The dress and her body clearly wanted more.

"What do I have to do to make you mine?" she groaned, mouth against mouth as she felt his resistance. Her expression matched her tone, wistful and momentarily vulnerable. The confident mask had slipped.

"I am yours."

"Not at the moment, it seems."

He tugged her lower lip backwards into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth.

"Chandni, please understand. I promise tonight I'll give you everything. But now, I am genuinely pressed for work. Let me go, otherwise my mind will not rest."

"And what about my mind?" She asked saucily putting her hand on his fly, pulling it down, teasing his hard on through his boxers.

He pulled her hand firmly away and held it gently. His body was truly battling with him with that one sensation, pleasure! This position pleased him, even the friction between their clothed chests rousing desire in him pleased him. He danced on the very edge of giving in to his body's and his Chandu's demand.

Then, he steeled himself, "No Chandu! This is not fair play. I have to go. Please understand."

"You won't!" Chandni pouted.

"Chandu don't rub me on the wrong end... work is work!"

"But your health is more important!"

"No! It's not when it's question of my Maa-Baba!" Advay was almost pleading now. He expected her to understand him.

She felt the same way and retorted back, "It is! Because it's the question of my child's baba..."

Advay's expression grew darker and more dangerous... Was she blackmailing him? Over a child not even yet conceived?

"It's you... All about you..." Chandu exclaimed as if sensing his thoughts, "For my sake...please!" Chandu pleaded her throat constricting with unshed tears of pain.

He tried appeasing her, "Chandu, nothing is going to happen to me, you worry unnecessarily...Look, it will not work this way, if you start over protecting me..." 

He stood erect to go to the bathroom and tidy himself for office, "I am going..." He took a step back still looking at her, smiling.

She got up from her position looking a little disheveled herself.

"If you leave now, you'll see my dead face!" There was an angry resolve in her eyes.

The moment the angry ultimatum fell on his ears, his face changed and he took a large step away from her.

He reared back and thrust his fist through the wall. Then, for good measure, he withdrew, dragging fragments of plaster and dust with him, before punching through the wall twice more in rapid succession.

Chandni stood, open-mouthed, as Advay trembled before her, eyes closed and chest heaving with angry rage. She was stunned by this violent expression of his anger. She had seen him really angry, like the day when he had put burning matches on her bangles; but this anger was much worse...and self-destructing.

No matter how much scared she felt at that moment, the sight of a few drops of blood dripping from his knuckles and onto the floor captured her attention.

"What have you done to yourself?"

 She looked up into his blazing eyes and pulled him toward the washroom basin. She pulled his hand forcefully under running water, though he resisted it in rage. When the blood had been washed away, she examined his knuckles and found the skin had split in more than one place.

Angry tears streamed down her eyes. "I'm worried you've broken something."

Advay opened and closed his hand several times, wordlessly demonstrating that his hand wasn't broken.

"I think you should have an x-ray, just in case. You might need stitches." Her voice trembled, as did she, in anger and fear both.

His only response was to rub at her eyes with his uninjured hand and heave a deep, shuddering sigh; as he once again contained the anger within him.

She took that same uninjured hand and pulled him out. She opened the medicine cabinet and removed a few first aid items. "I'll try to clean this, but we should go to the hospital."

"I'll be fine." His voice was tight.

Using tweezers, she removed the bits of plaster from his wounds and cleaned them with iodine. Advay barely flinched as she bathed his knuckles. While she blew softly over them to appease the sting, she noticed that he was shaking, possibly from residual anger.

"I'm sorry, I upset you," Chandni whispered.

"First, you speak something so vicious and then you're apologizing to me?"

"Drink this." She poured a glass of water and put in front of him. He shook his head. He was too angry to drink.

Chandni kept the water on the side table and continued her first aid until the wound was completely clean. When she was finished, she ghosted her lips over his bandaged knuckles. 

"I'm genuinely sorry, Dev. I didn't mean to hurt you; I just wanted to stop you from going."

"But it's not fair, Chandani! You know things are at very crucial point."

She cupped his angry face, "Everything is going to be alright. My heart tells me! And I am with you, now. All my luck, my strength is with you. Things will progress smoothly, even if you don't micro manage them..."

Her eyes were urging him to cool down, her voice pleading him to appease his anger, "Rather, the matter at risk is your health. If anything were to suddenly happen to you, what will this entire empire stand upon? Everything will come to standstill...I am not stopping you from work, Dev! Do it from home, if it's so urgent. But give your body some rest, please."

Her pleading did have its effect on him, "Chandu, I told you once before, you remember? Without you, this Shiva is Shava!(corpse)... Why do you utter such words?"

"I am sorry Dev, I am sorry!" She hugged him tight avoiding his injured hand, genuine sad tears streaming from her eyes.

Chandu pulled behind as she felt the tremble in his body. She looked up into his face. His pained, beautiful face. Advay had tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry.I'm so sorry.I was only trying to stop you.I know the only real threat for you in this world is the fear of my death.So I used it." She wrapped her arms around his neck, gripping him tightly.

Eventually, he wiped at his eyes. He hid his face in her hair, feeling grateful and relieved.


A little later, Advay was seated at his laptop in his bedroom with a cup of hot coffee served a little earlier by Chandni. Time was ticking too fast as the sand hourglass next to him made him aware of every second passing. The Rubik's cube which he always placed next to him supported his mental power to strategize his action plan for complex problems.

He gave a cursory glance at the door ensuring nobody was coming in and then made a specific video call from his machine using a secret undetectable number. A satisfied smile spread across his face as the person on the other line apprised him of events. Things had gone as per the plan till now. Actions from their side were done, now it was time to wait for the opponent to act. 

He gave specific instructions for the person's departure from India. He also told him that money would get transferred from an unknown account to him under the headings as fees for services rendered.

The next he called Mamaji and had a detailed talk with him regarding Miku and PP's arrival in short time now. He also gave his clearance for PP and Meghna to meet. His conscience pressurizing him about Meghna was appeased.

The next, he explained Mamaji his strategy regarding the baby's declaration to people once again in a function as big as their marriage reception, ensuring all those and additional all crucial people would attend. It would be good to do it in engagement function of PP and Meghna in which PP would claim that the child was his and Meghna's. If questioned, some manipulated DNA reports of his would be presented. Regarding Meghna, of course no manipulation was required. The DNA test itself would prove that Chandni had only associated herself with the baby as a martyr. This would of course all happen only after he returned from Europe trip so PP would have to be patient and utilize this time to get to know Meghna better.

Then his voice dropped, as he explained Mamaji what was expected to happen over the next few days and he wanted it to happen at earliest, so that Miku would be personally present in Allahabad and his Europe trip was not hindered. He gave Mamaji a few key numbers whom he should connect to. He would need those for lot of things regarding specific village people.

Then he made several other calls, interconnecting the web of his people.

It was dusk already. Tiredly, Advay put his hand behind his neck and stretched it. He got up from his seat and walked to the window, the skies had turned golden brown. The memory of a lovemaking below such golden open skies came back to him. He hummed softly,

"Can you feel why you're in this
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room

'Cause I wanna touch you, baby
And I wanna feel you, too
I wanna see the sunrise and your sins
Just me and you

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

He turned and his face lit up with immediate smile as he saw Chandu leaning against the door with folded hands, keenly listening to his song. 

As he prowled towards her with definite intentions in his mind; she blushed and her gaze turned downwards. Her toes had curled. Both saw that and she smiled. Her slow, sweet smile set his heart aflame.

"Tumhaare gaal firse laal ho gaye." (Your cheeks are gone red again.)

He crouched to her eye level, their noses just inches apart. She adored the way he looked at her in these intimate moments. He made her feel beautiful, he made her feel loved.

"What happened, Katto? A little while back, you wanted to make me yours and now you are blushing."

Chandni couldn't stop her blush but she had a purpose, "Naani and Maasi have invited you for tea downstairs."

"Ahumm! I never leave my promises unfulfilled.And the way I remember, you had invited me first. Here, in our bed."

"Ammm! But your promise is for the night, not now!...Please come, let's go down."

"Not before I take my medicine!"

Cupping her face, he rubbed his thumbs across the rosy cheeks, watching the blush deepen. Her eyes closing as she focused on the pleasurable sensation, before opening again to gaze unblinkingly in chocolate brown depths heavy with emotion. 

Her lips parted open with desire stirring within her. Before she could say anything he dropped his head and sucked her inviting lips into his hungry mouth and then tangled his tongue with hers, his mind clouding with lust. Their tongues danced, every movement, every yearning was reflected between the couple's eyes.


When the duo appeared at dining table, others had almost finished their tea. Pooja welcomed the couple with a bright happy smile as they joined.

"Come Bhaiyya, today first time you're joining evening tea with us and today it's all ladies Tea-party."

"I am dead!" Advay stifled a smile while sitting.

"Chandni, what took you so long? We almost finished our tea. I should have sent Shilpa." Maasi hated people coming late.

All eyes widened at the suggestion. Advay and Chandni stealthily exchanged looks. Naani stifled a laugh herself.

"It's thanks to Chandni that Chiku came home early today. But Chandni, why did you not just call him? Why Go to his office and specifically bring him home and then make him stay?"

A shadow crossed over Advay's face and she gestured Chandni to not utter a word. Then picking up a sandwitch, he said with an innocent laugh, "I am Joru ka Gulaam! She calls and I come. She tells and I stay."

Everybody laughed and the question passed unanswered. But the shadow remained on Advay's face because he noticed that Shikha was not at the table.

"Where's Shikha, Chandni?"

"What shall I tell you, Dev? Once she goes to college, she forgets everything about home. And today, there's no Miku to bring her back."

Advay's brows knitted in disapproval, "Why is that an issue in any way? Send a car, simple!...If necessary,  one of you should go and pick her up."

"Her time is not fixed and neither is it known. What can we do, Bhaiyya? Between Miku and herself, somehow they manage, but we don't know how!" Pooja chipped in to appease Advay's sudden anger but he was engrossed in deep thoughts.


Later Advay made a call to Miku to enquire about his safe arrival in Allahabad. Both chatted amicably about PP. Miku gave his opinion that PP had changed from his old form and now seemed to be a very genuine person. Advay was happy that Miku approved of PP.

"Miku, just wanted to ask you something. Is everything absolutely okay and agreed between you and Shikha?"

Miku was suddenly alert. Shikha's vibes to him had changed recently but he couldn't have put his finger on anything. "Bhai, at the moment , everything is OK. Why do you ask?"

"She's spending more and more time in college. Do you always know her whereabouts?"

"Not really, Bhai!"

"Miku, I'm going to keep track about her till you are away. Hope you're Ok with that!"

"Yes of course, Bhai! But tell me, do you suspect her of anything?"

"I suspect her of nothing. I could swear that she'll never betray you. But there's no harm in knowing any little thing that may help us to avoid any calamity later."

"Of course, Bhai! Better safe, than sorry!" Miku laughed but his heart reckoned that his brother had the most subtle yet complex mind and eyes like a hawk!

"And Bhai, in that same way, I am worried about Bhabhi, though we all trust her completely. She suddenly decides to go out and sometimes doesn't take anyone along. It's a question of her safety."

Advay's face darkened with the memory of Chandni's words of his only threat being her life's risk.

"That's so very true, Miku! I'll depute my personal security personnel on her security duty. They are the best!"

To change Advay's mind. Chandni had to resort to such menial statement... But who can blame her? Both are stubborn souls.

And Oh God! This man's anger, as always, an Inferno! But who can blame him? This is truly second time that Advay is telling her, he cannot survive without her.

Are these incidents , a way of destiny to foretell what might happen later?Wink Keep reading !

But both did succeed, he stayed at home but did all his work. So now we know for sure that there are things happening in Allahabad.Wink

So what's going to happen now that Advay starts tracking Shikha's whereabouts? Did you gals like his standpoint as explained to Miku? Do share in comments


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Thanks Neha Embarrassed Hopefully Chandni will persuade Adway to undergo a medical examination. I admit that I scolded Gul for this turn. Advay refuses rehabilitation just for fear that his family will find out about what he did?

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