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Trials Of Fire Adni Untold Saga Chapter 47

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 117

"Wait a minute!" 

Chandni had laid a restraining hand on Advay's arm. He turned back, mistaking her call to be for the continuation of their unification. But now was not the time. Though he himself wanted it,needed it! He searched deep in her eyes; but it wasn't desire there; rather something else which made him curious.

"What is it?" 

His voice was tentative, caring, indulging! What was he going to say if she suggested it?There was too much on his mind now that Allahabad meeting was in progress. How would he explain her?

"What is this?" 

Chandni pointed to the walls, all over covered with newspaper cuttings with threads tied,tracking from one point to another, hideous looking close up of a gold tooth, focus light thrown on one specific cutting.

"You know what it is!Why are you asking me?" 

Advay's  demeanour changed abruptly, age old anger creeping back in his being.

"Yes, I know! It's all about your revenge. But why is it occupying your walls everywhere? It feels like there's nothing else in your life; same as there's nothing else on these walls."

Advay's gaze flicked over her dismissively, his tone robotic, "What do you want on these walls?"

"Anything else!... Anything that's not revenge! Anything that doesn't say death; but spells life for you!Why are you letting revenge occupy the whole being of yours?" 

Her voice grew serious as she spoke. "It was Krishna who manoeuvred Mahabharata battle; but that battle doesn't define Krishna. Don't let yourself be defined by this revenge, Please Dev!"

She continued as he remained quiet, listening to her every word.

"Look Dev, I am supporting you for your rightful revenge. Indrani is already in jail; Miku is back with you. How I wish you could let peace and quiet settle over you now...But in your life there is no peace...None spite of everything."

"I once cursed you to never have any family, any relations and may I rot in hell for saying that."  She flinched at the memory of her deed, "But I was not aware about this beautiful family you already have! There is Naani, Maasi, Pooja di. Aadi and Miku are so innocent and they adore you... You have so much, such a loving family!... Yet, I am sure every time you close your eyes, all you must be seeing is the faces of dying Maa-Baba. You have made war and only war as the sole purpose of your life!" Her pitch rose as her exasperation grew.

Memories came rushing back with her words. She had cursed him that day in Allahabad, going far with cruel words and pushing him to limits.He had cried alone at night.

"Aasoon banke gham sabhi, dil behalaane Aaye hain

Main hoon, raat hain... Donope tanhaayee ke saaye hai"

Tears were his sole companions as loneliness clouded all nights of his. The memory brought back all his bottled up anger. The muscle in his clenched jaw ticked as he regarded her momentarily,the gleam in his eyes warning her she'd gone too far again.

"Because it is, Chandni!" His voice throbbed with pent up anger, "It's about my Maa-Baba! My world died with Maa- baba, so did everything good and gentle and pure in my life. Now only revenge remains." He spoke with gravity almost like throwing her an ultimatum.

Temper came and she clung to it like a familiar blanket, challenging him back in a ferocious exasperated cry, "And what about me?"

"You are part of this revenge, all through and through!" The decibel crossed the sound barrier.

Chandni jerked like struck by a bolt of lightning. Her face contorted in hurt, her countenance devastated. Abruptly she turned back to hide tears springing suddenly in her eyes and walked away, wanting more space from him...buying space that would save her from the guilt of her dark past, coming back again and again to hound her.

Advay flinched at her sudden change, words ripping out from him, "Stay, Chandni!" Angry hurt and need evident in his call.

Chandni halted in her steps, acknowledging the hit...refusing to analyze the strange curl of pain in her gut...refusing to turn and acknowledge the truth in his eyes.

He took the forward step this time for her, coming from behind and leaning in, inches from her face,shaking his head in refusal,

"I am not going to apologise!"... He let out a sigh, looking straight in the very centre of her, "You know damn well that I meant you as my strength in this war. You are making yourself a prisoner of the history; letting the past rule over you!Guilt is become your proclivity! Don't do it, Chandni!"

His stark words fell between them in a challenge. Chandni looked at him through the sheen of her tears. If she had been right in her rebuke, he was right, too! He'd always been brutally honest. He always stated what he meant and then never deviated from it. 

What was this between them? Both were shattered deep inside from their pastand both trying to heal each other in every possible way, sometimes in healthy cajoling and if required, in stern rebuke.

An awkward silence descended. Her breath came out in uneven bursts. Raw emotion shimmered in the teary eyes, along with a fear that made dread trickle down his spine.

"Then, you also don't do it, Dev!" Her soft words carried a touch of hurt and an earnest urging. "Don't live revenge, live life! Revenge will be done in its own time!"

"Where there's time,Chandni? How will I face Maa- baba; if I don't avenge my parent's death in my own lifetime? Who knows, I might have to face my Maa- Baba very soon!"

A poignant moment between two lovers asking the most fundamental question...If life were to become short should it be spent in revenge of past or in happiness of present family...what was more important?

Chandni spun away from Advay. Anger and anguish beat from her in waves he could almost touch. World spun around her, why did life have to be like this? She wasn't ready to accept such truth. It was too blunt, too stark, and too terrifying.

Her body shook as angry sobs escaped from her throat. Advay kicked himself in his head for his wrong choice of words. His dread grew into a roaring river; he had truly cocked up the situation now.

He turned his resisting wife firmly back towards him and stood with his head bowed in front of her, his eyes hooded by his lids.

"I am sorry, Chandu! I shouldn't have said that. Please forgive me."

Then he looked up, his face ravaged by pain, holding her gaze with his, "I promise, I'll fight even the death, to be with you, to live with you! I want this life with you now."

His confession came from deep within his soul. The words settled into her soul and spread warmth through her body. Gaining his apology and his promise was priceless.

Advay Singh Raizada never apologized and to nobody. She knew how much it had taken for him to admit he'd been wrong. It was her Dev apologizing to his Chandu.

She knew how much his promises meant to him; perhaps even as important as life itself. As he had himself once said, if Advay Singh Raizada promised, he always fulfilled.

She gave him a small smile in acknowledgement and he smiled back in reply indulging her. Her tentative smile grew bigger, until her lush lips were stretched into a joyous grin that did strange things to his insides. Dev had always known his Chandu to be like this. She'd always been an emotional giver never afraid to soothe, nurture,touch!

She was just opening her mouth to say something in excitement; something that would tell him how happy she felt with his promise; but he put his finger on her lips, silencing her. No words were now necessary between the two of them. 

His eyes glittered with shards of gold, a promise for lifetime in them; while a mischievous smile played at the corners of his mouth. 

Chandni was left powerless against the clean masculine scent of his enveloping her, the scrape of his finger rough on her soft lips; while her face held a moony look. 

The space between them shrank, filling the air with a crackling, sexual tension that exploded in the room and tried to drag him under. He sucked in a breath,got himself under control, and spoke in a resonating voice, just a whisper of sound,

"Be with me!"


Mamaji stood quietly at the end of the crowd gathered. Pandeyji had been looking out for him, as he had suddenly disappeared.  Pandeyji's gaze fell on Mamaji, startling him.He was astounded that the secret shared by him was already utilized by Mamaji. He then looked at Veer. Veer stood quietly, his eyes unfathomable, like a mighty yet silent ocean!

Mamaji walked forth with folded hands and spoke to Panches(jury), "Please allow this lady, Padmamalini, to speak."

From his crouched position, Gangaram looked up hearing the name and was flabbergasted to see the person.

Padmamalini folded her hands and spoke to Panches, "It'snot my position to speak in your gathering. I am just the Devdaasi in temple in the outskirts of the village. Gangaramji had taken whatever little gold I had;promising me that he would coat me completely with gold very soon. This man has taken from me all my lifetime earnings."

Malati jerked up hearing the lady while Panches queried,"Why did you trust him? Have you known him for long?"

"Yes! For the past fifteen years, this man has visited meevery day either during the day or at night. And a few days back, he coerced me to give my gold though I did not trust him. I request for some justice."

"What justice? You'll lose your Temple job also from now on with all your lies." Gangaram had not lost the evil gleam in his eyes in spite of all that was happening..

"I don't care. I am myself giving it up." Padmamalini countered in defiance, "Under the guise of serving the God, we are made to bear molestation from people like you. I will rather take a job with Mahant Advayji! He'll give me some work in his company to live my life with my head high rather than being molested by you everyday."

A sudden realisation struck Gangaram with more force than a bolt of lightening. Everything had been Advay Singh Raizada's plan right from the start.

Malati had been listening to the interaction but now rose slowly from her husband's side. Anger beat from her in waves, spreading like a wildfire, creating an angry ripple in the crowd. She sucked in her breath as if trying to control her rage; but it burst free, refusing to be caged; refusing to accept or examine the sudden knowledge of the concubine.

Shock kept Gangaram still. Malati appeared to him like Kaali mata personified as her fair, usually soft face, suddenly darkened now. Malati held him in a staring deadlock, his stunned with her transformation and hers angry as her belief of a faithful husband though vile shattered to tiny splinters.

Her anger made her want to kick him in his face; tramplehim under her feet; but traditional values would not allow her. She looked around in anger and stomped towards some dung fallen on ground. Within a blink of a moment, Gangaram's face was blackened with dung and black.

The crowd continued to get angrier with every passingminute; but Veer stood quietly his eyes narrowed in cold anger. Ganagaram might have thought in all these years that he could get away with his lies; but with Bhai returning back, Gangaram's black deed was repaid, replete with interest.If Gangaram had blackened their father's name long back, today Bhai had ensured that culprit's face was blackened in disgrace.

Ripples of anger grew bigger and bigger in the crowd. Gangaram's sordid deeds had cost the holy senior mahant his wife and his life. Gangaram had been cheating every person coming in contact with him and had not spared his own devoted wife, too. He had cheated regarding the treasure of "Siddha Mahadev", the deity itself. All his actions were a flagrant flouting of society. For once, all communities, the rich and the poor, the structure of village and even the panches along with Sarpanchji were united in their desire to see Gangaram severely punished.

"Don't leave him! He should be made to sit on a donkey and taken through the whole village." PP roared from his place.

Veer looked at him in surprise, trying to stop him; as this was not Bhai's instruction. But PP had lost the plot and was in no mood to listen. He signalled to his men. They started putting dung and black all over Gangaram and made him sit on a donkey.The mob roused in anger and started throwing stones at Gangaram. His procession sitting on donkey started.

Veer was in a dilemma.It was not possible to control the angry mob though a tiny warning bell clanged somewhere in his mind. He knew neither he nor Bhai would approve of such procession. It was too much of a disgrace! For a moment, his heart wondered,maybe this was justice of fate, the evil man deserved this. Anyway, he would have to call Bhai and inform of the happenings.



Advay changed his attire to causal jeans and a white shirt before proceeding to club. He looked so much younger and handsome that Chandni got raucous and blew a raunchy whistle, her face lighting up with approving smile. 

But then, she pointed at his attire and raised a questioning brow, "What's the plan? Want me to punch in the faces of few women?"

Advay crinkled his nose, though it did nothing to distract from his handsome face. "What? You don't expect me to go the club in office suit, surely! And I do keep a change here in office!"

"And what about me? Shouldn't I change to casual, then?" Chandni questioned, suddenly awkward with her dressing.

"Don't worry! You look gorgeous, always!"He looked at her with complete approval wanting to restore her confidence, "I hope I don't have to break a few bones in the club today."

Chandni threw her head back and laughed heartily. Advay looked at her indulgently. She cried big, laughed loud, and refused to shy away from silliness. It seemed to be a long time since he'd been on the receiving end of one of her true happy laughs, and he remembered how special it felt, as if he were the only man in the world to make her happy.

Time passed quickly in the club as Advay met with his friends and introduced Chandni as his wife. Chandni watched him mesmerised as he greeted friends at the pool table and joined the game. His eyes were on the balls but before making every strike with his cue, he looked at her in eyes and waited for her to smile. Every strike took the hole and won him points.

As both proceeded for a quiet dinner, she looked at him with pride in her eyes, "You win the game always, don't you?"

He smiled down at her tightening his hold to hug her closer, "With you by my side, yes! Always!"

Just as he was pulling her chair at the table, his cell rang and he excused himself. When he returned, his smile was wider, his shoulders relaxed. Tonight, he would show his wife how much he loved her!


As the evening grew darker, Gangaram stood alone in his treasure room remembering the cursed moment of his life when he had agreed to the conspiracy of the evil Indrani in the greed of a large share. Not had she given him any share and now the consequences of his deed had resulted into his losing all his wealth, his family and his respect. 

In that moment his mind was lucid, drained of all avarice,as if the hidden fear finally real and present had purified him. He had no desire for life now, only death could salvage him!!!


Devdaasi- As explained earlier, this is ancient custom in Indian temples where young girls were married to God but then slowly as the society deteriorated, they were pressured for prostitution.

Procession on donkey with blackened face- In Indian customs this is the worst insult/total disgrace for a person.

Truly, life gives difficult questions to loving souls; what is more important? 

Yet, it's their healing process as both are guiding each other.

Gangaram has been pushed to his fate; what repercussion will this incident have on Advay? Get answers in next chapter.

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Finally a new Chapter! Thanks Neha Embarrassed

Today, my beloved couple has dramatic and happy moments. Embarrassed I also think that Chandni hurts, that Adway's revenge comes to forefront of his life.

"Revenge will be done in its own time!" - And it seems that today Chandni was right! Wink
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Originally posted by AnnDan

Finally a new Chapter! Thanks Neha Embarrassed 
My pleasure! Hope you enjoyedEmbarrassed

Today, my beloved couple has dramatic and happy moments. Embarrassed I also think that Chandni hurts, that Adway's revenge comes to forefront of his life.

"Revenge will be done in its own time!" - And it seems that today Chandni was right! Wink
True AnnLOL

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Thanks Neha for new chapter. I love the whole conversation between Chandini and Advay. Chandini is totally right. Advay is also right to some extent because he loves his parents so he wants to raise his parents respect in the people which they lost before death. I hope in all this revenge, he won't loose his loved people. Gangaram revenge drama is good.Today I acknowledge the funny and positive side of PP with your writing to some extentSmile I love their light conversation before going to pub. You showed both sides of their relationship in one chapter. Totally its very nice chapter. 
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Originally posted by Loving2Missing2



I loved it!
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Originally posted by binc0802

Thanks Neha for new chapter. I love the whole conversation between Chandini and Advay. Chandini is totally right. Advay is also right to some extent because he loves his parents so he wants to raise his parents respect in the people which they lost before death. I hope in all this revenge, he won't loose his loved people. Gangaram revenge drama is good.Today I acknowledge the funny and positive side of PP with your writing to some extentSmile I love their light conversation before going to pub. You showed both sides of their relationship in one chapter. Totally its very nice chapter. 

Thanks Hima. I am happy with your comment. It's true.Smile

Both are not letting go of their past. Advay as an old throbbing pain and chandni as recently known guilt. Both know it for the other that past should be let go but when it comes to self they fall back in the same trap...human natureLOL
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Trials Of Fire Adni Untold Saga Chapter 48

IPK3 Season 2 Episode 118

Aadi dashed and lunged on Advay, throwing him off balance as soon as he and Chandni entered the house. His strong arms went around his loved Aadi gripping him securely against his chest. Both exchanged their fist bump greeting happily.

"Sweet CM, why did you miss our playing time today?" Aadi pouted to Chandni angrily.

Chandni immediately caught her ears, "Sorry Aadi! But not my mistake! It was your CM who called me. He always takes away my playtime." She smugly pointed to Advay.

Advay raised an eyebrow, a ghost of a smile on his lips as he found her comment humorous, a tinge of a sly double meaning in her words.

"Put me down!" Aadi demanded, struggling in Advay's arms; his anger now directed towards his CM. Advay raised his eyebrows again, this time at Aadi, refusing to let him go.

 "Put me down!" Aadi squeaked loud making Advay reflexively keep him down.

"Did you do that in her childhood, CM? "

"No! She bluffs. As I always say, Chandni jhoothi hai!"(Chandni is a liar)

A wide smarmy smirk of his was back in full force directed to Chandni making her raise her eyebrows now.

"I always played blind man's bluff with her,which she calls aakhn michouli. And later she played hide and seek with me, lapachhipi in her words."

"Oh!" Aadi tapped his forefinger on his lower lip, a contemplating look on his face. "Then you accept that you both are childhood sweethearts."

Aadi turned the table on Advay, repeating an old same question of his; making Chandni smile. Advay noticed it immediately and acquiesced this time, in contrast to the earlier incident, when he had denied accepting that he cared for her.

"Yes! She is my childhood sweetheart, my soul partner and now my one and only lover!"

Chandni's eyes grew wide in disdain at his bold confession in front of a child. 

"Baccheke saamne kuchh bhi anaap shanaap!" She whined, shaking her head in incredulity as he laughed sympathetically at her. She turned Aadi away from his CM gently cupping his shoulders with fondness.  

(Nonsense talk in front of a child).

Aadi pulled himself away in protest, "Sweet CM, I'm not a child!I know everything about lovers from my friends in the colony."

Advay laughed giving Chandni a look saying 'There! You have your answer!'. Chandni ignored him and pulled aadi towards her again.

"Ok baba! My very smart, famous in the colony, baby!" She lovingly pinched Aadi's cheeks.

Aadi nodded for a second as if agreeing with her. But then...Chandni strangled a squeal of fright as Aadi lunged upwards and pushed her down gripping her arms with his hands to secure her to ground.

"Aadi!" She yelled but Aadi ignored her and started tickling her mercilessly.

She squealed like a girl, wriggling and laughing as she tried to evade his attack. "Stop it!"

"Am I a baby?...say now! Say baby!...who's baby?" Aadi teased her mercilessly.

"Stop!...Stop!...Please! Dev, mujhe bachaao!" (Save me)

Dev was busy laughing his heart out. How he loved this girl! That same innocent Chandu of his who responded the same way every time he did same act in their childhood.

"Aadi! What are you doing? Leave Maami!" Pooja yelled at Aadi; having just come to the hallway.

"Maami, promise me that you'll never call me baby or treat me as baby!"

"Ok! I promise!" Chandni spoke through her aching ribs.

Aadi released her. Pooja looked at the trio laughing heartily and her heart went out to this loved family of hers.

'Oh god, bless them always! Keep your mercy on my family and I don't need anything else.' She prayed silently.

As Chandni raised herself, Pooja smiled at her, "Bhabhi, smile always! See how happy you make Bhai with your smile!"

She pointed to Advay who had tears in his eyes through incessant laughing. 

Chandni blushed as she realised that Pooja was chiding her with love as her crying in prayer room had not gone unnoticed.

Advay became plaintive at Pooja's comments as he knew the true reason that had made Chandni cry, in the morning when Pooja saw it and again in office in front of him.

Pooja kept her hand on his arm, "Bhaiyya, don't worry! Everything will be alright!

She was naturally assuming Advay's serious look owing to Allahabad incidents.

Advay looked at her with a smile. His sister was too good for him, forever loving him, his wife,everybody in family and so hugely concerned about all but where was her true happiness?




Ammi and Abbu both were anxiously waiting at the door for their son returning home after long.Veer came smiling and their faces lit up in happiness. He happily hugged his Ammy and then greeted his Abbu , only to be surprised to first time see tears in his eyes.

"Abbu, what happened?" Veer gently hugged Abbu and looked at Ammi questioningly. She was in tears, too.

"Beta, we had never imagined you would come over after knowing your real relations. Your family so very renowned, your bhai so rich and world famous...And now you are Mahant,too. We are truly graced by your coming over."

"Abbu, I am your same old, your very own son and nothing changes between us. You can yell at me,scold me as before; because then Ammi will come and save me and I will get to witness her love." He smiled happily to Ammi.

Ammi cupped his cheeks, "Mera laadla! My heart always said that you would never forget us even if you find your relations... and believe me, beta, we wanted you to findy our relations. Always hoped that for you in our daily Namaaj (prayers)."

"Forget you both?Mujhe Abba ki chappal khaani hai kya?" Veer teased her. (Do I want to take slipper from Abba?)

"Come...come! I have made all your favourite dishes for you."

"And I am going to eat lots today...Missed your cooked food, Ammi... Bhai always says I am bhukkad (voracious);but with you, Ammi, I want to be called bhukkad."

"Oh my poor child!Tell your Bhai not to say such things. Kisi ka najar na lage mere bete ko! (Save my son from evil eyes)"

"Kissi ki najar nahi lagegi. Mera beta sher hai!" Abbu patted Veer's back happily, "You go and serve us food now. Baaton se pet nahi bharega iss ka!"(His tummy won't get full with just talk)

"Aap dono ke pyaar se bharata hai, Abbu!"(Your love fills my heart)




When Advay and Chandu returned to their room after greeting everybody at home, Aadi was already waiting there.

 "Aadi, it's already past your sleeping time.Why are you here?" Advay asked him tentatively.

"CM! are such a wise businessman and you don't understand this small thing? Do I have my specs on? ...No! Because I am going to sleep and I am sleeping with both of you today."

Advay looked helplessly at Chandu urging her to do something about Aadi. He genuinely wanted his special time with Chandu today. Chandni shrugged nonchalantly refusing to accept his request. After all, he had ignored her when she asked for help while Aadi tickled her. Tit for tat, hubby!

"Aadi, go and sleep with your Mumma today, pleaaase." Advay pleaded first with Aadi in words and then in action with Chandu.

"No. I want to sleep here!" Aadi argued.

Chandni picked Aadi's glasses and put back on his nose. Then, gently cupped his shoulders.

"Aadi, you know one thing? Did your Mumma ever share with you?"

Aadi's curiosity was triggered, "Kya, Sweet CM? Tell me."

Chandni made a conspiring gesture looking everywhere to ensure nobody else was there and then softly whispered in Aadi's ears.

"You remember I told you about a ghost in our room once? Whenever you sleep here, the ghost goes and troubles your Mumma in your room. Poor Mumma, she suffers so much but whom can she tell? You are her only protector in the house, aren't you?"

She waited for Aadi to nod and then continued, "But what can she do when her protector is not in her room to save her. She suffers the torment helplessly."

"Oh! Is that so? Then I shall go and sleep with my mother. I'll protect her from ghost and if he comes here to trouble you..." he turned to Advay, 

"CM, you protect my maami. Will you be able to?"

Advay was interestingly hearing the conspiracy of the duo. He looked at Aadi and smiled,

"She'll protect me if the time comes. Your maami is very strong."

"That she is! Yet, it's the man's duty to protect his woman!" Aadi had his patronising mood back in full force.

Advay and Chandni both laughed as Aadi left the room, returning them their own private heaven.




Dinner had proceeded happily and Ammi and Abbu were now in their bedroom re-living the happy chat with their son. Suddenly, Abbu turned in the bed as he heard a soft knock on the backdoor. Ammi chided him as he was rising up to check.

"Must be Veer's friends coming to meet him. They always came from back door. Don't yell at him now.It's been so long since he last met them. Let him enjoy his happy time with them. You enjoy your sleep."


Veer tiptoed to the backdoor and opened it softly looking around to ensure Ammi-Abbu weren't there.It was Sukhiya at the door. In the hustle bustle of Gangaram's procession, the two had briefly met and planned to meet here. Accordingly, Veer had planned his visit to Ammi-Abbu for stay over.

Veer observed Sukhiya as he came in and both sat in back veranda to chat. Most dire conditions of genteel poverty were evident in Sukhiya's attire and mannerism. Veer's heart went out to the poor man who was helping Bhai and him now in their search of the parents' murderers. 

He mused in his heart 'Bhai is very right in adopting the village for re-development. I will support the cause whole heartedly and do whatever possible for these people.'

"Tell me Sukhiya, how did you happen to approach me? Did Bhai contact you?"

"No Mahantji! Advay Mahantji had asked me to contact him as soon as I got any clue. But you are already here and I heard your speech. Now I am sure, you both are Ram and Laxman incarnated. I got the clue just today, so I thought let me share with you."

Veer laughed, "No Sukhiya. We are no Gods. We are simple persons same as you. Yes, it's true that my Bhai is a great human being, no lesser than god for me! Tell me, what's the clue?"

"Advay Mahantji had spoken about three things, man with golden tooth, man with axe and man with keychain."

 Sukhiya paused. Veer nodded his acknowledgement. He was aware of all three as he had seen and understood the entire research done by Bhai in his inner office room.   

"Key chain and axe are difficult to trace; but I was keeping a watch to check the golden tooth. It's the golden right canine and not many have the same. One person had it today in the crowd that gathered for Gangaram's hearing. He was not from our village but from outskirts of village. Do you think I should start tracing that person or will it be futile approach?"

"Not at all futile! Start tracing him. Every clue that we get is important. Whatever help or support you need, take from us. I will be available full time; even if Bhai is busy in business meetings. 

But remember, you need to be very subtle. If the man is the culprit, he must not get hint of our trace and become cautious and God forbid, but if he's not the culprit then we do not want an innocent maligned in any way." Veer's face was serious as he spoke.

"Yes, that's very right!I will be extremely cautious. Will it be Ok to contact you whenever I get the next info?"

"Yes, of course! Bhai is going with Bhabhi out for some days. He may not be available but I am free.You can connect with me anytime and if you need anything, even for your personal needs, do not hesitate! I will help you in whatever you need."

"Thank you so much.You both brothers are god sent for us. The earlier Mahant acted as if in trance and earlier Indrani Mahantani was greedy and selfish. Never gave anything to anybody. Our good days are back with you and your brother as the new Mahants. I shall take your leave now."

Miku turned back closing the door after Sukhiya left and froze in his tracks. Abba was standing in the inside room, his face angry. Though Ammi had insisted to let Veer do his thing, Abba, owing to his cautious nature about his son, could not resist on checking who had come at the late hour.

"Abba! You here?Couldn't you sleep?" Veer tried his charm though it sounded fake to his own ears, as he trembled inside.

"Who was this person?" Abba was stern in his question, not letting himself get distracted.

"Oh! He?...nobody!...I mean just a friend!" Veer stammered as he tried his best to cover up.

"Why were you two discussing Bhai and Bhabhi? And what is this about golden tooth?"

Veer heaved a deep sigh as he knew he couldn't escape Abba's interrogation and may as well come out in open. "Abba, bhai is searching for the murderers of our parents and I am supporting him. This man was Sukhiya who is doing the search of those people based on Bhai's memories of the day."

"Oh! Is that so?" Abba's brows creased in concentration as he revived his memory of the day,sixteen years back, "I can support you, beta! If you or Advayji are seen with Sukhiya, that may lead to gossip. Even Mamaji is part of the haveli so easily associated with you two; but if I regularly meet with Sukhiya, nobody will guess or wonder what's going on."

Veer smiled happily. A flame had been lighted by his Bhai and now everybody was joining in, like a relay... Their battle was not just their battle anymore! It was truly turning out to be battle for re-establishment of values. He remembered Geeta verse

Paritranay Saadhoonaam, vinashaya cha dushkrutaam,

Dharm Sanstharapanarthaay Sambhavami yuge yuge!

Veer beamed at his father, "Abbu, I never mentioned this before; but you are the greatest dad I could have ever had!" 

He continued as Abba blushed momentarily, "Abbu, it will be great if you could support me and Bhai...I am also thinking not to stress Bhai further as he already has lots on his plate... The moment I share this information from Sukhia with him, he will dive completely into the matter and take all risks himself; just to protect me!... It's time I took responsibilities and allow him some happy relaxed time with Bhabhi. What's your opinion on my thinking?"

Abba cupped Veer's shoulders, "I always felt you had no values imbibed from us...I did not realise till late, my son has now grown and is making me a proud father. I remember yelling at you all the time; but now son, I should learn from you."

Father-Son duo had tears in their eyes as they hugged.


Happy family banter! When an episode shows a happy family, we get smiles on our face, don't we? And Imagine, Barun enacting the scene with his most lovable roaring laughter seen in his candid pics or like Arnav...we would all be in heaven just seeing that one shot.

But in all this happy banter, mark the words in bold. Very soon the honeymoon will start, but later something will happen and then these words will come true. keep tracking.

Ammi-Abbu are a pair of great souls! So much love given to an adopted child and such beautiful raising that Veer's value system is so strong! Not only does he want to support his brother wholeheartedly; but also his heart goes out to the deprived in the society.

Context of Geeta Text

"Paritranaya sadhoonaam...yuge yuge"

This is the next hymn after the one 

"Yada Yada hi dharmasya..." used repeatedly(sometimes inappropriately when it came for Chandni's father) in the show. 

Lord Krishna says: 

 To propagate the Pious and to annihilate the miscreants; to establish righteous principles(Dharma) I establish Myself  again and again in era after era

Keep tracking next chapter, what happens in Advay Chandni's private heaven!

Hope you gals enjoyed my writing efforts!

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The scenes with Aadi was very funny. Big smile Thanks, Neha)

"It was your CM who called me. He always takes away my playtime." She smugly pointed to Advay.

Advay raised an eyebrow, a ghost of a smile on his lips as he found her comment humorous, a tinge of a sly double meaning in her words."
Thumbs Up

And I like Veer's relationship with his foster parents. It's very emotional. Embarrassed

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