The Fateful Evening..Arjun Draupadi OS .Thread 4

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Posted: 2 years ago
Heartfelt welcome to all my readers who accompanied me in my journey. Probably this will be the last thread for the story. I am looking forward to a memorable phase that will reunite Parth and Panchali in heaven. 
Thank you so much Aanvi,Yukti,Mahima,Bulbulswt who could not come along ..I understand.

Special thanks to Unmesha Who always motivates me by literally being the force ...

Thanks Divu for your wonderful feedbacks .You make time despite your busy schedules.It means a lot.

Thanks Sweetika,my loyal admirer who is so loving...

Thank you paartha..for your thoughtful suggestions.. It helps a lot..Thanks for always being here to encourage..

Thank you Pari for lighting up the thread whenever you can...your feed back helps a lot..

The update will arrive ...soon 

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Posted: 2 years ago
I was just thinking that the new thread should be up and here it is ... can't wait for the update... please please please continue super soon
Posted: 2 years ago
Congrates di 4 dis new thread...plz update soon di
Posted: 2 years ago
Wooow Dancing
A new thread for such an awesome and magnificent story...PartyParty

Congrats di... For the success of three brilliant and commendable threads and a dynamic start of fourth one...Hug

We all are desperately waiting for upcoming updates 

Big big applause di for ur dedication hardwork and commitment for this story...

U made us feel the love n pain of our ardi... Inspired us by vividly delineating the heroic life of our Arjun and made us feel the presence of our god Govind through ur story

Thnx soo soo much di...Clap
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Posted: 2 years ago
Many Congrats on the new thread.

It has been a great story to follow, and gave me tremendous joy. Thanks so much.

Arjun has always been my hero and reading the story, where he is a pivotal character has given me so much pleasure.
Big applause to you on behalf of all of us. Clap

All the best for this thread, and I'm sure you will have a fitting finale to the story!
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Posted: 2 years ago
Drona looked curiously as Abhi took his stance. Krishna and Arjun stood erect behind him. Their eyes shower love that is exclusively meant only for Abhi. Krishna pressed Arjun's hand and teased. The test is for you or for your son? 

Arjun smiled nervously. To his dismay all the womenfolk assembled on the terrace of the Royal palace from where the garden where Drona is trying to test the apple of the whole Indraprasth.

Draupadi and Subhadra stood tensed up. Kunti is no exception. She is tensed up thinking about the possibility of Abhi taken to Gurukul Of Drona. She has Pragati in her hands clasping her neck with affection. The five months baby likes her grandmother so much and relishes her touch. Kunti kissed her and said . Tell your father not to send our Abhi to Gurukul. Pragati giggled in her arms.

Panchali got sweat on her forehead.. She knew her husband's gurubhakti. What if he says yes?

Chitra ,Ulupi And Alli Came there and loved the scene. They cast their loving glances at their husband who is seriously observing Abhi's stance.

Kunti confronted Panchali and Subhadra ..Did you both remind Phalgun not to send Abhi?

Panchali muttered under her breath.As if your Phalgun will do whatever we say...You should have warned him..It is your word that is the Veda for him..

Subhadra could not hear her but Priyamvada heard and laughed. She whispered in her ear. Relax princess..Arjun won't send Abhi..

Down in the garden Bhim Nakul and Sahadev stood in attention. They are not aware of Gurukul issue but they very well know Abhi and his tantrums. He will change the direction of his arrow at the last minute by impulse. The six year old is too unpredictable.

Alli reconciled with Arjun just days ago. She still is living her dreams. She could not help but reminisce her private moments with him last night. Rekha who just came with Arya understood and whispered. Now your turn is over. Tonite he will go to his first wife. So sad..Alli Rani. 

Alli's Face turned red. She side glanced Panchali Who is not blinking her eyes. She is beautiful in her plain grey colour sari with a red choli. She wore only her black beeds chain which she heard is gifted to her by Arjun..Her black curls are falling on her forehead covering her oval shaped bindi. 

Alli is desparate..WIll he even think of her atleast once after having Krishnaa in his arms?

Suddenly great noise and claps are heard. Abhi hit the target set by Drona on a lofty rocky structure. Arjun and Krishna together lifted him above and danced.

Drona had a proud expression on his face. His favourite desciple is spreading his fame in all directions but his son also is all set to carry his legacy.
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Posted: 2 years ago
first of all I am sorry for being so late.. I didn't know about the new thread

and , A big congratulations to you di , Wow , it's unbelievable from where you started it and now where you are
u may can not believe but first time where you said you are planning to end the story I got tears but.. arambh hain toh ant bhi h :'( :'( :'( ,

Thanks a lot for the story and a request please continue it as long as you can

and the update was as usual beautiful.. loved it .. Abhi... the true successor of Arjun's valour.. loved it continue soon di :-D
Posted: 2 years ago
Lovely update, Abhi was loved by all so dearly just like his father was.
Please continue soon. Thank you very much.

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