||SIX YEARS OF THE EPIC SAGA|| Madhubala ~ EIEJ Anniversary Thread

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Posted: 4 years ago

Welcome To 'MEIEJ' Anniversary Thread Friends..
Before you move forward, let me warn you, I am doing this for the first time, so please spare if it's not up to the mark..
Also we have tried doing something different from
what they do every year..
So we have no idea how it has come out..
Do let us know if you liked it..

Before starting with the event let's go in the recent flashback..
Just a few days ago..

A normal day in Sitara Studio..
RK after giving his shot came to his seat to read the next scene..

He was busy reading, when suddenly his phone buzzed indicating
a new message..
On checking he found his dear 'Biwi' was sending him whatsapp message..
So he decided to take a break & chat with her..
Let's see what they are talking about..

RK was thoroughly enjoying teasing his Jungli Billi..

Madhu seemed quite excited with the party idea..
& why not, it was such an important day..
RK had a sweet smile on his face seeing his biwi so happy..

On not getting reply RK tried calling her but she did not pick up,
as she was too busy in making her to do list for the party..

Poor RK felt bad & was sulking on being ignored..

RK - Meri ek jhalak ke liye ladkiya marti hai aur ye mujhe, 'The Superstar RK' ko ignore kar rahi hai??
Sahi kehte hai log, Biwi ke saamne RK ki bhi nahi chalti..
Kaafi dangerous species hoti hai yeh..ROFL

RK & Madhu are here to invite you all to the Sixth Anniversary Celebration of epic "MEIEJ"..
Let's see what they have to say..

That was really sweet of our Rishbala to personally invite all of us..
So I think we all should attend the party for them at least..

Here is the official invitation..
Have a look..

The party venue is 'Madhubala - EIEJ' forum..
Imaginary food & drink available along with
best music & DJ..

Have a look at the venue..
Isn't it beautiful??

The party starts exactly at 12:00 am on 28th may 2018..
Lots of amazing performances scheduled for your
Enjoy them with some snacks & drinks..

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Posted: 4 years ago

Hello & Welcome MBians..
Today is 28th may.. You all are aware of the importance of this date..
6 years ago, on this very date, we all were connected to each other by a bond..A bond that could not be broken even after such long time.. It only became stronger with passing time..
On 28th may, 2012, came a show that changed the direction of Indian Television,,
"Madhubala~ Ek Ishk Ek Junoon"..
The serial taking it's inspiration from the Indian film industry set a revolution in the tellywood.. The show in itself was a trend setter & had set a high bench mark for the other shows..
The show ended 2 years later on 9th august, 2014, but our love, respect & admiration for it & the actors never faded away..
That is why even after so many years we all are here, keeping the memories of the serial alive by our crazy forum activities..
So guys, let's celebrate the sixth birth anniversary of the show that gave us so many memories to cherish..

Happy Sixth MEIEJ Anniversary to all of you..

A film's success is not just because of it's leads but also due to the combined efforts of all the members of the movie.. Artists, Junior Artists, Director, Writer, Technical Team, Makeup Artists, Spot boy, everyone give their 100% to make the movie a box office hit..
Therefore each & every member working in the film is equally important..
Madhubala ~ EIEJ is a tribute to the hundred years of Indian Cinema..
This artistically planned serial does manage to show the 'behind the screens' life of Film industry..
The show very beautifully reveals to us the hard work & energy put into every single film..
It focuses on the lives of those people who belong to the film fraternity & yet are hidden from us..
From a spot boy, to a Superstar, the show intricately described each & every aspect of film industry..
Their lives, their work & working technique, their dedication, all put up in one single show..
Though the main plot was the love story of Madhubala & RK,
it very well managed to describe all the side characters as well..
Each & every minute details were taken care of so well that it gave us the feeling of watching a real movie about the movies..Wink

The show was loved by all of us.. We did not just love Rishbala but each & every character of the show..
All of them gave their best performance making the show what it is today, 'An Epic'
So let's meet the MEIEJ family & thank them for their effort & hard work..

Thank You MEIEJ Family,
for giving us the best possible show ever in the history of Indian Television..

The topic of discussion is MEIEJ & we don't talk about our love birds, now that is not possible right??
So lets know something about our dear Rishbala & Rajbala..

As much the show needs the entire cast & crew for it's making, we cannot disregard the fact that it's leads are the central force that compel us to watch it & love it more..
How much effort or hard work other members put, the show would not not have been the same
if not for it's leading pair..
Vivian Dsena & Drashti Dhami did a splendid job in the show..
It was their best performance ever..
And their dedication towards their role did payoff & the characters of RK & Madhubala
became the most famous & most loved couple ever..
The eternal couple & their epic saga is forever engraved in our hearts..

Before discussing about the two lovestories of the show let's know a little bit about the actors playing the characters, i.e., our very own Vivian & Drashti..

Drashti Dhami is among the most beautiful as well as successful actress of Indian television..
Drashti is also known as queen of expressions..
She played the role of Madhubala Shamsher Malik / Kundra & Madhubala Raja Kushwaha..
Both the characters were flawlessly portrayed by her.. She gave life to her characters..
It felt like watching a real life incident rather than watching a show were people only acted..
happy, sad, emotional, funny, passionate, all of the emotions she enacted felt so realistic..
She is indeed very talented.. Her expressive face & eyes are her biggest plus point..
They make you believe what you see is true & not some fiction..
No one can play the character of Madhubala like she did..
She is indeed a very talented actress..

Vivian dsena is one of the most popular & hottest actor in the Indian television industry.. His charming personality, killer looks, style, everything can take one's heart.. He is a very versatile actor.. Excellence is the word to describe his acting skills.. He is multi talented & shines in every field he sets his foot on.. He played the role of Superstar Rishab Kundra, Keval Ram Kushvaha, Raja Kushvaha in 'Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon'.. All of these characters were so different from each other & he played them all with perfection.. His acting as a mad Raju was just perfect.. No one could believe it's the same person doing all those different roles & not different people.. He does his work with passion & he gives his maximum to his character.. RK's character had stolen many people's heart & it became a milestone in Vivian's career.. Seeing the way he says a dialogue & the way he does a scene we can't even think it's just acting because he lives the character.. The mad passionate lover RK won millions of hearts just because of his splendid acting.. RK can't be recreated because RK was just another level, something beyond the level of excellence.. Even his eyes act along with him.. His every expression is just perfect.. There are no words to describe his talents..
He is simply the other name of perfection..

Now that we know something about the actors, let's look into their characters & their unique love story..

RK a.k.a Rishabh Kundra was a Superstar with larger than life ego..
He was rude, arrogant, bratty & what not..
A total lucifer reincarnated..
In fact he called himself as
Right Kamina..
He was too blunt & sarcastic for his own good & had a uniquely amazing sense of humour..
He was the kind of man no one would want to mess with & everyone would want to be friends with..
He could destroy anyone who dared to stand against him & go to any lengths to satisfy his ego..
But behind this Right Kamina was man with a heart contrary to his own beliefs..
A heart that only his biwi could find..
Whatever he had turned out to be was a due to his past sufferings.. It was just a facade to protect his already fragile heart & mask his insecurities..
His hate & his love both were in extremes..
Subtlety was not his nature..

RK was born to be a superstar & the king of million hearts.. He did not know anything other than that.. Films & acting were his life.. Glamour was his second skin..
He would never give up his stardom for anything..

RK's witty dialogues full of sarcasm were one of the best things to watch..
They always managed to make us laugh even in the most serious & emotional scenes..
He had a different charm, a unique aura that could not be ignored..
There were many characters posing as Rockstar, superstar etc before & after him as well in many other shows.
But no one could be like RK coz he was simply different..
One of his kind..

Madhubala Shamsher Malik/Kundra was just a girl next door..
She though was born on the film sets did not dream of becoming a part of it..
She was an ordinary girl with very ordinary dreams..
She was a righteous person & always stood for truth & what is correct.. She was a bubbly & chirpy girl & lived her life to the fullest.. She could make you day brighter with her single smile..
She was bold, brave, full of dignity..
A true example of feminity & woman power..
She was loving, caring, compassionate..
Loved her family more than herself..

Madhubala was pulled into the world of films even when she did not want to..
The world of glamour was not for her or so she thought..
She tried fighting it but had to accept it at the end as this was what she was destined to be..

Madhu's loving & caring nature, her selfless attitude make us adore her..
But her feisty jungly billi avtar is our favorite one just like her pati, her RK..
We are in awe of her courage & bravery..
The way she would answer back to RK was really entertaining to watch..

RK & Madhubala's love story was full of fire..
It was unique & one of it's kind..
A tale, never seen or heard of..
The song 'Mohabbat hai Mirchi' perfectly describes their tale of love..
They were one heck of a passionate couple..
Too hot to handle..
If RK was a psycho, Madhu was a super psycho to dare to fall for him..
Their journey was from hatred to love..
Seems like any normal love story, but it was anything but normal..
They were the craziest couple ever..
Whether they hated or loved, they did it with passion..
They were always ready to outdo it other,
be it in hating, loving or taking revenge..WinkLOL

"Main Aag toh tum bhi aag , Main tufaan toh tum bhi kam nahi, Main pagal aur tum mujhse badi pagal...aur is sab ke bawajood mein tum se pagalo ki tarah pyaar karta hu"
This dialogues perfectly describes their craziness.. Only they could understand each others perfectly.. They were truly what we can call 'A match made in heaven'

RK & Madhu, also known as Rishbala by fans were the most loved couple of Indian television..
They had a sizzling chemistry..
Their love was full of passion, craze, obsession & all the extremes..
Their madness is what drove us mad for them..

& when we talk about Rishbala, how can we miss the trademark dialogue that defines them & their crazy love??
So here it is??
"Paglon ki si nafrat...Paglon ka sa ishq...Paglon ka sa Junoon...Dono ne milkar kya khoob nibhayi - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon"

Aww!! we just love this crazy yet adorable couple..

Lets know something about our second couple Rajbala as well..

Raja Kushvaha a.k.a Raja (Raju) was a person who loved his gudiya(Madhu) more than anything in the world.. He was a 7 year old child by mind & got married to Madhu thinking she was his new toy.. His innocence & pureness had the power to make anyone fall for him.. But the innocent Raju was actually Raja who lost his memory bcoz of an accident.. Raja was opposite to Raju though he was pure at heart.. Blood for blood was his policy which was totally against Madhu's policy.. He used to call Madhu as his Rani & had unconditional love for her in his heart but he never got proper upbringing & was living in the world of violence.. He used to declare himself as his Rani's crazy lover.. He was ready to go to the end of the world to get his love & was a man of his words..

Madhubala Raja kushvaha was a girl who used to live in her own little world.. She was tied to Raja by destiny against her will.. She loved the innocent Raju, but couldn't bear the real Raja.. She was the one kind of a girl who always stood up for the truth no matter what.. Even though she knew about Raja's love for her she considered it as his madness & torture.. She was always against violence & believed that God will give punishment for the sinner & humans don't have the right to punish anyone.. She thinks she hates Raja but always had confused feelings for him..

Raja & Madhu's love story was complicated.. It was not just a love story but showed how pure love can change a person to the extent & turn him into a new & better person.. Raja was a mad lover of his Rani & if anyone dared to hurt her even by a pinch he would cut off their hands, while Madhu found his love to be craziness & considered him not less than an animal for his blood for blood theory.. They always had crazy love between them but it was hidden behind the facade of her hate & disgust.. But one day all facade had to wear off & their true love for each other came into light.. Their love story shows how love can change a person & make life beautiful even without any luxuries but just with their love & how to over come tough phase of life by being with each other as each others' strength..

So this was about our lovely couples & their unique & interesting love stories..

We have talked about the show, cast, leads.. Now what is remaining??
OMG!! How can we forget the Soundtrack??
There were such beautiful songs written for the show & sung by prominent singers..

So let's start from the start..

There are 3 main theme songs of the show..
The theme song "Hum Hai Deewane" and "Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera" were composed by Shalini Sharma, while "Ishq Hai" was composed by Saurabh Kalsi. The songs were sung by Arijit Singh, Komal Rizvi and Saurabh Kalsi, the lyrics were given by Veebha Tiwari. Other type of musics and backgrounds were composed by Ashish Rego..

The lyrics of the songs are given below..

1) Hum Hai Deewane:-

Female version;

Kaisa ishq ye kaisa junoon hai maahi
Beqaraari mein tu hi qaraar
Door reh ke tu mujh mein hai rabba
Jaane ye kaisa hai pyar

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

Tujh se hai hasi tujhse udaasi
Kashmash hai rabba
Roothi hu phir bhi raazi
Tu hi hai maula tu hi hai kaazi
Tu hi hai maula tu hi hai kaazi
Kya karu mai bayaan
Tere ishq pe jaan kurbaan

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

Male version;

Tera ishq hi mera junoon hai maahi
Beqaraai kaende qaraar
Bujh ke na bujhe ye pyaas o rabba
Jaane ye kaisa hai pyar

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

Kitni baar hum milke bichade
Tu hi jaane rabba
Duniya se hum begaane
Tu hai sirf meri phir bhi na jaane
Tu hai sirf meri phir bhi na jaane
Mujh ko tu ye bata
Dooriyan hai kyun darmiyan

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

2) Hum Hai Deewane ( Sad ):-

Female version;

Tu hi mahi mera tu hi mera khuda tha
Tu ibaadat tu hi bandagi
Tere bin sooni sooni hai rahe yeh saari
Kaise jiyun zindagi, O mahi
Kaise jiyun zindagi

Bas ek hi mera sahara tha mahi
Wo bhi chuta hai majhdar mein
Dushman ko bhi aisi saza na de rabba
Jo wo kabhi pyaar main, haye rabba
Jo wo kabhi pyar main

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

Kaisi pyaar ki yeh dekho russwaii
Bus door talak tanhai
Kya wafa ka sila hai sirf bewafai
Pyaar main jaan gawaii

Hum hai deewane Tere deewane
Hum hai deewane Tere deewane

Male Version

Shaye meri Math ho teri
Mujhe isse sukoon mila
Nafrat hi teri  meri chahat thi
tujhe todna tha maksad mera
Fir kyun har pal bechaini hai

Kyun nahi chahte ye puri hai
Hai adhuri khushiyan
Mera rom rom kyun jala

Hum the dewane Tere dewane
Hum the dewane Tere dewane

3) Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera:-

Huye Baware Yeh Naina Sanam Tere Pyaar Mein
Kahan Kho Gaya Mera Chaina Iss Intezaar Mein
Par Ab Talak Tera Sanam Ikraar Hai Baaki
Meri Arziyon Ki Manzoori Bhi Sarkaar Hai Baaki

Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera
Mushq Tu Hi Hai Mera
Tu Hi Toh Nasha Mera
Tu Hi Mehkana Mera
Tu Hi Paimana Mera
Tu Hi Toh Junoon Mera

Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera
Mushq Tu Hi Hai Mera
Tu Hi Toh Nasha Mera
Tu Hi Mehkana Mera
Tu Hi Paimana Mera
Tu Hi Toh Junoon Mera

Iqraar Hai Baaki, Izhaar Hai Baaki
Woh Pyaar Hai Baaki, Aitbaar hai Baaki

Beautiful lyrics isn't it??
The songs are even more beautiful..
Do hear them if you haven't already..

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon was the most loved show of Indian television..
It was dubbed in so many national & foreign languages & has a huge fan following across the world even now..
There are various fan groups in different social media, largest being on twitter..
Even on IF, MEIEJ forum was among the most active forums..
In fact the forum was super active even before the show started..

Few of the languages it was dubbed in were Tamil, Malayalam, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu etc..
To know about more languages check the link below.. It is a post made by an old member containing the details of all dubbed versions..Embarrassed

Madhubala was a hit show & one of the best shows of colors channel..
In the starting week itself it gained a TRP of 2.8 for the channel & no other show was launched with such high TRP..
The show was a slot leader among 8:30 pm shows leaving behind the long running comedy show 'Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma'..

Here are a few TRP chart links of the show..

When we speak about the success of a show, it also includes the awards & accolades it received...
MEIEJ had received many such awards that speak about it's fame & glory..
Let's have a look at them..

Year 2012

Golden Petal Awards
Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya Female- Drashti Dhami / Madhubala
Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya Male- Vivian Dsena / RK
Most Chaheeta Personality- Indresh Mallik / Bittuji

ITA Awards
Great(Gr8!) Performer Of the year- Vivian Dsena / RK

People's Choice Awards
Favorite New TV Drama- Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 

Year 2013

Golden Petal Awards
Golden Moment (Fiction)- Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Most Mazzedaar Personality- Indresh Mallik / Bittuji 
Best Dialogues (Fiction)-Raghuvir Shekhawat for Madhubala-EIEJ
Most Lokpriya Jodi - Vivian Dsena / Rishab Kundra and Drashti Dhami / Madhubala Rishab Kundra

Indian Telly Awards
Best Onscreen Couple- Vivian Dsena / Rishab Kundra and Drashti Dhami / Madhubala Rishab Kundra
Best Actress In Supporting Role- Pallavi Purohit / Padmini
(Jury) Best TV Show packaging (fiction)- Nautanki Films

ITA Awards
Best Lyricist- Veebha Tiwari for Madhubala- EIEJ

Star Guild Awards
Best Fiction Series- Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 

Zee Gold Awards
Best Actor In Lead Role (Jury) - Vivian Dsena / RK

Year 2014

Star Guild Awards
Best Actress In A Drama Series- Drashti Dhami / Madhubala 

AVTA award
Male Soap Personality Of The Year- Vivian Dsena / RK

Zee Gold Awards
Best Actress (critics)- Drashti Dhami / Madhubala

Links of previous Anniversary threads given below..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Have a look at this as well.. 'RM AT'

Hope you liked this post.. For more entertainment look at below posts..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Here is a short & quick summary of the show
to help you revive the magic of it..

'Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' is the love story of a superstar & an ordinary girl.. The story is set on the backdrops of Indian Film Industry.. Padmini, the wife of Balraj Chaudhry of Motihari is 8 months pregnant & escapes from her husband along with her step-daughter Trishna as her husband did not want a daughter again & would kill her unborn baby.. She reaches Mumbai & finds refuge in the film industry & after a lot of struggles delivers her baby..

Madhubala who was born on a film set grew up into a beautiful woman, a good sister to her half-sister Trishna & a wonderful daughter to her mother Padmini & guardian Shamsher Malik.. She was a beautician by profession.. Her life took a drastic turn when she crossed paths with the arrogant Superstar Rishab Kundra a.k.a RK.. Madhubala files a case against him for drunk driving & hitting her fiance Mukund with his car.. This infuriates RK as he had to stay one day in jail because of Madhubala.. RK then tried to avenge her for his insult & disgraced her in public & media claiming that they had an affair..

Agitated by this Malik went to RK mansion & tried to hurt RK for defaming his daughter but was brutally beaten up by RK's guards on his order leading him to coma with severe injuries.. On the other hand, Mukund who was under family pressure breaks the engagement with Madhu.. Infuriated, Madhubala went to RK's film set & slapped him 4 times in front of the entire crew.. RK who was again insulted, plotted a fatal plan to get his revenge.. Madhubala was in a need of 40 Lac rupees for Malik's treatment.. RK taking advantage of her helpless situation offered her money on the condition of marrying him & signing a contract with him..

Madhubala agreed to his conditions to save her Malik's life & they got married on the film sets..
It was a very unique wedding.. They took only 4 phera as she had slapped him 4 times. RK stated that no one was allowed to walk in front of him.. He put the nuptial chain on her neck but did not fill her forehead partition with vermilion.. Finally, they got married & she became his aadhi-adhuri biwi..

He then took her to his mansion & welcomed her in the cruelest way.. Their wedding night bed was made of thorns instead of rose petals..
He called her Biwi but treated her as a servant in the house & also made her his spot in the sets..

As time passed by Madhu learned that RK hates his mother Radha for remarrying after his father's death .. His Step-dad Kulbushan Bhatia, his Step-brother Sikkandar Bhatia hate him & are after his money .. Dipali, Sikky's wife who was RK's ex-girlfriend & left him for money & fame, always tries to woo him to get back to him & tries to plot against Rishbala in which she always failed miserably.. On Ganpathi festival RK gets shot & is hospitalized but Madhu saves him by giving her blood to him & doing pooja for him..

Later it is revealed it was Malik who shot RK for spoiling Madhu's life but RK forgives him.. Amidst all odds, knowing the real Rishab who was hiding behind the facade of ruthless RK, Madhubala falls in love with him.. Eventually, RK also changes a lot & reciprocates her feelings for him.. Meanwhile, RK accepts his mother too..

RK & Madhu come closer with each passing day.. He shares his past & insecurities with her & also helps her mother & Malik solve their issues & makes them agree to get married.. When Madhu's real father returns to kill her & her family, he makes a heroic entry & saves them..

Everything was going smoothly until the day RK declared that he was taking revenge on Madhubala for slapping him & un-wedded her, breaking her completely in the process..

Madhu was shattered by his declaration but tried to move on in her life while RK was unable to forget her..  She got a job as a makeup artist in his film which she accepted to show him that she is not affected by him.. He was getting disturbed by her constant presence & to suppress his feelings would insult her again & again & he also gives Deepali a role in his movie to show Madhu down..

Madhu meanwhile encounters a Don by name Sultan & grows closer to his son & is often seen with Sultan.. RK gets jealous on seeing her proximity with other man.. Realizing how important Madhu is to him he ends up forcefully bringing Madhu back to his home & won back her true love after a lot of efforts.. They got married completing all the wedding rituals accepting each other from the heart..

Sultan, Madhu's former friend who had a liking for her was displeased with their marriage & planned to leave the city, when he came to know that he is none another than Mohan Kundra's son & RK's half-brother from his foster father.. He came back to Rishbala's life & created problems in their life.. He threatened Madhu to kill RK if she doesn't divorce RK & comes with him.. Worrying for RK's safety Madhu agrees & demands divorce from RK.. RK eventually finds out the reason behind Madhu's rude behavior & they both plot against Sultan.. Sultan tries to kill RK & take Madhu with him but fails & RK kills him instead.. Due to constant problems in personal life, RK could not fulfill his work commitment & had issues with his producer which ended up with him getting banned.. He decides to produce his own film & signed Mehul Chopra as the director of his movie..Madhu got the chance to act opposite RK in his movie 'Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' due to circumstances & it becomes a huge hit..

RK was temporarily paralyzed due to an unfortunate accident on sets & the entire movie was focused on Madhu & she was in the limelight for once instead of him.. RK feels insecure & fears losing Madhu to the film world & this creates some problems between them.. Along with this RK's mother's elder sister also called Paabo entered the Mansion.. According to her, Madhu was cursed & dangerous for RK's life..

She & Deepali plotted against Madhu & made her do many fatal tasks in the name of holy rituals.. All this was done without letting RK know about it.. So along with all this secrecy & Madhu's newfound stardom RK gets insecure & lashes out at her which leads to her miscarriage.. She is devastated with the news but RK again blames her for it leading her to leave the mansion.. Though RK brings her back, they are still not back to normal..

During this time RK becomes friends with a girl named Ria after saving her from police unknown to her evil intentions.. She tried to create a rift between Rishbala in order to get RK for herself.. But RK gets to know about her true colors when one day she tried to get close to him & he shoved her off saying he only loves Madhu.. She tried to trap RK in a fake rape case but Madhu believed him to be an innocent & was able to prove his innocence resulting to Ria landing in jail.. They sort out their differences.. But again problems started in their lives when Keval Ram Kushvaha (KRK) who is a look-alike of RK entered their lives.. He was sent by RK's enemy Bhujang & Kuku Bhatia to claim his properties & send him to jail.. KRK manages to send RK to jail & come in his place but he being a person good at heart, felt guilty for his doings & decided to help Rishbala.. He informs Madhu about Bhujang's & Kuku's plan & they get RK out of the jail & send those two devils behind the bars..

Happy times come back to their lives.. Madhu gets pregnant & RK takes a break from the film industry for 10 months .. Harshvardha Kapoor, A producer in whose film RK rejected to work vowed to take revenge from them.. Rishbala were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Madhubala as well.. During the naming ceremony party, everyone gets killed in a bomb blast.. Rishbala are united in life & united in death, that is how their journey ends..

 Baby Madhubala, Radhaji, RK's P.A bittuji & his wife only get saved from the accident due to moving out of the mansion for different reasons..

The show takes a 20 years leap following the journey of junior Madhubala who is a look-alike of her mother.. Radha & Madhu were residing at Mathura unknown to her real identity of being Superstar RK & Madhubala's daughter.. For job purpose, Madhu comes to Mumbai & there she meets Superstar Abhay Kapoor who is none another than Harshvardhan's son.. He hates RK & his family as his father was accused of murdering them & died because of that reason.. Madhu starts to work as his P. A & falls in love with him..

He too reciprocates her feelings but starts to hate her when he comes to know that she is RK's daughter.. He proposes to her to marry him but on the wedding day she is tricked & ends up marrying a mentally challenged guy Raj Kumar aka Raju who is a look-alike of RK.. Initially, she had a hard time managing his childlike nature but started to like his innocence & accepts him as her husband..

Seeing Madhu happy with Raju irked Abhay & he planned to destroy their happy life by killing Raju.. He hits Raju with a truck making him severely injured.. Next day was Karwachauth & Madhu fasts for Raju & prays to God to get him back.. While performing Karwachauth Raju shows up there being perfectly fine mentally as well as physically.. It is revealed that his real name is Raja Kushwaha & he is the son of KRK.. He punishes Abhay for his deeds & kills him.. Madhu who got shocked by his change in behavior started to hate him.. He then took Madhu to his village & always used to declare his love for her but she was always evasive to him..

On Madhu's request he with his family returns to Mumbai to stay there.. Radha comes to know about Madhu being married & was angry & sad from this until she meets Raja.. This makes believe that her son & daughter in law returned to her in another form.. Certain events take place in their lives which make them hate each other but eventually, they start coming closer to each other & Raja vows Madhu he will change for good.. They get married again & Madhu too started to love him.. They started to lead their new life in a chawl & he started to work as a mechanic with Bittu's help..

While working in his garage a producer comes across Raja & Madhu & says them they resemble olden days superstars RK & Madhubala & offers them a movie.. Madhu also came to know that her mother's last wish was to make a movie on her life story.. Raja & Madhu accept the offer & the show ends with Rajbala doing the movie based on Rishbala..

Hope you enjoyed reading the journey of 'Madhubala- EIEJ'

When we tell a story we also need to describe it's character right??
So here is the characters sketch of all important members of MEIEJ family
except the leads.. As they have already been described in the above post..

1) Padmini - played by Pallavi Purohit

She is madhu's mother.. A strong, brave & kind hearted woman.. She is madhu's biggest strength.. In fact, most of the qualities madhu has inherited from her mother..

2) Shamsher Malik - played by Bhupinder Singh

Madhu's guardian.. Later married her mother..
He loves Madhu & Trishna as his own children.. He can do anything for their happiness..
A very good man at heart..

3) Balraj Chaudhry - played by Raj Zutshi

Villain of the story.. Madhu's biological father..
A very cruel man.. Only knows to harm others for his pleasure & is very greedy..

4) Trishna Chaudhry / Malik

Madhu's elder half-sister.. Loves her family but not more than her dream of becoming an actress..
A bit blunt.. Lives in her own world & doesn't think practically..

5) Roma Malik - played by Rakhee Vijan

She is Madhu's aunt.. Always supports Trishna, even if she is wrong.. Obsessed with the idea of making Trishna a heroine & go to any lengths for it..

6) Radha Bhatia - played by Shama Deshpande

RK's mother.. Loves her son a lot, but he hates her due to her one wrong decision of remarrying after her father's death to Kuku..
She believes everyone easily.. Thinks everyone as good..

7) Bittu Sharma / Bittuji - played by Indresh Malik

RK's PA & right hand.. very loyal to his chief.. Can do anything for his chief & bhabhiji..
A very good natured man & very funny & entertaining..

8) Kulbhushan Bhatia / Kukuji - played by Raza Murad

RK's step father.. Married Radha for his own selfish reasons..
Hates RK & is behind his money..
Tried harming RK many times..

9) Sikander Bhatia / Sikky - played by Sikander Kharbanda

Kuku's son.. Partner in crime with his father.. But he does not plan anything.. Just follows his father.. He is a bit dumb & kind off is the joker of the story.. Not that bad of a person. Just misguided by his father & wife..

10) Deepali Bhatia - played by Seema Mishra

She is Sikky's wife.. Married him for fame & money.. She is RK's ex-girlfriend & left him when his first movie became a flop.. Now keeps trying to woo him & win him back as he is very famous.. Always tries to unsuccessfully create problems in Rishbala's lives..
Very greedy & cunning woman, a typical vamp..

11) Mukund Dixit - played by Manish Naggdev

Madhu's Ex- fiance.. Was a nice man & loved madhu, but due to circumstances & family pressure left her after the RK incident..

12) Sultan - played by Avinash Rekhi

He is a don.. At start was a positive character & helped Madhu, but later turned antagonist learning that he is RK's step brother & Mohan Kundra's son from his first wife..
Created a lot of problems in Rishbala's lives & sent RK to jail faking his death..
But later died while trying to kill RK..

13) Riya - played by Vaishnavi Dhanraj

She was another vamp that entered Rishbala's lives & created misunderstandings between them.. She tried to get RK but when he refused her she falsely accused him of raping her..
She was later sent to jail by Madhu.. A very conniving woman..

14) Harshavardhan Kapoor - played by Arbaaz Ali Khan

A film producer.. He threatened to kill RK & was arrested for the bomb blast happened in RK mansion..
Later died of heart attack..

15) Leelawati - played by Swati Anand

Bittuji's wife.. A very mean & greedy woman.. Always taunts & tortures Rishbala's daughter Madhubala jr.

16) Abhay Kapoor - played by Gunjan Utreja

A superstar 20 years after Rishbala's death.. Harshvardhan's son.. Antagonist.. Hates Madhu jr & cheated her into marrying a mentally challenged to take his revenge.. Hates her parents & holds them responsible for his father's death.. He is later murdered by Raja..

17) Mohini - played by Deepshikha Nagpal

Abhay's step-mom.. very cunning & greedy woman.. She was the real mastermind behind Rishbala's death..

18) Dauji / Jugnu Kushwaha - played by Ravi Khanvilkar

Paternal uncle of Raja.. A very orthodox person with blind faith in old traditions.. He brought up Raja as his own son & taught him all the evil things he believed were right to do..

19) Bhanu Pratap Singh - played by Jaswant Menaria

Antagonist of Rajbala's life.. Greedy man.. Behind property.. Raja's BIL..
Had a bad eye on Madhu jr...
Created many problems in their lives.. Was later sent to jail..

20) Agni Kushwaha - played by Shraddha Jaiswal

Raja's sister.. She was supporting her BIL Bhanu against Rajbala as she was also greedy for money & property.. She felt that Dauji loved Raja more than his own daughter.. So he will give everything to Raja & they won't get a thing..

These were the most important characters of the serial.. If you want to know about other side characters, you can always checkout in wikipediaWink

Here is a pictorial representation we made of Rishbala's journey in the show capturing all the important events of their lives..
Have a look below..

We hope it did help you revive the memories of the show..

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When we have have said so many things about the show how can we miss the songs right??
You might be thinking that we have already posted the songs above so what are we talking about??
So let me clear your confusion..
The songs posted above were personalized MEIEJ songs..
And the songs we are talking about the bollywood songs used in the show..

As there are more than 100 songs used in the entire show journey..
We are just giving important songs played for Rishbala special moments..
For rest there will be the link to a post below which will lead you to the place you can find all the songs used in the show..

So lets start with it now..

1) Main agar kahoon

Very first song used for Rishbala.. It was used before they met.. Madhu's dream sequence in which she sees Trishna dancing with a masked RK but suddenly she replaces Trishna in the dream & the two continue to dance on the song..
The dream sequence was indeed very dreamyDay Dreaming

2) Chalka chalka re

This song is not used on Rishbala completely.. But it ended with the famous RM banner pose for the first time in the show..
Rishbala in each others arms.. Such a drool worthy sightTongue

3) Tere ishq pe tere waqt pe

This song played in the background when next day to the 4 phera wedding RK took Madhu to his film sets.. Oh boy!! such an intense eye lock they shared.. Even in hate RK was super possessive of his biwi..Embarrassed

4) Aa zara kareeb se

The ever so famous party dance before the studio night..
RK forced Madhu to dance with him on this song & humiliated her..
It was actually very unique & creative dance.. He made her serve the drinks while dancing..
But even with all the added effects & drama, it was one heck of a passionate dance..

5) Raat akeli hai

This was another beautiful dance of the couple but turned out to be his imagination.. Deepali was the one dancing but RK was so lost in his biwi's thoughts that he could only see her everywhere..
Again the song ended with their famous banner pose..
I loved how the entire scene ended, with RK throwing water on Madhu instead of DeepaliLOL

6) Tujh mein rab dikhta hai ( female version)

RK took Madhu to the lake & revealed his entire past to her.. That was such an emotional moment.. It also showed how important Madhu was to him that he shared all his secrets with her..
And the way Madhu was looking at him while the song played in the background was so touching, as if he was her entire universe..

7) Main pareshan

I think everyone knows about this song.. There are so many edits done on this particular scene..
It was again Madhu's imagination.. But it felt so real.. The way those two danced in such a romantic way..
Confessing their feelings & confusions through the song..
Such a magical moment it was.. With them dressed all red & the decor was also super with the snow & all..
Its personally my most favorite dance sequence of the show..

8) Baahon ke darmiyaan

How can we forget the studio karwachauth in RK style??
It was so cute, watching him do all that for his biwi..
& that intimate dance on this song was icing on the cake..
There was so much love for each other in their eyes, but they were yet to realize what we viewers already figured out..

9) Kaate nahi kat te

That challenge between the two of them to confess their feelings in front of everyone..
They both danced on this song in Padmini's sangeet teasing each other yet not saying those words..
This scene showed their naughty & playful romance.. Aww!!! they were so adorable..

10) Bindiya chamkegi

When RK & Madhu land up in village, both dress up as Rajesh Khanna & Mumtaz..
At night Madhu woos RK singing & dancing on this classic song..
I for a moment felt I was watching modern version of Mumtaaz..
Madhu's expression were superb in it..

11) Beintehaan

This song plays after the unwedding drama when madhu joins as makeup artist in RK's movie..
RK was shooting for this song when suddenly madhu comes there & a dupatta falls on them..
That was one superbly shot scene..
I felt they did better with the song than the original actors..
Those intense gazes RK gave her along with such an intense song playing in the background was simply amazing..
It was as if his eyes said everything he would never want to say her..

12) Piya ke rang rangdeeni odhni

On the day of holi, RK misses & Madhu & could not stop himself from going to meet her..
Seeing Sultan going to put color on her brought out his jealous & possessive side..
And the result was him coloring her in his love & that passionate dance..
His touch, his every move screamed his possessiveness.. As if he was warning the world to stay away, that she belonged to him..
Madhu was totally lost in him that for a moment she forgot all her anger & hate for him..

13) Hawa hawai

This was one hilarious dance by RK..
Madhu is angry on him for forcing her in to coming with him.. He put on the song while driving & tries to appease her by acting & dancing for her..
His antics were so cute..
I really laughed hard watching that scene..

14) Marjawan

RK is taking Madhu's love test to check whether she really forgave him & is not pretending.. He asks her to wear a long gown that she has never worn before & takes her to a restaurant for date..
They dance sensuously on the song.. RK sees sultan present there & dances more intimately with Madhu to show him who she belongs to..

15) Hum mar jayenge

They dance on this this song on their real wedding mehendi ceremony..
They expressed their love & feelings for each other through this song...
A very heart touching scene.. They said everything so sweetly, promising so many things in just one song..

16) Tum jo mil gaye ho

Rishbala's unique wedding night at the studio.. They dance sensuously on this song.. But with a twist.. RK played her rile here trying to woo her with his super seductive moves.. Madhu did not stay behind & acted to be RK.. They even did their ever famous banner pose but with slight alteration.. Madhu was holding RK in her arms this timeLOL

17) Mil gayi

During the launch of his movie the heroine ditched RK & Madhu stepped up to save her husband's honour..

18) O rasiya

RK & Madhu's dance as Karan & Anamika while shooting for their movie..
Another beautiful one..

19) Kurbaan hua

RM movie success party dance..
RK getting jealous & insecure of his biwi getting all the limelight..
He showed it well in this yet another passionate dance..
Oh boy!! It was so hawt!!

20) Mere haath mein

This song is really the most memorable one & very close to our hearts..
As this was the same song that played at the start & end of their journey..
During the first meet RK was playing the music of this song when Madhu had walked in the sets & was standing near the bridge.. He looked up and was mesmerized by the unknown beauty who later on became his very life..
There last dance before they left us was also on this song.. They were so happy
& enjoying their togetherness in the dance when the blast occurred taking them away from us but uniting them forever even in death..

21) Itni si hasi

First song used on Rajbala.. It was used 2-3 times, but first time was used when Madhu took Raju to amusement park & both were enjoying there..

22) Zehnaseeb

This played after Raju won the competition by playing the flute.. Madhu was chasing Raju after he pranked her by opening the shower on her.. He suddenly took her in his arms & started spinning around.. The song started playing in the background.. Such a cute moment it was..

23) Naa kuch poocha

After Raju beats Abhay for slapping his gudiya.. They go to terrace & watch the stars.. This song plays while Madhu admires her Raju.. Later after Madhu surprises him by hanging stars & moon in the room, they again dance on this song..
Very heart touching scene..

24) Jiya main na jiya

While performing the rituals at Raja's village, Madhu's feet get hurt by a thorn.. While he oh so lovingly removes the thorn, this song plays in the background..

Compared to Rishbala there were very less movie songs used on Rajbala.. They would mostly play any of the three personalized songs.. So only we could give so little songs on Rajbala..

These were some very important song sequences used in the show..
Rest are given in the post below by an old member.. Do check it if you are interested..

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Hope you liked the edits & VM..

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Okay!! So we were surfing through the forum, & got a very sweet surprise 
in the form of this sweet poem written on our dear Rishbala..
Do read it, it's really a beautiful one.

1) Poem from Madhu to RK
Ye tera mujhe satana (Your way to trouble me)

ye tera mujhe rulana (Your way to make me cry)

ye tera mujhe apne paas lana (Your way to bring me closure to you)

ye tera mujhe yun manana (Your way to say me sorry)

ye tera mujhe yun baahon mien lena (Your way to takes me into your arms)

ye tera suhana chehera (Your beautiful face)

ye teri har adda ne kar diya mujhe tera diwana (Your each and every move had stole my heart)

2) Poem from RK to Madhu
Tum mera junoon ho  (you are my passion)
Tum mera gurur ho (you are my proud)
Tum hi subah tum hi saam ho (You are my morning and my night )
Tum meri zindagi ka ujala ho (You are light of life)
Tum meri raton ka sukun ho (You are my calmness of night)
Tumhara suhana chehra dekhna meri adat hai (To see your beautiful face is my habit)
Tum mera koi pyaar nahin fakat (You are not my love but only an)
Ek tute dil ki fariyad ho (pray of broken heart)

(A poem by silent.desire)

Note: only the poem is taken from the writer's thread & not the pic & other things..

Edited by aishu007 - 4 years ago
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"Pata nahin kitne mulkon ki kanyaein RK ke peeche padi hui hain, par RK ko phasaana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai. Par iss kanya ko dekh kar lagta hai, Naahhh, DON is Gone!!!Embarrassed

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Bala Madhubala

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